Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kate Gosselin On Live With Regis & Kelly, Jon & Kate Police Arguement, Walmarts Fall Healthtex Line Still w/Kate

Hello Gosselin fans! I decided to add these new events onto the same post, so things don't go scattered everywhere again. As we all know things have been really tense in the Gosselin home. Which is why it was such a relief to see Nanny Joan visiting with the kids. She is truly the Grandmother figure in their lives.

Paps Go Too Far Snapping Argument With Jon & Kate:

Radar seems to truly be stalking this family. And this time I feel that they have taken it too far. They are entitled to have some sort of privacy REGARDLESS of being celebrities..

"Police were called to the Gosselin house Thursday night after Jon and Kate got into a heated argument. One source close to the situation told, "Kate showed up at the house unexpectedly. It's Jon's scheduled time to be there with the kids." As the couple's marriage has unraveled so has the civility between them. "Kate couldn't get access to the house. She was upset," said the source. It's not clear who called the police. But it is clear that Jon didn't want Kate there and they argued.Police arrived but no arrests were made. Kate left and checked into a local hotel."

Kate Gosselin Fall Healthtex Line Quietly Arrives At WalMart

When my girlfriend told me that Kate's Fall Line of Healthtex clothes were actually selling now and doing well in Walmart I was shocked. Was this the same line that everyone said was being shelved after she showed everyone on The Rachel Ray Show the outhit that she designed and created? Well I will admit I am a dedicate Gymboree shopper and have never gone to Walmart, but only because there are none close. So I made the trip to see the items first hand. I was really surprised how cute and incredibly priced everything was. The was going to be a wonderful tool for mothers and I am in the process of writing to Healthtex in the hopes that they will re-implement it. The campaign was supposed to be this: "Wouldn't it be great to get tips and e-mail from Kate Gosselin? Just send her your e-mail address at and you will receive an e-mail from Americas busiest mom. "

Here are a few photos I took of the now simple Healthtex displays. I wish Kate was still on the posters, it would have been great. I really hope they can work this out and get together again.

Kate Gosselin Praised For Live With Regis & Kelly Appearance: Now & Then

Below is the clips to compare from this year and last. I blasted them on my previous blog last year for having those dangerous crayons that took up the whole stage. And making them sit on bean bag chairs.. It was crazy! Obviously put there by people without young kids! But as we all saw, this year was a big difference. Again, I am so proud of Kate and how she is handling all this. This the many reasons why I continue this blog, as a small means of support!


  1. When Kate Gosselin appeared on Live With Regis and Kelly, the talk-show guru predicted she would get back together with her estranged husband, Jon Gosselin.

    We could express our doubts on this matter (and we're sure Jon's GF, Hailey Glassman, will do so when she sits down for her first-ever TV interview with E! News on Monday night), but we'll let Kate (that would be Kate 1.0) speak for herself.

    The whole thing starts when Regis asks about how the family works now that she and Jon are separated.

    "I hold out hope that there will be times that it will be Jon & Kate and the kids," she says. "My main goal is to do, if nothing else, holidays together and different things together."

    This clearly sends shockwaves through Regis' cosmic signals.

    "I just have a feeling, like, I think the separation is going to come to an end, and I think he's going to come back and he 's going to say, 'Please marry me again,' and I think you're going to live happily every after," Regis says. "Now what do you think of that?"

    The original octomom is taken aback by the question but laughs along with the audience.

    "Wow. He's an optimist," she replies, looking at Kelly Ripa for reassurance.

    "He's totally going off on his own right now, just so you know," the cohost says.

    Regis is unrelenting, adding, "I just feel like that is what's going to happen here."

    "We definitely have different goals at this point. A lot has changed. A lot of unexpected things have come up. It's not ideal and I can't say that I think you're right at all," she answers, clearly hoping this would be the end of the line of questioning.

    It isn't.

    "If he came back tomorrow, Kate, and said, 'Look, let's put the past behind us. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and the kids,' what would you say?"

