Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kate Gosselin At The Emmys? "Alaska" Not Till November, What Does Sarah Palin Have In Common With Kate?

Kate Gosselin Is Going to the Emmys?! : E!

And we're happy to report that things seem to be coming along quite nicely. Make that quite hilariously. We just got some major scoopage on plans for the big show, happening on August 29. We're not going to spoil things by revealing everything, but one thing that really caught us off guard is…Kate Gosselin! So what on earth doe she have to do with the television industry's most important night of the year? Read on...If all goes as planned right now, the notorious reality TV mom of eight is going to be at the Emmys. Why? It's not like she's nominated for anything, right? And nope, she's not a presenter.

We'll tell you this: you must must must watch the start of the show. If what we know actually happens, host Jimmy Fallon is going to kill it right out of the gate. And that includes an all too familiar Kate Gosselin getting thisclose to some of today's biggest and brightest television stars. And thankfully, Gosselin doesn't take herself too seriously—at least she won't be on Emmy night.

Palin, Kate Gosselin TV Show Confirmed:

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and reality TV mom Kate Gosselin will appear together in a special episode of Palin's new series on TLC. But what's creating a buzz on the Internet is a report the two celebrity moms didn't hit it off on a camping trip. The National Enquirer claims Kate Gosselin stormed off a camping trip with the Palins after two hours when she was told her bathroom facilities would be a plastic bucket. Later, paparazzi photos showed the Gosselin family looking tired on their way back to Wernersville, Pa. from Los Angeles and Alaska.

That story is getting more press on the Internet than TLC's announcement of Palin's series. The network told TV critics that its new multi-million dollar series, "Sarah Palin's Alaska," will debut in November and Kate Gosselin will be featured in one episode. TLC President Eileen O'Neill said that the Palin family "graciously shared their Alaska with the Gosselin family," and confirmed their adventures will be part of an episode of Palin's reality show. The show will reportedly have the Gosselins fishing and hiking with the Palins. The network didn't comment about the Gosselins camping with Palin, after reports for weeks that the two celebrity moms camped together. It should make for interesting television, since Gosselin had issues camping with her eight children on "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

The National Enquirer story is also stirring up a ton of Internet buzz. When Palin's TV show was announced last spring, there were also reports that Gosselin was dismissive of the show and bragged she sold more books that Palin. Palin is also reportedly getting $1 million an episode of the 8-part series, dwarfing Gosselin's salary for her two TLC shows.

5 Things "New BFFs" Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin Have In Common?:
We’re guessing the first conversation between new pals Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin went something like this: Palin: “The media loves to hate me.” Gosselin: “Me too!” Palin: “I can’t go anywhere without a hoard of paparazzi following.” Gosselin: “Me too!” So it’s little wonder the two moms have become fast friends, with word leaking the other day that Gosselin and her eight children will be appearing on Palin’s new reality show. Palin will appear on “Kate Plus 8,” too, after Gosselin took the kids camping in Alaska.
So what other things do these new besties have in common? Here’s five things:
1. They’re both bestselling authors. Gosselin published her first book, “Multiple Blessings,” two years ago, while Palin’s “Going Rogue” was a bestseller in late 2009.
2. They’re both trailblazers. Palin was only the second woman to run for vice president. Gosselin and her ex-husband, Jon, are one of just a handful of U.S> couples to successfully conceive and birth sextuplets.
3. They both have shows on TLC. Gosselin’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ started its run on Discovery Health before moving to TLC, where it was one of the top programs on cable last year. Palin’s new Alaska-focused reality show will debut on TLC on Nov. 14.
4. They both come from big families. Palin has three siblings, while Gosselin has five.
5. They both have a famous “look.” Palin’s glasses became her trademark during the 2008 campaign. Gosselin’s asymmetrical hair has drawn more attention than most presidential mandates over the past two years.

What's Tonight For Dinner at our house? Why Kate's Meatloaf of course!


  1. Thanks BM for the organic meatloaf. If anyone gets a chance you should really try it with Buffalo. You might call it Bison, I really don't know the difference. I didn't get a chance to answer the questions from the last post, so I thought I would quickly respond before discussing the Sarah/Kate friendship.

    Reality Convention - possibly I would, if I was close enough.I don't think it will be as successful, but I think it would be full of Jerry Springer moments. So maybe not. I watch many reality based shows, but I also don't like many reality based shows. Hard call.

    Regarding adding the clip Kate Plus 8 and more - does the clip add to your site or are you attempting to defend your argument that the kids LOVE doing the show.

    If it doesn't take up too much space add it, if not, I thought it was nice to watch but not necessarily needed all the time.

  2. I don't know what to think about Sarah/Kate time. I suspect that Sarah Palin thought of bringing Kate out to Alaska. I am disappointed that it won't be a Kate plus 8 special and I am uncertain as to whether I will watch Sarah Palin. It is not that I don't like Sarah Palin, I just don't have the desire to watch her and Kate together.

    I do not believe the NE at all. The main reason is that if this were a true story, the "source" would have sold it to TMZ, the local news, or other larger reality/pop-culture mediums.

  3. I for one am SUPER excited about this whole Palin/Kate friendship. I always like the strong indepentant woman, so I think they are a great match and hope they became good friends. Cant wait to see the episode. I think the NE is trying to stir up some buzz to get attention and certainly its working but not necessarily true. Although, I wouldnt be very happy about having to use a bucket either. No thank you!

    I will totally be watching Sarah Palin's show as well in Nov.

  4. Baby Mama - I'm so proud is you for cooking! I knew you could do it! I make a lot of meatloaves and add different things. I've been disguising veggies for some time. I can't get away with it if they recognize them. I cook cups of veggies by steaming, run them through the food processor and add that to the ground meat. Mine would eat anything with cheese when younger. So another variation is to hide long wedges of NY cheddar in the center of the loaf. I can pierce the loaf with a knife and if it comes out cheesy, I know internal temp is cooked. Regardless of straight Gosselin recipe or variation, be sure you let it sit for 5-10 minutes before slicing for immediate meals. It needs that time to set up. Hope your kids' love it!!

