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South Dakota RV Camping Trip: What Did You Think? 5 Show Ideas For Kate Plus 8 and New Kate's Take Posted

Kate Plus 8: RV Trip

The Gosselins, Ashley and Jamie are on the road again, traveling across middle America in an RV for 2 weeks -- and Kate's driving! Witness the family like you've never seen them before, visiting the nation's most beautiful landscapes and attractions.

Kate Gosselin was photographed out running this week and tweeted that she is training for a half marathon. I think that this is a great stress reliever and I hope that she does this!

"Hey guys! I just ran 9.06 miles in 1:29 Woo hoo! Training(no trainer ever)4 that 1/2 marathon!I think I can do it!!! Gotta eat!I’m starving!"

Five New Shows for Kate Gosselin Now That Kate Plus 8 Is No More:

Fans of reality shows about fraternal twins and sextuplets (and titles that rhyme) were dealt a stunning blow this month as TLC finally canceled Kate Plus 8. In the wake of this tragedy, one wonders what Kate Gosselin will do next to stay relevant. Luckily, we've formed a list of new reality shows Kate could take part in, proving that this mother-cum-author-cum-poor dancer can rise again.

5. Kate Plus Apes
With The Rise of the Planet of the Apes performing well at the box office, it's only fitting that reality TV would capitalize on its success, and what better way to do it than introduce a suburban housewife to wild chimpanzees. Suspicion becomes respect and admiration as Kate locks and loads to protect our cousins from poachers.

4. Kate Plus Watergate
Political scandal is the name of the game as Kate teams up with Woodward and Bernstein to explain the legendary cover-up that brought down a presidency and finally uncover what was said in the infamous 18 minute tape gap--something that could very well shock the sleaze right off of Jon Gosselin.

3. Kate Plus the Fourth Estate
Kate finally takes advantage of her frightening blonde hairstyles and lands a job at Fox News, proving that wealthy white women can do whatever they set their minds to.

2. Kate Plus 8 ½
Things take a surreal turn as Kate Gosselin's romantic and creative troubles explode in a burst of Fellini-esque fantasies. By the end she learns a valuable lesson--reality television and 1960s Italian cinema have a disturbing amount of things in common.

1. Kate Plus 8 Circumnavigate
If you were to compare Kate Gosselin to any historical figure, the clear choice would be Magellan. Reunited with her children, Kate takes to the high seas and combats scurvy and hostile natives, all in her quest to circle the globe without the aid of GPS. The true strength of a mother can only be measured when she is fighting to keep eight adorable crewmembers in check as supplies start to run out in the mid-AtlanticTreeSh


  1. Good morning all. We are safe and have a full house with cousins escaping from Hurricane Irene. Please be careful, folks. That Irene is a scary as her namesake.

    Ziggy, saying a prayer for your daughter and her husband.

    Okay... Now I have to send cases with those iPads? Sheeesh! All right, another trip to the UPS store and I'll get them sent! ;)

  2. I think she set a good example for ALL her children, showing her ooys and her girls that women are strong & independent.

  3. I know that people here are upset about the previews that TLC has been running. While I can understand that feeling, I guess I'm more cynical about it and it doesn't bother me as much. TLC's business is to bring in as many viewers as possible -- that's what their sponsors pay for, regardless of whether those viewers are fans, haters, etc., and these previews are bound to do that. Of course, I'm sure they edited the previews to make it seem as dramatic as possible, but I think it's quite likely that Kate did have serious blowups with Jaime and Ashley. Kate has even admitted that we'd be seeing alot of drama on these episodes. Put three strong women together in cramped quarters for two weeks and this is almost inevitable. The important thing is that according to Kate's tweets, all has been worked out with Jaime and Ashley. To me, the mark of a true friendship isn't never having conflicts, it's being able to stay friends despite the conflicts. Regardless, I'm sure the AKO's will have a field day with it, after all they have to have something to thrive on with the cancellation. I say, let them, they haven't stopped Kate yet.

  4. Good morning everyone! So far just a little rain at 1pm EST. Will keep you all posted! Linda how infamous are we on this site now where people pretend to be us! I had the same problem last year, in article comments people were pretending to be me. Now that Kates on Twitter its the same story over there. It never changes. Other than people think they know us or our names, and WISH they were us! Xo

    Kisses to Peggy & ShirleyNoName, great to see you!

