Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kate 1, Haters 0: Kate Gosselin Strikes Back: Author Who Criticized Her Has All Posts Wiped Off The Web!


RADARONLINE: One of Kate Gosselin's fiercest critics has just received a hard lesson that the reality star does not forgive or forget those who attack her.
Robert Hoffman, author of the stinging e-book Kate Gosselin How She Fooled the World, got a big surprise Monday afternoon: all of the posts on his anti-Kate web site are gone!

"I honestly don't know anything yet (about the situation)," Hoffman told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview, adding that he was "waiting for an explanation." (The posts were removed at some point between Monday morning and late afternoon.)
Hoffman had previously been silenced by two top law firms who succeeded in getting Amazon to remove his e-book from sale. The book contains reams of material found on Kate's computer hard drive, which Hoffman told Radar he obtained from her trash.

In recent weeks, he has charged that she has been physically violent toward her children, detailed her seemingly endless quest for free products, accused her of using her children to achieve personal fame, stated flat out that Jon Gosselin — his friend — is the better parent, and admitted to calling Child Protective Services on the mom of eight. Now all of the material on his web site has been removed and Hoffman tells Radar, "…it would appear that the lawyers are at it again."

He revealed he received this message at the top of his account page: "We have received a DMCA complaint for one or more of your blogs. Emails with the details were sent to you and all affected posts have been reset to "Draft" status (you may find them by selecting "Drafts" on the "Edit posts" page for each of the affected blogs). You may re-publish the posts with the offending content and/or link(s) removed. If you believe you have the rights to post this content, you can file a counter-claim with us."
Hoffman says he never received any emails from Google or any other entity. The email directed him to Google's policy on removing content. The prestigious Washington, D.C. law firm of Williams & Connolly has represented TLC's parent company Discovery in the legal fray over the e-book and the top-not LA firm Lavely & Singer also teamed up against Hoffman and is believed to be representing Kate. It seems that one of the firms went around Hoffman -- after putting him on notice -- and succeeded in having his material officially removed for now.

The last post Hoffman put up was about spending a night with Jon, his children and his girlfriend and extolled his parenting skills with a scathing comparison to Kate’s. Hoffman claims he has more damaging info on Kate that he will release at a later date. But for now at least, it appears that Kate has succeeded in wiping him off the web.

Kate Gosselin live tweets her favorite 'Dancing with the Stars' moments

EXAMINER.COM: Former Dancing with the Stars contestant and reality television personality Kate Gosselin wasn't holding onto any sour grapes on Monday night when she live journaled her commentary about the show via Twitter.
Kate appeared on the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars in 2010. Kate and her dancing partner Tony Dovolani were eliminated in the fifth week. She wasn't asked to appear on this season's All Stars show however. In early August, Kate wrote a piece on CouponCabin about this season's Dancing with the Stars All Stars. She recalled feeling nervous and out of place on the show. Kate also praised Pamela Anderson for returning to the All Stars edition this yearKate described Pamela as "so talented", suggesting the pair became friends during the season they were on together. She wrote about how she and Pamela bonded over motherhood.Kate did not mention the snub in not being asked participate in the All Stars cast however.
Kate's friend Pamela Anderson was the first to get kicked off this season's All Stars. Monday night Kate seemed to put all of that behind her, as she described sitting next to her children to watch Dancing with the Stars All Stars while she live-tweeted her reactions.
Kate tweeted early into the show, "Watching #DWTS with 2 major fans...Mady&Cara! :) Wow! I'm so impressed with All Stars season!You ALL rock!"
Kate also said that Mady was the most happy sitting next to her mom, watching her favorite show. She said that Mady and Cara were "most fond of Shawn and Derek, but it's sooo hard to choose!"
Kate also said that Mady called DWTS judge Len Goodman, "old."
Kate tweeted, "Mady: (in response to lens comment 'that was the bees knees') 'aw I love when old people say stuff like that!' LOL!"
Kate ended the night by gushing on Shawn. For her last DWTS tweet of the evening, Kate tweeted, "Okay, Shawn that dance was just seriously ridiculously amazing! Loved it! (and ignore Len!) #DWTS."


  1. I'm trying again to see if I can post a comment. I couldn't for last few days and hoping with a new page things will work.

    It's delightful news to know that that hater's site was yanked. If I were Jon, I'd be embarrassed to call that guy a friend.

    Frankly, I'm still hoping that he gets hauled into court by TLC's attorneys.

    Glad you have power again, Baby Mama. Happy Thanksgiving Day for all those of you in the US. XOXOXO Linda

  2. Yay!! This time it worked in posting.

  3. I agree Linda O regarding getting hauled into court. Although, I don't want to see Kate have to waste money to defend herself against these false statements, that guy needs to be held accountable.

