Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kate Arrives Home With The Kids, Jon Dumps His Lawyer Again, Live With Regis & Kelly

Kate & Family Return From CA:

Kate Gosselin is always on the go: the reality TV mom, fresh off her stint on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, returned to her Wernersville, Pennsylvania, home Thursday, but left quickly after. Kate was accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Neild and her kids. She only stayed at the house for about an hour, playing with her children, while Neild packed up her limousine for another trip, this time to New York. Kate was snapped bidding farewell to her kids before setting off to the Big Apple with her trusty bodyguard

Jon Gosselin working things out with Kate 'amicably':

Jon Gosselin's lawyer is being quoted by TMZ as saying that Jon's custody battle is continuing in court, moving forward with the "absentee mom" argument even thought Kate is no longer on Dancing With The Stars.

But soon after the TMZ story hit the Web, Jon took to Twitter to set the record straight. He tweets: "Mr. Anthony List Sr., Esq. is not my representing attorney; I terminated him on April 15, 2010.He has no legal right to speak to the press or anyone on my behalf. Kate, her attorneys and I are moving forward to work out things privately and amicably."

Watch Jon Tell The Truth HERE!


  1. Just moving this over from the last string...BM put up the new post as I was writing this lol:)

    My initial reaction to reading Jon's tweets this morning(before I came on here) was why was he sending the tweets out this morning if he fired the lawyer on April 15? I just thought the timing was interesting given Kate is now off DWTS. Again, I hadn't read the other comments on here yet--just my initial thoughts.

    I still don't follow Hailey or any of Jon's exes on twitter--I don't understand why Hailey blocks her tweets as she is clearly not trying to hide anything.

    Did anyone catch Showbiz Tonight on HLN last night? AJ and Brooke were talking to two women about Kate and whether she is now a winner or a loser. I think the 2 women were industry reporters(did not catch their names). One woman said she actually has met Kate several times as she's been covering DWTS and called her a sweetheart. The 2nd woman clearly hated Kate yet had no good reason as to why. Every point she made was combatted by the woman who had actually met Kate and even Brooke and AJ jumped in and defended Kate. Brooke actually said she's interviewed her as well. So, no matter what any of the other 3 said, the "hater"(as AJ called her) clearly had something negative to say. I thought it was incredible and made me think back to the article Baby Mama posted the other day. It was just bugging me after I watched--to see someone with such negativity w/o justification.

  2. Aw, the kids look so sad:

  3. Oh my, where is she going so soon? More T.V. shows and interviews I'm assuming. Hope she gets back soon :)

  4. Only now Jon is backtracking (again) that he never meant to sue for full custody, just more flexibility, and List is saying he signed off on everything? If he never meant for full custody to begin with but List came out publicly about it, why didn't Jon at least inform Kate and her attorney right away? If he had, even privately, I really doubt Kate would have been so upset by it, but since she mentioned it in the DWTS practice session and alluded to it in interviews, we all know that wasn't the case. And now since she's off DWTS? Something smells awfully fishy.

    Btw: Only one of the kids looks a little sad, but no one can even speculate as to why.

  5. Breaks my heart for the kids. It send the message that they are not the priority. What can be worth that?

  6. This breaks my heart.

    "Kate was accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Neild and her kids. She only stayed at the house for about an hour, playing with her children, while Neild packed up her limousine for another trip, this time to New York."

  7. Thanks for the new thread Baby Mama.

  8. Cherier,

    Working Moms all over the world have to leave their kids every day to go to work. Does not mean a speck that their kids are not priority. It means they care enough about their welfare enough to have to make the sacrifice to do so.

  9. Sorry Lucysmom, I can not agree with you IF it's true that she was home for an hour before leaving again. IMO it sends a clear message to the children about what is important and what is less important. They have no understanding about paying bills etc (if that is truly the case), they just know mom left again.

  10. If you notice, the article says that Kate and the kids arrived home. They have been with Kate since at least last Saturday at Disneyland.

  11. I'm never quite sure with ROL when photos were made that accompany a story. More than once they have used photos from one occassion to illustrate a different story. Kate had a NY quick trip as I head on HLN about an hour ago. They used a couple of photos in background of the kids but they were dressed differently. Kids in HLN looked intently playing a game and more concentrating than sad. So I dunno.

    That sad, I never want to see any child sad.

    I can't get the other ROL photos to load.

  12. There was a video. It looks like they (at least the kids) got off a huge bus (must have come back from the airport?). Then Kate left in a limo or chauffered car a little while later. Or so it seems...

  13. PAR,

    I agree with you that the kids were in LA with Kate by Sat. My problem (LOL), I guess, is how much time could she actually have spent with them between the TV and print interviews, dancing, rehearsals, make up and hair etc. Say she was pretty much done with all of that by Weds. afternoon...they had to fly home, sleep, etc. Today is Thursday. In their little minds, they probably thought Mom was done now - at least for awhile. And then it's time for her to leave again an hour after they get home.

    I hope it's just a short trip and she's right back home again.


    I know what you mean about ROL. I hardly think of them as a credible source EVER and I should have said so. It was just a handy link. There are still photos (INF) elsewhere on the 'net.

    Off to gymnastics for the little ones (not me LOL). Have a good evening.