    "I don't think I can answer that," Kate squirms. "A lot of our lives are public, but a lot is private as well. Anything that you see, it has been very, very much filtered. I mean, I use my kids as a yardstick. What you see is what I want them to be able to see. It's not necessarily all."

    Regis continues to ask if Kate thinks "this would all go away" if the cameras were off, and she again doubts that to be the case.

    Later in the interview, she (sort of) addresses plastic surgery rumors and admits that she and Jon do "work pretty well together" when it comes to balancing their schedules and times with the kids. However, unlike on the Today show, she does not mention Jon's ladyloves.

    That's OK, though. You can get your fill on Monday at 7 and 11:30 p.m., when Hailey has her first official interview exclusively on E! News.

  2. Kate was cute and funny on Regis and Kelly, I couldn't help but laugh when Regis said that he thinks that someday Jon would come back and marry her, lol.

  3. Oh my goodness! Who says that to ANY divorcing woman with an unfaithful husband?!?! Regis is out of his mind. If I were Kate, I would refuse to ever come on the show again while that nut is lead host. She should only come back when there are those guest hosts with Kelly. She held up really well though!

  4. Just finished watching Regis & Kelly. I thought Kate did magnificently. They did a good job warming her up so she was much more relaxed and having fun. I loved her story of herself being sarcastic and feigning shock as she read the tabloids' stories on all her speculated plastic surgeries.

    Although she appeared nervous at times while addressing her difficulties she held it together very well, also handling Regis's wishful thinking question extremely well.

    I don't see how the haters could interpret his question as snark at all, in fact, I believe he was just trying to be supportive by making her &/or himself feel hopeful.

  5. Thanks for posting the clips Baby Mama. They certainly show a before/after image.

    I am not a fan of R or K but Kate handled herself beautifully. Regis had a lot of nerve crossing a line he should not have crossed. Even though I dislike her, Kelly sent a clear message that he was off-script and inappropriate. His comment about how things Kate indicated that things we see on the show are not true is complete distortion of what she said when she tried to explain that she has a private life aside from the show.

    She is brave to venture into such waters. Good going Kate!

  6. Kate did GREAT on Regis and Kelly Live !
    She is so right "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"!
    I love Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark since the "All My Children" days, they are so real and fun. I could tell Kelly teared up when she told Kate that she and America really feel her pain and are behind her.
    Wouldn't it be great if Kelly befriended Kate and invited her and the kids to their place in the Hamptons for a weekend!

  7. I think Kate did a great job this morning on R&K and although Regis meant well, I was kind of embarrased for him. He was really off track and did not have a clue about their whole situation.

  8. I think Regis just voiced the opinions of so many others and said to Kate what we all wish we could say. We were all so saddened to hear of the divorce and wished we could say NO give it another chance and Regis just said what we all hope will happen. So I think there was nothing wrong or mean spirited about it. I think Kate handled it well and confirmed to us all that a lot has been left on the cutting room floor and we are seeing an EXTREMELY edited version, we are seeing the sides of them TLC wants to show us. Which now TLC wants us all to like Kate more so they are showing her in a more positive light than before. No meltdowns, playing w/ the kids...etc. I liked this interview more than the TODAY show one b/c it went off script and we heard things we woudldn't have heard otherwise.

  9. I watch R & K all the time. I don't think Regis was trying to be snarky or put her on the spot. He is just clueless about anything that has to do with "pop culture". I am guessing that he didn't know all of the tabloid stuff. I think his questions were based on ignorance and not malice. I think Kelly is aware of all the tabloid madness and if she were leading the interview she would have asked a different set of questions. The best part of the interview was watching Kelly's face. She looked like a teenager that is mortified about something their parents are doing to embarass them. I think Kate handled the questions well.

  10. After watching the clips, I don't think Regis intentionally asked those questions to hurt Kate. He actually admitted to not really knowing about the TLC show, so perhaps he hasn't been kept up to date on all of the on-going infidelity. I think perhaps a reconciliation may have been possibly before hailey and kate major, but there have been too many things that have gone on for Kate to accept jon back. So, perhaps that is why Regis said what he said. (I don't regularly watch Live with Regis and Kelly, but I thought that they mention current events on their show -- so maybe Regis did know about hailey and kate major? Not sure.)

