Monday, August 10, 2009

Kate On The Today Show "Jodi & Kevin Were Paid", Discuss Beach & Kitchen Revival

Kate Gosselin broke down in tears during a Today Show interview Monday while describing why she still wears her wedding ring. Struggling to maintain her composure and using a tissue to dab at her eyes, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom said she keeps the ring on to make the divorce transition easier for her children.
“Sorry,” she said as she started to cry. “I don’t want to upset them (the kids.) I don’t want to shock them.”
Kate was emotional during various points of the interview, but she tackled head on husband Jon’s new romance, denied an affair with her bodyguard and attacked her brother who has criticized her publicly.
She was clearly upset but shed no tears as she addressed the subject of Jon dating Hailey Glassman, the 22-year-old daughter of the doctor who performed Kate’s tummy tuck.
Asked about the fact that Jon has admitted to starting the relationship in May, well before the reality show couple’s June 22 divorce announcement, Kate said, “I was shocked.” She added: “It’s very hurtful. To be very honest the most hurtful part is when his decisions directly affect the children.”
But she saved her harshest words for her brother Kevin Krieder and his wife Jodi, who have spoken out repeatedly, most recently on the CBS Early Show, saying they believe the Gosselin kids are being exploited. “That’s probably one of the most hurtful thing in all ofthis when family turns on you and makes up lies,” Kate said. “This has become a business for them where they travel and speak on live TV shows with their allegations. This is a brother who I was very, very close to who became jealous.”
In the wide-ranging interview Kate denied a long-rumored affair with her bodyguard Steve Neild. “There is no affair. There never has been an affair,” Kate said. “We are very good friends with him, his wife and family.”
In the two-segment interview she admitted, “I wake up and I feel a lot of failure. This is not what any mother sets out for her children.”
She said she still loves the Jon “that I knew” but made it fairly clear that those feelings don’t apply to Single Partying Jon, the man who has dated Hailey, ex Star reporter Kate Major and had a late night sleepover with the babysitter recently.
She responded to Jon’s assertion that she gave up on the marriage saying that wasn’t true and “clearly we both have completely different takes on what happened between us but I feel like the details of that for the sake of my kids need to remain private.”


  1. I'll be the first to admit that there were times when I'd say after an episode 'Give Jon a Break, Kate'. But you know.. I really respect her even more now. Throughout the series while sometimes I'd critsize her as a wife, I'd always see that she was an amazing mother. Always picking up the pieces.

    It's now accured to me during this breakup that she indeed was also the person who picked up the pieces in the marriage. It now clicks with me some of her attitudes towards Jon on that couch, looking back. They were justified.

    I look at Jon now. I think of two words: Midlife Crisis. Or Maybe this is a guy whose trying to re capture his 20's where instead of acting like a normal 20 year old, he was busy being a father of 8. These decisions are erractic and thoughtless. He has the worse case of verbal diarhea.

    The one thing that hit me the most during Kate's interview was when she said, that she still loved the Jon she used to know. That's exactly where I am. As a viewer. I love and miss that Jon I used to see.

    I re watched all my old J&K plus 8 DVD collections. From beginning to end, I'm amazed at the transformation.

    Jon , a church goer, a guy who talked about his dad with such love, who took such pride in Cara being like him sports wise,.. a guy who tried to get his wife to buy herself nice clothes, who brought her flowers on Valentine's Day and liked that she took time at the Spa to rejuvinate herself and become a better mom, Who said those beautiful vows in Hawaii ..

    He's now wearing shirts with skulls on them, motocycle riding, both ears pierecd, calling other women 'his girl' before the ink can barely dry on the seperation papers.

    Meanwhile Kate is wearing her wedding ring, just to let the kids not feel so rushed by the change.

    It's horrible. And I know, one day, maybe 7 years from now, maybe 7 months from now Jon is going to look back and hate himself for what he's done.

    As for Jody/Kevin.. I have nothing to say. NOTHING.

    Keep fighting Kate. Keep moving forward and if anyone deserves a new life, and a new person to share that life with. It's you.

    Bless the kids. And hopefully they all maintain that bright innocence.