  5. My issue is not that they are airing the shows or previews, but that they are ending the series on such a sour note.

  6. Without seeing any other previews, I am thinking the blow up is between Jamie and Ashley. If this is the case, it still causes a problem in that many people are not going to watch the episode to find out what really happened and will continue spreading hate.

    I know what you are saying ShirleyNN, I guess my problem is that their previews are making me not want to watch the episode as opposed to drawing me in.

    I wish everyone well on the east coast.

  7. Annoying how you make a comment and the AKOs take it out of context or blow it all out of whack.

    I said early this morning for folks to be careful about Hurricane Irene, she was as scary as her namesake. It never crossed my mind to remember that Kate's middle name is Irene.

    The AKOs took my comment and ran with it. For the record, I was not referring to Kate G at all! The person whom I had in mind was the AKO named Irene who drove all the way from Mississippi to PA. under the guise of getting the G kids off tv. Seems to turn out that in "reality," these AKOs are still all about harassing Kate. The tv show is ending but they aren't slowing down at all. That attitude and perspective is to what I was referring.

    My company thinks they can head home tomorrow in hopes that roads will be re-opened and they can assess how much damage was done. Having the hurricane stall and linger over the Outer Banks for 14+ hours sure did a lot of wind and water damage. Many without power. I guess we're fortunate that even more lives were not lost.

  8. Linda, I've no doubt they knew exactly what you meant, but just like always that's their game to twist & lie.

  9. Glad to hear you and your family are safe. Mine is as well. Prayers for those who suffered and those stil facing this storm.

  10. Ziggy - So glad to hear your family safe too!

  11. Hello everyone! I figured while I got a chance I would update some of my old posts with their corresponding videos that were deleted. So enjoy some great Kate Plus 8 episodes. P.S Starting to pour and get a bit windy. Nighty night!

    Halloween Episode:

    Australia Adventure:

    Australia Zoo Visit:

    Philly Fun!

  12. Back home everyone! All safe no damage. Is everyone ok? Keep me posted! Xo

  13. Hurricane passed and now begins the clean up. I do hope the power is back on soon for those who are without.

    We all need a bit of sunshine.

    Have a great day, all.

  14. Looking forward to tonight's show!

    There are some adorable photos on TLC of the RV camping trip. The G kids are cute, cute cute.

    The mud fight looks like it was fun! I don't think there's a kid anywhere who doesn't enjoy that! Looks like Kate was having fun with the mud also!

  15. Here's the link to the photos:

  16. Glad to hear every one is safe. There are a lot with out power.

    Saying prayers for every one effected. Talk soon. Hugs. XOXOXOXO

  17. I think Kate was crazy to take all those kids (including Jamie's) in RV's!! lol - I know how stressful it is to take my 4 camping. My parents had a motor home and trust me, even the big one's still feel small!! And yes, everything breaks on them often. But you know what they will all remember that trip fondly one day. Kate can be proud they survived it. And if the mud (or whatever it was) fight isn't proof that Kate has chilled out, I don't know what is. It was great to see her laughing and having fun with the kids.

  18. kris - I totally agree. There is no way, absolutely no way, that many people could share an RV, stuck mostly inside it, and maintain a Mary Poppins attitude.

    Jaimie and Ashley were in one, and Kate in another. It appeared that Jaimie and Ashley grew weary of the bickering of kids despite calling themselves the "party" bus.

    Riding shorter distances and then getting out and letting kids burn off energy is one thing, but being stuck inside hour after hour with lots of kids in close proximity and close quarters is asking for way more than the usual, typical arguing between siblings. You get even more of the "he's sitting on my side," "she's making ugly faces at me," "I don't want to eat that" junk.

    You are also sooooo right about everything breaking from sewage tanks leaking, to microwaves non-functioning, to stove tops that don't uniformly heat up.

    Then you throw in OPK (other people's kids) into the mix and you have them all jockeying for position.

    A good mud fight (despite having to shower off in public campground showers) might have helped relieve a bit of the pressure for a few minutes any way.

  19. I'm sorry that so many of you are without power as a result of Irene and without internet or cable.

    Even our own Baby Mama has been without power and having to go to outside locations.