  5. I hope everybody is cooler than I am. Exhausted from the drive & heat to pick up kids. I need a nap! Awesome when you reach the age where a nap is a delicious treat, lol.

  6. OMG~ It looked like alot of work (for ME not for the normal average person) and I'm not gonna lie, I about half the work (chopping) while my mom came over today and put it together. In traffic for an hour from Queens to come to me and make meatloaf. Now thats mama love! My dad was nice enough to watch the kids and my husband and I went to Best Buy to look at new cameras for my vacation..yes I am that mean. But I did get my hands dirty and help her a little bit. It's cooking right now and smells great!

    So now I feel bad the Linda was all excited I actually cooked something, and I can't lie and say I did. But now I wrote down exactly everything thats needed for the next time! xoxox ;(

  7. It is good to have the power back on here--storm
    last night--took down one of our trees and it blocked the road--funny though it fell 9 hours after the storm hit.

    I agree that the NE report is contrived and is just going to peak interest in Palin's show. The bucket wouldn't work for me either although once when trying to unlock the house, the key broke off in the lock and being in dire need of the bathroom, a bucket in the garage was very handy!! LOLOLOLO Not a Kodak moment.

  8. Corrina - glad you have power! Storms can be so frightening! I agree about NE. I don't think in a bunch of years I could trot off to the woods, bucket in hand AND cameras rolling. In an extreme emergency when nobody would know later, maybe. Or maybe not.

  9. Thanks for the meatloaf clip you just inspired me for dinner one night this week. :)

  10. Thanks Linda - Storms at night are my dread when you can't see what's coming, plus we have company staying here.

    Baby Mama--How was the meatloaf? How nice that your Mom came to help.

  11. Baby Mama- Come on and tell us please. How did it go? We're all applauding that you stepped beyond your comfort zone and tried something new. But we're dying to know.

  12. CM3..LOL I was thinking the same thing, we'll be having meatloaf this week too! If it stays cool, I have a no oven in the heat of summer policy.
    At the risk of being a nosey parker..(I am one) was your great site spammed by anti-crafters or because your pro-Kate? Regardless, it's a very immature thing for adults to do!

  13. P.S.
    Way to go Baby Mama! I bet next time you can do it yourself! My sister was never interested in cooking either, but now she's even a big fan of Martha Stewart Everyday Foods & is starting to make me look bad:)

  14. LOL momsby wouldn't that be funny if it was anticrafters? Pretty sure it was because I'm pro Kate considering the named I was being called
    LOL I turned the subscription back on since it has seemed to die down. Just goes to show who the real psychos are eh?

  15. So some ding dong actually took the time to find your site & spam it because you like a celebrity? That is just creepy psycho, especially when the site has nothing to do with the Gosselins.

    Hey, did you know we have some things in common. I worked at a summer camp for years, was a nanny, was a pre-school teacher, I have three kids & I enjoy crafts---although, I'm famous for starting & not finishing. The other night I thought NO WONDER I always agree with CM3, we're leading parallel lives(somewhat)lol

  16. Add lunch mom at your kids school and we'd be the same person! LOL. I have about five unfinished projects right now. So sad. ;) I have Baby Mama 's blog in my blog roll plus she has my link on the right. They're nuts all right. But hey they moved me up on the search rank!

    I love this site and ain't going anywhere so they can deal with it!that's what I come here cuz we are all (well the regulars and Baby Mama anyway) kindreds spirits. ;)

  17. Baby Mama - you took a step and that's what counts! I'm proud of ya girl for trying!

  18. Hello everyone! I go to bed to dang late..when you see those EST on my posts and you scratch your head. Yes I'm actually up. Corrina thank you so much for asking. I am truly blessed with the best parents. Who married young but in 6 years celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! She wanted to help me out and spend time with the kids..not no mention I don't cook well. And they wanted to actually EAT tonight.

    The meatloaf was delicious. I plan on putting more Kate recipies up within the nest few posts. I was looking for this one because it seemed the easiest. I admire Kate for taking the best approach for her and her kids to have the healthiest lifestyle for them. While I am no where near where I want to be, I am proud of the pounds I lost since I had my baby!

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  20. Baby Mama--Sounds like you have great parents!! I watched the video and wrote down the recipe so now I have to get the ingredients. It also kind of tugged on my heartstrings to see Jon there and I wish things could have gone better for them. It was just not meant to be.

    Tashapork--We ate at a restaurant in the Badlands
    and they called them Buffalo Burgers and I think bison is the exact same thing. We felt a strange sort of guilt eating them after just being to Custer State Park and watching the herd.

    CMO3--So glad you are staying here. I hope the trolling stops.

  21. excellent point JW. There is no affection there at all. Hmm, maybe you should call social services. I think you are on to something. I am so glad you brought this to light.

    While you are at it, why don't you also report on Angelina Jolie, I don't think I have seen her hug her kids. Wait, Reese Witherspoon doesn't hug her kids. George Bush has never hugged his girls... better get those reports going.

  22. I have been thinking even more about what you said JW. I noticed that my kids run up and hug their grandparents, aunts, and uncles, but they don't do it to me. Hmm, I must be a monster or they don't like me.

    No wait, I am the constant parent so they don't have to run and hug me, I do it in the morning when they wake up, before bed, and anywhere in between when they need or want it.

    I love the points you always try to make. They just support Kate more and more. Thanks JW for pointing out that the kids NEVER see Jon and that Kate is their constant. Kudoos to you.

  23. Excellent points, fascinated! Unfortunately, your wonderful, rational, "normal" points will fall on deaf ears and to blind eyes. After all, this person voluntarily wanted to chose as a ring tone a rapper song denigrating women solely because it expressed hate for Kate! What a wonderfully hate filled example she sets for her grandchildren. I guess her goal is to produce additional generations of bullies and haters.

  24. Do your middle aged children still live with you? If so, I'd call that pretty enmeshed, unless of course, they are handicapped, etc. Hugging is a routine greeting when people have been absent from each other or saying goodbye. Hugging goodnight, hugging good morning, two examples of normal and we certainly see that with Kate. My kids hug good morning, good night, when they are leaving and when they are returning, leaving a dinner table as a way of thanking for a meal. Alarms go off when a family is together and need to hug many times a day in addition to those outlined above and when are over age 4. I'd be looking long and hard at developmental stages.

