Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kate Gosselin Wants Jon Gosselin To Go To Jail Over Tell-All Book ..Do you agree?

Kate Gosselin Strikes Back! Dragging Jon To Court, She Wants Him Jailed Over Tell-All Book

Jon Gosselin

RADARONELINE.COM: Kate Gosselin believes her ex-husband and father of her eight children, Jon Gosselin, is to blame for the bombshell tell-all that (sort of) hit shelves last fall, and has exclusively learned the 37-year-old single mom has been trying to put together a lawsuit against him that would not only take away his rights to see the children, but could land him in jail!
“Jon was notified recently of Kate’s intentions to file a lawsuit against him, but the whole thing is ridiculous,” a source close to the situation tells Radar. “Kate has been shopping her lawsuit around to various law firms, but no one is interested in taking her on because she has no actual evidence to support her case!”
According to the insider, Kate is convinced that Jon gave author Robert Hoffman the computer hard drive that had all her private journals on it and were used in the malicious tell-all book, and she’s determined to find witnesses that will testify for her. “But so far she’s having no luck. “As far as Jon is concerned, he knows Kate will make promises to potential witnesses, saying what they want to hear just so she can get them up on the stand and get what she wants. No one knows firsthand more about how manipulative she can be than Jon,” the source tells Radar.The source claims Jon is well aware of what Kate is trying to do and knows she’s going after anyone who knew him during the time they were splitting — and anyone who he might have confessed his many grievances to.“Kate is desperate to find witnesses who will take the stand and testify against Jon,” the insider reveals.
“And it’s not like Kate just wants to sue Jon to make sure the book never goes public again, she wants to see Jon in jail! She’ll even use the kid card to try to get witnesses.”“But Kate is having a really hard time finding a law firm that will actually take on her case, because right now she doesn’t have enough evidence.
“Kate doesn’t want the public learning things about her that she’s so desperately tried to hide!” the source says. “Jon wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to subpoena or depose certain witnesses that she thinks are crucial to her case, but have refused to testify on her behalf.” has learned Kate’s case remains in the foundation phase while she attempts to reign in witnesses.


  1. Its amazing what people will say when they don't have to provide their sources. Its like come on people look at Kate's ACTIONS, she gave Jon a van, released him from child support payments, etc, not exactly someone who is trying to keep him from seeing the kids. If he, trained in IT, didn't sell the information, who did? She has the right to stop him legally and if needed she will do so. All being quiet on the Gosselin front, someone needed to stir the pot for some good ole cold hard cash in their pockets.
    Sadly I am done with Twitter, love chatting with people on there, but tired of the hackjobs.

  2. hi babymama!!!!! i havent been on in forever1 but wanted to check in on whats going with kate these days! hope all is well here!

  3. Sarah, hope all is going well with you, its nice to hear from you. Excuse the pesky fly on the wall.

  4. Hello TashaPork, what happened on Twitter did your account get hacked? I was all happy to see your posts, them I see a troll idiot spamming my page. Are they for real after 5 years of this crap they're still coming in here trying to be nasty? Ugh so tired of that crap..

    Sarah it's so great to see you again! I always wonder how old friends are that used to comment here. I DID say I would be here until all those horrible crap sites were gone, but damn a few have stuck by it for a couple of years now and we can't seem to shake them no matter how I try! I have been busy myself, but I miss everyone terribly. Hope you all stop by and let me know how you have been. I'm doing great and lost weight and feeling and looking better than I have in years going on WW. have a great but demanding job now and trying to keep up with all of the kids activities.

    Which is why I continue to root for not just Kate but for all my strong ladies out there. I hope that Kate gets some more projects down the line that showcase her soft side and that we all continue to prosper this year. Miss you all! Xo

  5. Baby Mama, good to hear all is well for you in 2013! Life is busy for me as well and I have lots to be thankful for!

    For some people, nasty is the only way they know how to sad.

    Waving hi to everyone! The weekend is almost here...Enjoy!

  6. Yes, Twitter has been hacked twice and I am not good at dealing with those kinds of computer messes. I havent been using twitter, but I do so miss it. BabyMama congrats on the weight loss, I've been working on it myself, some days are better than others. I have a lot more to lose, but just trying to be healthy. I do sleep better at night, I used to wake up every 45 to 90 minutes all night, sometimes to eat or drink pop and then I was falling asleep when I'd sit down during the day. Now, I only wake up once or twice which is nice.
    Thank you for using the old trusty can of RAID (Ridding ALL Idiotic Diatribe) I hope everyone is as well as can be and having nicer more springlike weather.

  7. Wow its snowing..again! Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I got a HULU link and attached the whole 45 min of the show in case you missed it or wanted to watch it again. Its in the previous post. Email me any news I can use for the new thread if you have any. Whats going on by you? ugh not more snow...

  8. I hope no one goes to jail - it's just not good for the kids with all of this drama going on. I loved Kate and Kendra on last month's Celebrity Wife Swap show. Hoping Kate will get to have her own series sometime. I don't know how she manages with 8 kids! Check out my blog post link below about Kate on Wife Swap:

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  9. Hello everyone! I made sure I had a new post up in honor of Kate's Birthday as well as some exciting news about FINALLY getting out that cookbook! Please come over and visit my new post! xo