Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kate Skit On Jay Leno, Jon's Ex-BFF In Jail, Jon is Broke? Kate VS. Tiger's Wife?

Hello Gosselin fans! As shocking as this sounds, I will say it anyway. I was very happy that all things Gosselin has remained quiet for a while. Can you believe it? I wanted the haters to move on, the lips of the trolls to stop foaming. There was just so much hate for this family simply from jealousy and over-exposure, that I was a good idea for everyone to step back a bit. Not that Jon has a choice. You knows he's destined for "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here". Kate on the other hand, is still quietly working hard, trying to focus on prospects for the new year. And even though the haters feel like they have some type of duty to protect kids they don't know or really care about, everyone seems to be happy the kids are off TV. Except apparently, the kids.

I for one, have always felt overwhelmed & stressed during this short month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't have enough time, never enough money, never enough of myself for my family, to make it through the month without wanting to scream. I seem to always have too much on my plate, and then the sore throats start. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way.. I hope tonight to take a breath and not attack the next person that bumps into me or cuts me off on the road on the way to work or the mall. Seasons Greetings!

Fox411 Exclusive: Jon Gosselin is broke, can't pay legal bills: Fox411.com

It sounds like money is tight for former reality dad Jon Gosselin. Last week, TLC was granted a preliminary injunction that forced Jon to stop making public appearances. Now a source close to Gosselin tells Fox411.com that the decision was a serious blow to the livelihood of the former “Jon and Kate Plus 8” star. "Jon's in pretty serious financial trouble because his plan for making money was shut down in court,” the insider said. “He has warned his lawyers that he can't pay them and if he doesn't succeed against TLC, he will have no funds. He's even gone so far as to say that if they want to be paid, they will have to sue him."

Those lawyers are part of a father/son team that was introduced to Gosselin by Michael Lohan, says the insider. "Mark and Mike Heller were brought in because Michael Lohan was involved, and he convinced them to join Jon's team early on in the summer,” the source said. “Lohan wanted to latch onto Jon and involved many people he knew. He convinced them Jon was going to have a successful career after the show.” Mike Heller is the CEO of Talent Resources, which manages Jon Gosselin, and Mark Heller is Jon Gosselin’s New York lawyer. But it wasn’t just Michael Lohan, currently having trouble himself, fueling the enthusiasm around the TV dad. Gosselin also led his lawyers to believe that he had money in his various accounts, said the source.

Now Gosselin's bills are stacking up and he needs to get a legitimate job, but the insider says he is making no effort to get one. "It's a good thing Kate Gosselin has been put in charge of the family funds that provide for the couple's eight children," the insider says. "She is the responsible parent." Reps for the Hellers deny any problems with Gosselin. “Jon Gosselin’s New York lawyer has the highest regard for Jon Gosselin and will continue to work for Jon for as long as he requires their services," the rep said in a written statement to Fox411.com "The Hellers have no concern relevant to being paid by Jon for their services and see no circumstances under which they would ever sue Jon."

“This past year, Jon Gosselin was the most photographed man in America and appeared in more magazines than any other reality TV star," the statement continues. "Wherever he goes, there is an outpouring of love for him from his fans. And there is no doubt that he has a bright and shining career ahead of him.”

Kate Gosselin On Jay Leno This Friday!
I am super excited to see how she will be when she's on his show this Friday night 10pm. Theres conflicting reports on whether it will be a pre-recorded skit or if shes a live guest, but either way I hope it's good. Remember this?

Kate Gosselin & Elin Nordegren - strong women who create loving homes despite wayward husbands: Examiner.com (I know we already discussed in the comments section this post, but I really l
Kate Gosselin and Elin Nordegren are showing us they are strong women who are creating loving homes despite wayward husbands. If you are looking for male role models both Jon Gosselin and now Tiger Woods are not examples. However, if you are looking for strong female role models take a good look at both Kate Gosselin and Elin Nordegren.

Elin Nordegren was taking care of business and taking the dogs for a ride, just a few days after her husband's accident . She was recently seen getting gas, while taking her children and family to a Christmas Party. We have not seen Tiger since he wrapped his SUV around a tree. He did manage to put together a press release, no doubt written by a professional that did say a few kind words about his wife. In 2007, Tiger reportedly missed his daughter Sam's baptism to attend a charity event.