    Thank you for your phone calls. Wish I could do more to help but all I can do is pray and hope that you get power soon (and invite you to come on down for a visit, lol. But if you think thinks were hectic in the RV, you haven't seen anything compared to chaos and noise central in our house with both kids and the remodeling. But, ya'll come anyway!)

    For those who do get power and internet/cable back, last night's program is being shown again tonight.

  20. Hi all -
    Kate added a new blog post today at TLC. You can get to it via the sidebar on our blog that says "Kate's Take."

    Or, use this link:

    I know there are so many of you still without power, but at least this will be here when you have power and internet again.


  21. Hello Baby Mama--I'm here. Just been busy picking vegetables and canning. Sure hope your phone, TV and internet are back up soon.

    Regarding the RV trip--oh my goodness! I can't begin to imagine packing for more than the two of us and that is a chore. I felt badly for Kate from the beginning of the show. Can't imagine having 11 kids on a trip too--plus the rain and keeping them occupied in a small space when they're used to a big house. I hope they have some good memories.

    Linda--Thanks for the heads up to Kate's new blog post. I have been forgetting to look there lately. Hope all is well with your family.

  22. BM - posting here to see if I can post.
    Hope you get power back soon.

  23. Baby Mama - No offense but do you read the comments???

    There are MILLIONs without power!!!

    I have no idea who Michelle is??? I've never blocked anybody named Michelle.

    Jen has a different issue with blogger. I have been trying to help her.

    Most who use IE cannot post at all. We cannot do anything about that: it is a blogger issue. Use Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. If you must use IE, then you probably will not be able to comment unless you keep trying over and over and over.

    Michelle - if you will email me, I'll be happy to try to resolve your problems posting (unless you are using IE and then I can't help you.) I'm sorry you are having problems.

  24. Linda~ deleted my last post. Your right I don't want anyone to look deeper into what I was saying & take it the wrong way. I have spent 2 days without power running to a Starbucks tonight to post.

    From now on I will definitely email you privately instead of posting here. It's nobody's (IE trolls that read here's) business to know Anyones Internet situation. that's why your the best, you got my back! Thank you!

    Again, I and so many others don't know how we lived without the Internet & Tv!

    Missed you all! What did I miss?

  25. Latest on Fired Up isn't too encouraging. She has had some more complications but she is hanging in there and fighting for all she's worth. The last complication was a chemical imbalance but it appears they have gotten that under control. They fix one thing and then something else crops up. They are hoping they can move her to a rehab place and maybe if we cross our fingers she will be able to come back on and be back in her full glory and positive spirit. Just keep the prayers going for her and the family.

  26. Lexxi~ thank you so much for keeping us informed. This is really sad to hear, so we really have to say sone extra prayers today. The one thing we must fight for is that positive spirit! Please everyone pray for FiredUp!

    It's a beautiful day out today. Let's get out there and enjoy the fresh air. Later I will finally watch Kate Plus 8 from my DVR & share my thoughts.

  27. Forgot to tell you I got the info for the numbers this morning..I don't know if this is good at least it's over a million...

    Kate Plus 8 9:00 PM 1.372 0.6

  28. I finally got to watch the episode last night and I have to say, worst Kate+8 ever. But here me out, it wasn’t because of Kate and the drama, it was because they hardly showed them doing the activities and seeing the sights at all! Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy the everyday type of things, but they were on a trip, let’s see some fun moments too!

  29. Lexxi,

    Thanks for the update on FiredUp. That breaks my heart. I so hope she is able to feel the positive energy coming from friends (even those she has never met).

  30. Linda and Kris,

    Totally agree about the trip, you both made such great points.

  31. FiredUp is in my prayers...miss reading her upbeat notes. I am praying for a speedy recovery.
    @Ali, I agree with you regarding Monday night's show. I loved watching all of them experiencing new places! I missed not getting to see SD & WY through the eyes of the children! I see enough drama in my day to day life, I don't want to watch it on TV. Because it was Kate Plus 8, I kept watching hoping I would get to see the fun aspect of their trip. Such a disappointment! Shame on TLC.

