Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kate & Tony Do The Fox Trot, Kate Goes Home....

US MAGAZINE: Kate Gosselin says her spirits are down after judges once again ripped into her on Monday's Dancing With the Stars. The reality mom, 35, was at the bottom of the pack with a score of 15 for her fox trot. Judge Bruno Tonioli told her partner Tony Dovolani that he would have been better off dancing with "a coat hanger." After the show, Gosselin told Entertainment Tonight that the judges' remarks definitely got to her. "I had fun, and they didn't seem to notice," she said. "It's starting to creep in a little bit. Tonight, I was trying to hold back horrible emotions ... probably not on live TV should I be standing there crying in front of the judges ... It's getting a little difficult. I'm depressed, sort of." Dovolani, 36, agreed, saying he had been having "fun -- up until the judges' part." What part of the judges' remarks will Gosselin take as encouragement? Said the mom (who claims she didn't rehearse as much because her eight kids were visiting L.A. last week): "The fact that Carrie Ann [Inaba] said they there was a teeny bit of gracefulness [in my routine]." Tell Us: Are judges too mean or are they fair?


  1. They need to put Kate in an outfit that is waist slimming or flatters the mid-section. Almost every outfit they put her in makes her look like she has no waist. Maybe she doesn't have an hourglass figure but I've seen her in much more flattering dresses in the past.

  2. I noticed Kate said she was with the kids for 6 days. Was she? I was under the impression she was travelling around for her book promotions, etc. Were the kids in California all this time? Is that possible?

  3. Yeah, so NOT ok with the pants-less portion of Jake’s dance….

    Kate’s costume! Why oh why?! At least if they could dress her well the presentation as a whole might be better. And I know she said she wants her children to be proud of her, but she doesn’t have a problem wearing bikinis in public, so I think she could get away with a little more…flare.

    I was disappointed with her dance and agree that both she and Tony looked tired and worn out in the practice videos. I’m hoping they just showed the worst parts again and that all of their practices weren’t like that. Sigh.

  4. I think most of Kate's interviews last week were done via satalite.

  5. Jake grosses me out. He seems so fake.

  6. Wahhh.. Working today. I want to be home and online. Oh well, lol, nobody ever promised life would be "fair."

  7. Yes, it seems some interviews were done by satellite but a lot weren't... Jay Leno for one. I think The Insider is in CA also. The book signing was in CA on Friday too so I personally think she stayed in CA the entire week. No?

  8. Of course the posts about the new thread being started came up when my post was submitted.

    Pasting it here:

    I hated hearing Kate say she 'doesn't care' what her scores are. -- I wish she would just say "I am sad my scores weren't better and I'm going to work my hieny off this week to get them higher!"

    That would be good for the kids to hear from their mom. Yes, kids, I'm doing it for you but I'm going to REALLY STEP IT UP and show you how hard work pays off! :)

    And then - after saying that - she should grab Tony and run to where the costume designers are have Tony duct tape them to a chair until they agree to give her a decent outfit to wear!!!!!! :)

  9. LOL Hope! @ the duct tape!

    Tony made it seem like Kate is never motivated to practice. Actually he said that. Why aren't her children and the fans enough motivation for her to want to practice and do well? I don't think her heart is in it. She loves being on the show (it's obvious she wants to be on tv), she loves the interviews, etc but she doesn't seem to want to dance, not even for the show.

  10. ugh.

    typo correction: 'where the costume designers are AND have Tony duct tape them...."

  11. I just think it's a lot more than she realized it would be. She seems completly overwhelmed.

  12. SG - as I watch Kate in the practice shots - what I see is this: (and I think I see it because I do it, too)

    She overanalyzes it. Thinks it through to much - instead of 'just doing it' (Hmmmm....if Kate was able to let go and make headway - she'd be a perfect person for Nike to pick up! LOL)

    I think this way - I need to 'see' things in my head - need to 'understand it' - and I think EVERYTHING through way too much. It appears that is what Kate is doing - and, well, I know from experience you can't think like that when it comes to dance.

    My hubby and I attempted a dance class once. We didn't finish it because of other obligations - but that was the biggest hurdle I had to get over - the 'overthinking' every single step. Once I realized that it WAS possible to just DO what the instructor was saying - i actually picked things up a lot better.

    However - with that said - if I were to take another dance class tomorrow - I would be dollars to donuts that I'd have to get over that same 'overthinking' issue again!!!

    When Kate dances - she seems to be thinking through the process of the dance instead of 'becoming the person' of the dance and just going with it. I think she'd do much better if she worried less about making a misstep and more about being 'in character' with the dance - and letting her facial expressions and emotions rule the day. :) Kate has GREAT facial expressions sometimes - and I think if her personality were to come out more in the dance (which I think is what happened last week) - even if her footwork was 'perfect' her dance would be much better.

    JMHO. :)

  13. What would you guys think about Kate moving the clan out to CA? I think she should. It's obvious she wants to be in the biz and it would be so much easier on her and the family if they lived where she'd be doing a majority of her working.

  14. Ok - I'm going to stop posting for a little bit as my fingers do not want to type correctly and my eyes are skimming right over horrible typos!

    BET dollars to donuts.....
    even if her footwork WASN'T perfect....

  15. Gosselin Kids still in CA per TMZ

    Click above for link^

    OMG! The women on the view are ripping Kate apart. Except for Elisabeth... and kinda Sherry. Whoopie and the Cohost Ali Wentworth are even more so. Now Sherry says she needs to go home. Whoopie says She sucks. She's got to go. Now they are talking about voters vs. being fixed... Now they are bashing Pam, who can actually dance. Joy says they should keep Kate because she's interesting to watch, she looks like she has a broom up... Whoopie wanted to stop talking about Kate because she's given her too much attention and she'd rather have drugs.

    Now they are saying producers subtly influence the viewers on how to vote by making it seem like they are in danger of going home when they aren't really at the bottom, etc.

    Now they are talking about Omarossa on the Apprentice. Joy says Kate is a star because of her bitchy personality. People want to see that.

  16. LOL Hope. Rest those fingers...


    Wow. CA? I guess in my gut I'd be against it. It would probably great for Kate but not for the kids. They have "their house" that was bought "for them". They'd have to live in an obscenely expensive area to have even just a couple of acres of land.

    They have had enough changes in their lives the past year or so and changing schools and giving up their current school friends wouldn't be good at this point. IMO.

    They would probably "blend in" better with other celebrity children, but that's only if they are in the same school district or go to the same private school.

    Besides, Kate has her show already and it involves travel so she can stay put in PA anyway. Where she lives shouldn't matter if she's traveling.

    Also, the Child Labor Laws in CA are much more strict. Not sure TLC wants that...

  17. Hope,

    I don't know if I agree with you. Kate had a huge smile on dancing and she said she was enjoying herself the whole time.

    Tony said she has "no motivation" to practice. I think that's where her problem lies.

  18. Yes, OMG, The View ladies are ripping her apart. I am taping it. Sad but true. They are so nice to her when she is on their show, then the shit its the fan when shes not.

  19. Also, if I were Kate, I would turn thatshow down the next time they call. She doesn't need the PR now.

  20. I see what you are saying SchmeckyGirl and I did forget about Twist of Kate, lol so I guess you're right. DWTS is just temporary so CA is probably just temporary.

  21. They're not moving to CA, that would be ridiculous. Kate has said that repeatedly. There's no way she'd uproot them.

    Last night was unfortunate. I think the slow dances aren't good for her, it gives her too much time to think. The medium dances seem to be in her zone right now.

    As for Tony's comment, that seems like it was made very early in the week and Kate looked exhausted. It seems to me that Kate just has so much on her mind (Thanks Jon) that it comes across as no motivation when it's just utter mental exhaustion. I think she also doesn't understand the difference in doing the performance every step. She probably just wants to power through it every time instead of getting it right as Tony tells her. It's a learning style thing.

    I agree with the costuming comments, though- there's a difference between modest and frumpy! You'd think the costume folks would have a better idea about that now since they've had several larger women/more covered up women on the show now.