  14. I thought Mady looked sad and one of the boys. Joel?

    I don't know what the heck is going on. If Jon fired his lawyer on the 15th and made ammends with Kate why didn't she say so last week and even this week in her interviews? She was dead positive that she was not going to lose custody, she said so, but she still spoke about the custody dispute like it was still going on.

    It does not make sense that Jon fired his lawyer on the 15th without speaking to Kate or her lawyers first. If he agreed with Kate's attorneys they had to have told Kate. Not that much of what Jon does makes sense anyway... but something is not adding up here.

  15. Kate has Live with Regis and Kelly tomorrow at 9am. I guess she goes into NYC the night before instead of the morning of.

  16. No one here thinks that TLC is behind all this? Seriously... Jon can't say Hi to the media unless they allow it. He SPOKE to TMC and made an official statement to them. TLC had to allow that.

  17. Okay, I worded that wrong. I don't mean TLC is "behind all this", just that they are somehow mixed up in it...

  18. I think as part of being on Dancing With the Stars, you are required to do the round of exit interviews and such, the others have done them in the past, I remember hearing that she was supposed to be on Regis and Kelly in the morning, maybe she'll be home tomorrow. Maybe Jon is coming.
    Kate may not be close with some of her family, but it doesn't necessarily mean that she or the children never see them they just don't see them on a daily basis. They also could support her and not necessarily get along or support her in some things and not in others, or support her now when they didn't before. I get the distinct impression that they don't want to be in public. There are soo many possibilities and I really dont think that they hate Kate.
    If Jon is coming to his senses, I am happy for him and the kids. I really think he doesn't think through, read through, and reserach things before he acts and it gets him in heaps of trouble. I think he thinks there is an easy way out and it bites him in the tush every time. From reading the book and hearing Kate speak, I think it is a good part of why their marriage ended, she felt she had to carry the burden for everything. These lawyers see him coming and make him believe anything, he could have signed all sorts of things and not knew what they were. I really wish he could get someone in his camp that really looks out for him and steers him away from all of these mines. I also see him letting emotion get the best of him and drive his choices. He was jealous of Kate and worried about his own financial situation and let that drive him. He is desparately looking for someone to carry him for the ride of life, his father and Kate did a better job of steering the ship, without them, he is floundering, and I feel bad for him and in turn the kids.


    Jon denies having a girl friend. Whatever.


  21. Cherier, Just because she was home only an hour before taking off again doesn't mean the kids think they weren't priority. I'm sure she prepared them well ahead of time. A very loving and dedicated mom like Kate would certainly have made it clear to them that she'd rather be home with them than have to go to work, like I've had to. Besides, what if it was Jon's turn with them for the next few days (while she works) anyway? Besides, they were able to spend a lot of time with her this last week as well.

    It doesn't matter the window of time a mom can or can't be home. All working moms face this dilemma and guilt and I take issue with those who make judgment calls on them to add to the burden.

  22. I personally don't want to get into the "working mom" debate because I'm sure that will be a heated topic.

    I do think though that we should remember that Jon also has custody time and it could be his turn with them.

    As for how much time Kate spent WITH the kids in CA we really don't know. They were in CA from Saturday til today. She was out and about a lot, doing DWTS, maybe practicing (?), hair and makeup, and got home after they were asleep a few nights and did Jimmy Kimmel. We know they at least spent Saturday with Kate at Disney and the plane ride home... unless she was in First Class and they were in Coach. ;) I hope she was able to spend time with them Wednesday at least. I hope they did something fun.

  23. Jon Gosselin's seen the light? Eh, probably just the legal bill.

    The unemployed octodad announced via Twitter today that he has canned his attorney and will attempt to win his latest legal battle all on his own, using nothing more than his wits and charm.

    No need to suppress your laughter, we'll wait. All good? OK, then…

    "Mr. Anthony List Sr., Esq. is not my representing attorney; I terminated him on April 15, 2010," Gosselin tweeted. "He has no legal right to speak to the press or anyone on my behalf.

    "Kate, her attorneys and I are moving forward to work out things privately and amicably."

    Funny how this change of heart comes only after Kate Gosselin danced her way out of posing a threat to Jon's press-hungry ego.

    There's still no word (or corroboration) from Camp Kate as to whether or not she's on board with the amicable schtick. She returned to her Reading, Pa., headquarters from California today and then quickly took off again without speaking to reporters. But given Jon's shoddy history with communicating, we're guessing this news will come as a surprise to her.

    Another surprise, no doubt, will be Jon's new claim that, despite his most recent legal filing, he never wanted to strip Kate of her custody. (Jon failing to take responsibility, on the other hand, will come as a shock to no one.)

    "I never wanted primary custody, [List] filed for that," he tells TMZ. "I only wanted a more flexible custody schedule so I could be with my kids."

    List, however, is calling foul on the remarks, and says that Jon's tweets are the first he's heard that his services are no longer required.

    "The only thing I know is what I read in the blogs today and that he is going to handle it privately," List tells E! News.

    "I was shocked because we were making some progress. I wish Jon and Kate the very best, but particularly the ones that I am worried about are those eight kids."

    List, who only offered his services to Gosselin due to a close friendship with Jon's late father, says he has "no hard feelings against Jon."

    "Would I have preferred it being done differently? Sure. Because it wasn't just a professional relationship, it was a personal relationship that went back from when he was 18 years old."