  2. Kate did a great job and I am glad she didn't play the Jon blame game like HE is playing the Kate blame game. Kate has class and did not answer questions that she felt she shouldn't. She was vague with some of them. I think she did a great job, but I wish she looked happier. She looked better on the show, bit looked somber this morning. She really does EVERYTHING for those kids.

  3. Kate took the high road in this interview, that was no surprise. Good for her!!!! I really enjoyed seeing her express her own reality of the situation.

    Jody and Kevin must be one huge disappointment to her, at a time when she needs others to lean on for support.

  4. I was so happy that Kate remained above reproach. You could tell that she has class and will do anything for her kids. She did not sink to gossip or slander. I respect her for keping some of the details private. Watching her this morning only encourages me to support her and the kids more. I deeply feel for her in this situation. I only wish Jon could see it too. I look forward to Thursday when she is on Regis and Kelly!

  5. Go Kate! She stayed classy and focused, addressing the questions without mudslinging since she didn't need to. Jon does that to himself very well just by his actions.

    At any rate, just goes to show you that you can't believe everything that Radar says, just their pics... & we all know pictures say a thousand words.

  6. I thought Kate handled herself with much dignity. She seemed sad, but she didn't bash Jon. I hope she continues to rise above all the wild stuf he is doing--it must be hard for her not to just totally go off on him. She seemed very classy.
    Baby Mama--I have only posted once before (I met kate at a booksigning in May) but I love to come here and read the latest. Keep up the good work!

  7. I just watched the interview. All in all it was a good interview. Kate was very polished and professional. A little too "professional" for Kate though, in my opinion. I say that because it just didn't seem "natural". We all see how she speaks in the interviews on her show and she is never so "calm" and low key. I wish she was more like we always see her. I think it came across as acting. Aside from that I thought it was a really good interview.

    I'm so happy Meredith addressed so many issues.

    I'm so glad Kate addressed the affair with Steve and the condo. Now she has publicly denied both. So until there is PROOF of either maybe they can put all those rumors to rest.

    I really couldn't see her to admitting to an affair with Steve if it was true, but I'm glad she addressed it. I tend to believe her because there has never been any proof (although they could just be very discreet). His poor wife though... to have to listen to stuff about her husband. I really feel for her.

    As for Jodi and Kevin, I'm glad she discussed them too. Personally I feel the fact that they get paid for their interviews isn't wrong if they are telling the truth and their motives are pure. But if they are LYING and making it into their "business" then that is totally wrong. I'm not sure that's what they are doing but I'm still glad she addressed it.

    I was upset she didn't really answer some questions though.

    1) To say she doesn't "remember" when Jon moved out or when the marriage ended... that was a total cop-out. If she "remembered" then that would mean she was admitting the show was a farce since Oct 2008. How can she not "remember" at least the month, if not the exact day. I don't believe that. Smart call though to not address it.

    2) She also didn't answer HOW Jon's actions have directly affected her children, even when asked directly. I mean we can all assume but I would have liked to hear it from her. I do like that she said Jon dating Hailey doesn't have anything to do with her. Because their marriage is over it really shouldn't. And she was very smart not to say anything negative about Hailey or Jon.

    I also think she should take the ring off. It is just confusing to the children, in my opinion. I think it gives them hope.

    Also, I’m glad she addressed the college funds, however, I personally feel those children are entitled to more than just college funds. They are entitled to a fair percentage of the show and DVD sales’ profits set aside for them in trust accounts. They are just as much, if not more, a part of the show as their parents are. They do photo shoots and show promos and chair interviews, etc. aside from being filmed.

    And her hair! They styled the back/top differently! She looked awesome without the spiked up hair. I hope she keeps it that way.

    Oh and I LOVED her shoes! I know it's not important to the interview but I HAVE to get a pair of them. Anyone know who makes them? Please don't say Christian Louboutin because I am not spending $1,000 on a pair of shoes.

    I think I am forgetting something but I can't remember what... oh well.

  8. I am SO glad she finally spoke out against Jodi & Kevin.
    They are "supposedly upset" about the kids being exploited & they keep going & doing interviews & earning money talking about the kids. I would be DONE with my brother if that was me.
    I thought the ring thing was sad, but I get what she is saying.
    I guess John is supposed to be on Etv tonight? Ughh...