  22. Kate - if you read this -- here's a tip that might help you out: walk light on your feet (or rather, dance). You are walking and dancing in heels like a linebacker in heels. Imagine yourself as light as a feather and dance on the balls of your feet. Practice walking inyour heels with a "light foot". I think that will add some cgrace to your step. Chin up.

  23. SG: I hear you.....and I hear Tony.

    Thing is - when I 'overthink' - I shut down because I decide that there's just no way in Hades I'm going to be able to do it - because I can't 'figure it out' in my mind.

    I think that can easily be why it seems she's not motivated?

    I tend to do this with so many things - and I really think that it plays a part - even if it isn't the entire reason.

    I also saw the couple of smiles - but from the very beginning - where she just simply needed to wistfully kick her legs back and forth - there was a stressed look and feel to it. Overthinking it? I think the smiles came when she completed a part of the dance she didn't think she would be able to do? Even when she was doing that crazy arms out to the side thing (that she's done in several dances) it shows a look of 'overthinking' when she should just be able to do that move and REALLY add some facial expression for effect - yet when you look at her face she looks deep in thought instead!?

  24. Forgot to add to that first section up there -- that when I shut down - I become aloof, easily frustrated, full of excuses and - well, let's just say there's no doubt where my kids learned their 'whining' from!! haha

    I see that same thing happening with Kate.

    I feel for her - because I'm sure she doesn't like it anymore than I do when I'm in those type of situations. I always do my best to rise above it myself - but it's much easier said than done.

  25. Amy, I don't think it's ridiculous to move the kids closer to where she were working. People do it all the time. I know she's not going to be working in CA (which I acknowledged to Schmecky) but I don't see where having the kids live where she works is ridiculous.

  26. Amy,

    Yes, we know what Kate has said and that she has no intentions of moving them. What I got was WorkerBee was just asking our opinions about it IF it should be an option, etc.


    Yeah, there is no way to know what Kate's problem is really. I was just going by what Tony actually stated about her lack of motivation. I'm sure it is exhausting for him.

  27. GiBee, I agree with your dancing tips and would add: Kate, toes first (instead of so flat footed or heavily heeled) and keep your head level to the floor so your movement stays smooth. But above all, feel and convey the music through your entire body! My whole body tensed up and cringed every time I'd see her bobbing up and down.

    However, I also agree with the consensus that there's been so much going on these last couple weeks in her life that she's lost a little focus and is exhausted. Kate, just take one entire day off of everything, stay in bed or relax and do nothing. Then you can hit the floor running [practice].

    Since I haven't had the chance to post on the previous threads, I just wanted to touch on the hate insanity. I read an online article some time ago from a blog writer that researched this phenomena that it originally started when Kate revealed she refused selective reduction when she was pregnant. Apparently, a very pro-choice woman went on a tirade and started blogging rants against her and recruited others. Then, of course, Aunt Jodi and her sister got into the act and the rest is history.

    I believe that the haters can be grouped into certain categories (not limited to the following):

    Those who felt they've been weakened or feel threatened by strong women, women who feel so inadequate that they have become intensely jealous of her, others who despise her traditional or somewhat conservative (and Christian) views, and women who have a crush on Jon (for whatever reasons). Also, I would say many of the haters have no clue what it's like to have more than one child, or any child, let alone both twins and sextuplets at the same time.

  28. Here's a video clip of someone following the Gosselins in Disneyland:

    Gosselins in Disney Land

    There were 88 views just now. Let's see how many there are after I post this! lol.

  29. As to the DWTS voting, since there are no rules or set guidelines as to the voting criteria, we can choose who to vote for according to who we want to stay for whatever reason and not necessarily for the best dancer. So regardless of all the criticism of Kate's dancing and whether she should go or not is really moot. We vote for our favorites and the criteria of who deserves the mirrored ball is up to the individual voters.

  30. I haven't been to Disneyland in almost ten years, but I thought it had "private" (or at least other) entrances to the park and rides for those with VIP passes. As long as they had an "ambassador" with them I don't see why people would be so rude as to boo or make comments about them. You'd think that people should understand why celebrities have to be whisked in and out of places for their own security and privacy. Just jealousy, again, I suppose.

  31. lucysmom said...
    I believe that the haters can be grouped into certain categories (not limited to the following):

    Those who felt they've been weakened or feel threatened by strong women, women who feel so inadequate that they have become intensely jealous of her, others who despise her traditional or somewhat conservative (and Christian) views, and women who have a crush on Jon (for whatever reasons). Also, I would say many of the haters have no clue what it's like to have more than one child, or any child, let alone both twins and sextuplets at the same time.

    That's a lot of categories and I'm sure there are a lot more. I think you only named the negative categories. I think there are positive categories for people like myself.

    I won't go into them all... but I think your comment actually shows that you can't lump all the non-Kate fans (or fans for that matter) into categories.

    They are women (and men) from all walks of life, all with various reasons for not supporting Kate. I actually think the categories you gave are the extreme ones. I think the majority of non-Kate fans that I have come across are successful, well spoken women who don't "hate" Kate, especially for the reasons you mentioned. I've also come across some that seem mentally unstable but not many.

    I don't think it's fair to lump the Kate non-fans into categories. I see people lump the Kate fans into categories of "stalkers" and "rabid defenders" and "young minded" etc. A lot seem to fit into those categories from what I have read, but a lot don't.

  32. All those dance tips you guys are giving... you really don't think Tony tried to give her those tips already? I know she's been advised to point her toes, etc. I've seen Tony advise her on her form several times. I don't think this would be the first time she has received those pointers. IMO.

  33. Interesting thoughts, Lucysmom!

    You might be on to something. I didn’t watch the view today, but I did go online and watch the hot topics from yesterday. http://theview.abc.go.com/video/hot-topics-kate-gosselin-2 I noticed that Whoopi really does seem to dislike Kate for no apparent reason. I’m sure she must have one, but with your thoughts about people not liking her because she is conservative, etc, it made me wonder if that is one of the reasons for the obvious anti-Kate stance from Whoopi. She was even somewhat sticking up for women who were hookers and saying, “I might not agree with how they make their money, but they are doing the best they can.” Huh? Why then does she not give Kate, who is ‘trying to do the best she can’ that kind of benefit of the doubt? Anyway, she is just one small example. I don’t really consider someone who named herself after a whoopee cushion to be a wise and informative source anyway. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whoopi_Goldberg

  34. Schmecky said….
    I don't think it's fair to lump the Kate non-fans into categories. I see people lump the Kate fans into categories of "stalkers" and "rabid defenders" and "young minded" etc. A lot seem to fit into those categories from what I have read, but a lot don't.
    But Schmecky, you aren’t a “hater”. I can’t speak for her, but I think Lucysmom was referring to the actual “haters” more than just “non-fans”. To me at least, there is a big difference. You don’t necessarily like Kate, but it doesn’t seem like you hate her either.

  35. I do agree that you can vote for Kate as much as you want regardless of her dancing. I just think it's not fair to those that are giving it their all and really improving because it is about dancing, but oh well...

    I also think the other stars who are better at dancing may resent it if Kate stays over them at this point.

    Former All My Children hunk Aiden Turner was the third casualty on Dancing with the Stars — an elimination that came as a surprise to him.

    "I felt maybe a little cheated," he tells TVGuide.com. "Niecy [Nash]'s doing a great job. Kate [Gosselin]'s really trying. We're all trying. But I really hoped and thought that I could've stayed in that competition another couple of weeks."

    So who does he think should have been bounced?

    "I was hoping [Kate] would go before me!" he laughs. "She's a sweetheart, but I'd rather her go out than me. 'Hey, go home! Get out!' She's a very popular girl. She's on the cover of all the magazines. She's got a lot of fans out there that are supporting her. At the same time, maybe I should've shown more cleavage. Maybe that's what I did wrong."

  36. Lucysmom said...
    I believe that the haters can be grouped into certain categories (not limited to the following):

    Well put, may I add a few?
    I also think that some people see in Kate character flaws they do not like in themselves.
    For some it's because she reminds them of a real person in their life, they have issues with ie a mom.
    I've also witnessed ALOT of just plain old jealousy. Sometimes it seems like a combo of Revenge of the Nerds and Mean Girls. Hating on Kate because she's attractive, hard working, and advocates for herself & her kids. Also, I think there are just some folks seeking validation for their snark with others who enjoy it..I don't even think Kate is the real issue anymore, they've just found a place & a person in commom to B&*^%. about:)

  37. wildchild,

    Oh! Good point. I'm not a hater. Sorry lucysmom!