  25. I can understand your frustration JW, obviously reading comprehension is not your strong point. I too would be angry at the world if everything I read was misunderstood and then I tried to argue against others only to receive blank looks, laughter, and possibly hugs of sympathy.

  26. JW, you've been asked many times to go elsewhere. I understand that you have a great need to come here and be with nice people. However, we have no need to be with you. Perhaps, since you are unable to do or share anything beyond your negativity, you would be better off just reading when you make your multiple daily visits here.

  27. Good morning everyone! I'm not able to chat this sec. But please do me a favor. Please do not feed the trolls. Because I delete them as soo. As they post. They try to get me to moderate which I'm not doing. So please ignore her so that when people cone later they don't have to deal with the stench..

  28. feel free to delete my responses BM, I completely agree with your approach.

  29. @fascinated...
    LMAO...sometimes it's hard not too, with that one;0

    CM3..I've helped with the lunch program & breakfast club too:0 Not last year though because we were new to the school & settling in. I plan to volunteer this year, my middle is starting's a great way to be involved, without looking like a helicopter mom:0

    Corrina--I feel the same when I see old shows. Two of the couples we socialized with in our old town have split up since we moved:( Although I don't know the G's it feels very similier, divorce is unfortunate but often the best option for some.

  30. OK this is being so freaky and not letting me post! But I read on People that Kate and Jimmy Fallon are going to be on the Emmys.,,20408945,00.html

  31. Wildchild - think it went through. I could read it. Blogger's having some problems again.

  32. Oh, ok. Thanks for letting me know, Linda!

  33. Good afternoon everyone! Boy I get so fustrated seeing things Ive written, then get so pissed seeing that my phone either didn't correct my spelling or it changes my words. I swear I'm rembering Kate complaining about her camera the way I do about this phone!

    Facinated~ you know what I'm talking about ;) I don't want any memories that nasty people like that even exist no less obsess about reading here and coming to post.

    Linda~ you are so right. The haters know we don't want them here, yet they still want to come here and comment. They want to be where the smart intelligent but mostly SANE people are posting.

    Hugs & hellos to Corrina & momsby!

  34. We enjoyed Nana Janet's roast tonight. How delicious.

  35. Monday night. I still miss the Gosselins. I like cooking and even sometimes decorating cakes but I feel like I'm in cake and cupcake overload.

  36. Baby Mama--Did you find a camera you like?

  37. OK, Ladies ,lets talk meatloaf!!! I just cooked mine tonight YUMMO!, and no I didn't use K's rec. because I bet mine is better. LOL! Just being funny here so don't get upset.

    I made it the reg. way except I had to use up 3lbs. of ground Turkey before it spoiled and I am cooking for one. Stupid me for defrosting the whole roll when I was going out and too busy to cook S&S. It worked out fine and grown kids are coming over for day afters (leftovers) tomorrow. Oh, and I put the carrots on the side like a roast because I like them whole. JMO

    Here's a new thing to do with young kids and get them to eat meatloaf, of course most kids love it.
    Slice carrots in half the long way and hide them across the bottom of the loaf. Then.....
    Take about 4 hard boiled eggs and line them up in the loaf 2 on each side. After its cooked and cooled a little, Carefully slice it at the dinner table as the kids are watching and notice how surprised they are when a smiley face piece of meatloaf gets put on their plate.

    Enjoy! I still want Baked Alaska.

  38. Good idea #1. I sneak grated carrots, zuccini & Butternut Squash in just about every ground meat recipe I make. I've been doing it for years out of desperation. So far I've only been caught with Zuc in muffins, but they liked them anyway.

  39. Me too Momsby. But if mine can recognize the veggie, forget it. So I run everything through the food processor. Mine adore stuffing so I always add veggies there, everything from carrots and zucchini along with the regular onions and celery. I'm trying to substitute quinoa now for rice type dishes but having a harder time adding veggies. Anybody have suggestions? I use superlean ground beef in the meatloaf and add ground turkey to make leaner. Caretaker- Do you use all turkey?

  40. Butternut squash is a great idea, thanks Momsby. Do you cook it first or grate it into the meat?

    I use soy that looks like ground beef. My husband was even fooled. My kids love it. I don't use a lot of soy, but the fake ground is highly recommended.

  41. Linda &Momsby - Today I used all gr. Turkey because that's all I had. The consistency was very fine not like gr. beef but oh well it tasted good. Also, Kates rec. called for garlic powder and i quit using that because it upset my stomach but that would add more flavor too, if you like it.

    Thoughts about raising kids to eat veggies. When I grew up we had to eat what was put on our plates. That's how I did it with mine and there were very few times that they were hidden in anything. My two learn to taste all of them in little portions. I never filled their plates and they could have seconds of their fav. if they finished the first portion. Now they eat them all cooked or raw.
    The only one I remember them hating was lima beans and brussel sprouts but they would atleast try them and not gag.

    Junk food was not on the grocery list at all. No cookies or candy either. If its not in the house then you can't be temped to pig out. I try to abide by that now. Treats and goodies were had at parties and other peoples house.

  42. We had a wedding Friday, and B-Day for G. Daughter who's tw0, and boy did I eat allot. Cakes and all goodies. I was feeling kind of sick all day yesterday. Great time had by all.

    I gave my Big Bubble wand to my son in law so he could figure it out, he did and he made 10 foot long bubbles for the kids. How neet. Being a Grandma is fun. We are sooo enjoy these 2 babies soo much.

    I meant to say how much we like squash too. Weused to make allot of Zuccini bread. I should start baking again. Afraid to try that Baked Alaska.

  43. Boy, excuse all the typos and sp, I am getting tired I guess. Too lazy to proof read. So I will CU tomorrow.
    Good Night!

  44. Just came across this. Thought you (all) might be interested:

    She may not be nominated for an Emmy, but Kate Gosselin plans to be a part of TV's biggest night.

    Nor will the reality-star mom of eight be a presenter at the awards show, though a source close to Gosselin confirms she will appear on the August 29 telecast.

