Monday, August 22, 2011

Countdown To The Finale of Kate Plus 8 Treehouse & Chicks, Back-To-School Haircuts! Photographed for the first time since word of her show's cancellation, Kate Gosselin was spotted out on Friday (August 19) alongside her eight children in West Reading, Pennsylvania.The soon-to-be former TLC reality star mom unloaded her brood of kiddies from their family transport while heading into Hansbury Barber Shop for those all-important back to school haircuts. As previously reported by GossipCenter, it was announced on Monday (August 15) that TLC is pulling the plug on the family's reality show, "Kate Plus 8."

Tweeting about the end of her TLC reality days, Miss Gosselin wrote, "We've had a great run! Six years of whirlwind funfilled adventures thanks to TLC and our many many supportive &diehard fans! While it is very sad for me and the kids (there were many tears at the breakfast table this morning!), we are looking forward with great anticipation to our bright future! As is very typical for me, I am choosing to see the positive in this situation and I am excited to consider the many more invigorating opportunities that may come my way!I poured my entire self in2 last 6 yrs of 'Kate+8'" She added, "I poured my entire self in2 the last6years of 'Kate Plus 8' & I can't wait2have the chance2challenge myself again w future endeavors!"

Tonight on Kate Plus 8: Treehouse & Chicks

Kate and the kids are working in the yard preparing for their newest addition — baby chicks! Kate discovers her skills as a carpenter as she attempts to build a fence and a swinging barn door. Meanwhile, construction on a new tree house is underway.


  1. Good morning all!

    Thanks for the new post, Baby Mama.

    What's up with the rags and their frenzy of coverage. It's like they realize that the "money maker" for them is going off the air soon.

    Chaos here with the remodeling. Looking forward to tonight.

  2. thanks LindaO and tashapork re: the label makers. One more weekend and my basement should be functional again.

    I find it so interesting that people absolutely need someone to hate. I don't have the time or the energy to spread hate about someone I don't even know.

    I am so glad you have this site BabyMama. It is a cloud of sanity in an insane sky.

  3. Has anyone heard how FiredUp is doing?

  4. Thanks to BabyMama & LindaO for making this a safe/fun place to be. Looking forward to this evening's show! Been thinking about FiredUp as well. I will continue to pray for her & her family! From the bits & pieces I've read, they still have some rough times ahead.

  5. Good evening everyone! If I have to be up at night for any reason, I may as well make good use of my time right? Lol

    I'm excited about relaxing and watching the episode tonight. I honestly love watching the kids and have always enjoyed seeing the trials and tribulations of raising sextuplets & twins. As I parent I know first-hand what it's like and this is why I have been such a supporter of this show!

  6. Ali - no, I haven't heard directly from FiredUp. I'm praying that no news is good news to coin a cliche. Sending lots of prayers.

    Freespirit - that was most kind of you. Thanks a lot.

    Just a few minutes until show starts. Looking forward to it. :)

  7. This episode looks interesting....curious to watch it!

  8. While I doubt Kate has a future as a carpenter, I doubt chickens really care. Just need feed and water.

    Hilarious about kids discussing where chicks and eggs come from.

  9. I am saddened by the commercials for super outrageous kid parties. I bet the haters love these kinds of shows. I can't even handle the commercials. LOL

  10. The commercials are bad but I really hate the one they are doing now to get people to watch the final shows. I may just even delete it from this page!

    And those kids are extremely cute little helpers. I gotta fight with my kids just to get them to clean up the messes in their room! No less do all that the kids did to clean up that area for the chicks.

  11. Baby Mama-Please delete that horrible chop job (did you notice how many different outfits Kate is wearing in it?) of a commercial! It's bad enough that TLC is spending more time and money advertising it than it is the episode that is actually being shown this week. Kate has been a loyal, diligent employee. She deserves a classy send off, at the very least.

    You're right. The kids are amazing helpers. I love watching Collin, in particular, doing it; he's so serious and conscientious.

  12. I enjoyed tonight's show! The kids were so funny & Kate showed us once again that she can do anything she sets her mind to. Loved the door! She is one awesome women/mother!

  13. According to Lexxi who posted the information on ZiggyFlo's blog, FiredUp got through the surgery fine but also has some other medical issues to deal with. I don't know with any detail what FiredUp's operation involved, but, from my own experience, I can tell you that one feels pretty rough for a while after even the least invasive surgery. Any time general anaesthesia is involved, it's a shock to your system.