    Although I have been lumped in with the haters before. So what exactly is a hater? People who wish her dead or hurt or ruined or actually say "I hate Kate"?

    I guess I stay away from the "hater" blogs and ROL comment area so I don't know...

    But thanks for acknowledging I'm not a hater. ;)

  38. momsby,

    Wait a minute! You brought up a person's "mom". I guess I'm a hater then. LOL! (I know you weren't referring to just me but I have been very open about my mother and how much Kate is like her.)

    I don't hate my mother and I don't hate Kate. Having a mother like the one I had makes me see things in Kate that a lot of others just don't see. It doesn't make me hate her. It also doesn't make me feel really sorry for her. You would think it would but it doesn't. Why? Because of how it affects those around her more than it affects her. I would probably feel sorry for Kate (and my mother) if I didn't see the damage that kind of personality trait can have on a child or spouse or family member, friend or anyone that is in their life day in and day out.

    It's hard to explain unless you've experienced it. You do feel some sort of sympathy for the person but only to a degree... at least in my experience, and in the experience of others I know dealing with the same kind of "mom" or family member. You can't help but have some sort of sympathy for them just because you're human (and because they ARE your mother) but that only goes so far.

    I will be interested to see if Tony keeps in touch with Kate after this is all over. My gut tells me that once this is over they will not be "friends" even if they keep in touch (and most likely not by phone).

    I personally (IMO) think that Kate will be done with Tony once he no longer serves a purpose for her and that Tony will be glad to have her out of his life. Whether or not either of them will admit that publicly is another story. Tony is a professional and it would not be good for his career to say anything negative about a dance partner, even after-the-fact. Kate would have nothing to gain by saying she doesn't keep in touch with him. The closest she'd come is to say "not so much." Again, Just my opinion.

  39. Odette,

    I'm sure you'll be deleted but I just want to say that I disagree with you. I don't feel Jon "cheated" on Kate. Kate fell out of love with him when "his goals changed" back in mid- to late-2008. Their marriage was over and they were "separated" even though they didn't divorce yet. They probably would have been divorced a lot sooner if TLC would have let them. ;)

  40. And to prove that I don't "hate" my mother... I sat with her on Friday night and looked through her "expensive button collection" that I may one day inherit!

    Actually it was great, my nephew and I haven't laughed that hard in ages. We had a blast. Then my mother tried to show my husband and he couldn't get past button number two. He walked out after a few compliments and my mother said "But he didn't even see the green one yet!" and I had to say "Yeah, he's not really into buttons."

    I know she sounds crazy but she's not... She had a stroke so I'm attributing some of it to that.

    (I also cleaned and vacuumed while I was there.) ;)

  41. SG, how do you know that their marriage was over before they divorced? How does anyone, besides the two of them, know exactly when they were ready to call it quits?

  42. Do all the stars stay close friends with their dance partners after the competition? (Remember - DWTS newbie here)

    Read SG's comment and just wondered about that. :)

  43. Odette, really? If you don't like the judge's comments quit? Do you think ANY of the contestants LIKE the negative comments? Should they all quit? Your entire comment made my eyes cross, it was so off base.

  44. wildchild said...
    She was even somewhat sticking up for women who were hookers and saying, “I might not agree with how they make their money, but they are doing the best they can.” Huh? Why then does she not give Kate, who is ‘trying to do the best she can’ that kind of benefit of the doubt?
    Actually she was lumping Kate in with the hookers and strippers... she doesn't agree with how any of them make their money but they are doing what they have to do... Kate included.

    As for Whoopie's reason for not liking Kate, she never said. She said she had "a grudge" against her. Who knows. Maybe Kate did or said something behind the scenes at The View that offended her. ???

  45. It appears that the “haters” seem to be those who just can’t leave her alone. It seems more than just noting things that they might not understand or with which they do not agree. They seem to take things in her life as personal affront. I don’t agree with everything Jon does, but I don’t hate him, and I certainly don’t lose sleep over it. I don’t know that I am equipped to really define this, but that has just been what I have seen.

  46. Hope,

    I don't know about the dance partners in general but Kate and Tony mentioned their relationship in the past and said several things that made it seem like they were friends and fond of each other and their families, etc. There were several things both Tony and Kate said that surprised me and made it seem like they will be friends from that point on... but that was a while back. They haven't said anything like that recently.

  47. Schmecky,

    Good point, she was lumping her in with the hookers. I guess I was typing before I was thinking through what I really wanted to say. I was more surprised that she was lumping Kate and what she does, into the same category in the first place, lol! I guess just the fact that her mind went there made me cringe a little bit. But for some reason now this topic is kind of cracking me up, it just seemed like such a stretch. Oh well!

  48. "Haters" to me, are those who dislike Kate for no good reason. If you read on those sites the majority of the comments have nothing to do with the kids. They hate her because of the freebies, her hair, her clothes, the fact that she has a body guard. What does Kate's waist size have to do with her being a good mom? They complain that she is all over the TV, when they are the ones watching the programs she is on. They complain about the magazine covers she's on, when they are the ones reading them. My God, I don't care for the Jersey kids. But I fast forward when they are on shows I watch and I have never found myself reading about them online or watching their show. I guess I am just awesome in the way I can avoid people that annoy me. I didn't know I was so special! :)

  49. Johnnie Cade said...
    SG, how do you know that their marriage was over before they divorced? How does anyone, besides the two of them, know exactly when they were ready to call it quits?

    Well, for one, all marriages are over BEFORE they divorce... thus the divorce. I don't know of anyone that divorces first then realizes their marriage was over.

    Kate just said recently that she fell out of love with Jon when their goals changed:

    “I was in love with him at one time,” Kate told Ryan. “Somewhere along the line when our goals changed [I fell out of love]. One day our goals didn’t match anymore. Mine stayed the same. My kids’ future – their tomorrow, their next year, their next 20 years – those are my goals.”

    In her interview with Natalie Morales she said some time last year, which would make it in 2008. Jon said October 2008. On the J&K Plus 8 show (aired June 2009) she said it was more than 6 months ago so that again made it 2008. There's a whole timeline.

  50. I'd like to know the story behind Whoopi's grudge against Kate. Interesting!

  51. Johnnie Cade,

    Good point. But isn't it just as easy to avoid the haters? Why read the comments? If you don't go to hate blogs you wouldn't even know they exist.

  52. But that doesn't mean she felt the marriage was OVER therefore it was OK for her husband to date other people. ALL marriages go thru ups and downs. Many times. Just because a marriage is on the downswing does not necessarily mean both parties are ready for divorce. It just means trouble. And a marriage isn't over UNTIL the divorce. Until those papers are signed, sealed, and delivered you are STILL MARRIED. You may not be in love with the person, you may not like them much, but you are still bound to them.

    I just think it's presumptuous for any one of us to say it was OK for Jon to date other people before the divorce was finalized. What wife would be OK with that?

  53. Edyta interview:

    You've been on the show since the very beginning, so you've had five partners now. Who's been your favorite to work with?

    That's not a fair question. I love to work with all my partners. And, obviously, because of the age, I would say that the best communication and I become the closest with Joey Lawrence and now with Cameron. And I obviously had a very good relationship with John Ratzenberger and George Hamilton. But they could be my, probably, grandfather. So, it's a very different relationship. With Joey and with Cameron, we are really good buddies, we became good friends, and I still keep in touch with Joey, and I hope after this season is over, I will keep in touch with Cameron.

  54. Odette~meet the delete button. I'm on pins and needles about tonight. Stressed about getting home and getting the kids finished before tonight!

  55. I read on the princess boards. FUNNY STUFF! They condense the crazy rants and it's hilarious. I also read the gwopwithoutpity blog. Also funny, but not as much as the princesses.

    I like this blog because the posters aren't so one sided, blinded by their love for her that they can't see any faults. The other side seems blinded by hate and if they have to make up something to hate her about, they will.

