Friday, November 2, 2012

Kate's Kids Photographed By Jon's Girlfriend With Pit Bulls

Jon Gosselin's Kids Photographed With Pit Bulls, Sparks New Controversy

Photo: Pacific Coast News

Jon Gosselin's girlfriend caused a wave of fury when she posted photos of he and Kate Gosselin's children nuzzling with a pit bull dog, has learned. "The most pure and genuine kind of love & affection," Liz Jannetta tweeted last weekend, showing one of Jon's daughters hugging a pit bull.

The photo immediately sparked outrage among some of her followers because of the dog's stereotype of being aggressive and unsafe around children, so Liz followed up by saying, "My kids r around pitbulls every day.. Frm Dobies, to German Shepherds to Rottweiler, now Pits- the desire 2 blame wil nvr fade."  
Liz then posted another photo of one of Jon's sons with the pit bull and wrote, "Photography enables such devotion and feeling… <3 these two."

One follower shot back at Liz implying that Kate would be upset if she saw the photos.
"Sure u want 2 be stiring things up Liz..or u wouldn't be tweeting another woman's kids with pit bulls..Yes did U have permission?" they wrote."permission from.... Twitter?? Yes, "another woman's kids" also the children of my boyfriend. Kindly... Keep comments to urself plz," Liz shot back. Jon's ex has been embroiled in her own controversy recently, with an author named Robert Hoffman alleging Kate hit the children with a wooden spoon and abused their family pets.


  1. I doubt Kate knew these pictures were being posted or that she has ever given Liz permission to post pictures of the kids.
    Wonder what her motivation is and whether Jon was in on this?

  2. BM - Are you back in your home yet? I hope you didn't suffer much damage. Linda, sounds as if you faired all right. Thought about the both of you. They were only calling for an inch of snow in my area from the storm but we ended up getting hit with about 4 in of super heavy wet snow, many power outages, but we didn't lose power. By the end of the next day nearly all the snow was melted.

  3. I personally know what it is like to have external people and family go against your wishes. I can imagine that Kate is very hurt by Liz’s pictures. She has more patience than I will ever have. I would have lost my bleep by now.

    I am not sure why the ego of others is condoned over the wishes of the “primary” parent. I am sure Jon supports the pictures as another dig against Kate and her “hate” for dogs. Jon’s immature thinking assumes that by having his girlfriend post these pictures he is saying to Kate, see others think that the kids should have dogs and you won’t let them. He is such a two year old in a man’s body. I can just see him hiding behind his girlfriend’s skirt, glaring around the side of her thigh with his tongue out.

    I used to own a pit-bull and he was a great dog. We however, also knew the dog’s limitations and did not set the dog up for situations it could not handle. I am sure Liz is very proud of her dogs and is proud to challenge the stigma of living with pit-bull. I am also sure that Liz intentionally posted these pictures to offend, hurt, and continue the hateful attacks against Kate. If Liz is genuinely surprised about the reactions of Kate’s supporters than she is more obtuse than she thinks.

    Jon keeps rebelling. How old is he now? He is not a child anymore. A mature man would say to the girlfriend, you know, those pictures will hurt my wife and the public will react negatively. As the mother of my children, of whom I put their feelings and needs first, I do not want to attack her in this way. Instead, I am sure Jon is the one that contacted ROL to say that there are pictures of his kids they can exploit.

    Oh to have the self-esteem of a gnat.

    Hope everyone is getting the support they need to get back on track from these unusual storms.

  4. fascinated - I will readily admit I have no personal experience with pit bulls but in reading more than a few articles where families/owners have proclaimed the safety of their dog the to read shortly there after their proclaimed safe dog critically or fatally attacked a family member, more often than not, a child, I can't wrap my mind around anyone would want to take a chance with their children or anyone else's.

    All it takes is one attack from a bit bull due to the power of their jaws and their propensity to refuse to let go once they have latched onto a target. From my understanding, much of the damage done by being bitten by a pit bull comes from trying to get them to let go of their target once bitten, not just from the power of their jaws.

    I just don't comprehend putting children at risk when there are many other breeds of dogs which hold far less potential risk to children. All it takes is one bite from a pit bull, just one bite in a split second for devastation to occur.

  5. Oh, I completely agree with you Ziggyflo. We spent too much time controlling the situation with our dog to ensure that everyone was safe to the point were we lost the fun of having a pet.

    We've had many different breads. We found that the older our children got, the smaller our dogs got. There was less and less room for large kids and large animals, so now we are with toy size dogs.

    A lot of people do not realize that small dogs bite more often than large dogs. Small dogs are fear biters; however, their bite is usually a nuisance more than a medical issue, so people let the dog get away with the biting.