    Lexxi also added,"I just wanted to remind everyone to continue to pray for Fired Up. She needs those prayers and will continue to need them for at least this week and praying by then she is much better. So please remember to pray for her. ((hugs)<<

  14. Peggy--Thanks for the update on FiredUp--she's in my thoughts and prayers.

    I didn't get to watch the show last night but will check to see if it's running again anytime soon.

  15. Just checked TLC schedule and Kate +8 w/b on at 6pm CDT --it's the Toughest Questions episode.

  16. Peggy, thanks for the FiredUp update. Thinking of her.

  17. Good morning everyone! Up at my usual 6am (why do the idiot trolls say I sleep till noon) and I was thinking about FiredUp and hoping & praying she was ok. I miss her (she has always been such a strong suppoter of this site) and hope that she will get through this and cone out stronger! Thank you for giving is an update, her friends have been so worried!

    So what did everyone think of the episode last night?

  18. Thank you Peggy for passing the info on to Baby Mama, Linda and everyone else here. I intended on posting it but life got in the way. We are hoping to hear more news today & if we get an update we will let you know how she is doing. You may or may not know but the doctors & Fired Up's husband have decided to not tell her that Kate's show was cancelled because they didn't want her stressed or upset. Of course it's never fun being in the hospital to begin with. You all know her spirit and how much enthusiasm & fight she has so I don't doubt for a second she will be fine and hopefully out of the hospital soon and back home with her hubby and kids. Just keep saying prayers for her. The world is a better place with Fired Up in it and her good Southern spirit and humor. I'm so optimistic that I'm hoping to hear that she will be home soon and if I get news I'll let you know.

  19. I've got to tell you that I absolutely hate the commercials that TLC is showing about future episodes. People are already assuming Ashley is mad at Kate and all kinds of rumors are flying. I know why they do it but that doesn't mean that I necessarily agree with that tactic. I'm very sad that the show is ending but Kate isn't one to lay down and just give up. She will fight back and find a way to support her children. I only wish the best for all of them but I certainly will miss them.

  20. Lexxi-You're welcome. I figured that's what happened & that you wouldn't want people to worry unnecessarily.

  21. Baby Mama-I thought last night's episode was wonderful. It showed that kids as helpful & polite & full of fun. It showed Kate & Ashley working together & accomplishing something well out of their comfort zone.

  22. Lexxi-I HATE the dramatic commercial! They've even added scenes. TLC is totally lacking class in how it is ending both Kate + 8 and LA Ink!

  23. Yes Peggy don't want anyone to panic. Hoping to hear today and update & I'll let you know.
    I also loved the episode last night. Who knew Kate could actually make a gate and do a darn good job of it too. It looked very sturdy and well built. I teased Kate and asked her if she remembered the "Bob The Builder" toy and told her they should put out now to show women can do it too a "Kate The Builder" toy to which she replied "Let's Do it". lol Actually it isn't a bad idea as girls should learn to repair and fix things and yes maybe even learn to build something if needed. Loved watching Kate and Ashley working together and I'm sure Kate and the kids miss Ashley quite a bit since she is away at college.

    Oh that commercial is just awful and TLC should be ashamed of itself. There is no reason to create that kind of drama for any reason. People have already made up their minds before even watching the episode that it is Kate and Ashley fighting & unfortunately if they don't watch the episode if they are wrong they won't know they assumed something when all they saw was a clip. We do know though that everything is fine with Kate and Ashley and Kate confirmed that on Twitter when someone asked.

  24. Peggy & Lexxi - Thanks for the updates on FiredUp. Our family is continuing our prayers.
    I'm pretty disgusted over that commercial also. TLC issued me an invitation yesterday to join their advisory board. I have declined and told them that it is highly unlikely that I will continue to watch their programming since they have dropped K+8. J&K+8 is why I started watching. K+8 is what kept me watching. I don't much care for any of their current programs so doesn't make since to be party of their board.

    With the change in the person at the head of TLC their programming and commercials, I think it's become a lot more garish and they seem to thrive on controversy.