  9. The "Jon I knew" part is spot-on. I don't know them personally (obviously), but when you look back to old episodes, I just can't connect that Jon to the current Ed Hardy wearing, chain smoking, friends with Michael Lohan Jon. I can't imagine how Kate must feel.

    Team K8! :D

  10. Shchmecky Girl...I noticed the shoes too! So cute. Anyway, I thought she did a great job. Its important that she remains classy. She also said that she is good friends with the wife of the head of the security team...the one whom she was lunching with when the condo rumors started. Could that be Steve's wife she was referring to? Anyway...I almost don't want to watch Jon on E! tonight...but probably will. He just continues to talk himself into his own grave, so I'm guessing tonight will be no different.

    Thanks again for this site. I enjoy it very much.

  11. I thought Kate was sincere. It was obvious that there were topics she didn’t want to delve into which showed integrity and restraint. I also think that an interview on the show, Jon and Kate + 8, is totally different than an interview on a morning show. Although she has talked about their separation and divorce on J& K +8, and has shown emotion, she is interviewed in her own home, on her own turf. The interview with Meredith was on a different set, on an early morning show, and knew she would be posed difficult and pointed questions. I’m sure these were among the reasons she might have appeared more somber.

  12. Kate said that she hopes her children will look back at this time and remember a mother that had perserverance and intergrity....I believe they will.

    Meredith asked Kate some pretty tough, straight foward questions. Kate answered each question with intergrity and grace. She was honest and a bit emotional. She did not throw any mud, she did not blast anyone, and she really could of. But that is not her style.

    It is clear that she is mourning the loss of the husband that once was. Jon is clearly not the man that she married and certainly not the man we have all watched over the last few years. However, she did not cut him down, she did not take any jabs at him. Instead she simply said that he is making decisions that she would not.

    She is definetly feeling the betrayal of Jodi and Kevin, specifically Kevin. She could of completely torn them apart, spewed hatred the way they have to her, and yet she choose to handle the questions in an honest respectful manner.

    Clearly her children are still her number one priority and she is taking measures to make this transition period as easy as possible for them.

    I feel that A LOT of questions were covered. From college funds, to affairs, new condos, Kevin and Jodi, etc. I think that Kate really wants the air cleared.

  13. SchmeckyGirl, I completely agree with your comment about the children being compensated. During the interview Kate told Meredith the show was a "unique" work situation. If it's her work then it is for the kids as well. They are on camera and doing the couch interviews too and should have more than just college funds put aside for them.

  14. Remember on the "seperation" show, Jon said, "people are telling me I've changed, but I know now this is the person I really am". So the Jon she knew and loved wasn't really him at all?

  15. I'm so proud of Kate!! She did such a lovely job this morning!! It would be very hard to be questioned about your marriage and why it failed and how seeing Jon with Hailey makes her feel! I wish I could give her a big hug! I wish I was her friend just to be able to tell her it will be ok that she is an amazing mother and that she will get the happiness she much deserves!

    I don't know how true it is but Radar is saying Jon's interview on E is cancelled for tonight..I wonder what the real reason is? Do you guys think its b/c Kate didn't blast him like maybe he thought she would?

    I do feel so horrible for the kids b/c its so hard to understand things like this when you are so young and my heart broke for Kara when Kate said she thought she meant they would be ok. I mean what do you say? How do you explain something that yourself can't quite put your mind around.

  16. I don't think it's really our business to know how the children are being affected by Jon's actions, that should stay as private as possible.

    As for Kate not remembering the exact date Jon moved out, maybe she just doesn't want to go back to that particular point and discuss that.

    All in all she did a great job, she didn't take any jabs at Jon like he did to her in his InTouch interview and I'm glad she answered the Kevin&Jodi question.

  17. The kids deserve more than a college education. If Jon and Kate really do make $75,ooo an episode the kids should have huge bank account in their name for when they are adults, just like all other child actors/actresses.

    There would be no show without them. Most of that money belongs to the kids.