    According to, which first broke the news, Gosselin will display her not-so-serious side at the very beginning of the show with Emmys host Jimmy Fallon -- and she'll be getting close to some of TV's biggest names.

    TLC, which airs Gosselin's "Kate Plus 8" specials and is home to her upcoming show "Twist of Kate," has no comment.

    See full article at

  45. BabyMama. I think a small group of us should attend the Reality TV Convention together!

  46. Holli Day & Baby Mama - Hey! IMO you need to go to the Reality TV Convention!

  47. Good morning all :) (It's still morning here on the west coast).. HAVE to share this great clip with all the moms here.... you know the Toyota Sienna commercial with the mom who makes owning a van look cool (at least, she's trying anyway :D ) Well, this vid is called "Swagger Wagon" It'll start your day with a laugh!

  48. The other day, I happened to turn on that show raising sextuplets and within a couple of minutes the husband was teasing the wife and calling her Kate because I guess she wasn't agreeing with him. It was kind of funny and sad at the same time because 1. He was the one wanting the control 2. neither one of them had any sense of structure and organization 3 they were whining that their parents weren't around to help them because that's what had always happened before 4. and he was being a complete jerk worse than I had ever seen Jon be on camera at least before the divorce.

  49. TLC confirms camping with Palin.

  50. tashapork,
    I can't stand the husband on that show. I think I saw one, maybe one and a half, episodes of that show. He's the biggest, most selfish jerk of a husband.

    I never saw that meatloaf clip before! I've never used ketchup in or on my meatloaf. I do use the parmesan cheese though. I also put in shredded carrots and chopped spinach and fresh chopped garlic. I hate celery.

  51. Commenting on the Palin/Gosselin story - While I cannot imagine two dynamic women with more different personalities, I don't think, for example they share the same party. I think many people have forgotten that both of these women were named to Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 List. Kate Gosselin was #5; Sarah Palin was #7. From a news perspective, a program on the two of them meeting and looking at differences in lifestyle, can make for an interesting program.

  52. Just curious if anyone knows when Twist of Kate will start?

  53. tashapork- I saw Raising Sextuplets this past week too. I thought it was funny that the father (Bryan) also mentioned his problem with OCD. Later, the mom (Jenny) warns one of the little girls that if she doesn't behave Daddy will get the wooden spoon on her bottom!

    We've all heard about Kate's OCD and I remember some haters saying that Kate used a wooden spoon on her kids just because there was a picture of one in her car. I thought, What is going on? Are they serious? It seemed like they were taking things that were hot points in the Gosselin saga to bring attention to their show. I don't know but that's what crossed my mind. I don't get why you'd want to bring topics that made people scrutinize Kate to your own show. I would think they wouldn't want the hatred that Kate receives. Still, maybe they figured it would bring in ratings.

    Schmecky- I agree with you about the dad, Bryan. He is really rude to everyone. My jaw nearly dropped when I saw the way he treated his MIL. I like Jenny (mom) but she lets him get away with too much. She needs to speak up. (sound familiar?) If all of this isn't a ploy for ratings then they seem to be showing signs of trouble. Like Kate said, marriages with multiples have a higher divorce rate.

    Anyway, I just thought how weird it seemed that there were these "coincidences" in the personality traits of these two couples.

  54. BTW, what's with the wooden spoon thing? Back in the day, belts were used as the threat in my neck of the woods. I just yesterday heard ANOTHER women on TV mention the wooden spoon as punishment in their family. I had never heard of it until recently.

  55. Baby Mama- the YouTube video is covering up the text block for posting for a number of people. I just checked and same for me (it's blocked) on computer. It is smaller using iPhone . I've been asked to ask you to please check it.

  56. Using a spoon for corporal punishment became en vogue in the 70s, and even before with Dr Spock Baby books. While corporal punishment is legal in the home in all 50 states, it is legal in schools in only 20 states. My mom, using advice of her pediatrician used to threaten us with a wooden spoon but I don't think we ever got one used on us. For my Dad, the "I'm disappointed in you" speech was more effective.

  57. Hello everyone, good afternoon. I'm sorry I have been MIA this week please forgive me. My best freind from HS is in from NC and we have a packed week of dinners & playdates. Linda said there was a problem with seeing the place to click on comments..that is is blocked by the video? I dont see this on 2 computers. So let me know if there is an issue. Will be back later!

  58. Well, my mother used to beat us three war babies with a wooden spoon. I guess they were just the easy thing to grab at the time. I was going to mention this a long time ago when I heard that J&K kept one in the van. Easier to reach way in the back I guess. When we were 8,9, and 10 we made a vow together, that we would never let her beat us with a spoon again. So while my sister and I distracted her, my brother took all the spoons and went way down the street and threw them in someones garbage. Then.............she bought more!

    We kept throwing them away! HA! HA! HA!

    Before she passed away, we told her what we had done as kids, and she just went HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, so that's where all my spoons went.
    and that's the truth.

    Back in the day, parents beat their kids and got away with it.

  59. Baby Mama - I think I figured out the problem. It happens with some people using Foxfire and/or Safari as a browser. If you will close your browser and then re-open, the problem should clear up. At least, this is the advice my "techie" in office suggested. I just tried it and it worked for me.

  60. Linda just posted then read yours. Time wise wooden spoons were the weapons of choice in the 50s. It really hurt too!

  61. Thanks Linda for the info. My mom's threat was a wet hand. Never used it on me. I made sure to steer clear of her if she was doing the dishes though!:) My mom was the real disciplinarian in our house but I wasn't really afraid of her. I argued plenty with her as a teenager.

    My father was the softy. The last thing I ever wanted to do was disappoint him. I failed math when I was in 4th grade and had to go to summer school. My dad told me how disappointed in me he was. I was devastated. I was at the top of my class after that.

  62. Corporal punishment is such a personal issue to me. I think it depends on the family and the situation. Personally, I've never spanked or whacked any of my children. I have grabbed them into my arms, walked to a closed room and tried to quietly say, "this behavior is not acceptable."