    Last night's program was adorable. The kids were so precious. I admired their industriousness. Kate makes me laugh so much with her expressions, etc. Carrying that "door" frame from the barn out to the treehouse carpenters to get that tiny amount cut off was a great idea. I'm glad she didn't try to saw it off herself.

  25. OMG I can't believe there was an earthquake on the east coast!!!

  26. I just saw that Linda--I sure don't think of that area being an earthquake zone.

  27. Linda, I agree with everything you said about TLC these days. Sadly, as their ratings go down, maybe they'll make adjustments, now they are showing this bizare show about having thirty five thousand dollar parties for kids. That's ludicrous. I just pray that they put at least as much in their kids' college fund. Channel quickly changed that day. It also seems like they don't intend to do a goodbye expisode. I wish they would, for the kids especially. I also thought it was sad that this episode wasn't really promoted at all, it was wonderful, but of course not, it shed Kate in a positive light. That doesn't attract the haters. I've heard TLC called the Learning Channel, Tender Loving Care, and once they cancel the Duggars, I'll call it the Ludicrous Channel. Prayers for Fired Up. I hope she knows that Kate answered her question on the episode last week.

  28. I'm watching now the rerun of the "Toughest Questions" episode. I thought it was so sweet that when Mady and Cara were asked what their favorite moments were, they each named a scene that involved one of their little siblings, not themselves. To me, this just shows how mature they've each become.

  29. Shirley No Name - That is an excellent point you made and I totally agree!

  30. Being a parent is hard. Two of our kids were due to leave Friday for their first class trip (to the Outer Banks of NC.)

    With hurricane Irene due to make landfall this weekend, faculty and parents decided to send them instead to D.C. & Williamsburg, VA.

    Then with today's earthquake, faculty decided against sending them to D.C. Latest plans call for sending them to mountains. I wonder what can happen next, lol.

    I've packed and repacked those suitcases 3 times because it's hot (85-90) on the coast of NC, a little cooler in D.C.(60s at night and 85 in day), and in the mountains it is much cooler (low 40s at night and 70 in day.)

    The kids don't care where they go as long as they get to go somewhere, lol.

    On a sad note, a 7 yr old classmate of my kids has been bravely fighting cancer for 4 years. She lost the battle yesterday. Please say a prayer for her family and siblings. It's so hard when a child is lost. Hug your kids and give them an extra kiss; be thankful for their good health.

  31. My thoughts and prayers are going out to FiredUp. I miss her fantastic posts.

    I am also sending out well wishes to the folks in Virgina. That must have been quite unsettling.

  32. Hello everyone! I have missed all of you. A little crazy with my kids as were on vacation at "The Sweetest Place On Earth". The kids are having a blast while my wonderful husband is exhausted. Hershey kiss anyone?

    I was not aware of this earthquake so busy here, hope all is ok! Gave not heard anything about FiredUp and hope she's ok! I have not even touched twitter, what has Kate been up to?

  33. Linda, I'm sorry for that little girl. God Bless her family. :(

    Cool treehouse! My brothers built a big ol' treehouse in our ficus tree and I have such great memories of it. I loved the stairs they had built. We had to climb up that tree & climbed up a hole cut in the bottom, lol. Scared me to death everytime!

  34. Baby Mama, I am offended you came to Hershey and didn't call me....... :(

  35. Jennifer Santos asked me to post this for her:
    Still will not let me post.  Can you please post the following for me?  Thanks so much!!

    Lexi, please let FiredUp know we're all thinking about her and praying for her speedy recovery.  I also am saddened by the previews for the last couple of episodes.  Isn't it enough that the family is going off the air, does TLC really need to rub salt in that wound by implying Kate is driving off everyone who loves her in her life??!!  It's disgusting.  I will miss seeing Kate and this kids.  Loved the last episode.  Nice to see them home.  It's a shame there won't be a back-to-school episode this year, but it seems it's not to be.

    I don't twitter, so if someone could please pass along to Kate that we love her and will miss her and kids dearly.  Our best hope for seeing them again in the future.  Stay strong!!

    Jennifer Santos

  36. TiggerFan1965~ where have you been? I miss you! And for real if I knew anyone was here I would ave met you! You'll laugh I went on this big spinning ride with my kids called "the storm chaser" got so dizzy & sick went back to the hotel for my spa appointment early...

