Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kate Gosselin Celebrates Her Sextuplets' Birthday, Where Has The Time Gone? RWA's "Lisa Kinley Knight" Finally Gets Her Spotlight

E! Kate Gosselin's sextuplets are growing up fast! The former TLC star celebrated her children's 9th birthday today, and the mother of eight took to her blog to post adorable pics of the fun-filled festivities. 
"Happy 9th Birthday to my sweet six!," the proud mama wrote. "Off to school with birthday hats on their heads (except for Aaden who couldn't find one that he liked) and birthday treats in their hands..." The 38-year-old mother also shared her sweet thoughts on her six children, who were heavily featured on the reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, which aired from 2007 to 2011"God bless their teachers today due to the excessive jubilation and excitement that comes with the birthday territory!," she added. 
"I am in total shock that they are NINE already but am so thankful for the last nine wonderful happy healthy years full of memories! I love you my "babies!" See you later for our party!," she posted on her blog page. Based on the pics, it looks like mom has a fun celebration planned for later that evening. 

It’s Official! Kate Gosselin Confirms She’s Filing Lawsuit Against Jon & Book Author


It’s been four years since Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin filed for divorce but the real drama is just beginning. Kate will file a lawsuit against her ex husband and Robert Hoffman, author of a self-published e-book that is largely based on material from her computer. And Kate confirmed her lawsuit, releasing this statement that was made available to Radar: “This lawsuit is absolutely moving forward.”
Two other lawsuits connected to the situation  also will be filed and lawyers have already been hired and some subpoenas prepared and sent, Radar has learned. The law firms Randazza Legal Group and Polsinelli Shughart will be handling the three court cases, including Kate’s. One of the other lawsuits will be against a person who runs what she calls a “parody” site but includes venomous anti-Kate rhetoric and worse. There will be multiple plaintiffs in that suit, James McGibney, founder of the website told RadarOnline exclusively, revealing that at least 80 people have come forward claiming they were victimized.
And McGibney, who set these events in motion, will also file suit against a Twitter user who apparently sent messages claiming he was sending people to harm her, and worse.“When BullyVille says we’re going after someone, we mean it,” McGibney told Radar exclusively. He adds that subpoenas have been issued to obtain IP addresses where “implied death threats” originated. Radar recently revealed a series of 2009 text messages from Jon to his then-girlfriend Hailey Glassman in which Jon talks about grabbing Kate’s computer to “put the nail in her coffin.” He also discussed how he is a silent partner and has a “pal” named Robert. And Hoffman has never backed off his criticism of Kate, even after his e-book was pulled off sale by Amazon 48 hours after it went up. He told Radar he has called child protective services on her twice. (McGibney says there is no record of those calls.) McGibney ignited a firestorm in the twitterverse weeks ago when he warned people who he felt had “crossed the line” in slamming Kate to back off and even apologize. He used a third-party repository website to post some critics’ real names and addresses.“I saw cyber-stalking and bullying,” McGibney told Radar.That pal is Hoffman, who has accused Kate of abusing her children and much, much more. 
Hoffman denies that Jon helped him obtain the material from Kate’s computer and his supporters have contended the text messages are fake. But Glassman tells Radar that her attorney verified the texts were real with the phone carrier in 2009. Kate has been gathering material for a lawsuit against Jon for months, as Radar was first to report. Lawyers have not made a final determination what causes of action she will include, but there will be several, Radar has learned. Hoffman is often cited as a key figure for the anti-Kate crowd, who point to his e-book as “proof” for their charges against her, including mistreating her children, and worse.Kate’s bombshell lawsuit against her ex-husband and Hoffman is the headlining event and the mom of eight believes Jon and Hoffman secretly worked together, attempting to profit by spreading defamatory information against her – and worse. Kate has long thought that Jon worked with Hoffman in 2009 to obtain the hard drive from her computer, which Hoffman claims he pulled out of her trash. His scathing e-book was filed with contracts, emails and other material that came from Kate’s computer. Radar was first to reveal Hoffman and Jon are pals and Jon helped him get access to Kate’s computer.
He demanded apologies from some he deemed the worst offenders – and one person apologized to Kate through RadarIn addition to Kate’s lawsuit, a multiple plaintiff lawsuit is in the works against “Lisa Knight” from Russellville, KY, who, according to McGibney, “is the owner of a blog site where Kate Gosselin haters congregated for years. “He says cyber-stalking and other activity is connected to that site and will form the basis of a lawsuit. In addition, McGibney told Radar that more than 80 people have come forward as potential plaintiffs.But McGibney’s actions also created a reaction, with critics continuing to blast Kate – and McGibney “Fans reached out and pleaded for help,” McGibney told Radar about pro-Kate fans who said they were being bullied – and worse – by an anti-Kate faction.“After seeing death threats and what has been clearly defined as cyber-stalking and brutal harassment, I took action,” McGibney told Radar. When he revealed some of the Kate haters names, many apologized but others “kicked up their hatred into overdrive,” he says. And in the course of sorting through the situation, McGibney said he came across compelling evidence that Jon took Kate’s computer hard drive without her permission and got it to Hoffman “in an effort to defame Kate for monetary gain.” McGibney also tells Radar there is a lawyer who he believes is tied into the money scheme that Jon and Robert hatched. “This lawyer owned and operated a birth fetish video website, including categories like teen births and birth on toilets,” he told Radar, adding that “screenshots of Google Adsense code clearly tied the owner of (an anti-Kate website) to this birth fetish video website.”
“Lisa Knight” responded to Radar’s request for comment earlier this week, admitting she runs the site but telling us that Lisa Knight is her aunt’s name, not hers. “Lisa Knight is not even my real name, it is my aunt’s name,” she told Radar as part of an email about something else that was posted online, which she claims is not true. “I started out using her name about 5 or 6 years ago. It was just the first thing that popped in my head at the time.”
McGibney’s response? Lawsuit Number 3 will feature McGibney as the plaintiff against a Twitter user.“To solve that problem, BullyVille is naming everyone who lives in the house tied into that IP address as a defendant,” he told Radar. “It’s only a matter of time before we all find out who really runs this.” “She falsely stated that I hired people to kill her and hired someone to kick down her door and kill her,” McGibney told Radar. He says she accused him of hiring people to “send mail bombs to Kate’s haters.”