  11. Only comment is I really hate the original octomom reference regarding Kate. Taking all into consideration, that is a crossing the line insult. Regis is just Regis, quite out of touch with pretty much everything current.... including twitter! LOL... lovin Kelly's twitter craze though..... overall I now see why Kate looked a bit tired when leaving the studio....

  12. I applaud Regis for saying how he really feels. Kate answered how she wanted, and that's fine. I'm tired of people babying the Gosselins and fluffing over everything. Kate's a big girl, she can take it. Don't get me wrong I love Kate. I just don't think Regis was being nervy at all. I like the honest opinion, and I'm glad it caught Kate off guard. I'm tired of how everything lately from the Gosselins (not so much Jon here) seems so preplanned.

  13. I thought Kate handled Regis's off the wall question very well. Regis was pretty clueless about the situation.

  14. You know truth be told there is a tiny part of me that has that 'Regis Voice' saying someday Jon will realize what a jerk he's been and come back. Honestly I think he kind of voiced what many .. at least around me were thinking. So for that part of it, I appreciated that input. It to me was almost like he was saying.

    'Jon is out there making mistakes, but I really believe he'll return to where he should be.'
    Regis seemed to believe it and wanted to be optimistic for Kate at well.

    That said. I totally get why some were like. 'Why are putting that woman on the hot seat in front of everyone'? It was clear Kate probably had her own opinions on that matter, but wouldn't voice them and that was the only time she seemed really protective of herself. And I think it was the only really personal question that quite frankly I hadn't seen put there. I think that's what shocked Kate, and I understand if she didn't want to go there, and if some were mad on her behalf.

    But again for this viewer who wants to believe it will be alright, I guess I appreciated knowing that some wanted/believed/hoped that in the end 'everything would be alright' .. I think so many of us long time viewers just hold out hope for it.

    I was saying the other day that this is the pitfall of reality TV. You can't write a happy ending. If I could, I'd give them one. I know everyone would. Maybe that's what Regis was trying to suggest. Who knows?

    On another note. Kate looked beautiful. I loved Kelly commenting on 'Kate's hair rave' going on. I loved Kate's humor over the paps, ...

    But my favorite part was that despite everything thats been going on.. she still hopes for moments with her, Jon and the kids. I think it shows real maturity. That she can put her feelings on the backburner and want those family moments for her kids, even if her and Jon aren't together.

    As for Hailey's interview coming up. Maybe someone can recap for me later, maybe she'll say something worth hearing. I have no interest in watching her on TV. But maybe this is the new trend, interviewing all of Jon's mistresses.

  15. I will laugh when Jon throws his Las Vegas pool party and not very many people show up.

  16. From US
    Thursday August 13, 2009

    Jon Gosselin to Throw a Las Vegas Pool Party ShareThisJon Gosselin is throwing a pool party in Las Vegas.

    MGM Grand’s Wet Republic announced Wednesday: “Jon Gosselin, America’s favorite father (Jon and Kate plus 8), is coming to Las Vegas for a little R&R and will be hosting poolside.”

    The gathering will take place Aug. 29. A Vegas source tells Gosselin’s attendance has sparked as much interest as when Lindsay Lohan hosted her 23rd birthday at the hot spot in July.

    Gosselin will be in Sin City with Christian Audigier to attend MAGIC, a clothing industry trade show. (He debuted his relationship with 22-year-old Hailey Glassman on the Ed Hardy designer’s yacht in the South of France last month.)

    Audrina Patridge, Kendra Wilkinson, Kim Kardashian and Mario Lopez have also thrown soirees at Wet Republic.

  17. .....I have read as well that Jon is throwing a Las Vegas Pool Party on Aug. 29. However, I've also read that he is attending some type of a fashion-related event.

    All I know is that at the rate that Jon must be spending money (and I am sure there is alot of spending behind the scenes as well), Kate needs to protect the financial interests of both she and the children. He is destined to be a bankrupt, balding, overweight, uneducated father of 8. We'll see how many 22 yr olds will want him then!