Reality star, Kate Gosselin, now has primary custody of her children, has found herself another job after Jon had a hissy fit and stopped the show, when his name was taken off the title. We doubt, he bothered to tell Kate she would suddenly have no income to feed their eight children. This, after he took $180 grand out of the family bank account and had to be forced to put it back by a judge. Jon could not be bothered to show up to his court date with their former employer.
Women are without a doubt the keepers of home. While men are running around puffing up their egos and collecting trophy's, these women, are planning birthday parties and wiping snotty noses. Worrying about school clothes, Christmas decorations and school tuitions. They are planning family get togethers and keeping their minds focused firmly on their children.

Related News: Jon's Ex-BFF Michael Lohan Back In Jail: TMZ.COM

TMZ has obtained Michael Lohan's newest mug shot -- this time, Lindsay's dad struck a pose after being arrested for violating a restraining order. Cops busted Lohan in New York yesterday after allegedly making a phone call to his ex-girlfriend Erin Muller -- a direct violation of the restraining order she has against him after an incident in March. Lohan was charged with criminal contempt of court.


  1. I am looking forward to Kate's appearance on Leno.

    Also I am sick of the stories about the Gosselin kids not believing in Santa. Who knows if it is true or not but from what information we have, Kate put up a huge Christmas tree and has been out Christmas shopping. The plans are for Jon and Kate to be together with the kids on the holiday. I don't see the point of focusing on something negative surrounding the holidays.

    Anyhow, it is a shame that Jon didn't save any of the money he earned outside the TLC contract (if that story is true).

  2. Babymama I agree as much as I miss them.....and I do miss them.

    I wish Kate all the best in life and pray that Jon wakes up..

    Merry Christmas and Happy CHANUKAH!

  3. According to Jay's site Kate is scheduled for the 10@10 segment.

  4. I'm also looking forward to Kate's appearance on Leno.

  5. According to ROL the Gosselins are very close to their divorce being finalized which is good for both of them I think.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, happy Kwanzaa, and happy Eid, as the case may be.

  6. I agree, I don't see the big deal about the kids not believing in Santa, a lot of children don't. I think it's great the children know their presents come from their parents and not some stranger that enters their house in the middle of the night.

    As for Lohan, both he and Kate Major deny he was arrested. Didn't they show his current mug shot?

  7. The picture of Jon doing target practice on their PA property with a handgun gives me the shivers. I certainly hope the kids are at school and no one else is around within range. I don't know what kind of gun that is but I would think that there are laws against shooting a gun within a certain distance of residential property, even if it's in a rural area.

  8. Did anyone see the pics of Jon on Radar shooting a gun somewhere on the property of their house. All I can see is please, please, please let him be resposible enough to ensure there is no way the children can get to it.

  9. I am glad that the Gosselins are getting some peace, but boy was I having some bad pangs of missing them last night when I was watching Table for Twelve last night at Hershey Park. I also think that stories of Jon being broke are mainly about getting him more favorable settlements in courts and sympathy in the public eye. If Mark Heller is stupid enough to spend his time with Jon in states that he can't even practice in, and he doesn't get paid, I really have no sympathy for him. I really think he's doing it more for media attention than anything. I do wish he'd get some good counsel on managing his finances from someone who isn't out to use him for their own agenda. I also think any santa believing issues are probably taken out of context. Kids believe in varying degrees of Santa and still enjoy the concept as they mature.

  10. Okay folks. The ROL photos of Jon with the gun doing target practice are scaring me.

  11. I sure hope that is a bb/paint type gun and not a real one.

    WIth Jon's deep desire to stay in the limelight - I hate to say it - but my first thought was "Oh my God - I hope he doesn't do something terrible to get himself publicity!"

    Depression heightens during the holidays - and if Jon is still drinking, etc, if he is feeling himself losing all that matters - it truly is a potentially scary situation.

    I find it hard to believe that Kate is ok with him having a real gun there on the property. I think a judge might agree.

  12. BTW - he's back in court today for the charges against him for non-payment by his former lawyer.

    The article on ROL also states that Jon WAS MANDATED to be at the last court hearing. I thought so - if I remember when looked through the court docket papers - it definitely showed him being served to be there. If you receive a subpoena - you ARE mandated to be in court. Jon not showing up was a really bad move. Sure hope he shows up today!