  18. How did Radar find out about THIS???

    EXCLUSIVE: Jon’s Interview Canceled

    Jon Gosselin’s interview with E!, scheduled for Monday, is off, has learned exclusively.

    A behind the scenes corporate struggle is to blame, a source close to the situation tells

    It is still possible disagreements could be worked through and the interview would take place.

    But the scheduled – and promoted interview – was canceled after a behind-the-scenes power struggle between corporate entities. Jon, of course, is under contract to TLC, but he also just gave an interview to In Touch magazine and is still bound by the terms of that agreement, someone familiar with the situation tells The TLC-E!-In Touch triangle is a complicated affair and two of those entities clashed, but it is not clear who pulled the plug on – or delayed — the interview.

    Kate Gosselin appeared on the Today Show Monday morning in an emotional interview where she ranged from tears to fury, attacking her brother, denying affair rumors, saying Jon’s relationship with Hailey Glassman stung her and crying about why she still wears her wedding ring.

  19. I think that maybe Kate said "I can't remember" to when Jon moved out because she may just not have wanted to talk about it, OR, like she said -- Jon wasn't around much at all during that time, so it was like he already wasn't living there, and so it was more of a gradual thing than a "Hey, Kate, I'm moving my stuff out today" type thing. I guess she could have said a time period to validate this, but hey -- she has no obligation to do so.

    I think she did a wonderful job today--and I do hope that the children have accounts set up for each of them to receive more money than just for college expenses alone.

    On another note, I was thinking the other day of how Jon's InTouch interview could not be blatant lies-- that it is possible that Kate went to Jon in October and said something about the fact that their goals/ideas-of-how-life-
    should-be were completely different and that maybe they should try and work on those things. Also, sometimes (in relationships) people say things that they don't necessarily mean literally -- maybe she was trying to go to him to get him to work on things with her, but he just used her literal (out of context) words in his InTouch interview. Because, if she really said the marriage was over and had made up her mind completely, why would she wait until June to file for divorce. I think that maybe Jon's words could be true to some degree, but that he is taking them out of context just to try to make Kate look like she completely ended the marriage.

  20. They cancelled Jon's interview??I hope not I was excited to hear Jon tonight!Anyways thanks Baby Mama for putting the Kate interview on I slept in and missed it. That interview cleared up a lot of rumors, I was proud of Kate during that interview!

  21. tatianachick said...
    I don't think it's really our business to know how the children are being affected by Jon's actions, that should stay as private as possible.

    As for Kate not remembering the exact date Jon moved out, maybe she just doesn't want to go back to that particular point and discuss that.

    Really... is any of it our business?

    She didn't have to say how each child was dealing with it, just in general how Jon's dating someone else or going out to bars affects his children. Do the kids know all this? Do the kids in school comment about it? Do the kids see it on tv or on tabloids?

    And Kate specifically said she didn't remember when Jon left, etc. She did not say she would rather not go back to that point in her life and discuss it. She could have said that. She didn't. She chose to say she didn't remember. Sounds like a cop-out to me. I'm sure I'd remember the day my husband walked out on me. At least the month. I still think she didn't discuss it because it would give away that they were not together when they were filming like they were.

    She should also remember if the last time she spoke to Meredith on the Today Show if she was honest or not. She wouldn't remember what was really going on at the time of the interview? Sounds fishy to me. Just my opinion.

  22. They said on the last portion of the Today Show that Jon's interview had been canceled.

  23. Geez, guys! Cut Kate a little slack! I understand why she said she honestly didn't remember. If she suspected Jon was catting around back in April, what a fool she'd look and feel like for admitting that she was in denial. And if Jon came and went as she stated, it's not a date she would have recorded on the calendar. He just didn't officially come back. Knowing Jon's profound verbal skills in discussing anything of substance, I'm sure he didn't make an announcement. He took the easy way out and said nothing, figuring she'd figure it out eventually.

    Good for Kate! I think this interview proves that Kate really does understand that the kids will know and see all of this one day. The record she leaves will be filled with integrity. She's keeping her feelings about all this to herself and trying to be sensitive that this is her children's father who they love very much! Mudslinging would only hurt the kids.