  32. I know that Fired Up misses everyone here and I forgot to pass on her Hello to all of you. As I get more info I will pass it along. Fired Up is too full of vip and vinegar as my mom used to say to keep her down for too long so I'm going to be optimistic that she will be back as soon as possible ready to light some fires. LOL

    I also was very disappointed by this episode. It appears that TLC is focusing more on the drama then on the fun. Kate did twitter that she was disappointed that the fun & loving moments seem to hit the cutting floor. We all have noticed a dramatic change in TLC's programming style and maybe it's a good thing that Kate and the children will no longer be doing the show. Sure I will miss the show but if this last episode was the direction that TLC wanted to take I would tell them to park their cameras at the door and to take a hike. There were four days there apparently and certainly out of that many days the only thing TLC shows is the stressful moments is ridiculous. Sure Kate did say two of those days were stuck inside the RV's because of rain but there were two days worth of activities and surely they did more at Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone park then TLC showed us. Since I've never been to either place I would have loved to see more of it. In my opinion the arguments were everyone's fault and it was caused by stress. Who wouldn't be stressed if you were packed into two RV's with eleven children and three adults? Do I think Kate deserves the tongue lashing she is getting by some people? Certainly not and I probably would have been in a grumpy mood too and yes I would have complained also. Like Kate, I'm not perfect and I'll readily admit my faults. I think it's been all blown out of proportion and it was fueled by TLC and it's promos. Once you have put people into a state of mind like that they seem to forget there were probably events leading up to it that we never saw. I did love the mud fight though. I was shocked to see Kate was enjoying it and even egged on the starting of it but I would have stopped too if some of that muck had gotten into my mouth too. LOL

  33. I agree with you Lexxi. If this is the direction TLC is going to take the show, it's probably best that it's over. I loved the part when she told the camera men to stop "playing" that we are filming and let her finish packing.

    Also Lexxi thanks for the heads up on Fired Up. Loads of prayers and positive thinking are coming her way.

  34. And that is hear me out not "here". Rats! Typo.

  35. Also, I missed the sit-down interviews about what happened during the episode. All we got were voice overs.

  36. Just so all of you know, the new post to Kate's blog is a repeat of a post from last year.

  37. I also wonder why they didn't show the kids fishing at the first campsite. TLC has it on their webisodes. It was a nice moment about the kids. Guess TLC only wanted to show the drama instead of any happy moments with the kids.

  38. Hello everyone! I too finally got to see some but not all of the episode. And I agree with Ali that it was maybe the 2nd or 3rd worst episode ever. BUT also fir not the reasons you think...

    I agree that if is the direction the show was going, then I as well think that they should end here. It's upsetting to see what they will do now to get the ratings up. Catering to the haters giving them scraggly what they want.. Which is always making Kate look like the bully and lots of fighting. Now her personality is what it is, but she was not the sole bad one here. All ladies I golfer acted wrong. It pissed me off even more that they stood in unison to be snarky & mean knowing what they were getting themselves into. Ashley especially. People fight & make up all the time, but it really seemed that they really wanted to show the worst of everyone specifically just for ratings!

    TLC knows Kate hates camping so let's ONCE AGAIN get her ass in a camper and let fighting ensue. I hate camping more than Kate does! But give my behind $250,000 and I will absolutely bitch my way through an entire episode and suffer through it. JUST LIKE KATE. Cara was baited and ever SHE looked bad. It was one hot mess that if it was me there would gave been 10x worse. So that's why I don't blame her. I blame TLC for not thinking of a better idea to increase the ratings rather than butting her in bad situations just for ratings.

  39. I agree freespirit. I get enough drama with life. I want to watch a show with where I can laugh and feel good after I watch it. I think TLC is going in the wrong direction.

    I understand that they want to advertise to get ratings but there should be a moral responsibility to stay within reason. Oprah stopped supporting hate on her show many years ago and her viewership increased. I guess TLC will need to tank again to remember what it is like to have family viewing.

    I really didn’t like when Ashley complained about Kate not wanting pictures taken. Ashley can return home and hide for weeks or months if she wanted to. The kids can’t. I felt like Ashley wanted the attention. Didn’t the media attack Ashley a couple of years ago for spanking one of the kids. I would think that she would be more empathetic.

  40. Regarding FiredUp. I was away when she became ill or had surgery??? I am hoping the best for her. She is a strong woman and I am sending all my added strength her way.

  41. I agree. While I will greatly miss K+8, I am so ready for the family to move on ... To new projects, new network, new things. I will be relieved to no longer watch TLC programming. Don't take that wrong: I wil loyally watch any tv programming that includes Kate or the 8, but I'm looking forward to "somewhere" seeing them without it being on TLC.