    Jen Santos~ what the heck you can't post either? I don't get it. Can you at least get to the site. People keep saying use Google Crome or FireFox. Please personally email me or Linda so we can get you on here! We miss you!

  37. Forgot to post this by Kate Plus 8:
    9:00 1.038 million and a 0.3 A18-49
    9:30 .810 million and a 0.3 A18-49

    I guess this is good, but you know the shows now coming up with the supposed drama will be higher. People only want to see Katevwig out. And they canceled LA Ink too now I hear?

  38. BM, no, they didn't cancel LA Ink. Kat pulled out. She said that TLC was doing re-editing to play upon the drama of her recent break-up to portray things which didn't happen. She seemed pretty ticked off about it. She tweeted about it.


  40. Good morning all. Wow, tomorrow starts another weekend.

    Hurricane Irene evacuations from the coast here so I have the "Coastal Cousins" arriving late afternoon to spend the weekend here. They are all cackling like the hens they are at the thought of seeing my house in disarray, lol. Gotta have fun having them all come and they can just step over the messiness with the remodeling project. I've already warned them that with the "project" they have to plan well ahead since there's no bathroom on the main level currently so you can't wait till the last second and make it up or down two flights of stairs.

    Our community is torn up over a senior who died in a traffic accident yesterday. Somehow, at that age, there is a feeling of invincibility.

    Scary thought to think of more of my kids driving in a few more years. I cannot imagine what it will be like for Kate down the road to have potentially 8 kids behind the wheel.Right now it's just the arguments of who's taking too long in the shower, and who used up all the hot water.

  41. Baby Mama - I hope you got a purse full of delicious chocolates. We all expect you to send us some, so don't forget!!! I'll take chocolate any way I can get it and any way you can send it!!!. (Just kidding!)

    Will be in NY first week in October but only for two days. Hope we can get together for dinner or a drink at least. Tight schedule, but would love to give you a big 'old Southern hug! xoxoxo

    Hope you are having fun on the rides and doing the "simulated" chocolate factory ride.

  42. Made it through my first day back to school & back to work! Phew. LOL

    I agree with the driving son will be able to get his permit next year on his birthday. Yikes.

    The promos are really misleading. I am done with TLC seriously. I only really watched Kateplus8 and Ace of Cakes anyway.

  43. Teens driving is really scary. I think its even scarier now that many schools aren't offering drivers ed and also now that there are soo many distractions vying for their attention. Heavy traffic and the other drivers being distracted also makes it worse. My little sister lost one of her friends in eighth grade when she was riding with her seventeen year old sister. The police said that she didn't have the experience to judge the turn.
    I think its important for kids to know that driving is very much a priviledge and that some are not mature and responsible enough to drive at sixteen. It totally depends on the individual teen, the driving conditions in their community. (Rural Arkansas is a lot different from downtown Denver, which is also very different than Los Angeles. One of my neices started driving when she was sixteen and a half, while her older sister is 18 and still does not, except with learners permit.

  44. Linda,
    Here's passing prayers on that you and your family, and of course all others in the path of Irene, make it through safe and sound.

    My daughter is also in the path of Irene. Her husband has to be on duty. Fortunately, my sister & brother also live in the area. Brother gave her instructions on what to do at her apt. and then she's heading somewhat further inland to ride the storm out with her aunt. Wew! this would be one paniced momma hen if she had to deal with this on her own!

  45. I didn't allow my daughter to get her license until she was 18. I also made her take a driving course from a individual who gives driving lessons who had an excellent reputation. He taught things far beyond what the school driver's ed taught.

    Had too many of my friends killed or diabled bewteen the ages of 16 -18.

    Tash, you so are right, driving in one area can require completely different skils than in another area.

    I just don't understand parents who hand their 16yr. old a car for their 16th birthday and say 'go!'.

  46. Ziggy, me either, I am sure I am old fashioned, but I also think that kids need to take some financial responsibility with driving, whether it is paying for gas, helping pay for the car or their insurance, kids that have to work for something tend to appreciate it more and take more responsibility. I know its a relief for parents to not have to chauffer all the time, but its risky business. I also really like to see kids get some professional lessons. They are very worth the money in my opinion. Where I see someone like Kate having a hard time is if for instance Hannah is ready to drive, but Joel isn't and all the potential conflicts that entails.
    I pray that everyone stays safe in this wacky weather we've been having. Laundryfest is over in two loads. Yay

  47. By the way, I was so rushed to write about the fake crap I forgot to give you all hugs and tell you I missed you. Please some one tell me some good news about FiredUp! I have been thinking about her and running over to check email now! Xo

  48. Sorry to Jen Santos & Michelle B who are not able to post! What the heck please email me privately e drugging you have tried and we will figure it out.