  24. I'm sure the kids are going to be compensated. Both Kate & Jon have said the house is the kids. And I'm sure theres bank accounts. Plus I would think residuals from repeat shows will be owed to them.
    Kate is not off buying Gucci & swanky NY apartments, Jon is .. so if anyone is spending the money its him.
    He is the one being quoted calling someone else "his girl"..
    What is he 16? Gimme a break.
    As far as when Jon moved out, does it really matter? I mean its painfully obvious he is out doing god knows what & probably has been for a long time. Maybe he has been so absent for so long that picking a day/ month would never pinpoint it.
    I will continue to watch the show, but quite honestly when Jon comes on I flip the channel.
    Putting their marriage aside totally/ It makes me sick what he is doing to his kids. Marriages dont always work out.
    But disgracing your family/kids is unacceptable. And a father of 8 shouldnt be posing for pics w/ a 22 yr old on a swingset.
    I hope TLC deletes him from the show & focuses on her as a mom handing life.

  25. radar and jared have Kate shopping with Steve

  26. I really loved reading all the previous posts.

    I too think Kate handled herself with dignity and class this morning during the interview. I think we all secretly wanted her to come out and bash Jon in some retaliation for his stupid actions these past months. I'm impressed she took the high road and remained civil and mature. (I'm not sure I could have done it).

    I read the In Touch interview with Jon and was very skeptical at his comment that Kate came to him "out of the blue" in October and told him "I'm done, its over." So I was hoping Kate would comment on that and set the record straight. Just as I thought, she denies it happened that way and that they have two different takes on what led to the demise of their marriage. I think it shows once again how clueless Jon was, is, and continues to be. I too, used to cringe sometimes when Kate berated Jon. I see now it was her method to get some help out of him (otherwise I think he'd just stand there). Guys like that often end up just standing around waiting for orders. Instead of trying to become an equal in the relationship he opted out to find someone who is young enough not to require anything of him but good times. God forbid that guy produces more babies!

    It is very sad about Kate's brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Kreider. If they really cared about their nieces and nephews they would just keep their mouths shut to the public and try and speak directly with Kate. They are getting paid when they speak out so they continue to do it. They are becoming just as obnoxious as Jon.

    Thanks for the good coverage on your blog!

  27. A few of people said that right now when you view my blog on Firefox its all over the place. I am contacting them to see whats going on, since Im on Explorer now and can't see it.

    I am just glad the Kate talked about the apartment rumors & put them to rest.

  28. I am using Firefox and have no problem.

  29. I did appreciate Kate taking time to address these questions, big kudos to Meredith for asking what we all really wanted to know. However, I feel like Kate's questions were too planned out ahead of time. I know sometimes if you say too much it backfires but I just feel like both Jon & Kate are withholding a lot of information about their marriage and lives because it may not make them look as good to the public anymore.


    I look forward to more interviews from Kate, but over time.

  30. I don’t understand why people need to know specifically how much money each child will get from filming.
    Yes the kids are a big part of the show but without Jon and Kate there would not be kids or a show. While TLC may give a general script of each show it’s still up to a parent to participate. So they are getting paid also.
    The complaint of Kate going to the “Spa”, her nails, tanning or her clothes are the same things a lot of women do, myself included. I’ll take it one step further; I have a Coach purse for every outfit. That does not make me a bad parent.
    I will say that the cost of Jon in the Gucci store and Prada shoes are way above what Kate is spending at the “Spa”.

  31. I see that Steve the bodyguard is back. I read that you, Baby Mama, had a run in with Steve. Is that true?

  32. My parents set up "college funds" for my niece & nephews and while they are called college funds they are actually trust funds. Meaning when they reach legal age (or whatever age is designated in the fund) they can use that money not just for college but for whatever they want whether it's a house, car, traveling, starting a business or saving it for their retirement. I think more people use the term college fund now instead of trust fund because many people hear the words trust fund and think snotty rich kid.