  56. Johnnie Cade,
    I actually never said I thought it was okay for a man that is still married to date someone else. I don't.

    I do, however, think Jon and Kate's relationship was different. I only feel that way because I personally think they kept the "marriage alive" just for the show. I personally feel, for many reasons, that their marriage was "over" and they needed to continue their marriage because they wanted the show to continue. That's my personal opinion. I feel there is a ton of circumstancial evidence that gives me reason to feel that way. Putting it all together that is my conclusion. Also, if Kate admitted that she was no longer in love with Jon once their goals changed, how long would the marriage last when one spouse no longer loves the other one. Again, I personally feel the marriage was over long before the divorce. I think the divorce was just the final (legal) step. Again, that is my opinion based on what they have said. I'm sure others choose to believe otherwise.

    I do wonder if anyone besides Jon and Kate will ever know.

  57. Baby Mama,

    I just want to say that I love how you deal with the whole Kate DWTS thing. You really crack me up with your postings and comments before and after.

    I know so many people see you as an irrational Kate fan but I actually think you are at times very "real" about Kate and still have a sense of humor about her being on the show. You never seem devastated that she sucked or is wearing a hideous outfit. You always have a funny comment. lol.

  58. Cade,

    I do agree that some seem blinded by hate, but I don't find that to be the common case. But it must be because I never read at places where those comments are posted, by the haters or the fans.

    I have to say that I don't agree with copying and pasting the bad comments. It really only gives it more of a chance that if the Gosselin kids go online they will see them. Imagine they go on a pro-Gosselin site and see all the horrid thoughts reposted there. Just my opinion. I actually don't think the kids should be cruising the internet unattended anyway...

  59. IA with SchmeckyGirl that their marriage was ending long before it became public knowledge. You could tell things were amiss just by their body language on the interview couch. I know there has been speculation that Jon never lived in the master bedroom (once they moved) and that was why Kate didn't want the kids to come into the room. But who knows? Only they do.

  60. Oh, the Gosselin kids WILL read the internet. I'm a nobody and I've googled myself. lol It's only a matter of time. Hopefully it won't be until they are old enough to understand that any person who is known publically will have detractors and at some point they can learn to ignore it. Hard to do, when it is your mother. But the hate sites come across as so very irrational.

    There's a new one - at least I just read there this week - and she posts about meeting Kate at a recent book signing and being told by Steve to move away from the table. I didn't read the whole thing. There were just too many irrational comments! But it just doesn't come across as very believable. She claims to be an attorney, yet her actions were so very low class. Can you be that classless and still actually find work? Who would hire you?

    Cut me some slack. I'm home the past couple of days with strep. Nothing on TV during the day. I've been reading on the internet about a bunch of junk. The Gosselin stuff can be very entertaining. haha

  61. I've said many times, we are all "colored" by our own experiences. That said...

    Schmecky - no you are not a hater. You just don't seem to much care for Kate and that's certainly your opinion that you are entitled to have! I'd call you a "non fan of Kate's." And that's fine also!

    I think the "haters" was referring to the articles. And reasons why "haters" hate. To me "haters" are those who wish physical, bodily harm to people they hate. People who seek blind revenge for the success of others would IMO earn them a place in the "hate" group.

    Again, I'd never label you, Schmecky, as a hate person.

  62. SG: Just a note on your comment about the hate sites. You said "If you don't go to hate blogs you wouldn't even know they exist."

    I disagree. I know they exist because of comments made here about them - and this is a 'fan' blog. :)

    Also - I see what you're saying about Edyta - however out of all her partners - she seems to only stay in touch with one really - maybe two after this season - so I don't think it's a big deal one way or the other with Tony and Kate. Probably depends more on their personal lives and schedule than anything else? Who knows if Tony has stayed 'buddies' with any of his partners from prior seasons?

    I'm a bit frustrated right now as I won't be home to see the elimination tonight!!!!! Our 'girls night out' get together got moved to tonight!! AGHhhhh! Guess I'll be checking here on my iphone to see what happens - so PLEASE post quickly once you know if she's safe!!! :) :) :) (feel free to not post at all if she's being sent home!! hahaha)

  63. Yes, Wildchild, I wasn't referring at all to non-Kate fans, non-supporters like Schmecky or others who just generally don't care for Kate, or neutral observers who mildly dislike her. I was referring to the haters and extremely insane haters that go to the trouble to post vehement or snarky comments on the net, and even those who stalk her and/or her fans either on the net or real life.

  64. Schmecky, on the dancing tips: I'm sure Tony has already worked with her on those techniques, she just keeps forgetting to concentrate on them with all the other stuff going on in her head. Just a friendly reminder and encouragement to her now and then doesn't hurt. May not help a whole lot at this point, who knows, but doesn't hurt her to know we've got her back, neither. Just sayin'.

  65. OMG -- Just found this article!

    Now - THIS is the Kate I've come to know and love! hahahaha

    "When asked if the judges have encouraged her to just really "go for it" if she makes it into next week, Kate replied: "No, pretty much they've pissed me off, so that might really work, actually.""


  66. In reference to the hate article that Baby Mama had posted, I've said here many times that I just don't understand the hate.

    Way back....a longggggg time ago, I started looking for other Gosselin fans with whom to communicate. I tried to post pro Gosselin on GWoP.. It never got posted. I found Baby Mama’s blog and recently also bookmarked KatherineDenise’s blog because it isn’t hate and I like her comments here. I did post a note to her there. As for the others, I don't want to be there and I don't want to post.

    Most of the hate sites, I’ve never even checked out since I found this blog; some I’d never even heard about until the last week.

    I’ve come to realize that I still label “hate” as GWoP things collectively and that was meant as a generic term as in “This is a fan site. You really need to like Kate, and/or Jon, and or the kids – one of those three categories. If you don’t like any of those, go away to a hate site.” That’s unfair even to GWoP. I haven’t been to that site read in a long time I don’t want to unfairly reference them. This new group of “haters” IMO, seems to be in a whole different category.

    I need some other generic label.
    Hate Blogs? (HB).
    "Non Fan Sites" means something entirely different to me. (i.e. not caring for Kate and/or Jon but worlds separate from Hate.)
    Maybe somebody can suggest a new and descriptive name: HBlogs? RH (for rabid hate?) IH (for blind and/or ignorant hate?)

    Hate blogs? First, they nauseate me. 2. They scare me. 3. I do not want them to get the web “hits” from site traffic from me. 4. Blogs that allow “anonymous” postings are low in credibility IMO?

  67. I don't go to ROL, etc. anymore unless I want to look up something mentioned here or to read the source that was cited, just scrolling down until I find the article. It used to upset me reading the comments on the first page of ROL. Finally I learned how to reduce my screen view to just see the “article.” ;)

    Corporate “celeb” websites (and TV) depend on traffic and viewers. There didn’t seem to be many posters on a lot of these celeb websites until the Gosselin phenomenon.

    "Articles" about other celebs showing them in a good or negative light seem to still get few responses. ANYTHING Gosselin gets hundreds or even thousands of responses. To document this point, I just went to ROL to see if this was still true.
    At 3:19 pm Eastern – in order of appearance on the first page of posts:
    Tiger Woods Parties as Wife Returns to Sweden – 18 comments
    Sheen’s Wife Just “Trying to Cope” – 3 comments
    Octomom Admits to Oprah... – 29 comments
    NeNe and Kim Zolciak – 0 comments
    Tiger’s Wife Flies Home to Sweden – 130 comments
    Interview Exclusive:Kate Gosselin “Awed...” – 1001 comments
    David Hasselhoff Returning to Soap Opera – 0 comments
    Sandra Bullock Not Wearing Wedding Ring – 15 comments
    Exclusive Interview: Larry King Helped... – 4 comments
    Michael Jackson’s Family “Thrilled”... – 0 comments

    My point? If people wanted to stop the phenomenon, IMO don’t comment, and don’t watch.

