Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kendra Wilkinson and Kate Gosselin Swaped Lives..What Did you think?

Kendra Wilkinson and Kate Gosselin Swap Lives on Celebrity Wife Swap

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Image credit: Donna Svennevik/ABC
ABCNEWS.COM: In the second season premiere of  ABC’s “Celebrity Wife Swap,” former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson and reality TV star Kate Gosselin changed households and saw the other’s daily life on the opposite coast.
Wilkinson is used to a Hollywood lifestyle that includes a helper in her Los Angeles mansion with her sports star husband Hank Baskett and two-and a-half-year-old son Hank Baskett IV. Kate Gosselin has a regimented schedule for her eight children in their Pennsylvania home.
When the two exchanged houses and children, mom styles were put in focus. Wilkinson started her East Coast day a lot earlier than she was used to with a 5:30 a.m. start. The only helper on hand for the eight children was Gosselin’s friend Deanna. Wilkinson soon learned that the children have a chore list that includes feeding the chickens.
Wilkinson even teared up over the Gosselin children, saying, “These kids have so many jobs to do. I’m a big believer in a kid being a kid. This is so hard.”
When Wilkinson was overwhelmed by the routine, Gosselin was amazed by the social life that Wilkinson enjoys.  “It feels great to relax. This is what I’ve been missing,” she said. “I am very focused on my kids and maybe I do need to step away a bit and start dating.”
Both women learned from the other when they tried to impose their lifestyles on the other’s household.
In order to make life less hard and more fun, Wilkinson decided to have taco picnic on the floor and took the kids on a day out. When a taco mess resulted and a lack of control over the children occurred, Wilkinson wanted more rules.
“I’m starting to get why these eight kids have their strict schedule,” she said after juggling a schedule for eight times the amount of children.  “It made me realize if I can do it with eight kids, I can do it with one.”
With  just one child, Gosselin tried to impose responsibility through chores and a family dinner together at the same table.
“It’s like he’s craving structure,” Gosselin said about Wilkinson’s son.
By the show’s end, both women were happy to return to their own lives but glad to have seen how the other lives.


  1. I needed to also add that I think it was hysterical that they blurred out Jons face, like no one would know who it was. I will go on record and say that I loved this show. I thought Kate did an amazing job and I think that Kendra finally got to see what it's like to live a totally different life and she should appreciate now all that she has. I hope you all enjoyed it as well and Kate will do more shows in the future!

  2. I think they blurred it so they didn't have to get his permission to use his image and give him a weapon against Kate. ABC tried to manufacture a little drama in its promos and how it cut the opening of the meeting, but, overall, I think the show was very honest, particularly as Kendra learned that raising 1 child little Hank's age with a great nanny and a loving, supportive, adoring husband (after about 3 years of marriage, they're not newlyweds any longer) and raising 8 older kids as a single parent are very different situations. She really did care about doing a good job. When she couldn't locate Aaden at the arcade?, even though there were plenty of people to keep an eye on them, her look of distress was genuine and her joy at finding him very real. Kendra had a tough childhood and I think she was overcompensating with little Hank. I also think she really wasn't all that confident in her own parenting skills which is why she relied on big Hank and the nanny so much. I think, after spending a week with the Gosselins and making it through with everyone, including her, in one piece and happy, she realized that she was far more capable as a mother than she gave herself credit for. OTOH, I think what Kendra taught Kate was that a good mother can, and should, put herself and some me time on her schedule to relax and refresh herself. Kendra took some flack for using the word drunk but, watching big Hank do what I'm sure many thought was impossible, get Kate to relax, unwind, and even enjoy some pampering, was wonderful. Women of America DO want to clone big Hank! :) Jon, you idiot, all you ever had to do was be nice to her and be proactive in meeting some of HER needs as a woman to get her to loosen up.

  3. That show just showed me that Kate and the kids belong back on TV, maybe not every week while they are in school, but at least a few yearly specials. They are soo much fun. I'd love to see them interact with another family of sextuplets. I also wonder if the kids are still visiting Jon two week ends a month, not that it truthfully is any of my business, but it seemed like Kate hadn't had a break in awhile. Maybe that was just the show's spin. She could date on Jon's week end if he's pulling his weight.

  4. Tashapork and Peggy: Your responses are right on top of things! I so agree!!!

    Tashapork: Did you send me a direct message on Twitter. It looked like a hacker. Wanted to be sure before I opened it.

    as for barhopper... Yeah we just love those 2 am comments. "There is no darkness like ignorance."

  5. Kate made kendra look good. Kate could bash Kendra 4 not been hands on mom n always depending on her husband and nanny. But Kate didn't. I love how Kate is a strong mother. Kate been thur a lot she deserve to relax n have fun.

  6. Linda, I got the same e-mail from Tashapork and it's definetly a hacker. Do not open it. I have a great new article I want to share so fresh paper it is. How is everyone and what have I been missing? ;) Come visit me on the new post and share your thoughts...