  33. Yea Kate was SHOPPING FOR THE KIDS so what if she was with Steve he is her bodyguard..

  34. There were parts I liked about the interview and parts I didn't. I have noticed that the last time Kate went on she dressed pretty matronly and she did this time as well. I guess I see that as part of her PR team. I understand the need for her to look the part but it still in my opinion makes it look over the top, like she's trying to hard. But that is PR for you. Anyway, I respect the fact that she choose not to answer certain questions but I do view it as more her not saying anything that might incriminate herself rather than, "she can't remember" or some of the other ways she avoided questions. She didn't say that she didn't want this to happen either, I guess that was the most telling and gave Jon more credibility in what he has said. I am not saying I think EVERYTHING jon said was true but I tend to believe it has been over for a while and TLC painted the picture it was still on when it wasn't. Also, Kate wouldn't acknowledge her part in the demise of the marriage but I can also see why b/c it makes her look bad and after all she's been through in the tabloids, like she should feed them more to attack her w/. So I am glad she has come forward but do wish she would have said NO she didn't want this and came clean w/ when this all happened. But again I get that it might validify at least some of Jon's part. Who knows though. Speculation is the name of the game. I do feel for her though, w/ all the other women and his actions. I really do like Kate, but doesn't mean I agree w/ everything she's done. But anyway, that was my take. She has to answer to God for her decisions not the public so I wish her the best and hope she grows internally from this and comes out a better person.

  35. I am on firefox & its fine. I cant always view it on Safari.

  36. I can't see the stuff in the right margin using Firefox but I can see it with IE.

    Didn't Kate say a little while back that Jon went to her and said he had a lawyer and she should get one too? And that is when she did?

  37. thanks for posting the interview and thses great POSITIVE opinions of Kate.......I think that she looked GREAT for the interview (those shoes were KICK A**)....and I think that she is doing the best with what she's got......the RAW end of the deal.

  38. I've been reading your blogs for weeks and I just found my password. LOl! I want to say thank for this blog. I'm a huge fan of Kate plus 8. I'm glad that kate is keeping her head high. I just hope she has good moral support. That dam Jon must be on some drugs, but then again we know what he is thinking with.

  39. I thought that Kate handled the interview very well, and kudos to Meredith for conducting the interview in as sensitive a manner as possible. I was so happy to hear Kate set the record straight on some of the rumours out there. And so what if she didn't want to talk about specific timelines...he obviously checked out of the marriage long before she did. I'll bet that it was a gradual thing and that she hoped that he would change (for the better) for the sake of their family. She is obviously still emotional about the situation...and he has no right to attempt to point fingers to distract the public from his slumdog ways!

  40. Denise, the pictures I saw Kate was shopping with a woman in a flowered dress. Steve seemed to behind her on bodyguard duty.

  41. HA ! I watched tonight & I LOVE that they blurred out the Ed Hardy Logo on Jons shirt ! No free ads for him LOL !!!

  42. Ok, so watching the show right now, and Jon's shirt is blurred out. They would have told him they would have to do that. Which means that basically, he's wearing the shirt FOR the paparazzi photos. That's just sick.

  43. I watched an old NBC video from earlier this year that stated they make 47,000 an episode, plus the free house and now I hear 75,000. Maybe they were always making a lot of money and had me believing they were middle class, but now I see Jon and Kate living a life of luxury, and it just has me confused. I never liked shows like Cribs or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. This is what it is starting to seem like with everything you see that they have on the show. I don't blame them one bit, but it just changes how I view the show from seasons 1-3 and part of 4.

  44. SchmeckyGirl, if you think it was a cop-out, good for you. I'm saying differently, I never said Kate didn't want to go back to that point in time, I said MAYBE she didn't. Who knows what her true reasoning is for her answer.

  45. I wanted to tell everyone I put part 2 of the interview up. Sorry it wasn't up before. I'm traveling tonight and have not seen the new episode. Will report about it tomorrow. You guys can let me know if it was good or not!

  46. Kate 2.0 says she slept with Jon. She told everyone Jon was breaking up with Hailey and staying with her. She lost her job and was upset over the fact that Jon lied to her....Jon made a statement.. "I am glad that she is out of my life"..l So no Jon but we got Kate 2.0 instead damn..

    Regaring his wife? "She is the mother of my children, and I wish her all the best". Like he hadn't spoken to her in years........

  47. I still fast forwarded through Jon but I still noticed again that he's really let himself go compared to previous episodes before the hiatus. I mean he looks terrible. Not that he was any kind of looker before, but know what I mean?