  68. Ahhh! My long post was accidently deleted! Here we go again:

    I haven't posted in a while since things have been hectic, so forgive me if I bring up some repeats. :)

    1. Thank goodness Jon got somewhere to live close by. I thought I'd never see the day!
    2. I think we all agree that Kate's not a dancer. But I do feel like the judges were kinda harsh on her. They ripped her to pieces- again!She needs some work, but I just wish they could be a little nicer! Oh and can you imagine having to keep a even a halfway pleasant face while they say only negative comments? I saw Tony and he looked like he was grimicing. Kate did pretty well, but I could never do that!
    3. I agree with others about the costumes. Who picks them out exactly? Eeeek.... they're not good.
    4. On the topic of "haters". IMO, they are only out there to bash Kate and make her look horrible. They are full of hate. (Hence the name) I agree with what Lucysmom about the people who honestly have an opposing opinion. But these people must be sick in the head or something. I mean, it's absolutely insane.

    Hope- What a great Kate quote! LOL.
    "No, pretty much they've pissed me off, so that might really work, actually."
    You go girl..you tough cookie!

  69. Regarding Edyta that was just the first example I came across. I didn't look for others. Sorry.

    Hope, She'd better hope getting pissed works for her or she'll look like an idiot for saying it. Why would she get pissed? She knows she doesn't dance well.

  70. Schmecky Girl- Good point about the "pissed quote". (How come I never think of these things?!) You're right, if she doesn't kick butt next week, assuming she's safe, it won't look good.

    Maybe she was just blowing out steam after she heard the comments, and didn't seriously mean that?!

  71. DWTS

    Motivation and Tony’s comment:
    I don't know about Kate's "motivation" or lack thereof. I go by my impressions at the time and then sometimes when I hear the comments here on Tuesdays, I think holy cow how did I miss that? Did I fall asleep?

    So I go back, watch again, and try to scrutinize to look and see what the other perspective is saying.

    Watched it all again,
    Tony did actually say “Kate has no motivtion...It gets really hard.” It came right after Kate had yawned. Kate is analytical and I do think she wants to understand the “why.” Before that comment, Kate didn’t understand the “swim” move and asked, “Are we dancing or swimming?” Tony responded, “It was in the movie!” Kate said, “Oh, it was in the movie?” (IMO, it seemed obvious she’d never seen the movie.) Followed by Kate smiling and saying, “Isn’t it great when you tell me to do something and I actually do it?” Tony beams and smiles, “You have no idea” and you can hear him laugh.

    I don’t know about the outtakes or how much footage was edited down to a brief clip.


    In fairness, I tried then to really listen about what was said by other couples by their instructors or the dancer.

    In passing about Chad: “Chad requires a lot of attention.”

    About Erin: “I need to be in charge 100% and I need you to just do what I say” “Stop Yelling at Me.” He then jumps up and down. Erin says: “Everyday we come across something else we disagree on.” The shoe issue. Then Erin throws a shoe. Erin says: ”You’re being sarcastic.” He says “I’m not being sarcastic”

    About Jake, Chelsie says “Jake wants to know all the details...He’s very analytical...He needs to get out of that and just move to the feeling.”

    Again, I don’t know abut the out takes or how much footage was edited down.

    It certainly made for drama.

  72. SG, I did not mean you in my post! I honestly wish all people who don't care for Kate posted the way you do. You debate respectfully, & do not attack. I've recently been to some other sites, and from what I can see you are the minority. Although, I often may not agree with your views, I respect them all the same. They are your perspective and never come across as malicious & cruel. I think the hater sites are a disservice to honourable agenda's like child advocacy.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. Yikes. I hope she makes it through. I said it last week as well; I just want to see her do something faster, like the jive or quickstep. They keep giving her these traditional boring slow dances. I wanna see some real energy.

  75. Good afternoon people! OMG I had the most stressful driving day. Went to see my BFF in CT. I do not drive, (don't need to in NY) but took a car I'm not used to being in and almost freaked out 20 times. Then had to come home in rush hour.

    I was super excited in the last post when you guys were discussing the cute Dooney Bags. My cousin is picking it up for me from the Disney Marketplace. Super excited. There are a few different styles. Yes some are corny, some are nice, they also have special bags only avail on the Disney Cruise line. Let me know if you want the link..

    Mignonne~ On the other post you gave me a link for the Disney VIP expierence. Thank you so much. I hope you see this because thanks to you I am looking into the cost.

    I know I mentioned this to Schmecky but it bears repeating. I am not the great and powerful OZ behind the curtain. I am just a mom with small children that loved a certain show. Got super pissed reading some hate sites, then started a blog of my own. I appreciate the fact that those that post here are respectful (most of them) and that they understand I do make mistakes, but I am human. And I am a fan of Kate Gosselin. Nuff said!

  76. Katherine Denise - SG is a fan of the children, and so am I. We started posting here more then a year ago. Thank you for saying how well she chooses her words. Since i want to be her apprentice some day, I really pay attention when she writes and also quotes correct things. JMO

    SG - Loved your family story about your MOMs buttons. I have a big jar in the attic from my Mom. Sentimental stuff!

    As for all the hate stuff, I just got over welmed by reading this blog! Tired already. cu

  77. Whoopi has said in the past that she does not like the entire reality TV idea and that those who are made famous by it are losers. She says you must have an actual "talent" be be famous. She believes that Kate is famous only because she gave birth to six children at one time. She is quite a harsh critic of many people but hides a lot of her remarks in humor. She does not like Kate. Has said so and given her reason.

    Personally, I believe that Kate's "talent" lies it making the most of an extremely difficult situation. That is not to say that her children should ever be seen as difficult. Just very, very hard work. AND EXPENSIVE. So Kate has managed to turn her ability (talent) to be on-camera into business. Frankly, I believe Oprah is similar. Oprah was a "personality" doing news reading/talk show hosting when she discovered she could own the show, go to syndication, and the rest is history.

    Being a savvy business person is the same whether it's in show business or corporate. Whoopi does not agree. Show business to her is for performers, actors, not for "reality" TV personalities.

    I think Whoopi has managed to create her own niche on The View but it is not brain surgery and I object to her characterization of Kate as a fly-by-night. If Whoopi is so talented, perhaps she should return to performing.

  78. My question to FANS...

    Should Kate continue on DWTS? Seriously. I love her. She could be my daughter. I think she rocks for being so strong and creating her TV persona. However, she is not a dancer. Is DWTS a popularity contest? If so, I will continue to vote for her. But Kate, as much as I admire you, dancing is not your strong point.

    I hope Kate continues a TV career. I sure would love to see the kids again. What do Gosselin Fans think? Keep voting for Kate? I will if you all think it's fair to the others....

  79. I, too, am weary of SG. Unless she doesn't consider that site a hate site. But the other posters are regulars at the more brutal hate sites. They spew their garbage all over the place. I just don't understand the hate; the picking apart of every word Kate Gosselin says; the rehashing every little thing she's said and done. It's mind numbing. I've read the hate sites but would never think of contributing to the conversation. Why add more fuel to the fire?

    Kudos to you, BM. I don't know how you put up with it all!

  80. If DWTS were solely a dance competition the judges would be competition judges and the audience would not be allowed to vote. It's a popularity contest. We vote who we like. I have never watched before this season and will more than likely stop watching once Kate is gone. But haven't there always been horrible dancers that have made it a few weeks? Who was that older woman last season? Florance Leechman? I remember hearing about her on The View. How she stayed and stayed. A lot of people were gripping about it.

  81. Holliday - I agree with you that it is a dance contest but that is not how it works. I guess we have to concede that it is a popularity contest, and you can vote for whomever you like the most. Since this is my first time watching/voting on any show I am voting as if its a dance competition. Now you can label me a non-kate fan, because she can't dance and I have not voted for yet and probably never will. But, i really do like watching the children and honestly believe they need to stay off TV> Does that make me a hater? No, it contributes to my beliefs as a Child Advocate.
    Kate did DWTS for the PR mostly, and then the money! Period, she has gotten what she wanted and the votes prove to TLC. Her new show will be able to hold its own.

    Also, about Tony and Kate being friends after the show, don't count on it. Tony looks like he can't wait to get it over with. I do wish Kate good luck but she still can't dance. JMHO!

  82. I finally got to watch her dance,thanks to baby mama.

    I thought it was okay. I think if she could get off her heels, it would be sooooo much better.

    As to the dress and hair, I guess I'm in the small minority because, I liked it.