  13. Oh lord, so Jon has a gun. My 5 year old daughter has a little pink .22. I mean really. He is an adult and probably knows a little something about them and the laws. I don't think he would ever put his kids in danger. Why the hell should Jon having a gun scare people? Guess what? I have 23 of them. Sometimes some of you are as bad as the trolls that dog on Kate. Just nik picking at everything. I am not a Jon fan but, come on people....

  14. Jon + Gun = Scary
    Looking for more attention are you Jon? It looks like a small caliber pistol, hope so. If its a 22, he probably has an insulated target set up way out back. A 22 bullet will carry 1 Mile and i really don't thing he would be that stupid to discharge a firearm without a proper target. Now look at all the press he is getting. Just has to stay in the Lime Light any way he can. It's really too bad that he chooses to show off in this manner. Wonder if he has a permit for it?? The next thing we will hear is Kate calling the cops. JMO!!

  15. I personally do not have an issue with Jon and the handgun. As long as he was far enough away from the house and shooting into the woods I dont see a problem. My husband goes to his friends house in VA to that all the time. MD laws are a little different (I think) and I have no idea about PA gun laws. And judging from the pics no kids were around they were probably at school.

    And whats the big idea about Santa? Its a whole lot of something about nothing.

  16. OMG yes! The gun pics are insane. I hope a friend brought it over or something. He should not have a gun in the house with all those children there. And why would he have a handgun? I can understand a rifle for hunting but a .38? One good thing is people see that pic and they may not attempt to go on their property. ;)

    As for the laws, I live in a rural area and people hunt right across the road from me, both out in the open and in the woods.

    I'm not sure what the rules are about the direction they can shoot and all but it really scares me when I hear the gunshots. I'm always worried a stray bullet may come in my direction. Maybe they don't shoot towards other houses?

    I know you need a hunting license but not sure about just shooting a gun (of course you have to have a license to own a gun). Kinda scary though. But like I said, I do like that people out here have guns because home invasions are probably less likely if you think there's a chance you can get shot by the homeowner.

  17. Good morning everyone!
    Yesterday I put up my usual round of photos, one of which was Jon shooting a gun on his property. Needless to say there were sevral people that e-mailed me very angry. The photo was taken down. I'm sorry I posted it, it's beyond crazy how he is acting at this point. He's about a week away from shaving his head and hitting cars with umbrellas ala Britney. This is the current status today per Radar Online...

    "UPDATE: Jon Gosselin has arrived at the courthouse. He continues his free fall into real reality.

    The TV dad is expected in a Maryland court on Thursday morning to face a former attorney who is suing him for non-payment. Gosselin will most likely not find an ally in the judge when he enters the Montgomery County courtroom at 9 a.m.: he was a no-show for his last court date despite a mandate to appear.

    On Wednesday, RadarOnline.com learned that Jon's estranged wife Kate was "thrilled" over the outcome of their arbitration and their divorce settlement.

    Jon's reaction? He took to the fence near the family's Pennsylvania home to shoot a few rounds from his gun."


  18. momof2minnesota said...
    Oh lord, so Jon has a gun. My 5 year old daughter has a little pink .22. I mean really. He is an adult and probably knows a little something about them and the laws. I don't think he would ever put his kids in danger. Why the hell should Jon having a gun scare people? Guess what? I have 23 of them. Sometimes some of you are as bad as the trolls that dog on Kate. Just nik picking at everything. I am not a Jon fan but, come on people....

    Yeah, my 6-year-old has a Magnum 44. My 4-year-old has a Glock. ;)

    You said he is an adult and "probably" knows a "little something" about them and the laws. I'm sorry but probably and a little aren't exactly safe. Maybe it was just your choice of wording, but he should "definitely" know a lot about them and the laws if he's going to have one.

    It doesn't scare me that Jon in particular has a gun. I'm not worried about Jon's "mental state" and doing something stupid. I think the chances of that are very slim to none. I also think Jon loves his children and wouldn't put them in harm's way purposely. Hopefully the gun isn't even in the home, and if it is it's locked up and Jon keeps the key on him. I just worry about stuff like that in general.

    I just find it scary when anyone has a gun in the home when they have small children. There are real horror stories out there of children finding the gun and killing themselves or another child. It happens. Children are curious or think they can handle it. Even if the ammo is kept separate, children are clever enough to find the gun and then the bullets and put them together.

    Nearly 500 children each year are killed in gun-related accidents. The majority of fatal accidents involving a firearm occur in the home.