    You know what this means: From now on, when Jon's accused of being completely "incoherent," he has no one to blame but himself.

    —Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

    Read more:

  24. Jon is home with the kids, if anyone cares.

  25. There's a cute story on Kate's blog today. It's about the kids. Not sure when it was supposed to have taken place though because she wrote it in reference to "last night" but she wasn't in PA last night.

    It was a cute story... but I take slight issue with part of it (I know, I know... but I can't help it!!!!). Don't want to ruin it for you so I'll comment later. LOL!

  26. PAR,

    I went to the IW site and asked how they knew it was real when I first read it earlier today. I just went back. They were highly offended I asked. Kind of weird if you ask me. Isn't it normal to ask if it was a confirmed account, especially since we know there are so many fakes out there?

    (I asked them before you replied to me about it.)


    The new post is called "jacket snacking" and even though it was posted today, there was no way this is actually from today. I'm actually very interested to hear what Schmecky had an issue with. Besides the fact that it's corny, and I don't really dig the kids eating cookies in the morning! Other than that, I too would probably do the same thing and add an extra snack.

    A FEW THINGS: Recently because of the horrible nasty RWA Trolls tring to invade my site and attacking my readers I have made a few changes...

    One of them will be to shut the blogs down from any additional posts once I have added a new thread. This maybe be helpful for you all because if you see that, you will know I have fresh paper up for you to comment on.

    Another will be sporatic and "nighty night" moderation. Until furtur notice I will be turning on moderation when I go to bed so I dont have to wake up to a headache. Now please continue to post at night, because this is EST, but know that the posts may not show till the morning. Hope you understand.

    I have been dealing with the issues at hand and collecting all info. I need to make sure hot messes do not infiltrate the fort again... soldiers carry on ;)

  28. SG,

    It wasn't you that just asked. There were other posts (some the mods deleted) that challenged the veracity of the post and the FB site far less politely than you.

    In all fairness, we know Kate supporters have been harassed by Kate haters (Linda here was). I can understand if they would be protective of Kate's mother and sister.

    The bottom line is the moderators have verified it's authenticity and don't really care if anyone else believes it or not.

  29. PAR,
    Thanks for the explanation! I'm still boggled by it all but whatever... lol.

    Baby Mama,

    SPOILER to the other if you haven't read Kate's new blog post yet.

    I thought it was a really cute story! I was just offended that she is allowing and encouraging her kids to eat on their bus. As far as I know you're not allowed to eat on a schoolbus. She even comments that the bus driver will probably be upset. But that's just me... ;)

  30. Haha I knew it! I was thinking to myself "that's gotta be why she didn't like the post! I totally don't like it either. The other kids on the bus will think it's ok, and the next thing you know there is a big mess, and other kids upset they don't have a snack. My kids did it all the time too. I told the teacher to check the lunch box when they got in to make sure their food was still there. Then I told them they would get nothing if they ate their food..

    Sigh, now they order lunch, and the new fight is that they take it, you pay for it, and they don't eat it. There are always problems...They just get bigger with age ;)

  31. Hope the changes help decrease the ick factor! I think we completely understand about the night mod.
    So Jon fired his new lawyer? I really hope he gets one again soon. Good grief the man can't seem to make a decision.

  32. The lawyer is still saying he doesn't know what Jon is talking about..Someone needs to get there wires fixed. I always feel like Jon is grasping at straws at this point. I feel for him, but at the same time he dug this hole himself.

    One minute hes broke, then he's going on vacations with girlfriends, then he wants his kids, then he goes not seeing them for weeks. Maybe this is a good idea after al. His lawyers have given him nothing but grief and he needs to do someothing with himself.

  33. SG said - "Jon is home with the kids, if anyone cares."

    I think this is very important. This allows Kate to conduct her required interviews away from home while the kids still have access to one of the parents. To say that Kate isn't with the kids right now and that she should be, is saying that Jon is an inadequate parent.

  34. SG - I just want to clarify that you did not say Kate shouldn't be away from the kids, I was referring to other comments... : )

  35. I do agree that Jon has received some ill advice, but I also think that Jon has been receiving some excellent advice from others such as Dr Phil, Rabbi Smulley, Dr. Oz, and caring fans, that he either hears incorrectly or feels vindicated in his own thinking and therefore, continues to make choices that many people cannot support. Jon reminds me of a relative of mine in that he repeats back to you what you want to hear when you talk to him, but then his actions suggest that he has in own best interests in mind. I always have hope that Jon will become more aware of how his behaviour is affecting his circumstances but unfortunately, I do not believe he sees that some people are really trying to help him. In that I mean the lawyer that he fired. It sounds like he was a friend of Jon's father and took him on because he cared for him. I think Jon suggested they go public so that he could get public support in getting money from Kate and the response reversed on him, so now he is working through Kate's lawyer - once again.

  36. He needs to have his own lawyer to represent him. I'm suprised Kate & her lawyer are not insisting, given his "I was not represented claims" from mediation. Jon's self destructive tendencies are making me a rooter of Jon more concerned by the day. I just keep thinking he'll pull it together & get his focus back....

  37. First, what is RWA? I've asked before, I think, and I can not figure out what it means. It's driving me batty!

    I'm sincerely glad Jon is home with the kids. I stand by my earlier comments about the children's feelings re: Kate leaving again.