    This camping trip in the RV was grossly edited. Supposedly Ashley was always in great moods, but nobody commented about her getting into it with Cara, throwing a box, and then exiting by slamming the door. I know they were all tired and weary from being stuck inside, but I would have called her response a lot childish.

    The comments about Kate leaving them were stupid. Uh, somehow I don't think they'd have had groceries, like duh food, if somebody hadn't made the trip to get them. What do you think?

  42. fascinated==It was Jamie who the media showed disciplining one of the kids. All I can say is that Ashley has always been shown being so loving to the kids. She is the one who thinks up things for the kids so that they have a fun time. Kate's birthday episode showed that. I just don't understand why some people are ready to blame everything that happened in the last episode on Jamie and Ashley.

  43. Thanks Jane. I am definitely not ready to blame everything on Jamie and Ashley. I am frustrated that everything is being blamed on Kate. It would appear that everyone had a part; however, you get more ratings if Kate is the bad guy.

  44. Jane - I don't think anybody here is ready to blame everything on Jaimie and Ashley. Or, not what I meant by my comment. That disgusting AirheadyHollyBaby always figures that Kate is solely to blame for everything in the world.

    Playing is great. But there's a time to play and be silly and a time to work.Who knows what really happened with the editing we were left to view. I'd been frustrated if I had to go 40 miles for groceries, get home, sweep out the trash and clean up, cook and serve dinner, etc. while others played. With 11 kids and 3 adults, if somebody isn't picking up, sweeping up, cleaning up, those RVs would have been uninhabitable pretty quickly. Especially with the broken/stopped up sewage (p-yew!!)

    FiredUp - praying for you to get well quickly, girl! We're all missing you, girl! Take it easy and heal fast!!

    Wonder how many gallons of gas it took to go each mile? Glad they didn't have to fill the tank on my credit card. Big ouch! And, is it always that rainy in the summer there?

  45. I just hate that the kids were shown in such a bad light. Also, can someone explain to me why Kate was so paranoid about pictures being taken? We never saw any pictures during the whole trip. Could she have mistakenly thought that people taking pictures were trying to take pictures of her and the kids, when they were actually taking pictures of the the sights like Mt. Rushmore and Old Faithful.

  46. My prayers are still on going for firedup.

    Linda & fascinated - agree whole heartedly with you both.

    Jane, as Kate stated in the show, people will post pics on the internet, the paps pic up the location and then they make their way to the location to dog Kate & the kids.

    As has been stated in the past, the paps just don't stand back and take pictures. They ramp camera's in faces, gather around the person(s) they are following like vultures, and yell things & questions out, sometimes very inappropriate for children.

    If you've ever seen paps pictures of paps taking pictures, they are very intrusive. The picture the paps print look usually pretty innocent enough for the most part, but when you see how the 'attack' the one's they are taking pictures of, they are usually gathered around to the the point it would be difficult for a person to even walk.

    I forget which episode, but it involved horses. Even the paps standing at the fence, they yelled things out, their flashing bulbs and their commotion startled the horses the kids were on. It wasn't just intrusive, it presented a very real danger to the kids.

  47. I think that Kate explained it pretty clearly on the show Jane why it upset her so much. It's not so much the pictures as it was that by drawing attention with their cameras more people paid attention it was the Gosselin's that were there and like Kate said on the show, people jump on Twitter and immediately broadcast where they are and what they are doing. Kate does not want the paps to know where they are at or where they may be going or hoards of people seeking them out, so that is why she was so upset and I thought she explained it pretty clearly. You might just of missed it. Jane I did clearly see people taking pictures of the family not Mt. Rushmore so it wasn't her imagination.

    Jane I don't think anyone wants to put the blame on Jamie or Ashley. I personally thought it was everyone's fault and I mean everyone. Kate also stated the same thing on Twitter the night of the show. She said it was everyone's fault what happened but also she was very sad that it had been edited to only show the conflicts and that also the events leading up to the temper flares was not shown so there is so much we don't know and there were reasons why everyone reacted the way they did but only the flares were shown. Kate also tweeted she was disappointed that the so much of the fun time and the tender moments were not put into the show. In other words she was flat out very disappointed in the way TLC edited the trip and heavily leaned towards the drama instead of showing the good times, tender times along with what led up to the flare ups. Basically you take three adults and eleven children in two RV's of which two of those days they were stuck inside the RV's with no place else to go and it was a mixture for disaster which is what we saw. I can guarantee you that I would be about ready for a Xanax myself after dealing with all that in order to not lose it. Nobody is to blame, just circumstances.