    Some children are very educated about gun safety since toddler age because the father is a hunter and they teach their children to hunt at a young age. I don't think that's the case with Jon and his children. It's just scary. Especially since Jon is only there half the time in the house. I hope he takes it with him. Then again, maybe it's not even his.

  19. Dancnmommy and Schmecki,
    JMO, I believe in the fact that people should have the right to bear arms. But just shooting out in the woods is not a good way to practice. Bullets travel, and what goes up must come down, and then can still do damage. Like I posted previously, if a person is going to shoot, it should be a target strong enough to stop the bullet. J&K are in the country but they do have neighbors and should be very carefull about that.
    In MI, handguns are supposed to be registered. Rifles do not, unless you plan to hunt. To take a handgun off your property, you need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. I have to tell this story, it's true and happened in my town this year. A single mom, and her 2 children were asleep, the mom heard someone break in downstairs. She got her handgun out and went to the top of the stairs to see a masked man coming up. She shot him twice and he fled with his partner in crime. She then ran to her neighbors for help to call the police. It turned out she has been a police officer for 12 years. They found the 2 burglars about 10 house away, 1 holding his friend that was bleeding, he lived to go to jail. Boy did they pick the wrong house. Crime is declining in my area but its all over, doesn't matter where you live.
    I remember back in the day......when my son was 13 years old, he and I went to a gun saftey class, so he could get a license to hunt with his father. The kid scored higher on the test then I did. He was so proud. We still tell that story to this day. Safety first, then go hunting.

  20. dhwh:

    Thanks for figuring out the math (in the last post). I was curious but just had no desire to try to figure it out myself.

  21. Good news!

    Thank goodness the judge ordered that firearms not be brought onto their property.

    Also, I will be breathing a big sigh of relief on Kate's behalf when the divorce decree is finalized either today or tomorrow.

  22. I think it's high time Jon dumped the Hellers. They haven't done a blinkin' good thing for him at all, instead, they've used him by trying to make money off of him, but in the end, taking him down the road of financial ruin. But is he even strong enough to do even that? Being that he can't think for himself anyway, I think they have such a stranglehold on him that he can't move without them. They will continue to squeeze what they can out of him and when they realize they can't, they'll finally either just dump him or sue him. He could try to sue the Hellers for ruining him but I'd be surprised if he did.

  23. Per ROL a judge ruled today no guns on their property in PA.

  24. Hope, I think he did not show up for the hearing with his divorce lawyer which was mandated. This case has nothing to do with the TLC case. The article says the PA judge may not be happy, the TLC case in MD.

    I don't see how Jon shooting a gun on his own property is him searching for the lime light? I wouldn't consider RadarOnline and TMZ big media sources, I bet RadarOnline is barely known outside of their strange infatuation with Jon and Kate.

    I don't think having a gun is a great idea but it is within his right to have one as long as it is properly secured.

  25. So glad to read on RO that Jon is prohibited from having a gun on the property. I know there are people out there who feel that it is ok to have guns in homes as long as they are responsible, but I do not. I have personally been touched by someone who's child has accidentially got ahold of a gun and accidentially killed themselves. I am very happy that the judge rule in the childrens favor.!

  26. momof2minnesota,

    I don't think anyone is nitpicking over Jon having a gun, and I definitly wouldn't put us in the same category of the "trolls". There is a great deal of responsibilty that goes along with gun usage and ownership. Jon has shown very poor judgement lately and I think that is what scares us. I don't think he would do anything intentionally to put his children in harms way. I also feel that if the pics would have been of Kate taking target practice out by the fence it would have caused some concern as well.

  27. Although a gun debate is the last thing we need, I just want to clarify that I believe in the right to bear arms, as long as there are guns in the world. We all know the bad guys have them so the good guys may as well too. I just prefer no guns anywhere in the entire world but we know that's not an option. My only issue is having guns in a house with children. Just scary in my opinion. Then again I'm a safety freak. I keep my knives in a wall cabinet not in a drawer or on the counter.

  28. Oh, Oh, where or when did you hear about the Judge said no guns on the property???? That would be in violation of a person civil rights to bear arms. The guns laws are not that strick yet, no matter what state you live in. Civil Rights are still in place pertaining to ownership of firearms.
    Jon has no past criminal record as far as we know and if his name is still on that property. He would have to have been convicted of a felony charge before that judgement can be made. Is that right Linda, you are good at research and i have to go see my Grandaughter do gymnastics tonight. She is sooo darn cute!! 16 1/2 months old.
    I will look on radar before I leave, and was it Kate that called the cops??? Who knows?????