    Both of my grandmothers made us go outside and select switches from the hedges. We beat ourselves more "testing" them than they ever did to us. (It had to have not too much flex or it stung like crazy. I learned to get one that was "thick" because it looked more like a weapon and they never used it.

    My mother threatened us with a wooden spoon. I remember asking her at about age 11 where the wooden spoon idea came from and she said our pediatrician and Dr. Spock. (That may or may not be accurate.) There were wooden spoon in the car also. I cannot ever remember her actually using it. I did get "switchings" with the hedge switches from her while at a grandmother's house.

    My father would call you in (first you had to dread for hours the "wait until your father gets home") to his study, look you in the eyes for what seemed like hours while he was silent. Then in a quiet but oh so firm voice would say, "I'm very disappointed with the choice, action, or whatever that you'd done." For me, that was crushing.

    I never saw Kate spank any of the kids with a wooden spoon. Perhaps it was a threat carried over from her own childhood? Perhaps?? I just don't know. I do remember the haters saying, "Kate beats her kids with a wooden spoon." I searched through episodes and I couldn't see it. I don't know where that came from.

  63. #1caregiver-Thanks for the great story. I don't blame you for hiding them. Ouch!!! One of my aunts used to use an electric cord. Crazy!

  64. Baby Mama - I hope you are having a wonderful visit with your friend who had moved to NC. There's nothing like visit with friends! :)

  65. Hi Ladies,
    @fascinated, I usually just mash squash & sweet potato& grate Zuc,& carrots. I do puree broc & couliflower & just about every other veg when I have the time. I usually leave onion, celery & sometimes mushrooms diced in spag sauce but grate the rest.
    @#1 Although I sneak some veg into sauces when I can, we also have a veg on the side & usually a salad. Our rule is you have to have either or & at least try everything on your plate. I was a member of the clean plate club when I was a kid, didn't love it. My mom in hindsight likes my try it & listen to your tummy theory. Treats are a moderation & dessert is a sometimes(unless it's yogurt or fruit) I remember stuffing myself with food I did not enjoy, just to get I try not to use it as a reward & it's not expected after every supper. My sister's house has dessert everynight like we did..every house is different.My kids & husband love to eat at nanny's & Aunties house:)

    I just throw the extra veggies in to avoid fights. I know they are at least getting something.
    @Linda..have you ever read Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld? If only I had thought to put it in a cookbook years ago.*sighs* My sister who always thought it was so gross when I did it, now recommended the book to me.

    I firmly believe the wooden spoon in the van has become a GWOP urban legend. Was it not the spoon Jon used in the lemonade episode?...I think it just got left in there, and somebody noticed it in the following episode because they watched it in slow mo of course.

    My mom had a fly-swatter & if you can imagine my sister & brother's babysitter had a magic spoon. I got it once, I remember why, it was well deserved. Although we don't spank...IMO it's up to the parent(just a swat on the bum, though).

  66. There was an article in one of my parenting magazines recently about a mom who spanked...WOW, talk about a HOT TOPIC. She really took some major flack.

  67. Hello Momsby~ I took some lsck myself for saying I whacked my daughters behind. I don't care. Parenting is a personal choice and I wonderful amazing children. But I am also now heading into the terrible 2's. I do not beat my kids but when she went in the fridge the other day and took the chocolate sauce out of the fridge and squirted it all over the floor. Her cute bootie got a little swatting. End of story and not life threatening.

  68. Sorry if my link messed up a few things. It was so funny, though, that I thought it would fun to share.

    Linda, what makes you think that Kate and Sarah don't share the same political party? Not that it matters but I was curious about your thought. I think they probably do.

    Love all the ideas on hiding veggies in. I'm going to have to try a few. We eat lots of whole veggies - I don't have to hide them BUT I can see the benefits of trying to add even more when possible.

    The spanking issue is always a hot topic. The wooden spoon is definitely an old threat - one that my cousin and I often received from my aunt but never followed through. I don't understand people who threaten discipline only to not follow through - that's why kids continue to misbehave. I agree with spanking and as a result, I haven't had to use such discipline in years. Dr. Dobson recommends spanking only after 18 months and only a hand on the tushie. I may have spanked my younger girls one handful of times each... no pun intended.

    Now, back to those lesson plans...

  69. Ohh and I put the Emmy Post on the front page because there are people that don't read the comments. I am so excited I can bust. Kate Gosselin at the Emmys! I honestly never watched it. I will now!

    Also I am well aware it took me forever to get this up. If I get one more e-mail saying other people had it on line before me I'm gonna scream. I've been away with my friends the past couple of days.. But don't you worry, if it's Gosselin news it will be here! And I will go back to having the news here first soon I promise!!

  70. Caregiver - You may be correct. I never heard Kate state it; actually she said "I feel that politics should be a private matter." My source was a statement Jon made just after the election, "Kate voted for O and it could be the first time she voted." So my source was Jon; it may have been true, a jab, or total fabrication considering.

  71. MBAstudent - First, welcome! I have not been able to find a definite date. I had originally heard mid-August, then late August, and also September. Those were all sources other than TLC. Has anybody else heard?

  72. Linda, I think you are responding to the wrong person. I didn't talk politics only wooden spoons. I do agree with you that there was never anything shown about JorK spanking the kids with the spoons. There was just one shot of it in the side pocket of the door.
    My story is a true story.

  73. Caregiver - you are right. I was responding to set in the cleft and typed the wrong name. My apologies. A very long day.

  74. SITC. I usually don't do links, but due to the fact I was dragged kicking & screaming to pick out a mini-van...something I never wanted to drive, I found it sooo funny. I sent it to everyone I know, thanks for the giggle.

  75. Momsby - that's a good plan on the food. We have a "polite bite" rule on the side veggies. They chart those in the kitchen (their idea - weird to me since everybody has to take a bite but they like charts.) So I still have to hide all the veggies I can inside the dishes. We have fruit at every meal but only have desserts several times a week. Mine are really thin so, by doctors orders they get milkshakes for dinner (so few other desserts.) These kids have underactive thyroid so have to take Synthroid which makes it harder to gain weight. (I know - go figure! Usually underactive thyroid kids are overweight. Mine have chubbier cheeks but very thin arms, legs, and torsos.) They also have to help with prep and sometimes they'll eat more if they helped prepare it. They are all lactose intolerant so the shakes are with soy milk or almond dream milk. I mostly make our own ice cream using soy since it's hard to find milk free ice cream here.