  83. Yeah, way to start the beginning of the show for ratings! I'm running around with homework and trying to put the kids to bed. Ugh

  84. Who was in the bottom 2 last week??

  85. Regarding the oft-debated timing of the break-up that Cade and SG are discussing, I have this to say. First of all, SG, did Kate REALLY say that she fell out of love with him? I ask because you put it in parentheses. Going separate ways and falling out of love are two totally different things. Actually it seems like Kate was still headed in the same direction and Jon chose to head off into another. Having been divorced, I know what it is like to have your spouse choose to head into another direction. I said those same words myself, "We seem to be headed in different directions." But it in no way diminished my love for him at the time. In fact, it made me very sad and defeated. When Kate did those interviews in the early months, that's what I saw -- sadness of where they were at. Where Jon seemed to be more in the mindset of moving on. Psh......

  86. As far as the show(s) that Kate is on, has been on or co-hosted, all I can say is that SHE did them the favor as much as they have done her. She brings in the ratings, whether people like it or not!!!

  87. 2 hours and forty five minutes after pulling it out of the mail box, I have finished Kate's book. The biggest thing I got out of it was how just like any other mom she is. Her letters could have been written from any mom to any child. I also got the distinct impression that filming was not a big chunk of their lives. When they were on camera, it seemed as if they were filming everything, but she by her writing, filming was only a part of life. They spent more time with extended family outside of filming. I wonder if the Christmas filming not on Christmas was more Kate wanting to save the real Christmas to spend with family that didn't want to be filmed. I was also amazed that soo soon after divorce she could write as she has about Jon. I think she really sees that he is not all good or all bad. I had expected to see more about the divorce, but this book was clearly about their life on Andrews Street. I also got more understanding of how much Kate worries and why she feels she needs to make the money she does. When I figure out what tahini paste is and if it's not overly pricy, I am going to make some of the Thomas hummus in the book. I love hummus, I got a kick out of the kids liking it soo much because the kids I know won't try it.

  88. Somebody asked why post here if you don't like Kate?

    You can post here if you are a fan of the kids whether or not you feel they should appear on tv ever again
    You cannot post here if you are derogatory ever about the kids, calling them names for example.

    You can post here if you are a non fan of Kate's.
    You cannot post here if you post hatred or vile about Kate.

    You can post here if you are a non fan of Jon's.
    You cannot post here if you post hatred or vile about Jon.

    If you are a non fan of the kids, Kate, and Jon and call us all vile names for being "deluded" then you are unlikely to be able to post here.

    This is my opinion only.
    Basically you have to be a fan of somebody and you have to avoid your hate.

  89. Schmecky is respectful wherever she choses to visit. She cares about the kids. It's her business where she posts or doesn't. What has she ever written that was offensive? Why does it have to be all or none here for some? If we adore the kids and want them to be treated well, that should be enough to be able to post here (with respect).

    If you want it to be a Kate-only Fansite, then make it one. Right now, that isn't what it is. JMO :)

    Some of us like the kids, some of us like Jon (? LOL), many like Kate and some like a combination thereof - as it stands right now.

    Why isn't that ok?

  90. tiggerfan1965~ the bottom two last week was that soap star guy and Niecy. The soap guy went home. I cannot believe Niecy is safe this week!

  91. Tahini paste is ground sesame seeds. About $6.50 here but it lasts a longggg time.

  92. Someone needs to make me a Tahini paste sandwich, because I just saw Jake and he made my eyes twitch. Seriously his gams scarred me for life...

  93. Tashapork - I agree with your comments on the book completely!
    I remember that Utah interview Jon gave on TV saying, "some" people act like our lives are being broadcast in every single breath we take is docomented. To us, it's just a date on the calendar like any other appointment. The crew is not living at our house, they are just filming activities on a day here and there.
    I'm not quoting him. That's just my opinion as I remember it.

    Source: YouTube, and I think the tag was "rare Gosselin interview" or "rare Jon Gosselin interview". The site owner was something like "Hate4Kate" who was really pro Gosselin. I think she got tired of explaining the screen name and changed it to jonkatefan or something similar. Sorry I can't access exact link on cell.

  94. cherier1

    I am pretty sure KatherineDenise made it rather clear what her question was. SG made a statement, and KD posted a link clearly proving that statement wrong. So, her question of which is it still seems like a pretty good question.

    Also, I spent 12 years in the Army. My mother was a drill Sgt in the Army, and my father was also in the Army. So with 26 of my 30 years of life being involved with the Army, I have learned tact rather well. The use of good tact can easily make comments seem harmless. Even though they are meant to be argumentative, insulting, and disrespectful. I have only been reading this log the last couple days, but I have read alot of SG's comments. Her comments are worded very well. She knows exactly how to put something. She shows really good tact in her comments in a public setting...remarkably similar to Kate. Hey...they might just be sisters. Now wouldn't that be funny.

  95. Katerine Denise,
    You think I'm a hater. You don't like my posts. You don't agree with what I say and don't think I should be posting here... Or there... You'd like me gone and don't care to see or hear from me again if I don't change. Sounds like you feel about me the same way I feel about Kate. I don't agree with her and don't think much of what she says or her actions. Question: Do you HATE me? Based in your description of being a hater I could say you do hate me. Do you?
    I don't hate Kate. I'm not a hater. Are you?

  96. OMG! It is between Kate and Pam. I am dying here. Time to pray.

  97. Pam VS. Kate..omg what a nail biter!

  98. I personally do not think that every blog that calls out Kate for her inconsistencies or calls out TLC for exploiting children is a hate blog. Why are you reading what you consider a hate blog?

    I don't make hateful comments about Kate anywhere.

  99. Oh well, I am still proud of her. She did a great job. Now she can go home and kick Jon's a** for causing the distraction.

    Yeah, I am blaming it on him. So there. LOL :)

  100. it's all my fault. i couldn't do my phone votes last night.

    sorry all!!!

  101. The questions still stands, though.... Why? In fact, I can imagine why a Kate-hater would post here more so than a "non-fan". A Kate-hater is fulfilling their desire to spill out all of their anger and frustration of this woman's life AND getting the debates that they are truly looking for when they visit a site like this.

    I say this with actual wonder as to why a "non-fan" would take the time to read and post. And if a person claims to be a fan of the kids, what good does it do to tear the parents down?

    I downloaded the sample of the book to my Kindle, just to get an idea of what was in the book. I think if I were going to purchase the book, I would purchase it at the store for the pictures alone. Though Kindles show pictures, it doesn't do them justice. As I read the intro, I really tried to put myself in Kate's place -- mother of 8 small, easily recognized children. Of course, though they would be an eye-catcher simply for fact that they had sextuplets, they probably wouldn't have been approached as much without having done the show. As we all know, when you watch a reality show, you have somewhat of a distorted view that you actually know these people! I do think Kate is very particular and can come across very rude but I know people like that, and though they don't have many real friends and lots of people don't like them, for some reason, I can get along with them. My old boss used to call me a chameleon. I often find myself defending these sort of people simply because I know that they have good hearts (most of the time). With that said, just from that excerpt, I saw so many things that "haters" and "non-fans" alike would find an opportunity to attack. But, ladies (and the few gents), let's face it -- no one here truly knows her! We don't truly know her heart.

    Once, a while back, on the GWOP site, there was a question posed "in an effort to be fair" (oh, please) that if anyone had had a positive experience of meeting Kate, they had an opportunity to post it. Naturally (because no one on these sites actually know her), there was probably one post. My question is to "haters" out there, do you have an actual negative experience with her to justify your hatred!

  102. Oh Kate! I'm sorry to see her leave. :( So proud of her for going for it, and giving her all!

  103. LOL Tiggerfan. It was just her time. I have tears in my eyes because she was so upset. But she said she had a feeling.

  104. I think what Tony said was very classy and I hope for Kate's sake that he does stay in touch with her as a friend as well as some of the others she was friendly with.

    Curious to hear the Kimmel interview...

  105. I have always enjoyed Schmecky's posts and as I "sit on the fence" regarding Kate I like having a place where there is mature and open dialog (most of the time).