    I never bought that this was a working mom vs. stay at home mom issue. Jon/his atty were stupid to frame it that way at the outset. Some clever and timely PR spin advanced that framing to where it is today IMO.

    Re: Jon, his atty, tweeting, etc: IDIOCY.

  38. I think they are both inadequate as parents. The kids aren't thinking about whose turn it is to parent, what television interview is scheduled or what court hearing is being set. They want parental attention and consistency. Right now, it seems the nannies are the most consistent figures in their lives. I hope they are good, loving people.

  39. RWA is a psycho hater site that our friend JW is from. There read this site daily. They post peoples personal info on their site including family names and addresses. They represent the most vile of people. Lets say this, if GWOP won't even post them, then you know it's bad. This is what the negative hate of someone you don't even know eventually becomes..women attacking other women while hiding behind a computer. Cyber bullying for moms.

    Cherier1~ I disagree about both parents being inadequate. And I kind of feel that it did somehow become a working mom issue. For me anyway. And I do struggle with these exact issues and take it personally. Because lets face it, they were attacking Kate when she was home raising her kids. "Ohh how dare she put her kids on TV. But here she is, a single working mother and now she's being attacked AGAIN. In fact I honestly feel there is nothing this woman could do that would make anyone change their mind about her. Except her sending all her freebies to every hater on the web.

    Don't forget, Kate is on Regis & Kelly today..If you miss it, I will def. try to have it up as soon as I can.

  40. Thanks BM. What does RWA stand for? I'm curious :) I'm sure you don't want to post the addy - how abt a clue?

    I know how you feel and I get it. I happen to disagree and I think it's nice that we can! I am a working mom too and very glad that we are almost past the stage of childcare etc. It is so stressful in so many ways!! Our youngest is 10 and our oldest is 16, so we are getting there. We have 4. My DH has long worked serious hours on service, so I have felt at times like a single parent through much of their childhood. I always had the primary responsibility due to his hours/schedule. His hours are much better now, but now the kids are a lot older and more independent! I get the working parent-guilt thing!

  41. BM - Thanks for the explanation of what RWA is. I was wondering too, and could only think of Ranting With Anger..., that sounds dumb! It sounds like I do not want to go there LOL.

    SG - about Jon using his wits and charm, I started LOL. You are funny!

    Yesterday, after reading all this, I was boggled again and with so many programs and news bits showing all things Gosselin, that I really don't have anything to add. Except, Jon doesn't need an Attorney to file a motion to lower support. He can walk in to FOC and do it himself. They will give him paperwork to file the motion. He should do it and get the ball rolling and in writing.

    BM - Put me on the list for some of those freebies, the haters shouldn't get all of them. LOL, I still haven't found a job yet!

  42. Thanks for reminder about Regis and Kelly.

  43. Go KATE!! Got Regis and Kelly on a "hide reminder"

  44. BM,
    I also see many social parallels in the whole G debate..When I was a working mom I felt overwelmed, sad and guilty (sometimes) about the long hrs away. Now as a SAHM sometimes I feel like I am being judged for that. How many of us have cringed & been made to feel ashamed when people say "What do you do all day?" or "Don't you get bored?" Kate is still being villified from the early show's, because Jon gave the baths after working all day (in my house that's called being a co-parent). Some people seriously think she sat on a lawn chair all day. Now, she's travelling for work (short term mind you) & she's an absentee mom??? It's hard when your a mom who's walked in those shoes to NOT take offense. I'm grateful I am able to have the CHOICE of staying home, many people do not. Given the choice some mom's are happier working, that's great too. As women why are we not encouraging each other to make the choices that are best for our families?

  45. Evan mentioned on Ellen yesterday that he had spoken to Kate while he was in the green room and that he was trying to arrange for her and the kids to come see Stars On Ice In Hershey tonight. If Jon has custody, I wonder if that will really be possible. I think it would be an awesome experience for the kids to see all the Olympians in action so it will be interesting to see if it happens.

  46. Kate & Tony's tango on Regis and Kelly was fun to see. Kate wore white pants so easier to see the moves.

  47. I LOVED Kates hair on Regis and Kelly, I think I liked it because it was straight, looks very neat and sleek. I am glad they did the Tango cause that was her best dance, plus that little twirl at the end when Tony swings her around is just cool!! lol

  48. Having lived in LA for many, many years, I can tell you that being in the entertainment industry is a really commonplace thing. As a teacher, I often had parents in the industry or even students themselves working at child actors. And I worked at a public school - not some fancy private school. It felt like every other person I knew in LA had some sort of connection to the entertainment industry.

    My point is, some people complain about Kate not "deserving" fame b/c they don't think she has any talent, but when I hear that, I just have to laugh. Once you've lived in LA, you realize that talent is really not necessary; a lot of people who have found success in the industry just happen to be in the right place at the right time and knew the right people.

    So, while I personally don't think the children should be on TV, if Kate herself wants a TV career and is able to have one, I say more power to her. I don't necessarily like Kate all that much, but to say that she doesn't deserve to be on TV just shows ignorance of how the industry works and to say that being on TV equates being a bad mom is plain ludicrous.

  49. Sorry - my comment was in response to another one I read earlier about how Kate was attacked for allowing filming of her kids and then attacked when she is working (and not filming kids). Some people just don't want her on TV at all, I think.