    Jon would also have to have some mental problems that were legally diagnosed, to be stopped from having a gun on the property. I bet Kate told someone another sob story and got all shook up. Think so???

  29. schmeckygirl~ yes poor choice of words on my part. I just think the court is wrong in saying no firearms on the property. It is a RIGHT to bear arms. It is his property also he should have a right to shoot. I have no tolerance with people that area against them. I shoot out in my woods. As long as you know what is beyond the target....that is one of the 10 commandments of gun handling.

  30. Ok, I just saw rol, and learned about the Hailey kissing bit and Jon fuming. Judges ruling for no guns on the property would not hold water if Jon protested.
    But in their situation it will be the safest for now, if Jon does what he is told. Now has he ever listened to anybody????
    Kate, get the bodyguard over for the rest of the week.

  31. Just read that Kate was named as one of People Magazines 25 most intriguing people of 2009. I think the issue is out tomorrow?

  32. It's Kate's property, too. He can't do whatever he wants just because it's half his. Does he have all the right to impose his right to bear arms on the property which houses her and their young children? I believe the judge ruled justly in Kate and the children's favor that their right to safety outweighs his right to bring firearms on to their property.

  33. momof2minnesota said...
    schmeckygirl~ yes poor choice of words on my part. I just think the court is wrong in saying no firearms on the property. It is a RIGHT to bear arms. It is his property also he should have a right to shoot. I have no tolerance with people that area against them. I shoot out in my woods. As long as you know what is beyond the target....that is one of the 10 commandments of gun handling.
    I feel that we have a right to bear arms. But I also feel that it is a responsibility. Jon hasn't shown very much good judgment or very much responsibility in his actions for that matter.

    I grew up hunting with my Dad. When we came home the guns were always locked in the gun cabinet and my Dad carried the only key on his key ring.

    That said, there were no multiples in my childhood family.

    Keeping an eye on multiples is a tall order any time. To have guns on the property with this many small kids, and now in essentially a single parent at a time home, is downright scary to me.

    I felt more strongly about moving out the guns when we started having multiples ourselves.

    I'm even more concerned about the lack of proper choice of bullets (hollow point, etc. are so lethal!) Don't know about PA, but in NC where hunters are everywhere in the country, there are still restrictions about when and where weapons can be fired. Yes, the Gosselins have many acres, but a hollow point shell can travel up to almost a mile! The Gosselin neighbors aren't that far way.

    Not sure who reported Jon with the gun, but it could have been a neighbor, or anybody. ROL is very vague about that part.

    We have had judges here (NC) who have forbidden firearms in homes with small children after a divorce decree that was particularly acrid. It is usually temporary though, or documentation/photos/etc. have to be presented to show that they are locked either in a gun cabinet, or that their are locks on the trigger. Sorry, can't locate much online about specific gun laws in PA this afternoon. (It's school holiday program tonight and then tomorrow is class party - you guessed it, I have to take all the food for both twins' classes - just a zoo.)

  34. Other thing I meant to say before dashing off to school program this evening, you usually hunt with a rifle or shotgun, not with a freaking handgun. It's the handgun part that scares me. Has Jon had this gun for a while or is it a new purchase? Given his state of flux and irresponsibility, that is the frightening part. Would he even know that it has to be locked up or with a trigger lock?

  35. Ok. Guns suck as a rule. I wish there was no reason to ever have to "bear arms". I also can't stand the discussions that guns create. They never end well and are always heated. But my feelings are to each his own as long as the kids don't get hurt.

    I am going to set my DVR to record Kate.

    Thanks BabyMama for posting all that. I missed all of it!

    Have a great weekend everyone, I'll probably be MIA due to last minute shopping!


  36. This story only makes sense if Kate received the house in the divorce settlement. A permit is not required for a gun if it is at ones home or place of business. A permit is only required to conceal, carry or transport in a motor vehicle. You can transport it for target practice as long as the ammo and gun are in separate lock boxes and the gun is unloaded.