    The only thing I question is why, and I'm sure SG will respond, she posted here that she doesn't go to hate sites. The site she posted on is IMHO a hate site.

  106. I love Kate and will miss seeing her on TV (for now.)

    Dancing was not a strength. She tried and had courage to try learning a new thing in front of 20 million viewers. Wow!

    I'm glad the kids got a California trip out if it as a bonus.

    No tiggerfan it wasn't your list votes, lol. It was not having my hubby's cell, lol

  107. Heather- Yes, Tony was a real sweetie. I hope him and his wife stay in touch with Kate.

    I think she did a great job and I am super proud of her and her will to try.

  108. OH NO! NOW I FEEL LIKE A TRAITOR. I seriously didn't think Kate would be voted off. No need to watch DWTS anymore.

    I don't really care about anyone else.

  109. Agh! I could only get 1 stinkin phone vote through last night!! I even tried again this morning all the way to work. It kept ringing busy!! I did my online votes but obviously was not enough! Oh well. I really wished I could've seen her do a jive though!!

  110. So sad :( Kate will see ya soon enough on T.V. again. Love ya girl!

  111. I wish there was a way to send her a note. To truly tell her how proud we are.

  112. I hardly have any time to post these days, but I do try to read often...but why the witch hunts regarding SG tonight? We're all allowed to post where we feel comfortable...where others post shouldn't matter. And if she does post on a *haters* blog, as some feels she does...there are many more important things to worry about. At least she posts as her same identity both places-that's being a responsible blogger, IMO. This isn't Salem...put your concerns in something more meaningful, such as what the children may learn from Kate going on DTWS, etc.

    I hope Kate takes whatever positive she gained on DTWS and uses it well...that's what it should be all about to her at the end of the day...not a paycheck, not fame...but how she's now better as a person from doing that show.

  113. Ok so Linda, Sarah and I are to blame for kate not getting enough votes. Whew! I get to share the heat.

  114. cade.eleven,

    This blog is not about me.

    I personally feel you came here with a preconceived and biased opinion about me simply because you wrote, "My wife however, KatherineDenise is a huge fan of hers, and it bothers me to hear the things she tells me about Kate haters." Your wife feels I am a hater (she said so). You came here already thinking of me as a hater. Had you come across me on your own you might have felt differently. We'll never know.

    As for tact, yes I try to be tactful and respectful, as best I can. I've actually never heard anyone use the word "tactful" to describe Kate though. I've never thought of her as tactful. I'll watch out for it in the future. Maybe I will see it.

  115. To whoever asked... I didn't put the brackets around "I fell out of love". That was there in the article as a quote.


  116. Why do I post here? I started posting when I was a fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8 (the show). I've watched every episode. I like it here... even though things changed with the show... and I never left. I'm actually still a fan of the "show". I still like the watch the old episodes if they are on. The kids are adorable and I enjoyed watching them grow up.

  117. SchmeckyGirl: I'm going to play devil's advocate here.........why do you post on those other sites? I haven't read them myself, so I have no clue as to what you have written. But if it contradicts anything you have written here, why do you do it? Why both? Why contradict?

  118. I would hope that ANY kid's don't ever see the "different opinions" expressed by MOST of the poster's on the above mentioned site. Kid's like that show & want to read about it. In this age of computer's do you know how easy it is for kid's to look up the Gosselin name and read that awful stuff? What about the actual Gosselin children, or their friends at school? They can google at school, google from their MP3 players & their DS. What about Steve's teenage kid's? I think that the things that are being said about their dad, are malicious. I just don't think it's going to be possible for Kate to shield those children from the hateful things being written.
    Welcome to JCade I've enjoyed your posts..It's great to get a male view. I think some of your observations hit the nail on the head.

  119. Ok. I obviouly don't have a clue as to some of the references. I must have missed a post.

    So I don't know what SG posted or where.

    I don't see eye-to-eye with SG most of the time (lol to those who've heard us)

    If it upsets me here, I just scroll on past, just as I'm sure others probably scroll on past me. I have to trust Baby Mama as blog moderator to delete some stuff. As moderator, she's chosen to present other opinions, as long as it isn't blatant hate, communicated threats, etc.

    We are influenced, like it or not, by past experiences. My ex certainly influences my frame of reference as well as being a single mom at one time, and a mother of multiples. I tried very hard to never criticize my ex in front of a child, put on a smile, etc. when inside I was so hurt, scared, broke at the time, etc. There are things I'd never want me oldest to know about that Dad!!! I still have little respect for him but still encourage the oldest to have contact with him. Hard when you're old enough to have grown kids and minor kids with nieces a couple of years younger than them. Additionally, I guess that exhaustion can be another bias.

  120. Hello Everyone! I am living in a sea of depression and angst right now. ;)

    No all kidding aside, Im sad that shes going. Everyone, regardless of hating her or not, watched the show BEACAUSE OF her. I really wish more people voted, no reason to watch anymore since Nicole will win. "WAH WAH WAH"....

    Schmecky you do not need to respond to why you are here. You are here because I consider you a friend. We don't always have the same views about Kate, but we are so much alike in other areas. You stand out for not always having the same views, but being respectful in how you say them. You bring the alternate view to this site that others may not see, good or bad. I'm glad you are here. The trolls should truly pay you to teach them how to speak. Thanks for staying here when others have left me. Your very loyal and I appreciate you ......

  121. Well my post just got lost darn it. Or maybe deleted! Anyways, what ever happens with the great debate SG. Best Wishes.

    Lets not forget that Kate got what she wanted: PR for TLC, 80K, appro., and she also got a good look at what her fan base is. I am sure the new show will be a success for starters.

  122. I would also like ot paoint out that Linda is right when it comes to me trying as hard as I can to stay a fan site, but also try to allow everyone to post here that may not share the same views. With JW, well it bit me in the ass. It made me feel that I couldn't trustanyone, that everyone that didnt like Kate was out ot hurt me or the blog. But with people like Schmecky, she shows me that that is just not the case.

    I will probably burn myself again, but I have firends now that I feel truly look out for me and this site. But if they keep pissing me off then I will moderate the site again. There are a few new people here, so I thought I would say that again. Any future attacks on my commenters or Kate herself will be deleted. Thanks

  123. #1caregiver, I never delete your posts! What happened?

  124. Actually I think it was no less than Joy Behar on her own show refer to Kate as "tactful" when Kate appeared on Joy's show in referring to Kate and her comments on the book. I've also heard Joy make contradictory remarks IMO on the View. I stopped watching View a long time ago except when Kate is going to be there, Or maybe a few days around it.

  125. Tiggerfan, in the back of the new book there is an email address that will forward to Kate. I was thinking about sending her a message. I could post it here if you guys want. I haven't watched yet but I am sad even though I do believe that in the long haul it is probably for the best

  126. I think it is good for Kate and the kids that she was voted off tonight. Hopefully, a lot of the negativity will be racheted down for a while.

    I certainly hope it is okay for non-Kate fans like SchmeckyGirl to post here as I am SOOOO a non-fan of Jon and I like posting here.

    That said I did check out the site that KatherineDenise linked. It is a snarky, nasty, and cruel site. I have no desire to fill my life with that kind of negativity.

    However, I don't care if SG likes it there - it is her business. I do kind of watch for hypocracy on 'Net because it makes me wonder about people's motives but Schmecky posts the same things there she does here.

  127. Cade,

    I think Linda said it best:

    "This is my opinion only.
    Basically you have to be a fan of somebody and you have to avoid your hate."

    Please be as kind to Schmecky as she would be to you.

  128. Just for the record...the person with the mommy issues I was referring to was JW. I witnessed what she did to Linda that day, and I find her disturbing.

  129. My husband cracks me up... was irritated that I wanted to watch Kate dance last night and interrupt the hockey game, but tonight was all about watching her???? He was even upset for her, I think he is secretly a fan and too embarrassed to admit it...

    And for what it is worth I am very happy that Schmecky posts here, I find that she brings a thought provoking view to the conversation, plus how can you not like a fellow fan of DISNEY WORLD! :)

  130. Wow. I just watched DWTS. I can't believe she was voted off. How'd that happen?

    I think she handled it well, even though she cried.

    So does this mean we don't get to see the gown she designed? Or was it the one she was wearing? I thought it was next week...