  76. I used to have soy ice cream shipped from a supplier in NJ but they've closed. If anybody knows of other suppliers, would you please send me an email?

  77. That was a funny link, SITC.
    Momsby - I know how you feel; one of mine asked if we'd ever NOT have vans. Not until more have gone away to college and by then there'll be more grands, so when I'm 80 I want a hot convertible!!

  78. Linda,

    Not sure how great this link is, but it might be something. It looked like they only had two flavors of soy though.

    And you sound like such a great mom! Going the extra mile for your children, love it.

  79. Thanks wildchild. I'll check it out!

  80. wildchild, keep meaning to mention the same thing... the many things that Linda does for and WITH her kids make me think that she's a fab mom as well! Yay Moms!

    I recently went from a Sienna to a Ford Edge. I always liked my van, actually but now that I'm driving the Edge, I do feel a little cooler :D I DO miss the extra seats though!!!

  81. I have never heard anything about Kate and wooden spoons. I must be horrible because I took full advantage of the wooden spoon as a discipline tool. The thick one I had had a crack in it and the legend was that it came from someones behind I just had to show or mention it and behavior would change The spankings I gave I can count on two hands and actually were by the hand and never the spoon and for safety infractions like running in the street. Now when I was a kid it was hair brushes belts paddles spoons you name it on clothed or bare tush or Another reason I can't really picture Kate using a spoon is because I don't see her mixing cooking implements with people's backsides.

  82. Baby Mama - Thanks for the good laugh to start my day. Jimmy is a riot. Kate will probably be in another foolish skit, but just like DWTS, she will be laughing all the way to the bank. Also, more PR for her shows. The haters will watch the Emmies just so they can bash her some more.

    Tashapork - cooking implements & backsides, LOL!

  83. Regarding Kate and the spoons, it didn't originate from a pic of a spoon in the van. The spoon in the van just "confirmed" the story to some people. (I'm not saying it's true, just what the stories are.)

    The spoon story originated from an unknown source, a former employee of the Gosselins. Here is one article about it:

    In the June 22 issue of The National Enquirer, the ex-staffer, who worked for the Gosselins for more than a year before recently resigning, claims they have witnessed Kate using corporal punishment on the couple’s 8-year-old twins and 5-year-old sextuplets.

    “When one of the boys closed a door on another one once, Kate got in their faces and yelled, ‘You tell me the truth about what happened!” the insider says, recalling one incident where Gosselin allegedly battered her children.

    “The children just stood there terrified. Then she dragged one of the boys into the bathroom and spanked him five or six times with a large plastic spoon.”

    The staffer adds, “You could hear Kate forcefully whacking the child and the child screaming at the top of his lungs. People told me it happened more than once, but it was off-camera because Kate didn’t want it in the show.”

    Here are a couple of links:

  84. caregiver,
    LOL! Loved your story about throwing away the spoons.

  85. I love all the "hidden veggies"! Lots of good mommies on this blog. Thanks for sharing the tips! My girls eat most of their veggies on the side, but I agree, extra hidden veggies is a good idea.

  86. SchmeckyGirl - I look at the sources for the "spoon scandal" and I notice that they begin with NE (which I personally rate as F-) and then it seems that other sources just cite NE.

    That said, corporal punishment in the home is legal in all 50 states. Whether or not I agree with it, OR whether or not I would do it, I feel it is a decision that a parent should make. You aren't allowed to take it to extremes, i.e. bruises, etc.

    As for hearing a child scream, I assure you that when either of my grandmothers "switched" my legs, I screamed bloody murder. I probably could have been heard for blocks, if it had been within the city. I remember once telling one grandmother that I was reporting her. She said, "For what?" I said, "Look I've got marks on my leg. She then pointed out that the "marks" were on my right leg, and she'd given me five switches on my left leg. The "marks" were my own infliction in testing out the switches.

    As for any truth to taking a child to a different room for discipline, I don't think the cameras were there. I think they would have shown Kate doing just that if it had happened! I'd wager that IF it happened, Kate did it for privacy. Whether it is a "talking to," a "discussion before sending to time out," a "listing of lost priveleges," etc. I always remove them from the group. I'd never discipline before others unless it was something really big that required immediate intervention. Also, we've seen Kate remove both Mady and Cara, oh and Colin also that I can remember, to try and discuss the inappropriateness of a behavior.

    I just can't buy NE, sorry, but thanks for passing along the info.

  87. Linda,
    I only posted it because posters here asked where the spoon stories originated.

    P.S. I'm totally against striking a child by anyone for any reason. Even though I was hit by a belt as a child and didn't consider it "abuse" then (or even now looking back because it's just how things were back then) I do consider hitting a child with any object as abusive.

  88. The reason I see Kate having an issue with using the spoon for spanking is that she has been known to have many issues with germs and with her kitchen. She didn't even want the water treatment man to use her sink and she had issues with people washing hands in the kitchen. I do believe that if she had a spoon in the van it was for picnic lunches or something. I have heard the story about Kate taking the boy to the bathroom before, but I don't give it credence because it is national Enquirer and an unnamed source that probably was unhappy with being let go. I agree with Linda though that discipline in private is a good idea when possible especially as they get older. I do believe that if Kate was spanking during filming that they would have used it, maybe not the actual spanking, but discussion of it because spanking is very controversial and would get ratings. It is probably something done rarely like in most of the families including mine that I know, kids may get a spanking or two a year up to around nine or so and are threatened sometimes but mostly given time outs and stuff. I don't know anyone who spanks on a daily basis. I also think when it comes down to it that it is a lot more harmful for kids to grow up with no discipline and boundaries at all than to get an occasional smack. When I was a kid, spanking was what you had coming to you and nobody considered it abuse unless you were left with bruises and marks and I didn't know anyone who was.

  89. tashapork said...
    I also think when it comes down to it that it is a lot more harmful for kids to grow up with no discipline and boundaries at all than to get an occasional smack.
    I agree about discipline but spanking is only one form of discipline. There are others that work too.