    I really don't see Steve being one of those take a bullet for bodyguards. He's seem to be more a babysitter/handler. I also think its malicious to say Kate requires the bodyguard for Jon. Jon has not industry of violence, abuse towards Kate and mental issues. Maybe Jon can't afford a bodyguard so he has a gun :P

  37. Jessica~ Yes! I also just saw on TV the photo of Kate dressed as Carol Brady! Its a great shot! Kate was named as one of People Magazines 25 most intriguing people of 2009 that looks to be out tomorrow.. I can't wait to pick it up!

    From AP.COM:
    "December 17, 2009 -- Kate Gosselin was named among the People Magazine '25 Most Intriguing of 2009' as "mother of all reality stars," according to yesterday's announcement (December 16). Former television mom for the recently canceled 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' show, this working mother has taken care of her kids. Kate remains the bread winner in her house while dealing with a messy divorce playing out in front of the eyes of the world.

    While the battle continues, Kate Gosselin's life doesn't seem to get any easier. A change is coming, though. Gosselin is rumored to have several possible television shows in the works, as well as a number of potential book projects.

    The list highlighting people in the public eye considered most interesting isn't provided in any particular order. A double issue, the '25 Most Intriguing of 2009' People magazine will be the last issue for 2009. Also on the list are Lady Gaga and Rihanna. The always popular issue of People hits newsstands Friday, December 18, 2009."

  38. I think the judge may be privy to some information that we may not be to prohibit him from having guns in the home. I am truthfully thankful for him or any other adult not to have them in that home because that many kids of those ages are hard to keep up with and it only takes a second for something bad to happen. If he wants a gun, he should keep it in his other home and take it hunting or to target practice when he doesn't have custody. The pictures that I saw didn't look like responsible gun use to me, they looked like showing off or playing.

  39. What the heck is going on with Hailey?? Why, now that she has a new beau, is trashing Jon? lol too funny..

    Jon Gosselin's Jealous Rage: Real Or Publicity Stunt?Jon Gosselin's Jealous Rage: Real Or Publicity Stunt? Posted on Dec 17, 2009

    "He may have been packing some heat outside of his house on Wednesday, but we really doubt Jon Gosselin is some gun-toting maniac. However, Gosselin is getting a violent bad rep courtesy of his ex Hailey Glassman and her new beau.

    Damon Feldman, a celebrity boxing promoter, claims he is bulking up security ahead of Hailey's upcoming appearance at his Friday event. How convenient! “He was acting crazy last night when Hailey just wanted to be left alone. Me and another of my guys went out to talk with him but he wouldn’t leave and just sat in his car with this glassy stare on his face," Feldman told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “After we walked away he kept sending her nasty text messages and only left after she called him and accused him of being a stalker." In one text, Jon allegedly threatened to kill Feldman and called him a liar.

    “I don’t know what the guy’s problem is because we once met in New York to discuss him possibly appearing in one of my celebrity bouts," he added. “He was way out of order last night and I’m going to increase security around my event on Friday night in case he causes any trouble."

    Call us skeptics but it's been hard to keep Hailey's story straight recently: though she distanced herself from Gosselin publicly, privately she was still staying at his New York City apartment and days after she claimed he wrecked her relationship with her family, she was suddenly tweeting about hanging out with her mom.

    While Jon clearly has his faults, he's never shown a violent side. With her connection to fame dwindling, it seems Hailey might have taken some lessons from Jon in fame mongering. She clearly wants to fill the seats as she referees the Friday fight at the Philadelphia Airport Ramada!"

  40. Okay, I think based on MSNBC article and the fact that it was the divorce judge banning the gun, not having a gun around the kids must have been part of the divorce arbitration agreement. It also seems like he has to get it registered at another address within three months.


    "One item of contention in the divorce didn’t surface until late in the game: Jon’s gun. Jon was recently spotted shooting a .38 pistol on the property he and Kate own in Wernersville, Penn. On Thursday, a judge issued a court order barring the gun from the property. Expect that ban to remain in effect as part of the divorce agreement. The source said that it’s been agreed the gun is not allowed in the house with the kids. "

  41. Tashapork~
    That is not irresponsable use of a gun. What the hell? I do the exact same thing in my back yard with my kids. Does that make me irresponsable? Let the poor man shoot his gun.

    #1caregiver~Thank you! Amen!!!

  42. Wow! Did anyone see TMZ.com's report this morning? The divorce is final and Jon has to pay child support in five figures and only gets visitation?

  43. ...Alo makes the Hellers look like idiots for making official comments to the press that the divorce wouldn't be finalized until early next year.