    I'm glad Pam and Niecy got to stay though. I'm still looking forward to watching the rest of the episodes to see who wins.

  131. BM, - I am not sure what happened. As soon as I hit the post comment button, allot of new post went up but mine disappeared. weird, like you and I hit the buttons at the same time. LOL Is that possible??? I said to my self WTFH.

    Linda - Well said as usual, about who should post here. I like reading all thes OP, and it gives me the other point of view that somtimes I didn't think about.

  132. tiggerfan,

    Who says I make contradictory statements? I don't.

    I think it's funny that people care if I post at more than one blog. Why do you care where I post? I enjoy posting here. I enjoy reading and trying to understand other opposing viewpoints also. I'm not really "invested" in the Kate drama so I don't mind a different opinion.

    I'm mostly alone in my view here and sometimes it's nice to read comments of people that see things my way also. I usually have to go elsewhere for that. Why doesn't anyone ask the other posters who keep mentioning the other blogs why they read other blogs? Especially ones that aren't pro-Kate.

    Also, I'm not the only regular poster here who is not a "Kate fan", yet no one confronts the others. Again, this blog is not about me. Your girl just got voted off DWTS and you're talking about me...

  133. Whoopi - ???
    I've tried to figure out that one. IMO the feeling comes across as feeling like "paying dues" or lack thereof in entertainment.

    Whoopi's been around a long time. She wrote a book years ago at IMO at the height of her fame in the 1990s. It isn't high up on the Amazon rankings. The latest Whoopi book in her children's series did ok I guess in time for Christmas. It was still ranked pretty low IMO when Kate's letters book was released.

    I think the national average book only sells less than 1,000 books.

    Sometimes I feel like Whoopi feels like if she hadn't had kids she wouldn't be a celeb. She's right. But a huge fan base fell in love with Kate and Jon. But duh! It did happen. Is there any way Kate could go back to anonimity right now? Nope. Her "star" may or may not light enduringly forever. At the same time, if Whoopi were not in the View right now, would viewers be saying, when is Whoopi's next tv show, comedy appearance, movie? Maybe or maybe not. IMO, probably not.

    I've laughed with Whoopi in movies before (Sister Act and others ) But for whatever reason, I don't buy a movie ticket solely because Whoopi is appearing. Nor do I watch a tv show, because Whoopi will be on.

    I paid for the Ghosts ticket to see Patrick Swazey and Demi Moore. Whoopi was funny but not why I bought the ticket.

    I've enjoyed watching Pam & Erin on DWTS. Would I have tuned in just for them. No. But I did tune in for Kate. My time. My $$. My choice.

    I doubt I'll watch DWTS after tonight. I just dont want to see the others enough to spend the time. Ivesnt to see what happens to ratings after tonight. Maybe 20 million will still watch. IMO, probably not.

    I know the View ratings go up when Kate is there. That's got to be annoying for some.

  134. Ha Ha SG;

    Like I said, I was playing devil's advocate. I don't care what you write here. I read it, I may respond, or move on. As long as you don't turn into another JW, I'm fine with ya!!

    Go Disney!!!

  135. Hope said...

    SG: Just a note on your comment about the hate sites. You said "If you don't go to hate blogs you wouldn't even know they exist."

    I disagree. I know they exist because of comments made here about them - and this is a 'fan' blog. :)

    Who is making comments here about the hate blogs? The Kate fans? I don't notice any copying and pasting of hateful comments here. I don't notice any links to "hate blogs" here (except the one KatherineDenise posted today). That's one of the things I like about this site. If I wanted to read all the comments on other sites I would just go there and discuss them there.

  136. arabella said...
    I, too, am weary of SG. Unless she doesn't consider that site a hate site. But the other posters are regulars at the more brutal hate sites. They spew their garbage all over the place.

    Now how would I know if they post at brutal hate sites? I don't follow them around. I also don't get to read all the comments so there may actually be hateful ones. When there is something said at another blog that I don't agree with or I think isn't "fair" I say so even if it "sides" with Kate.

  137. Yes MY GIRL WAS VOTED OFF! I'M DEVASTATED! I feel the need to binge eat right now ;) No wait, the thought of Jakes legs brought me right back to putting away the Ben & Jerry's.

    Actually yeah, I'm still really sad about this. I really looked forward to watching her dance each week. But then I thought about her show and seeing the kids on the specials..that made me feel better.

  138. SG - Yes, I was wondering what now for Mondays? Since I voted for the others now I have to continue this show to the end. Now it will get down to details. I wonder who will be the next to go?

  139. lol tiggerfan! Just take it as a reply to the devil's advocate then... and anyone else who questions where I post.

    Disney Rocks!

  140. #1 caregiver,

    Based on dancing I would say Niecy or Chad are next to go.

    I'm still not sure how Kate got voted off if all her fans still voted for her. I understand that maybe the other dancers' (who got voted off) votes would raise the other dancers' scores but they'd still most likely be spread out among all of them. Am I missing something? Did anyone not vote for Kate here? (Unless you don't want to say, that is.)

  141. LOL Baby Mama! Jake isn't my type but were his legs disgusting? I didn't notice. I am glad he put the pants back on though... it was disturbing seeing a grown man in tighty whities, and dancing too!

  142. tiggerfan1965 said...
    Ok so Linda, Sarah and I are to blame for kate not getting enough votes. Whew! I get to share the heat.

    Ok guys, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?? Haha I forgive you. My friend just called saying how sorry she was that she didn't have time to vote for Kate. I didn't mean to give you all a case of the guilts!

  143. Sometimes the web traffic here, IMO, just jams up sone things.

    Today, for example, some of my posts went up after much later ones. Weird when it was not under moderation. Delay in cyberspace? I don't know. I got an email from a friend in town that was written two days ago. Where was it? Beats me.

    I called a "guru" to ask and was told about bandwidth allotment, server traffic, and a bunch of other stuff that I don't fully comprehend.

    I'm getting some posts double and one came in mail triple.

  144. Those legs of his gave me nightmares....I kid Kid. It was all sorts of creepy though. He looked like an idiot. And I thought Kates hairbow was bad!

  145. Sorry! I just read back at some of the comments and it seems that some people from here did vote less for Kate this episode. I didn't want to read the earlier comments because I didn't see the show yet and didn't want to know who got voted off.

  146. Thank you Baby Mama! And everyone else! I'm done with the "hate" topic. Sorry it was even brought up on a day with so much else going on regarding Kate. I didn't start it though! ;)

    My condolences to the Kate fans who are upset she went home. I'll actually miss her dancing. It was entertaining.

    Tony only tweeted "On my way to Jimmy Kimmel."

  147. So who here hopes Kate has a costume burning party??? I'll donate the match :)

  148. Well I guess the bright side of this is that Kate will probably be doing the talk show circuit again this week so we have that to look forward to:) Aside from Kimmel, Aiden and Edyta were on GMA and danced again on Regis and Kelly last week.

    I'm hooked on DWTS now and am rooting for Evan to win. He's a doll, can dance and has been very gracious in speaking about Kate and all the other celebs in his interviews. A class act IMO. All of my Kate votes are now going to him.

    Baby Mama, will you please post a pic of your Disney Dooney bag when you get it?:)

  149. Interesting new blog post up on TLC's website--I checked earlier in the day and it wasn't up so must have been put up during or after tonight's show.

  150. I didn't like the black socks and tighty whities either! My eyes!

    I thought Kate was touching at the end and truly sad to be leaving. Tony is a true gentleman and his words were sweet.

    I like Pamela's dancing. I think she's very good. I wonder if people don't vote for her because of the sex kitten persona? That does get a little old and she doesn't need it because the girl can dance! I like Erin and love Nichole and Evan. Niecy (sp) is delightful, but not the dancer the others are...imo

  151. I second the costume burning party, Momsby!

    Whew! I haven't posted this much in ages! LOL

    (Crawling back to my seat on the bleachers now...)

  152. SIGH...Hey everyone... ;)

    I put up a new post and I hope you can follow me there. The comments here were getting high and this new post I will add more to tomorrow..

    Lets all get a whiff of some fresh new paper! Onto the next saga!