  1. Thanks for the new post BabyMama.

    It's so amazing that the little kids are 9 years old already!

    I wish Kate all the best in this lawsuit. I can't imagine what it's like for her have to still deal civilly with Jon for the kid's sake while knowing
    that he's plotted against her. She's an amazing woman.

    Jon is a real disappointment. I always wished him the very best but he seems bound to sabotage his own life.

    I hope the truth comes out and that those responsible for bullying and threats are dealt with as far as the law allows. They got away with their horrible behavior for far too long.

  2. Well....what a thorough recap of the last few crazy months! I swear, nothin ever seems to get easier for our Kate! A shame she had to exert so much energy and emotion into all this mess. Lordy, I wish the ex-husband would just GROW-UP!

    He has certainly crossed the boundaries big time now...and may be in trouble beyond what he ever imagined! Sad...Kate has already released him from child support...all he has to do is just be daddy as in a "good decent/law-abiding/loving father" to his kids!

    Lately Kate has been running out the gate with so much to do....obvious she's working on alot of stuff behind the scenes. How we all would love a family up-date on Kate and these fast growing 8 !

    What a wonderful site this continues to be...especially for people who wish to update themselves/or learn for the first time all about this unique sweet family...Kate plus her eight!

    I know BabyMama...your busy too...would love to know where your work has taken you lately! And how is my friend holdin up for you?

    On my end...determined as always to continue to be a voice of support for Kate. Physically I'm still faillin apart...but tis okay...I just thankful for every day!

  3. Happy Memorial Day to all my wonderful old friends. I can't believe it's been so many years that I have had this site. I'm so blessed to still be here fighting the good fight. I made a promise I have kept, and have made a new family in the process. Hope everyone has had a wonderful day with their families. God Bless! xo

  4. This is my first time time on this site and I and I am very disappointed at the amount of tabloid style stories there are bashing Jon and Kate's detractors. Kate and the kids are awesome, I think that Kate is an inspiration to single parents everywhere. I love the birthday and cookbook update but everything else is so unnecessary. Focus on the positive and remember that the site is dedicated to the Gosselin Family it is not an appropriate forum to bash the father of these children. Divorce is never easy or pretty and I pray that any feelings of animosity between these two will be worked out privately.

  5. I am one happy camper. I just found out that a certain site that spewed bottomless hate for Kate and quite a few of us is now SHUT DOWN. Thank you Bullyville.

  6. I'm so happy, I need some fresh paper and shout my feelings from the rooftops. Please come over and comment on my new post! xo