    RWA, Preesi & BL all in a tizzy thinking our amazing Linda is shipping the kids Kindles? OMG the stupid crap they believe. Don't they realize they've been punked byfellow haterz? Ugh People please stay away from those sites before losing your last brain cell. Not true!

  49. I think I lost an IQ point just going to block them.

    When will people stop buying into this crap??

  50. Linda I'm so excited and we will definitely talk privately! But I was just sent this and I need everyone who is on Twitter to report this person trying to be you!

    Kate is a twit said...
    Just saw this exchange between the backpack donor and the kindle donor:

    @lindafoerrester Hi Linda, Kate never picked up the backpacks we purchased so we returned them and just send a gift card to her home

    @lancasterwatch That was so sweet of you to do. Perhaps we will do the same thing. Hate to see what happened to her in this economy

    I wanted to re-write my original post on this. Although it WAS originally from BL's site I do not want to imply that the idiot that started this mess was from there. This could easily be from Preesi's twits or one of Lisa's socks from her dead site. I don't want to accuse but it's basically just someone wanting to see how fast they can start drama. Please people it's a spammer and NOT our Linda!

  51. BM - Once again their actions prove that they need to make up things to further their agenda. That the facts themselves don't support their agenda.

    Hey, Linda, since you're passing out Kindle's, send one my way - thanks!

    (this is a joke for idiots who can't recognize I joke when it slaps them up side the face aka limited mentality.)

  52. That is so funny bizarre! What twits! Any fool would have known I sent Kate's kids iPads and not outdated Kindles! Puhleeeeze! I'm joking of course!!!!

    I have not been on Twitter in weeks. Life is chaotic enough without the evil whack-a-brains AKOs making up worthless garbage to annoy other people. Get a life you AKO fools!!!!

    Aren't you all glad you have love in your lives, people that matter in real life, a higher purpose and something to live for that helps other people? I am!!! I'm so thankful that I don't have to live my life in their shoes, in their neighborhood, in their towns, or in their states. It's unfortunate enough to have to live in the same country or universe with them.

    I suppose I should feel sorry for the stupid maggots but they chose to live their disgusting lives filled with hate. They can't help being stupid but no excuse for the hate.

    Why on earth anybody would even remotely want to pretend to be somebody else is beyond understanding. Jumping Jehosophat I don't think I was that immature in even junior high school.

    I do not have time now to go on Twitter and deal with this. I don't do fake names, fake conversations, or fake lives. Sorry, but this household is living real life. I do well to squeeze out enough time to drop by and comment here.

    Kate will know that wasn't me. You folks here know that wasn't me. As for those idiots with the fake names, why waste time reasoning with hate filled moronic toad suckers??? Thanks all for having my back.

    Okay, now back to dealing with a real issue - Hurricane Irene.

    Have a great day & weekend all!!! Xoxoxo

  53. Oops ... Forgot.... Your iPads are all n the mail. Why have just a Kindle when you can read the Kindle app on an iPad? Nothing but the finest for MY friends!

    Laughing sooooo hard. Now off to life again.

  54. You block one fool AKO & 10 more spring up. What a waste of their time!

  55. Linda, you are including covers for the iPad's, aren't you?

  56. Hey where do I send my address so I can get in on this, too??? I'll even buy my own cover. (:>)

    Hi all!! Just popped in again to read. I know I'm not good at posting, but I DO come and read. Right Ziggy??....*wink*

    I don't know about anyone else, but I am going to contact TLC and let them know what I think about their change in direction from class to trash. Do I think it will change their minds?, but I'm still having my say. I've done it before and I'll do it again.

    (p.s......I'm butterfly aka Vicky.....Google and it's tricks again, you know.)

  57. I find that if I keep hitting post comment, by the third hit, my comment is posted. I use Windows Internet Explorer because the Firefox and Mozilla don't work well for me. I hope this helps.