    AND that Jon got nailed for the full $235K that was missing from the marital account.

  44. The divorce is final.

    This is from TMZ. If it is true, then we have the answer to the issue of calling Kate a liar regarding the money.
    "We've also learned Jon was charged every penny of the $235,000 that he withdrew from their joint account. That amount was deducted from his piece of the settlement.

    As for Jon's claim that Kate should be docked for money she withdrew ... we've learned Jon struck out. The arbitrator determined every penny she withdrew was for the benefit of the kids."
    I also think it is very clear that Jon DID NOT WANT to be primary parent or have primary custody because he could have fought this if he did.

    "Under the terms of the divorce decree, Kate has primary custody and Jon gets visitation -- both Jon and Kate agreed to that in advance. And, they agreed, neither party would get spousal support."

  45. Their divorce is final! I read on OMG!

  46. yes!! I read it too put wasnt able to get to a computer to post. The Hellers are insane if they think people are going to listen to them anymore. I will have a new post up hopefully by tonight..

    EXCLUSIVE: Jon And Kate Gosselin Divorce Official — Kate Walks Away With Most Of The Money And The House
    We told you so! RadarOnline com exclusively reported on Thursday that Jon and Kate Gosselin’s divorce decree would be made official within 24 hours – and it has.

    They are both now officially single.

    What’s more RadarOnline.com has learned that Kate is absolutely thrilled with the settlement and has gotten everything she wanted including the house and most of the cash.

    Jon, meantime, is struggling both financially, and emotionally. With his ability to earn any cash stifled by his ongoing legal dispute with cable giant TLC, and his relationship woes with on again off again girlfriend Hailey Glassman, it’s tough times for the dad of 8.

    Mark Momjian, Kate’s co-counsel tells RadarOnline.com, “Our client will continue to reside with all eight of her children in the former marital home. This was Kate’s primary focus from the very start of the case, and we are very pleased with the final outcome.”

    “I am very relieved that our divorce has been finalized, and I look forward to the New Year, focusing on the children,” Kate said in a statement released by her attorneys. “On behalf of myself and my legal team, I want to express my deep appreciation to the Judge and his staff, as well as to the arbitrator, for resolving this case. This has been a challenging transition for all of us, but I am confident that we will move ahead with the important task of restructuring our lives.”

  47. check out this comment from radar, I couldn't have said it better my self!!!!!

    Maybe the kids will let Jon have a crooked house to crash in during visitation. He can put a fridge on the porch, a tv with rabbit ears and grow some weed in the back.

    sick of ragging, who ever you are, you are too funny.

  48. I am soo happy for Kate and Jon too actually. One advantage to Kate keeping the house and most of the money is that TLC can't take it away from Jon in a lawsuit if he doesn't have it to take. It is also a relief for them to be out of limbo. Jon has a clear picture of where he stands in this so he can plan his life accordingly and hopefully get some peace. Also, now Jon won't be financially responsible for that mortgage. I just hope that they can put this aside and have a nice christmas with the kids.

  49. Just a comment on the gun issue ... I do very much believe in the right to bear arms. My two boys would fall into that category that was mentioned by Schmecky (I think) of those who've been educated about guns, gun safety, etc. from toddler-hood.

    Their father, and both grandfathers, were very avid hunters, my boys understood how guns fit into everyday life from the time they could walk. They had both learned to shoot, how to assemble/disassemble various guns for cleaning etc., how to load/unload, and how to SAFELY handle a gun ... by age 5. They have both taken safety courses. And now, at age 23 and 24, own their own guns, and hunt, with their father and grandfathers, still.

    Personally, I was more comfortable with my children being around guns, with extensive knowledge about their uses and misuse, than I ever was, with a child who was NOT similarly educated. Kids who don't have that education and understanding, and have never been exposed to such, IMO - have that peer pressure/curiousity factor that MY KIDS didn't have.

    I had no issue with my kids ever being home alone, with guns in the house, either locked up or not. BUT - I would never allow somebody else's child to be in a similar situation.

    I know my kids would not touch a gun out of curiousity, to show off, or whatever it is that compels a child to touch a gun. They had access to said guns, if they just asked. I worried more about kids whose education level was NOT as extensive as mine, and I did not have any way of judging what other kids level of knowledge is/was.