  50. Helen I think you make a very good point. I think people are confused on what they want Kate to do. They cant have it both ways, so they just pick one and go with it untill it doesnt fly anymore and then they pick something else. They didnt want Kate staying home with the kids and doing Kate plus 8 with the kids on TV, thats fine I totally understand that. Then she does DWTS and shes gone to much and people want her to go home and raise her kids. She could also go back to nursing and work 12 hour shifts but that doesnt give her more time with the kids either. Well ok so should she go home and not work and raise her kids and collect welfare?? We ALL know how that would go. So I am always confused on what people want her to do, pick one. And I absolutly agree being on TV does not make her a bad Mom.

  51. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Okay, I worded that wrong. I don't mean TLC is "behind all this", just that they are somehow mixed up in it...
    I don't believe in the vast conspiracy theories and that TLC is some super power corporation controlling all media that is at all favorable to Kate or paying off all the people who have been around the Gosselins to keep quiet.

    I do believe that someone (probably from TLC) sat down and laid some cold hard facts out there for Jon. (IMO, these are probably close to what they are.)

    1) Jon signed agreements when TLC dropped the lawsuit against him. They involved not hurting the "Gosselin brand" which clearly put a gag order on Jon - at least for the period of the remainder of his contract.

    2) Jon somehow thought he could use List to get around violating those agreements by letting his lawyer trash Kate publicly. TLC called him up short on this either by threatening to resume the case against him or by making it pretty clear they would continue to try to thwart attempts for him to work in entertainment if he persisted in violating his agreements.

  52. Just a quick note about Jon and his attorney.

    Something doesn't seem to add up to me. Jon twittered after List made those comments -- but if he let him go on the 15th - if he DID NOT want to file for custody and had no intentions of trying to get custody - why no 'tweets' about that? He wouldn't have had to give any more details - a simple "I do not think Kate is an absentee parent. I am not trying to take custody from her. We are working amicably for a change to make things better for the kids and ourselves"

    I also believe that Kate and her attorneys DO want Jon to have his own attorney - however - legally Jon has the option to represent himself - and only a judge can insist he have counsel - and that, I would presume, can only happen if there's legal precedent for the judge to do (based on circumstances?)

    List is also correct in stating that unless and until he is removed from the court filings - he IS Jon's attorney (of record at the minimum). Thing is - List can just as easily write a letter to the court removing himself as Jon's counsel. I can't help but wonder if List is loving the 'celebrity' factor of all of this and making the media rounds with his statements for his own self glorification or something?

    I think we put them all out on LOST island for a few weeks and let John Locke straighten them all out! LOL

  53. I really liked Kate's hair on R&K this morning. Very sleek and trendy but not too trendy. Her makeup looks great, too. She and Tony did a wonderful job in the interview, of course, but I thought she was even more fun on Leno. She seems to get better and bettter and more relaxed as the interviews keep coming her way.

  54. Watched the R&K interview but it was very similar, almost word for word, to all of the other interviews they have done (the ones posted here). In a way, it was disappointing but I understand that most people only see one or two interviews. We just happen to see them all because they're here! Also, there was some mention of some type of special thing that Kelly suggested -- Kate Wednesdays? -- I didn't catch it all. But every time I hear something like that, I think it's like a set up for something in the works already. Kind of like the DWTS thing and Jay Leno.

    I like the style of Kate's hair but I soo do not like the little line in the back of her hair where the extensions are probably connected. Kind of reminds me of how Barbie's hair looks before you remove the little plastic and string things that keep it place in the box. I hope she takes those things out soon. I would love to see how her hair looks now. The style right now is so... average.

    I hope that Kate does go home now for a while and handle the whole deal with Jon. At the moment, the media is a little over saturated with Kate. I'm not saying anything against her, just trying to say that she should probably stay low with the kids for a bit.

  55. Baby Mama - Thanks for adding the clip from Regis & Kelly today.

  56. I didn't see my reply to Hope but here it is again;

    Hope, you made some very good points and I agree with your solution. What a mess of a hole Jon's dug himself into (again).

  57. Good afternoon everyone! I put up the Regis & Kelly segment from this morning. So glad to watch it. Her hair looked beautiful and my husband Tony lol looked great too!

    My 2nd husband is NOT happy that I spent a disapointing morning at Saks follwed by a much better afternoon at Lord & Taylor. It's Communion/Birthday season and I need something new. Ok, I want something new. He doesn't like me wearing a suit no matter HOW nice (aka expensive) it is, but honestly I'm sick of dresses and I'm running around chasing a toddler. Do you feel it's inappropriate to wear nice pants when your going to a formal function at a country club? After all this I may be going back to get something else.

    Do all the DWTS people when they get booted off do press at all these shows Or is it just Kate? I'd be exhausted if I was her!

  58. BabyMama,

    Here in CA nice pants at a formal function is pretty much the norm. Don't know what it's like your way.

    Anyway, I had to laugh at Kate's response for a dating type show suggested to her, including "The Batchelorette". She didn't quite know how to take it having said before several times she doesn't believe there's anyone out there who could handle dealing with all that's in her life right now. She doesn't seem like she feels too ready, anyway, for that sort of thing right now. But when she is, it would be nice to see her getting out and having a good time now and then.

  59. Although I've seen only a few presses of those that got booted off DWTS, I don't think nearly as many nor as high profiled as Kate's. Although being that her book was just released last week, all her post DWTS interviews and articles are only because of her elimination. It's amazing that she's become such a phenomenon.