    So disappointed we didn't see more of the actual places they went like to Rushmore and Yellowstone. I was really interested in seeing some of that as they are places I've always wanted to go but never got the opportunity to do it.

    Whoa Baby Mama! Way to go girl! What more can I add to that? You put laid it all right there on the table no holds barred. LOL I agree 100% with everything you said.

  48. I don't know why Kate gets such a bashing for objecting to the paps. Most of the stars object to them. They have endangered more than one celebrity and more than one celebrities child(ren). Yes, there are some celebrites themselves who alert the paps, but there are also those who don't.

  49. I just wonder about whether there were paps or not. If there were paps there, wouldn't we have seen pictures? I think Kate was more worried about the people who were there-thinking that they would post it on twitter or FB.

    I just hope tht what was shown in the episode was not true-that they left because Kate was afraid of people taking pictures. I know a lot was not shown, and I just hope the kids were able to experience and learn the history of Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore.

  50. Jane it wasn't that there were paps there and I don't get the impression she thought there was. What she was worried about was if people posted pictures or information on where they were. Kate probably didn't want the paps to go running there and spoiling it for everyone not just the Gosselins. I don't know the area but maybe she was also afraid that once a pap or paps caught on, they would be followed and stalked everywhere they went from that point on. Remember Princess Di? It can be very dangerous to be followed by a bunch of idiots. I can't blame her for her concern.

  51. Lexxi, thanks for you're insight. It does make sense. But I think Kate should have realized that bringing in a camera crew, sound crew,etc. to film them would bring attention to them. People are, by nature, curious as to what is going on. Look how many people were on the street during the DC Cupcakes episode. I just think she should have taken it all with a grain of salt. If you're filming a show, people will be curious. To me it just seemed that her being so afraid of pictures being taken ruined the experience for everyone.

  52. Jane, No, I didn't get the impression Kate thought there were paps there at that particular point, but as was exhibted in Alaska and the Aussie trip, once it's out on twitter where they are, the paps show up very quickly.At this point they were at the beginning of their trip.

    I don't think people take pictures of them and post on the internet for ill intent, they just get a kick out of seeing Kate & the kids. I do think it's to be expected that is going to happen. Certainly Kate also anticipated it happening & she was a bit anal about it, but then again maybe she was hoping that it would happen later in the trip which wouldn't have given the paps so much time to catch up & follow them.

    Most people don't realize when they post a simple picture proclaiming, this is who I saw where, cool, they have any idea of what it can bring for said celebrity, most especially Kate. A while back there was a women who posted a pic on her twitter of seeing Kate in an airport. The woman was attacked on her twitter as well as bombared with questions. Her response was, she had no idea such simple picture and statement would cause such a flurry.

  53. Jane we saw a snippet. I don't think we can make a snap judgement or assume whether the kids had a good time or not.

    I still agree with Kate. The children's safety is her first concern and if she is cautious or even over cautious I would rather see that. I think you are missing the point. It's not a problem with the people around them, it's the info they can put out there to draw in more of a crowd and even more important the paparazzi. I don't know how to explain it any better than that.

  54. What? Take it with a grain of salt? After the last two years of the paparazzi chase?

    Um, if you're trying hard to find folks here to dish on Kate, it isn't going to happen, We happen to like Kate. No, we don't think she's perfect. But, by and large we do find her to be a great mother.

    Yes, we have watched those camera happy pros jump in all their faces from Alaska to Arkansas to to NYC to Timbuktu. I respectifully don't think she she should have taken it with a grain of salt at all.

    Yes, being ready to go when leaving the bus as opposed to dawdling around makes a lot of sense to me, but then I am a fan of Kate's and not looking for reasons to castigate her. I don't think the "not wanting to hang around for photos" equals "ruining" the experience for "everybody." But, then again, I like Kate.

    Sure looked to me like they were having fun in the water and mud. At least they showed a wee bit of that. I saw Kate having fun in the mud with the kids.