    All that said, guns and gun ownership is a VERY personal issue. I would never impose my beliefs on others. I would never allow children unsupervised in my house without any and all firearms being safely locked up, and the same thing I would expect from anyone my children visited. I trusted my kids, from a very young age, around guns. But YOU shouldn't trust my kids around guns in your house, you don't know their background. And vice versa.

    I don't care if Jon owns a gun, he has every right to. PA is a very pro-gun state, with many many hunters and sportsmen. But I agree with whomever said, they did not believe any of the Gosselin kids would have ever been exposed to or educated about, guns and gun safety. I would EXPECT Jon, if he is a responsible gun owner and father, to ensure his kids are safe.

  50. Also very glad that the divorce is now final. You all know I'm not a Kate fan ... not much of a Jon fan either, though. But I wish them both peace and happiness, and hopefully NOW they can move on. They both know where they stand and can make decisions about where they go from here.

    Jon needs to surround himself with BETTER management, both legal and professional. The people he has been working with, very obviously, DO NOT have his best interests at heart. I would like to see him sue the Hellers for negligence, in the manner in which they have represented him.

  51. After all has been said and done, why does my heart feel heavy? I know now that Kate is much better off not married to Jon and everyone must be thrilled that the divorce is now final but I keep picturing Jon from the early days of the show and it makes me sad to wonder why it had to end up like this. I keep hearing them repeat how they would always be together forever and it's sad to see how it all fell apart.

    Well, I guess it is really time to move on now. I am sure Kate feels just as sad about it except for feeling relieved that the tension and pressure can now be lifted from her shoulders. I just hope that Jon doesn't gradually disappear from the childrens' lives.

    I know I have gone from trying to see the best in him to hating him and now I'm almost afraid to say this, but despite the mess he has become this last 6 months or so, I am kind of afraid for him. It seems he's lost just about everything. He's lost his wife, practically all his money, his house, his supposed girlfriend who would stand by him through thick and thin and pretty much any shot of working for at least right now, not to mention all the legal woes still ahead. He has lost his status as joint custodian of the children (wonder what that will mean in terms of decision making for them) so I don't see much of a bright side for him. I hope he doesn't do something really stupid out of desperation. I hope he doesn't turn away from his kids and try to pretend the last 10 years never happened. I think he really needs prayers right now.

    I truly wish them both the best in their new lives and hope that they can one day get past all this negativity and somehow be friends for the sake of the kids.

  52. So funny about the Crooked Houses comment! Everything is happening so fast this week, I put up a new post so I don't look so dated!

  53. I know there's a new post, but felt this comment should go here.

    Again, I believe in the right to bear arms. Responsibility being a key part of that. I was reared in a family that hunted and we were taught never to fool around and to treat any gun as loaded.

    I should further say that these were rifles and shotguns, not handguns. Could you go hunting with a handgun? I don't really know because my father would not allow them in the house. His opinion was that the only purpose in having a handgun was to shoot a person, not for hunting.

    Despite trying to teach responsibility, some of my multiples are a bit impulsive and also less mature than other kids their age. Because of having multiples and a lot of kids in the home, as well as seemingly endless friends over, we made the decision to park our rifles and shotguns in a locked storage unit; and then subsequently sold them.

    As I said, I grew up hunting and skeet shooting. But handguns still scare me big time. This makes me realize that there's more questions to ask when we let our children go to the homes of others, "Do you have guns in your house? If so, are they locked away or trigger secured?" Geez, being a parent just seems to get harder every day.

    We just had a child (not in our city but near by) who got shot while visiting a neighbor. The visiting child assumed that the gun was a toy and pulled the trigger. Don't know if it was a rifle or a handgun, but from the reports, it sounds like a handgun. I can't imagine the pain and guilt of the parents in realizing that this accident never had to happen.

  54. Linda, well said about hand guns. I am an x-hunter myself. The only use for a hand gun in hunting that I remember, is when your hunting Bears. If the rifle shot doesn't stop, the hunters carry a hand gun for close up shots. Then they probably say a prayer, and hope that it stops them. Have a great day!

  55. I think it is sad what happened to jon and kate. I think in my opinion the show and the popularity ruined there relationship. the kids shouldnt have to be put through this. i am still the biggest jon and kate fan every i just really wish that this wouldnt have happened. if you kate or jon read this. i really wished you could have worked it out but i get it. and jon not trying to be mean or anything but smoking is a very bad habbit.. i dont want anything to take you away from your kids...... your biggest fan alli