  60. I also think that she'll take a break away from all the media appearances and settle into a new routine to get some privacy, rest and family time, but sadly, I don't think the paps and rags will give her a break for a long time.

  61. Wooo o kate she has well inporved since her first dance:))))

  62. OMG. I just watched (why, oh why do I do it??) that video of Jon on TMZ.

    FIRST - what the absolute-freak is up with his 'half-a-mohawk' hair do??

    Second - it says there that Jon is 'looking for a job in tv - probably as a host or something' --- Ummmmm is Jon delusional? No wonder he isn't working. It would be like me looking for a job as a the 'bachelorette' or something! It just aint gonna, can't, hilarious to even consider it, happen!

    I think Kate has done and is continuing to 'brand' herself in a way that keeps her marketable on television. Jon has spent the last year doing things that brand him as a trainwreck.

    It kind of makes me sad for the kids - because I really think that the only type of TV out there for Jon G would be something that would NOT paint him in a light that any child would want their father to be in. Like some sort of MTV bad boys type reality show or something. I just fear that Jon is so set on being in TV that he may, at some point, sell himself to something like that - and the kids will be the ones who suffer for it. I know a lot of people are hell bent on the kids not being filmed anymore - but there seems to be little talk about what the damage would be to the kids if Jon OR Kate were to sell themselves out to sleaze TV.

    Again, as always, JMHO. :)

  63. BM - the one rule my momma passed on to me about dressing for formal functions. The biggest taboo is to never 'out dress' your host.

    I attend such functions both in the mid-atlantic area - and down south - and I think an appropriate outfit with pants would be absolutely acceptable. :)

  64. BM - question for you. Lately - the videos you've posted are loading and auto starting. Never had that happen before. It's just a pain in the butt when refreshing to look for new posts - as the videos start to play each time! Just wanted to let you know that was happening - and trying to figure out if it's just on my end or what?

  65. Hope,
    The video auto play is on my end as well.

  66. Baby Mama, I'm not a "pants suit" person myself but there are some really nice ones so I'd say it sounds fine.

    Set In The Cleft, LMAO! at the Barbie hair comment. I agree. That part in the back just looks bad.

    As for their dancing... I only wish Bruno was there. It wasn't dancing. She walked most of it. But the flip at the end actually is really cool.

    I think Anderson seemed like he was trying to ask some real questions but it didn't really go anywhere. He asked about Jon and the custody and firing his lawyer... It seems Kate wasn't there to discuss any of that stuff. I agree though that she tells the same stories all the time but that's probably because not everyone watches all her interviews.

    Has Kelly been on DWTS? She seems like she should!

    What was up with Kate saying she "sacrificed herself" so the others could stay dancing??? She made it seem like she had a choice. She never once told her fans not to vote for her, etc. What was that all about?

  67. To whoever said Jon can just go to the courts and request a form to change his custody, etc... that's different. It seems like Jon is letting Kate's lawyers handle everything. That's just dumb.

    Jon's lawyer said he's still Jon's lawyer until he is officially dismissed by the court. I think he's right.

  68. Schmecky, I agree with you on the "sacrificing" herself comment. Didn't know quite what to make of that. I actually would not condemn you if you read into that a little bit :D

  69. Babymama, pantsuits are very appropriate for any occasion. I would like to see men chasing a toddler around in a dress, hose, and heels, their minds would change quickly. I think Kate seems relieved to be off DWTS and it shows in her dance. She's sad to go, but I really think it's a lot of pressure off of her. I wonder if Jon has read Kate's book and noticed how complimentary she was of him and heard Kate say she was surprised that he went to court since they had always agreed on custody before, maybe that tapered off some of his impulsive anger. Maybe Kate's lawyers offered him a deal that he sees as better than what the judge would give him, especially financially. I know the lawyer he had clearly didn't understand the contract with tlc, he thought Jon couldn't get any job. I also think there are plenty of television careers that might be great for him, in cameras, lighting, computers. He may not be suited for a tv personality, but find something useful and lucrative in the field if he has an open mind. I know I may be naive but I have high hopes for him.

  70. Perhaps Kate meant or should have said that she was willing to be sacrificed [by her fans or voters](rather than sacrificing herself) so the other competitors would have a better chance at staying. She has a habit of not always choosing the correct contextual words which then end up providing fuel for nit-pickers will pounce on.

  71. I don't think it's "nit-picking". Just the night before she was begging her fans to vote for her for several reasons. One of which her children would be devastated if she was voted off and that she wasn't ready to go home yet, etc. Then she says she told them all she was ready to go home and would sacrifice herself for them. How would it be her choice on Tuesday after all the votes were already in? Doesn't make sense.

  72. Not for anything... if Kate can't choose her words right or use them in the proper context or relay her thoughts adequately then maybe a career co-hosting or doing any form of tv media work is not for her.

  73. I just read from OMG! that Kate wants to get the kids into ballroom dancing lessons! That would be cute <3

  74. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Not for anything... if Kate can't choose her words right or use them in the proper context or relay her thoughts adequately then maybe a career co-hosting or doing any form of tv media work is not for her.