  18. Boy I must have been really cranky earlier. I don't use the word hate often. I still think that the octomom comparison is a really low blow and see little in common with the two ladies.

    anyhoo..... a marketing job in Vegas? How convenient for him.

    I am so glad that Kate keeps it to bookstores and the Womens Conference.

  19. Radar is saying that Kate checked into a Days Inn after a fight with Jon .. there's a picture of her wiping tears away in her SUV .. poor Kate :-/

  20. Radar is now saying the police were called after the fight. Im just devastated for the kids. :( Apparently Kate showed up at the house when it wasnt her turn?? They say the story is still developing. So sad!

  21. Police were called to the house but no one was arrested.
    Please God, let the children NOT have seen this!

  22. I cant wait to buy the new healthtex outfits for my daughter at walmart! I walked into walmart today to get a few things and like always went to the little girl section to see if any new cute clothes had come out (Im cheap I know) and I seen the MOST adorable white pants and white shirt on the rack and an adorable purple floral pants with purple shirt on the rack. Cant wait until my daughter birthday (in 1 week) so she can open them up Im so excited this is Kates new line, the outfits are adorable!!! Also added, Kate did wonderfully on Regis and Kelly shes such a great women and mother!

  23. Jon called the cops??

    What a huge asshole

    Sorry for cussing but that's extreme for him to do that to his kids' mom. Idc if she did show up during his time, to call the cops, ugh he disgusts me.

  24. Poor Kate. She is so sweet. I hate to see such things happening to her as not being able to go into her house even if "nut case" is there for his time with the kids. She would never be so vindictive as to call the police on him. I can just hear the kids saying " Why can't Mommy come in?" Very damaging to them, in my opinion.


    Police were called to the Gosselin house in Wernersville, PA Thursday night after Jon and Kate got into a heated argument over Stephanie Santoro, the nanny who was on duty that day.

    As previously reported, on at least one occasion, Jon has spent the night with Santoro, 23, a former cocktail waitress, single mom and aspiring model whose online resume reveals she’s willing to pose nude!

    One source close to the situation told, "Kate showed up at the house unexpectedly. It's Jon's scheduled time to be there with the kids."

  26. Seriously now, I hope she sicks her lawyer on him. That is her home and those are her children. If they are still technically both living there part-time there should be no reason this should have even happened. That people on blogs are laughing at Kate and this situation is just sick. That anyone enjoys seeing this happen only shows how crazy these trolls are.

    If that was me it would have been worse. Im glad that she made the right and important choice t oremove herself from the situation. If it was me, the nanny would be watching her back. I'm just saying..Sad thing is, we all know Hailey is doing paces around her place waiting to pounce after September.

  27. I am really upset about this latest development. I hope that Kate's lawyer fights for full custody of the kids and the house. I mean, of course, the kids love their dad, and he should have scheduled time with them at the house, but if Kate wants to be there when he is there she should be able to. It should be her and the kids' house and he just gets to visit. I think Kate should be able to make the rules for that household (who gets to be the nanny, etc.) before Jon turns it into a poor man's version of the Playboy Mansion. Argh...I need coffee now. : )

  28. Erm, perhaps I missed it but where are the confirmations that it was Jon who called the Police? I have read that it is unclear who called them, but perhaps I've just missed the report saying that it was Jon. When I first read about the argument I had thought that maybe Kate called the police because she was unable to get access.

  29. I HATE Jon I hate him I hate him I hate him! Sorry I knwo that's awful for me to be like that but who the hell calls the cops on the mom of his 8 children!! Obviously he is on drugs and she is very worried about her kids and who they are around!! I think the kids should be drug tested to make sure he isn't smoking dope around them!! I know him and Hailey still smoke its obvious! I'm so mad right now!! I hope Kate's lawyer takes his fat ass for everything he is worth and he NEVER gets to see his kids again unless its supervised!! They are better off without him!!