  48. Reenie said...
    I'm sure the kids are going to be compensated. Both Kate & Jon have said the house is the kids. And I'm sure theres bank accounts. Plus I would think residuals from repeat shows will be owed to them.
    Kate is not off buying Gucci & swanky NY apartments, Jon is .. so if anyone is spending the money its him.
    How are you "sure"? Kate only mentioned college funds. Nothing else. As for the "mansion", if it has a mortgage on it the kids would have to pay that. If they aren't getting "paid" for the show they wouldn't get residuals, etc.

  49. Wow Kate Major just blasted Jon on E!

    She called him a liar and said they were "romantic". She didn't say "intimate" but I was under the impression that's what she meant. I wish she was more specific. Romantic may not always mean intimate.

    Jon made a statement: I'm glad she's out of my life. LMAO! What a mess. Did he really think she wouldn't tell all once he dumped her and went back to Hailey?

  50. Dee said...
    I don’t understand why people need to know specifically how much money each child will get from filming.
    I'm not saying you directed this comment toward me. I just want to make it clear that I don't feel we need to know exactly how much each child is getting.

    I'm surprised so many people seem bothered that people are concerned and just want to make sure the children get paid too. It's not like we are after their money for ourselves. We want it for the children. For their future.

    I think most people just want to make sure that they get their fair share. We don't need to know the dollars and cents. Whether it's called a college fund or a trust fund those children are entitled to more than just enough to pay for their college education.

    They've "worked" their entire childhood thus far and who knows how much longer. They deserve to get paid for it too.

  51. I just watched the new episode. It was okay. I did enjoy watching Collin clean the sand off his body and dumping more on at the same time. lol. Mady and Cara were funny. They are getting so big. Mady really is a mini-Kate. I loved her reaction to Jon's earrings! She was so cute.

    So Jon's ears were pierced since he was a teenager. He has tattoos too. Kate also has a tattoo on her leg. Maybe there is more to them than we saw on the show. Personally I don't care if anyone has a tattoo or not or piercings. That doesn't define a person. I just wonder if Jon and/or Kate had to "clean up" a bit to reach a wider demographic for the show.

    One thing I noticed about the show... I really hate how they talk over the footage. At the end Kate is explaining how her reaction to the kitchen may have seemed like she didn't appreciate it etc but we can't hear her reaction because of the voiceover.

    It would have been nice if we could have seen and heard her reaction ourselves. Was it that bad that they didn't want us to hear everything she said? I really wish they would stop doing that.

    I too noticed Jon's shirt was blurred out. I'm not sure why someone would assume he wore it anyway just for the paparazzi (a previous comment). Could be he wore it because he liked the shirt and didn't care if they showed it on tv or not.

  52. Kate Major tries to much to be noticed. Nobody really cares any more! Obviously Jon loves Haily.

  53. Jon's comment of "I'm too young for a mid-life crisis" was nuts! Even though he's only 32, the birth of twins and sextuplets and the responsibility that goes with it would age anyone beyond their years. I really do think he's "sowing his wild oats" because he didn't get a chance to when he was younger, and feels he missed out on things being a father of 8. To that I use Kate Major's saying... "man up!"

  54. Schmeckygirl~ I saw the article in the Sun Times. No one that I spoke to can even confirm who the source is that wrote that story. So I feel it was a total lie set up tp make Kate look bad. My guess is Jon put Hailey up to calling the paper. He probably promised to get her a bigger pad so she can grow more herbs....I kid I kid

  55. Not sure what proof people want that the kids are being compensated. I am pleased that Jon and Kate have both gone on record that the kids have college funds set up for them. And I agree college fund is the general term used for an account that a kid can get access to when they are a certain age. The way we have them set up in our family is that they can access the funds at 18 if they are in college or 21 if they choose not to go to college. As for specific $ amounts, it is no one elses business. If the parents aren't doing right by the kids, that is a shame but look all around you and see lots of other parents who don't do right by their kids either.