    It doesn't sound like she is planning on hosting - isn't it Jon who wants to host a show? It seems like the TLC planned shows are meant to reflect Kate (and the kids in one of them) - imperfections and all. The only real requirement for "any of form of TV media" is that people are willing to watch you. So far, Kate has been proven to be a ratings draw.

  75. Very cute! I see a Gosselin kids dancing episode in their future.

  76. Kate said recently last week in fact she wants to cohost a show.

  77. Perhaps it was after she felt she was off or going to be off DWTS that she came to realize that it was time to be the sacrificial lamb.

    As for anything contradictory, we're all contradictory sometimes when we have mixed feelings about something and Kate herself said on several occassions post-DWTS she had mixed feelings about staying and/or going.

    As far as not hosting a show because of misspeaking, I've heard professional hosts and journalists choosing wrong contextual words as well. But since most are trained professionals with lots of practice, they don't do it very often. So, it doesn't mean she can't do it, just means she needs more practice being aware of and correcting that weakness.

  78. SG - It was I that made the statement that Jon can go to FOC without an Attorney, to lower his child support, not custody. It's called a motion or petition to request. Then they will do an income review. Each party gets called in and has to provide their proof income.
    I stated this, believing that he should do it, and not rely on Kates' Att. I wouldn't trust it to them to be fair. That's nuts! JMO

  79. I doubt she will be taking much of a break if they are going to film the kids. She got bad PR for having them miss so much school last week.

    SG, will dancing last longer than gymnastics?

  80. SM: I didn't think Kate meant "sacrifice" quite so literally. Kate and several of the other stars have been very vocal about how close the cast has become this season so I think that was more another way of her saying that it was her time to go. I think she meant more in their case that she'd be ok. I do agree with you that she sometimes chooses poor words-- I think it's because she is more of planner rather than an impromptu person. Even though Kate is very articulate, IMO she seems to come across more relaxed in taped interviews or situations that are within her comfort zone.

    As for Anderson Cooper, he reminded me a bit of Regis last time Kate was on as he seemed to not fully understand the situation. I thought Kate actually had a great comeback by saying she had to sift through her emails.

    I agree with everyone about Jon--he can totally do the form for lowering support himself. Since child support is a law, I don't think he's really at a disadvantage if he can prove what his actual income is. The custody stuff I agree he does need a lawyer.

  81. lucysmom -- yeah, I thought about that. I think she meant something different than what she said. She does that often. Still, it leaves the impression on people that she felt she did something for their benefit.

    However, take away that imperfection and we have someone who reads a script and never shows the real person, which is not what fans want either.

    Does anyone know when the new shows will be starting?

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. The filming of the kids, as I understood it to be, would only be for very infrequent specials, not weekly, as before.

    As far as missing school, I don't see that as being relevant even if they are to be filmed during the school year since they were filmed during the school year before and didn't necesarily have to be taken out of school for it.

    Although I don't much agree with taking kids out of school unless the school has a home study policy like my kid's school had when we needed to. However, since Kate's kids attend a private school, they probably have a much more flexible program so they won't miss much.

  84. I'm going to try to change the videos to just You Tube only. When I use the others (ones taken directly from magazine sites) the audio kicks up. I just wanted to get it on here as fast as I could, and sites I get them from do that.

    Will work on that tonight when my friends & their kids leave ;)

  85. Re school.
    Don't know about the Gosselins' school.
    Our kids only have 1 month left.
    Until I see it reported/documented, I'm not going to worry about the timing of it. The trolls are already making a big deal about the kids working all through their summer vacation.
    NObody knows. I thought these were to be specials. Have they announced a production schedule? Approval from Jon had to be given. Location permits have to be pulled, etc etc
    None of that could be finalized anyway now, until new custody/visitation schedules are approved between J&K. Even then it would be subject to Jon changing his mind again and/or hiring another attorney.

  86. Linda,
    Good point about the filming and custody issue. I wonder if TLC influenced Jon to work out the custody so they could film, etc.

    I noticed you didn't offer to trade some of your emerald inheritance for my button inheritance. I'd be willing to consider it. ;)

  87. Somebody needs to set up a blog for people to keep up with Jon.

    Maybe like the weather channel has.

    Jon G's status of the day blog -
    Girlfriend is: fill in blank
    status with her is: heating up or cooling down.
    Attorney is: fill in blank
    status with counsel is: heating up or cooling down.
    Hairstyle is: slick, mohawk, receding, increasing.
    With Kate he is now: amicable, neutral, somewhat hostile, major hostile.
    With his friends, the latest confidential source leaking his info to which tabloid/tv: ROL, TMZ, E!, Smoking Gun, Hollywood Buzz, other.

    OR, You could do it quiz style and get a see how high you score on correct answers. Winner gets a date with Jon , your photo in INZ gallery page, and a possible starring role in his drama of the week! Come prepared to pay the check. Warning in small print, if he shows up with a suitcase, he may be planning to move in with your parents, ask you for a loan, or other financial mess.)

    Bonus, if you can also answer the

  88. Forgot to add a disclaimer - the preceding was a unpaid, non-political statement intended for entertainment purposes. Any and all words, facial expressions, & clothing subject to being debated forever.

  89. Too late Schmecky. I already have offers. But I might consider if any are green colored stone buttons or just shiny green. You'll have to battle the kids. Already deeded raw stones remaining to them. You could always create your own board games (button, button. Schmecky's got the button. An exciting return to board games of yesteryear. I can hear the hype now!)