    Of course the trolls on the "other" site are laughing they don't care about the kids they just care about hurting Kate and laughing at her they can all go to hell!!

  30. OMG I am so so heartbroken for Kate, to see her have to resort to a hotel away from her children is heartbreaking for any mother. I can not believe Jon would do something like this. I hope she files something with the courts that is mandatory that they both have to sign off on caregivers, I mean that only makes sence. As a mother I too would have been FURIOUS. So sick looking at the pics of Jon holding her baby.

    I also am excited about the Healthtex line, will be sure to stop by and pick up a few peices.

    On a side note: BabyMama I am so excited that you are on Twitter!! following you.

  31. OMG! What the heck is going on with them!?!?!? That's so horrible. I really hope the kids didn't see or hear any of it.

    I guess Kate's interviews didn't go over well with Jon. I wonder what else it can be. I can't believe how bad this is getting. Those poor kids.

    I wonder what happened. To actually call the police? But why is everyone assuming Jon called the police? Did I miss something? It doesn't say who called. Kate could have called them because Jon wouldn't let her in the house. I can easily see her doing that. Not to be vindictive but to make Jon let her in. Why would Jon call the police? He could just not let her in. Although I wouldn't put it past him either. I just can see them both calling the cops.

    I'm kind of torn on this one. If legally the other parent is not allowed in the house when it's not their turn then why did Kate show up there? The whole point of the way they are doing it is that it is the children's house and the parent only stays there when it is their turn. What if it was reversed? Kate would have probably told him to go to Hailey's house. People would say he shouldn't be there, etc.

    But to not let her stay for the night? I really wonder why and how it all went down... Things must be really bad between them.

    What about the apartment over the garage? Can't the other one stay there?

    I also read Kate called the police so they could walk her to her car from the Days Inn that she stayed at that night. They carried her luggage. LOL!

    "Sources" say she drove at 95 mph and shut her headlights off when getting off the exit so they wouldn't see her. IF that's true that's just dangerous! I know the paps are pains in the butt but why risk your life trying to get away? I wonder if something else happened that she felt endangered. Although the paps never touch anyone that I know of. So they snap a few pics... it's annoying as all heck but still, just get in your car and drive away. Hopefully run over one of their feet by accident.

    Wow. I'm in shock. Those poor kids.

  32. Wow, it's so sad that the kids have to deal with all this drama. It's getting to the point now that Jon and Kate can't keep up with there schedule with them having the kids. They're going to have to do something! They both want the kids so they should split it up 4 & 4 maybe every week the kids could switch back and fourth or something like that. They can't go on with schedule! Personally if it was up to me I would just let Kate have custody of the kids but that won't happen.

  33. The NY Daily News:

    Kate Gosselin checks into a Days Inn Thursday night after allegedly having a meltdown at the Gosselin household over an unapproved baby-sitter. After the argument, Jon locked her out of the house.

    Both Jon and Kate are entitled to their alone time with the kids, but when Jon wouldn't allow his soon-to-be ex-wife into the house, things got so heated that an as yet unnamed party contacted the police.

    "Kate couldn't get access to the house," a source said. "She was upset."

    But it was more than just that. Sources said that Kate, 34, was ranting through the family's fence about Jon's alleged affair with their children's 23-year-old nanny, Stephanie Santoro.

    Police eventually helped quell the argument, and Kate spent the night in a local hotel.

  34. This is so sad and painful. I really hurt for Kate.

    I knew it was just a matter of time before Kate confronted Jon about his selection of his so-called "nanny". I believe it is now time for Kate to file for full custody so that she can control and restrict access to the kids.

    And if the house is Kate's primary custody, she should have full legal access to it regardless if he is there or not.

    I believe it is now time for Kate to gain full custody. It just gets uglier and uglier. I can't wait for the divorce is final so that she can move forware legally and emotionally both for herself as well as the kids.

    Oh, and woohoo! for the HealthTex at Walmart. I'm happy for Kate on that.