    I do see certain things in the kids life right now as compensation as well. The show is helping their parents pay for a good private education for each child - that directly benefits each one of them. And I do so things like a house with a swimming pool and lots of land as fruits from their labor that children get to reap. I also would have loved the opportunities to travel as child that these kids get.

    I can understand the questions about privacy but have no concerns about the kis being fairly compensated for their roles in the show.

  56. Baby Mama, you got me wondering:

    An unnamed source... Isn't that different than an unknown source or an anonymous phone call?

    Wouldn't they confirm who or where the information is coming from? Would a reputable newspaper just take an anonymous phone call without a follow up? Wouldn't they have to prove they worked for NBC or Today?

    Wouldn't they know who their source is, yet keep that information from the public? Probably because the "source" wouldn't want to get fired or in trouble. I wonder how it really works.

  57. ScgmeckyGirl~ All they said to me was they are not able to discuss or cornfirm their source. (They are currently looking into calls coming from Haileys cell phone.. I kid.. I kid..)

    From Just Jared.....

    Former Star mag reporter Kate Major opens up to E! News about her former flame Jon Gosselin, whom she calls a “liar” and a “two-timer.”

    On her whirlwind romance with Jon: “We had plans to travel together, to live together, and to be together. He made his decision in the Hamptons. He wanted to be with me.”

    On Jon’s relationship with Hailey Glassman: “He told me he was going to Massachusetts to break up with her. I know the truth. He knows the truth. Unfortunately she did not. He tried to two-time both of us. He wasn’t honest with Hailey he needs to man up and tell the truth. I’m not going to be the other woman. In no way did he tell me he was going to go parade with his ex-girlfriend.”

    On having proof that she and Jon were romantically involved: “I was not the only one who was around when we were romantically involved. We were holed up together. It’s not like we were just sitting there doing an interview.”

    On Jon telling her to resign as a tabloid reporter: “I was with the person I was reporting on…it was a huge conflict of interest. He’s the one who actually told me to quit my job.”

    On the fallout and moving on: It’s been a nightmare. I did not want to have to do this…I have to speak. I did not want to have to sell him out but when he makes me look like a liar, a fool, and an idiot. I have to speak out. This whole experience has taught me so much. When I had Jon’s support it was hard, now that I don’t it’s even harder.”

  58. I don't care if it's called a "college fund", "trust fund" or any other term for that matter. Since the children are an INTEGRAL part of this show they deserve their fair share (not just college tuition). I don't need to know dollar amounts or any other details I simply hope it's being done. They deserve it.


    A spokeswhore for Today said the two sources' tongues will fall off, because they were telling LIES! They issued this response: “Kate Gosselin was a gracious guest on ‘Today,’ and anyone within 1,000 feet of her at the show this morning could tell you that.”

  60. Paige- you put it very well. The have said the kids have college/ or whatever funds set up & all the things ( big house,pool,private school, etc) The kids directly benefit from.
    And you are right. It is nobodys business of the dollar amount.

  61. Baby Mama:
    A spokeswhore?!?!??? LMAO!
    Well since it was an unnamed spokeswhore I'm not sure I'd believe them either.

  62. The Today show also called the source a "bad source." There are enough people who hate Kate, I think someone else contacted that reporter pretending to be an insider.

  63. Kate shows a lot of love and thoughtfulness toward her children and marriage. Jon has become the typical boy-child wanting his freedom to play. He still shows great love for his children; maybe in time his judgement will improve. As a woman in her second marriage, I understand a lot of Kate's sadness and her answers to questions concerning Jon's romances. Except to add hurt to her grief, Jon's romances are not her decisions and do not affect her future as a single woman. Whoops, I forgot her friends also have to choose sides and the girlfriends who show Jon romantic attention are also very hurtful. Kate, you will get thru this and if you allow yourself to feel and release the sadness, regret, failure of your life, you may find peace and joy again. I pray God will heal your heart and soul. The best you can do for your children is to be a loving, Christian lady. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Teaching your children about life's disappointments in people we love is extremely hard. Christians walk a fine line. Be Very Careful. Children will emulate whatever they see. Kudos to having the boys aim the USS North Carolina's guns at the "bad guys". Teaching the children not everyone is your friend is also an awesome responsibility. God Bless You and your family.