    As for using a spoon it is possible that they had a spoon used just for spanking that wasn't used for cooking.

    Kate has already admitted that they do spank the kids. We even saw her do it in a picture outside their home so yes, they do spank. I don't think that just because we didn't see it on their show means they didn't do it. I think spanking is more than just controversial. I think it's something that would have caused people to actually NOT watch the show. I don't think TLC would have went as far as to show that even if they could have. JMO.

  90. I'm behind in my reading--and I'm still stuck on the meatloaf--love it. We have mixed in cracker crumbs, oatmeal, dry stuffing cubes, bread crumbs, (one of these per batch) and onions, peppers,eggs and powdered onion soup mix. All these other ingredients sound delicious--I must try them. So healthy.

    As for spanking--we were threatened to be spanked with a lilac switch--but I don't remember Mom ever using that. She would chase us with a yardstick and we would run outside and
    stay there until she forgot about it.

  91. I refuse to believe stories based on an unnamed source. Could the NE source have been PennMommy?

    I'm glad we live in the US where parents are allowed to make choices for their children.

    According to the law, spanking is not abuse. People should remember they can only parent their own children.

    I think there are still a lot of people that spank, so don't think it would have affected the show had they shown spanking.

    I wish people would stop speculating about things the Gosselins did. That is how so many rumors were started about them.

  92. Gee Whiz,
    I agree that "unnamed sources" are not reliable. I don't "believe" any of them, but I do think that some of the stories they claim do sound like they can be possible. We just don't know so I wait until a real source comes forward or I see it with my own eyes. I did see the spoon in the van but that doesn't necessarily back up the spoon hitting allegations. It's possible there is another reason for keeping a spoon in your van door.

  93. By the way the spoon Jon used for the lemonade stand was a large plastic blue or black spoon, not a wooden one.

  94. caregiver,

    I meant to write you earlier...

    Ground turkey really isn't any healthier for you than ground beef unless you only buy ground turkey breast. Ground turkey includes dark meat and skin so it's just about as fattening as ground beef.

  95. Gee Whiz said
    I'm glad we live in the US where parents are allowed to make choices for their children.

    ALL 50 states allow parents to use corporal punishment. Some parents do, some parents don't. It is a parental decision.

    I have never used a spoon on my kids; I might but I never have. That said, I'd never condemn another parent because their discipline method was different from my own UNLESS I personally observed it, and I felt it to be abuse, e.g. leaving bruises.

    I have a wooden spoon in my van door that has an extra long handle. I use it to pass things back to my kids in the next row. I used a ruler but it didn't work nearly as well. I tried a "reacher tool" and it was too long; I accidently poked my husband, the driver while trying to get over the seat. I'm better able to balance things on the wide bowl of the spoon; The spoon was cheap and it works.

  96. SchmeckyGirl -
    It is the U.S.

    You as parent, are allowed to consider anything you want as abusive. Each parent must make the decision for themselves.

  97. In Canada every adult has a duty to report, if we suspect or witness abuse. Is it the same in the U.S.?

    IMO, the "source" if they felt it was extreme enough to sell the story to the NE, should have reported it. It's a moral as well as a legal responsibility. Accusations are much easier to make anonymously, especially one as potentially harmful as that. If they were a former employee, they did not even have to worry about the loss of income. Why do it as an anon, why not report it through the right channels & instead sell it to a tabloid?

    Did that story by any chance come out before or after the picture of Kate giving Lea the spanking, in the backyard of their home? If it was after, I find it even more suspect.

    @SG- So was the spoon you were able to see in the van door, wooden or blue? I've never noticed it.

  98. Hi momsby!

    June 12 the story came out about Kate hitting with the spoon.

    June 13 Kate spanked Leah.

    Sept 21 the episode (#14) aired on TLC of Kate taking the kids to the Amish fruit and veggie stand where the spoon was seen in the van door. There are pics of it on the internet where you see Kate with the kids and the spoon in the door. It's also there when she's dropping the kids off for school another day in pap pics. People noticed the spoon and referred back to the NE story about her hitting the kids with a spoon.

    The spoon in the van door is wooden.

    As for "reporting" Kate hitting her kids with a spoon to authorities, as Linda noticed, corporal punishment in the US is unfortunately legal.

  99. SG thanks for the heads up about Gr. Turkey. We usually just make burgers for the grill out of it. That was a first for the meatloaf. It tasted good but now will read the ingredients more. I buy allot of skinless boneless chicken breast to grill or make stir fries.

    Discipline - I think if children had more of it in this country and not given so much for doing nothing, they would learn to be more responsible adults. By given so much I mean all the newest trends and Tec. things.

    One example is Divorced parents that feel so guilty they over compensate and buy their kids whatever they want. I feel children appreciate things more if they have earned it.

    I know this is off the track of discipline but I could write a book about what I have seen in Day Care. Parents that spank and drag their kids out the door. This happened in front of children and staff, and it did get reported. Too many more to mention. It's sad to see parents come in that are so stressed from working all day. Then again there are happy ones too.

  100. Corporal Pun. - includes more then just being hit with objects. I think protective services would see it differently when applied to in home care by a parent. I am going to find by lic. book.

    Unless Linda beats me to it. LOL!
    I shall reply later.

  101. momsby - In the US, I believe in all states, if certain professionals observe abuse, it is required by law to be reported. My source is a bit old so I won't cite it. Certain professionals includes: school personnel (private or public schools as well as daycare), medical personnel (doctors, nurses, etc.), law enforcement (police, sheriff, state troopers). The exact inclusion of "professionals" has some additions in some states, but I believe those categories I listed are inclusive in all states.

    I researched this before enrolling my children in school. In most counties in FL and NC, corporal punishment in public schools is legal (spanking, paddling, etc.) I wanted my children to be in a school where I am called and I make the call on corporal punishment. That wasn't the deciding factor for school choice, but was on my list of things to check.

    caregiver - please let us know what you find.

  102. Most people model discipline on what they experienced themselves; either repeating what they experienced OR vowing to never do the same thing.