  90. LMAO @ Linda's weather channel blog for Jon G. OMG that is funny, but a good idea I might add. LOL

  91. Linda, you cracked me up, you could add current place to crash, current religion, and job prospects. I know it isn't nice, but sometimes something is soo sad that you just have to find the humor in it.
    I bardly think it is a problem to pull kids out of pre k for a few days and the third graders can always bring work with them or maybe they are plenty ahead. I wish all of the people who feel Kates' children are soo neglected could spend some of their energy acting as advocates to truely neglected kids. I wish they would champion the cause of kids working sixteen hour shifts in factories or cotton fields who have no opportunity for school, rather than ones whose "work" is a few days a week of field trips and playing in the yard, or a nice family vacation with one or two parents who truely love them and where they can opt out anytime they please. Yes, children in the film industry need protections, but it isn't slave labor.

  92. I bet none of you are teachers. We don't take kindly to that attitude. School is important and routine is necessary. The tups are already below grade level for their age. They need to be in school.

  93. Well now lets not forget they are only in PRE-K, not even Kindergarden. Its not like they are in 5th grade and in the middle of I-step tests. I mean my goodness they are still so young, they have 18 or more years of school and we are complaining about missing 2 days of pre-k? that we know of (Monday and Wed.)

  94. Earlier when the story alledging the "free tickets" to DL, I kept waiting for somebody to make the connection but nobody spoke up. Since I'm also accused of being a TLC intern, let me drop the bombshell a la Nancy Grace...
    Which corporations are owned by the same folks? ABC (DWTS) & Disney.

  95. I bet none of you are teachers. We don't take kindly to that attitude. School is important and routine is necessary. The tups are already below grade level for their age. They need to be in school.

    I took ECE & have 3 teacher's in my immediate family. My mother (an excellent teacher) has always felt the life experience of a family vacation is educational as well. She taught Kindergarten & grade one for 30 years & always assigned extra work to be completed after the holiday. If, the children were to miss large chunks of time, they could alway's get a TLC paid tutor. IMO Kate takes her children's education very seriously. Sorry, did I miss something how do we know the tups are below grade level for their age?

  96. Thank you momsby I was thinking the same thing. I never heard Kate or anyone that would actually know, discuss their academics. I agree that a cavalier attitude toward school can be damaging for kids and sporadic attendance can cause problems, but as Kate even said on one of the recent interviews that the kids haven't been on any trips all school year. She could even pull them out and have them homeschooled. A full time teacher would probably cost less than what she spends now. I appreciate that she sees the value in the whole school experience for them.
    Linda, I was thinking the same thing about Disney/ABC's connection and that being where the Disney trip came in. I am having an issue with that same relationship on another show that I watch.

  97. They will be 6 in a few weeks and still haven't gone to KG.
    Yes, educational trips are fine but 1/2 day at Disney and swimming at the Beverly Wilshire in California hardly seem to qualify. And the twins missed 4 days of school.

  98. I completely forgot that their birthday is rolling around the corner, I hope they get to do something really neat and that Jon and Kate can come together for it.

  99. Perhaps Kate felt her children needed a few mental health days? Unfortunately, the kids are bound to know some if not all of what is going on between their parents. A trip to Disney & some leisure down time with their mom sounds like a wonderful diversion to me. I, as a parent would not make a habit of it, but I guess that's up to the their parents.

  100. Good evening ladies! Ive decided not to have dinner parties anymore. Too expensive and the cleanup is a nightmare. Next time we will save money and go out!

    I changed the video so hopefully you won't have the problem with the audio constantly kicking up. Thats what I get for wanting everything on my site asap ;)

    Hey I know the importance of the kids being in school, but missing a few days does not make Kate a bad parent. I thought it was great that the kids got to go home with her and get to go someplace cool like that. Many parents can agree or disagree with keeping their kids out of school for a special occasion. Its a big thumbs up and a heck yes please for me if my kids could have that opportunity to be with me if I was away.

    I think the tups will be ready now to attend full kindergarden. She was advised I'm sure for whats bests for her kids and think she made the wise choice to have them attend when its right for them. Sorry to but into the convo, but wanted to add my one cent :)

  101. Jon and Kate said the tups were starting Junior K last fall - going 3 full days a week. The haters all went on and on about Kate holding them back so there was still time to film. We don't know that is the case and frankly their going to school 3 full days is longer school time than kindergartners going 5 half days get here.

    Kate mentions in her book that Colin knew all his colors at barely two and he can do double digit addition at 5. I don't think they are academically behind.

    Jon and Kate have both said that Mady and Cara are at the top of their class. THey had episodes with the twins doing homework.

    Kate talks a lot about the kids going to college and in the episode when they were writing their will, Kate really pushed that the kids inheritance should be structured to encourage them to go to college.

    I think she is very mindful of their education.

  102. To my readers, forgive me for posting this. This is a message for Just Wondering:
    Mary Beth, allowing you to post here out of the kindness of my heart was my fault. You were warned to go back to your hole & never come here again. Yet you continue to cross the line and humiliate yourself. Does your husband Michael need a call from the local police station before you understand? Stay with the crazies over on that vile site and spew hate all you want. But your not going to make me moderate my blog or attack my readers. Don't make me take this farther. The next step for me is contacting you directly.

    Ohh and have a blessed day.