  58. An ipad is on my dream list for when the budget loosens again. Apple will trully miss Steve Jobs, I pray he's okay.
    I have been thinking of new names for TLC for after it cancels the few remaining good shows it airs.
    Totally Low Class
    The Ludicrous Channel
    Trashy Lowdown Channel
    Totally lackluster Choices

    Its not just about cancelling the good shows, but the bizar ones that are taking their place. Stranger by the day.
    Everyone, stay safe and out of harm's way this week end

  59. I'm using Google Chrome for the blogs and love it. I'm still keeping IE as my main browser but Chrome makes it easy to log in to the blogs if you want to comment. I gave up on IE after spending weeks and weeks trying to post and found out Chrome was already on my new laptop and it's just a basic browser with no fancy add on's but at least now no more frustration trying to comment on a blog.

    Linda not a chance in the world did I buy that it was you on the IPad or Kindle thing. I don't know what the point is of that fake account but it's mainly just a huge waste of time for someone.

    No word on Fired Up yet. Keep trying to find out. I honestly was hoping she would be back by now so it does concern me. All I can say is maybe we just need to keep praying for her that she will be fine & be back soon.

    I knew right off the bat that the twitter account Lancaster Watch was a troll account because the first tweets were all negative to Kate so even when the fact account started tweeting "sweet things" to Kate it was obviously some kind of little childish game the little trolls love to play.

    For any of you that live on the East coast or have families there I'm praying for the safety of you and your loved ones. Please stay safe.

  60. Hey Tasha and Lexxi,
    Tasha - Actually, TLC is a lifestyle network now. I still like them.
    Lexxi - Got a new laptop? I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I am an Android woman when it comes to mobile devices.

    Postponing knee surgery until October. Too much to do with dad. Hope everyone stays out of Irene's path.

  61. Linda~ would you be willing to upgrade my IPad case to the nice gold Michael Kors one? Thank you and can't wait for our meal together!

    Things went from being nonchalant to super crazy. The last day of our mini vacay the rain poured down & we couldn't go enjoy the day at the park so we did the little tour again & did more shopping. Sadly it took hours to get home, now we will have guests staying here for a few days. Praying for this storm to not be so bad!

    Why are the trolls STILL being nasty & stupid at the same time? Making up fake Twitter accounts, then talking about it. THEN still making hundreds of comments about her? If the show is over then MOVE ON! Stop talking about someone you hate so much! That 15min blogger dedicated a whole analysis of the last show! WHY? Why still talk about her?

  62. Ohh--No word on FiredUp yet. Can't help but be concerned.

    Trolls--> UGH just UGH!!

    Linda--Don't forget my IPad! Wink Wink--Thanks! :)And I hope your construction project is going well.

    Prayers for all those in the path of the hurricane. Hoping it fizzles out soon!!

  63. Well, actually I'd rather have a B & N Nook, but as Linda's iPad's away, I'm good with that! Linda, are you throwing in any other goodies other than the cases?

  64. Dear Linda,

    I have been a very good girl this year. Please send me a new car. Thank you and bring Rudolph with you when you deliver it. I like him the best.

  65. Something fishy is going on with TLC, where Kate is concerned. Why are they doing Kate trashing commercials, instead of we have watched this family grow, happy goodbye kinds of commercials. Seems weird to me.

  66. Linda, Hoping all is safe with your family. Weather report said the eye was supposed to go over land in NC. BM, for yours too in the next day as it's heading your way. My daughter didn't make it further inland to my sister's, the interstate was 'like a parking lot'. Next time, she'll know to go two days before instead of the day before. At least she got to ground level, she & hubby are bunking with friends. Being on the top floor of their apartment building wasn't a good place to be.

    Prayers for everyone else. Stay safe. This is one BIG storm.

  67. tash - I haven't seen the latest commericals but Peggy said they were even worse. Kate confirmed on her twitter that all is well between she and Ashley and she and Jamie.

    TLC seems pretty determined to ramp up the drama as much as possible and the AKO's are eating it up. It appears at this point in time that TLC intends to end the show with this drama.

    How sad if TLC ends this show on that note. Kate and her kids deserve better.

  68. Good morning everyone! Fresh Paper finally! So sorry I was late but I was away this week. This one has the yummy chocolate scent of Hershey Kisses all over it! Yum! enjoy!! xo