  55. Lexxi-thanks for your explanation. I think I understand now.

  56. Lexxi - I agree that we can make a snap judgement or assume whether the kids had a good time or not.
    The show was basically a lot of choosen minutes of one indcident and then another, not nearly giving the full picture.

    Even though Kate probably expected that at some point, whenever it occured, I agree with Linda, I don't think she should take it with a grain of salt in the least.

  57. Sorry for the deleted comments - the link wouldn't work.

    Science Daily Aug. 31, 2011

    Doctors' and Nurses' Hospital Uniforms Contain Dangerous Bacteria a Majority of the Time, Study Shows

  58. Good morning everyone! No problem Ziggy I fixed it! That link is crazy! Lol

    I agree that kids are kids and I'm sure they had a great trip. But after a while they will eventually melt down. Perfectly normal. I just hate that TLC only shows the fighting just to garner more ratings and get people talking. Tempers flare on trips all the time. But because it's Kate it's that she's a monster.

    I wonder all the time what things will be like for these blogs once the show is over. These trolls have been wziting fir years to celebrate. So what will be their excuses now when they are STILL on those hate blogs? Ohh the shows off but I want to show how crazy I am by still attacking her? The kids aren't on TV anymore. Move on!

    I have personally been wrapped up with the last week of Summer for us. School starts next week and we've been so busy none of us knew it was Labor Day weekend. Last year I was the nut that tried to go on vacation the week before school started. Happy to be home running around school supply shopping & chatting with you on this blog. Funny the haters were talking about the same exact things a year ago....xo

  59. Hope it's great where you folks are. It's gorgeous here. Perfect temperature and the leaves are turnIng color.

    Yep Baby Mama. They talk the same trash year in and year out. How boring is that!!!

  60. Good evening everyone. Tonight I spent hours engrossed on the Discovery Channel watching Rise: The rebuild of Ground Zero. To see what has been going on past the guarded gates for the past 2 years has been nothing short of spectacular. I can't wait to see these incredible massive waterfalls and the beautiful 9/11 tribute for the families as well as visitors.

    I wanted to share this with all of you the the petitions to save the show are already generating press! Check it out...The one is great from Kate Plus 8 Petition: Can it Save The Show?

  61. BM - it seems blogger is doing weird things again. Code for links in comments not working on either my site or yours. Grrr....

    But people don't seem to be having as much problems posting, so that's better.

    Typical blogger, fix one thing break something else.

    Am interested in that show. Will have to look for replay. Thanks for that info.

  62. Ziggy - are people able to post on your site. I came home a few mins ago to bunches of email about people not being able to make comments. I've looked over the code but I can't figure out what is going on. I know blogger updated here so maybe it's because of the update. If this goes through, obviously I can can post.

    If anybody has any suggestions, just jump in and make them, please.

  63. B.M. - Not sure when NY trip will be. Have some production problems in SC and need to rescript and gotta reshoot there (then re-cut footage) so will probably head there late next week. DH may end up doing the NY trip solo. I'll send email and let you know.
    Chaos still reigns here with banging and noise in the back of the house and city crews working outdoors in the front.
    Has anybody seen this season's K+8 DVDs advertised yet on TLC? When somebody does, would you please remind me. Ty.

  64. Linda--I am waiting for the new K+8 DVDs too--will let you know if/when I see them on the market.

    I have season 5 but the one with Steve Thomas isn't on it. Wonder if it will be on the season 6 set?

  65. Linda--I forgot to say that for the past few months, everytime I signoff from the blog, then sign back on I have to setup my user name as if I were a new user. It used to always be saved but for quite awhile now it seems to be deleted everytime I logoff. I use IE all the time too.

  66. Corrina - lol, I don't use IE unless I'm kicking and screaming, particularly the latest version of it.

    I believe what you are experiencing is in your preferences settings. "Stay signed in" used to be the default along with"remember me." it's mostly a case of changing those settings. So many people share computers in today's world that many software settings today do not remain signed in as a default.

    If you are the only one using it, it's fine to remain signed in. If other family etc share it, it's safer to sign out.

  67. Good evening everyone! I had to get off IE because I cant post there either. Only on Firefox!

    New Post up! And it contains the episode footage so watch it before it somehow gets removed! :(

    Fresh scent of the day.. HOT chicken on the grill..yeee haa! Smells yummy hunny bunny! Corn anyone? xoxox