    For me, I remembered well that my father telling me he was disappointed in the choices/behavior, etc. was infinitely harsher than any corporal punishment. The switchings were meted out and forgotten. The expression on my father's face I will remember forever. He'd always say, "I love you no matter what you do, but I am disappointed with the choices you made."

    I respect my children and I expect to be respected in return. I agree with #1caregiver that I have observed so many children being downright rude to their parents and teachers, clerks, and many more. We have pretty strict rules in our house.

    That said - I've seen "non corporal punishment" that I thought was worse than spanking or using a hand, paddle, switch, etc. I'm referring to the mind crushing that some people do; the parents that state things like "you little jerk, why did you do that," "that was a stupid thing to do," "you're just a bad, bad, bad child," "you are so stupid you never listen to me," etc. That breaks my heart. You look into the eyes of those children and realize they consider themselves complete failures.

  103. For the record, it is my understanding that the Gosselins were reported to protective services by an anonymous source (the post on one of the blogs that is anti-Kate has been removed now), investigations were done, and no evidence of wrongdoing was found. I cannot verify that because records relating to minors are not a part of public records; only if parents are found guilty.

  104. Good afternoon everyone! Don't you just hate it when you write this super long post and your stupid phone eats it up?

    I absolutely hate the depressing discussion of abuse. I really wish some people had a grasp of what that truly was. Kate having a wooden sppon in her car was not any big deal and it fustrates me to no end that there are those that make her out to be a monster because of it.

    In fact, when the photo ran I thought it was such a great scare tactic to shut my kids up in the car I wanted it myself. I didn't have a wooden spoon, but I did have the pool foam noodle! We cut it. Yup that turned out to be a hot mess. I was smackin everyone with it, and once they started smacking ME we needed the big guns! lol. Found a swatter when my little one was trying to get out of the car seat. I was trying anything I could to stop screaming. I had incredible wonderful kids that became monsters when strapped in a car?

    My point is, I support Kate ONCE AGAIN, 100% in whatever she needs to keep 8 potentially roudy kids in check when driving to keep them calm and not starting a riot that could potentially hurt them all. Making the "spoon" a negative horrible thing and implying Kate is a monster mom for using one is one of the things that pissed me off so much I went on my first warpath at GWOP that since it came from me there were all too happy to post for the world to attack. What a joy for my that they are no longer what they were and the steam has finally stopped! Makes my heart sing!

    Everyone does what they need to, when they parent agrain its a personal choice and a private matter that no one has the right to judge. When that woman from the show "The Facts of Life" wrote that kooky book about puttin g hot sauce on their kids tounges when they were bad, it made me sick. But her parenting was best for her and she raised amazing children. To each is iwn. I now proudly carry a tiny spoon of my own. I have yet to use it. But I will if I have to! My kids are starting ot learn they can't act up and give me a headache and get me upset every time we get in a damn car.. So GOOO SPOON!

    Ok off the soap box now..thanks for listening ;)

  105. Linda~ I thought that was a rumor started by one of the hate sites to cause trouble. At least thats what I was told anyway. So sad that someone can say someting on a blog, and even if it was never verified its looked at as FACT.

    Corrina~ Haven't seen you sweetie but thank you for asking about my camera. My husband hated going on vacation with this big giant camera with this super long lens..Like he was on some sort of African Safari! It was time for us to find one of those fits-in-your-pocket types and the Sony one I found with video included is amazing! And Best Buy will match any advertised price. Perfect for trips to see the Mouse! ;)

  106. Linda,

    I agree. Emotional/verbal abuse can be just as bad as physical abuse. Actually it can be worse in a lot of ways because you can have a loving parent that hits their child strictly as a form of "discipline" but shows them love in other ways.

    I have close friends that spank their children. I have seen/heard them do it. I also see that there were other ways they could have handled it before it got to the point of spanking but I don't think they realize it.

    At that age a child is just learning how to voice their displeasure or independant thinking. It's not easy for them.

    For instance, I saw a mother sitting her two-plus-year-old daughter down and asked her daughter to sit quietly for a while. The daughter was barely in the chair and saw another child with a toy that caught her eye. The girl kept saying "Look mommy! Look she has..." she didn't even get to say the toy's character name and the mother just shushed her and said "Sit down." The little girl just kept trying to finish her sentence. The mother finally just took her to the bathroom to hit her for not listening, all the while the daughter is yelling "Okay, I'll be a good girl! I want to be a good girl!"

    I personally think if the mother, as she was still sitting her down, had said "Yes, I see, how nice she has a whatever doll, now sit down quietly or Yes, see how quietly she is sitting with it, can you do that too?" I really think the little girl might have just sat quietly after that. Maybe not, but it was likely.

    Sure the child should have listened to her. You want your child to immediately listen to you when you tell them to do something, but she was two-years-old. Children sometimes have tunnel vision and can't get past it.

    Anyway, I felt bad the little girl got spanked for not listening when it could have been an easy fix without escalating to a spanking.

  107. Schmecky~ We all know that sometimes all you do is not good enough. Everyone has their own views on spanking. Sometimes is necessary but most of the times it's not. It's one of the strongest opinions every mother has. its one of those "hot button" issues where no answer is right. But no parent sound ever have to feel that there arent other options. But if your dealing with an out of control child who cant be calmed or taken out of a situation to a calmer place. Im swatting some hinie. I'm not asking anyone to care as it's my life and Im being truthful. Proud of it and doesnt make anyone a bad parent. Very different terms here "swatting hinie" vs. "pysical hitting". Big differences.

    BLOG DISCLAIMER: lol I don't want to be a literal Debbie Downer here, I just don't want anyone who reads this blog to feel like we are judging anyones parenting skills. Right or wrong. Or telling anyone what is right and what isn't on child disipline. I am speaking solely on my own behalf.

  108. Baby Mama - ITA, it is and should remain, IMO, a parental decision for what works with your children.

  109. Hello everyone! I decided to do some early evening everyone leaving work FRESH PAPER! Hungry & ready for dinner? What are you making? I'm smelling fresh soap as we wash our hands and get ready for a yummy meal! Spagetti & meatballs maybe??

    Hope to see you all on my new post!