    Another comment... was Kate actually snubbed from the All Stars Season or did she decline. I thought I heard her say in an interview that she couldn't dance and didn't want to go through it again.

  4. I think they were looking for the better dancers this season. Maybe some time they will have a season for the strugglers like Kate and Steve Wozniac to see if they can improve. There are a lot of glitches in the competition so even though its fun to watch, it really isn't an accurrate assessment of dancing skills. I hope everybody has a healthy happy turkey day and that the black friday madness doesn't get too wild. I need one item, however it isn't a doorbuster. As Kate's kids are growing and individualizing, I bet her shopping is way more complicated, not to mention pricier. Gone are the days when you can just get 6 of something so they don't fight.

  5. fascinated and tashapork - Whatever the reason, I'm glad wasn't a part of Dancing with the Stars again. Whew! Kate has many strengths but dancing isn't one of them. However, if they ever offered her again what they paid her the last time, I'd say "Go For IT! If they are willing to pay you that much money again who cares whether or not you can dance!" I'd be willing to make a fool of myself for that kind of money, lol, but trust me ... nobody would ever pay to see me dance.

    Do you folks think it's bizarre that people who dislike Kate have spent four plus years of their lives dwelling on somebody they hate? Jumping Jiminy Crickets! Life is too doggone short to ever spend time on something or somebody you don't care for. Makes absolutely no sense at all. I had one of the haters who drove me nuts several years ago actually send me an email today telling me "I went to Google Earth and could see the house where you live." So was that supposed to scare me? Why would they spend the time hating me because I like Kate? What a waste! I emailed them back but they'd already dumped that email addy. Sooooo.... if you are reading this Ms Hater, I'll be doing my monthly volunteering at the homeless shelter tomorrow night serving a hot meal; come on over, work beside me and do something constructive! If I can do it in a wheel chair, surely you with two good legs and arms can do something helpful for others. You can tell me all about how much you hate me and you hate Kate if you are willing to do something helpful for others at the same time

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day, everybody! Baby Mama, we'll have to talk soon. Hope you are recovering and things are getting back to a state of normalcy. Miss you XOXO

  6. LindaOriginal, it's beyond bizarre that anyone would make a career of trying to destory someone they have never met and really do not know except what they have seen on TV and read in the trash mags! I love your challenge to the one who emailed you!

    Baby Mama, I agree with LindaOriginal, in that I hope you're recovering and seeing some normalcy in your day to day life!

    Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving. Be careful and safe if you will be traveling for this holiday!

  7. Linda O, I completely agree that their behaviour is bizarre. I have issues with Paris Hilton on how she chooses to represent herself and treat others. HOWEVER, I do not read any articles about her, I don’t follow her on twitter (I assume she has an account), I never search for her whereabouts or even know if she has a website. I do not waste 2 seconds of my time worrying about her. I can’t imagine why the haters spend any time worrying about Kate.

    Sure, there is an argument that Paris does not have children and so she is only hurting herself but if I thought she was hurting children, I would report her. After an investigation has been conducted, I would MOVE ON. The haters are obsessed with Kate and feel she is a direct threat to them. They don’t care about the kids, if they did they would stop harassing her. Their behaviour is more damaging to the children than anything Kate has done in the past or has been accused. If they think that sending the kids to Jon’s to live without electricity or a stable parent is better than what Kate provides, their perception of reality is delusional. I feel sorry for their partners and children.

    Even worse is their need to stock fans of Kate to make sure we know how dangerous Kate is. Really? I would be afraid to be their neighbor. Clearly, they do not work nor are they productive members of society. If they were, then they would have more important things to do than obsessively follow someone and that someone’s friends who are ultimately inconsequential to them. Have I used the word bizarre enough? I don’t think I can use it enough. Lol.

  8. I hope everyone had a healthy safe happy thanksgiving and safe productive black friday if they chose to participate. I know Black friday has gotten a bad rap, but it all depends on the attitudes of the people involved, the ones I in the store I was in were nice and happy and courteous. I do question the need to push back the store openings into the holiday because in the end I doubt it will make people spend more. Bigger paychecks and less expenses will get people to spend more, not a few more shopping hours. Having said that, me not being an early bird would rather shop at night so who knows.

  9. Hello everyone! Hope you has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I took a bit a break from the site to concentrate on my family and a fe exciting career changes. I hope things are going well for you. Seems the site has been quiet a bit and I hope that it picks up. I put up some fresh paper and I hope you come take a look and share your thoughts. Miss you all! xo