    The bottom line is that ALL dogs are animals and it is the owners responsibility to ensure the dogs are not set up for failure and that the children are kept safe.

    And... in this situation, that both parents, especially the primary parent has say in the safety of their children. The haters are definitely setting up a smoke screen in arguing the point about the "misunderstandings" of large breed dogs. The point is that Liz set out to hurt Kate and she has proven that she is just as immature as Jon.

  6. I know many people love their pit bulls. Personally I'm a bit afraid of them and I think they sense that. Any dog can bite but the sheer power in the jaws of pit bulls, along with their size, makes me uneasy. From childhood to now, we've had many different breeds of dogs both large and small, but a few intimate me from either their reputations or just their sheer size. That's just my personal feelings, so as a parent, I choose the breeds with whom my own children interact. Regardless of the size of the dog, we urge our children to move cautiously and slowly, giving the dog time to get to know them and vice versa.

    Jon/and or Jon's girlfriend of the moment, never cease to need publicity. What is it that prompts them to get people's dander up? Is it immaturity or just a need to have the spotlight?

  7. Who cares if the kids are taking pictures with pit bulls. Who are we to judge what type of dogs the kids are around. My husband and I adopted a 2 year old pit bull mix. He is the most amazing dog ever. Our now 2 1/2 year old jumps, sits. Pulls, hits, our dog and he has NEVER showed any aggression!! So before you judge go work at a pit bull rescue!!! Let these people live their lives!! Worry about your own!!

  8. Bree, I'm doing exactly MY life, and I choose to live it without pit bulls. I'm so happy for you that you adore YOUR pit bull and that you have chosen to put your child and your pit bull together. You see... That is the was your choice. Why can't you recognize that others have the same rights and choices to NOT have pit bulls.

    I do volunteer in an animal rescue center and my own dog is a rescue. I have an uncomfortable feeling around pit bulls and I'm sure dogs sense this. I have chosen to live my life apart from them and that is my privilege.

    The next point is that this woman made a decision to have someone else's children be around her dogs. As the noncustodial parent, Jon does not get to make that decision. He can't support himself, nor his children. He has evidenced his own poor decision making time and again, which is probably why he is not the custodial parent.

    For the record, having volunteered in an animal rescue, I've also seen dogs battered by children as well as dogs who are not so kind to people. Large dogs and small dogs. I think it depends on the individual dog. I made the comment that I personally am not comfortable around pit bulls, Rottweilers are a close second, because of their size and power. I'm not comfortable around some very small dogs either. The vast majority of dogs I do fine with but I'm smart enough to recognize my own limitations and not work with those. My choice.

  9. I really think the whole point of the pictures was to rub in Kates face that she doesn't have any control when the kids are with Jon and to put her in a no win situation. She's wrong if she says something because she's interfering with Jon's parenting and being a worrywart, she's also wrong if she does nothing, because she's potentially endangering her kids. This kind of C__P happens with a lot of divorced couples, sadly in the Gosselin's case, it happens in public with backlash.

  10. Babymama, I pray you get back to normal soon and am thankful that everyone was safe and okay with your parents.
    I am also so happy that the election will be over tomorrow. Hopefully there will not be complications like in 2000.

  11. Hello everyone! After 8 long miserable days my power finally came back on! The kids are overjoyed at not having to shuffle to another persons home. They are so happy to be able to snuggle in their own beds. Man you don't want to do anything in a freezing cold place! But snuggle with the kids and sleep..So many people lost all their possessions so I'm grateful for minimal damage and the no heat though I'm intentionally trying to block out this last week.

    I swear Radar Online is trying to milk this for whatever they could. Anyone that has a comment about it they put up there. Yet ANOTHER girlfriend trying to cause controversy but putting her boyfriends famous kids on Twitter knowing that she shouldn't do that but just trying to bust Kate's balls. Imagine seeing another women Tweet photographs of your own kids without your permission. I would do nuts. Speaking of nuts, the few crazies still there are still talking about it like its life or death news. Basically Kate has every right to be worried about ANY dog with her kids.

    Miss you all! xo

  12. Happy Veterans Day!! Thank you for your service!
    Especially to my Dad and three uncles who served in WWII, my husband who served in Viet Nam, my son who served in the Persian Gulf and my nephew who served in Afghanistan.
    God keep our troops who currently serve around the world. Thank You!

  13. Whoo hoo hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Veteran's Day Weekend. The kids are FINALLY back to school after 2 long weeks. And with freezing rain, you can't get us parents down. I was really happy to see Radar's new article so I got some fresh paper up! Feel free to comment on the next post. I hope everyone has gotten power back and is safe! xo