  35. I don't think ANYONE is laughing. This looks pretty bad, we don't know who called the police but I bet it was Stephanie.
    No one was charged but by PA law Kate was required to go to a hotel or friend/family.
    The kids need a GAL (guardian ad litem) to assist with transfers if this continues.

  36. Apparently it was Kate that called the cops. Theywere only there for 10 minutes...from TMZ:

    "Sources close to Kate Gosselin tell us she was the one who called the cops last night after she and Jon got into a blowout. Police arrived to the Gosselin's Pennsylvania home shortly after the call was made.

    Cops told us they were only at the residence for around 10 minutes -- long enough to make everyone take a chill pill. Kate eventually left the property to stay at a nearby Days Inn Hotel, because it was Jon's turn to watch their litter."

  37. Read the new People mag. Kate said bad stuff about Jon. Despite what you think about Jon how bad will it be if the kids read that some day?

    If its Jon's time with the kids Kate should stay away and vice versa! This is why they can't do this forever. I predict that will house be sold soon.

    Also READ the story! Kate didn't get to the front door! She was at the gate which is nearly a 1/2 mile from the front door! So thank God the kids most likely didn't see this fight.

  38. Why are y'all trying to write Jon out of the kids life? Do you know what its like growing up without a father? Do you really think the kids would be better off with just Kate? Come on people! It takes 2 to raise kids!

    A father or mother needs to do much much worse to lose custody of their kids.

    Jon AND Kate need to shape up for the kids, but both the kids still need BOTH of them!

  39. I am livid about the new nanny...... most photos of her are with her engaging with her own child while the G8 are standing by. And this mornings pics show J holding the nannies child while his own stand around not getting attended to.....

    We don't really know who called the cops last night but someone asked what kind of husband would do that to his wife.... Well way too many.... including my ex husband. Yep, been there done that. It was an ugly experience that cost me a bunch of $$ to clear my name. Divorce is ugly - Divorce with kids is even uglier....
    Take it to him Kate... he doesn't deserve to have as much access as he has to the home or kids. Don't settle - just take it to court and let the judge decide. Given the recent situation, Family services would most likely limit his exposure to the kids while his actions remain so shaky at best.

  40. You know, I wouldn't put it past those photogs from Radar to be the ones who called the police. They probably did it to just stir the pot and to see what would happen. It would make great pictures for them wouldn't it? Don't you think they are the "unamed sources" Radar is always quoting? Who else is there 24/7 watching the events of Jon and Kate.

    I just had a funny thought go through my head. Wouldn't it be great for all of us Team Kate members to gather and go out there and have a little chat with Jon?

    I know that it would just perpetuate the insanity - but someone needs to get some sense into that mans head!

  41. I hate when journalists refer to the kids as a litter. They're not animals!!

  42. An uncaring spouse can make even a saint have a meltdown. I think Kate remains one of the classiest, cutest people on the face of the earth. Her kids will do fine if she is the main caretaker. Jon is digging himself a hole he will never get out of.

  43. I'm sure you've already seen this from People, but just in case:,,20297960,00.html

    This entire thing makes me so sad.

  44. Jon is just being Sleezy with a capital S...
    He doesn't care at all. Talking to the Paps like he's just crazy. It makes me so sad to think of the desperation Kate must have felt having her kids watched by someone she doesn't trust. I couldn't imagine letting someone watch my kids that I didn't trust. I hope their lawyers can set up an agreement that ALL babysitters must be approved by both. He just makes me sick more and more everyday. I feel so much for Kate. As a Mom I can't imagine how hard this is for her.
    I am also sick of him saying he "misses" his kids wants to "spend time" with his kids. All the while galavanting around the country, chatting on his cell, chatting with the paps at the fence while his kids play without him and leaving the kids with sitters while he goes to bars!?! Actions speak louder than words Jon.


    WHAT? "He will approve of her babysitters if she approves of his?" Nice. Jon is a big baby. So in other words, he will approve of her babysitters AS LONG as she doesn't oppose his? In what world is that ok? I mean, I agree that they should both approve before a babysitter is employed, however, they must both use wisdom and reason. I can see why Kate wouldn't want that Stephanie woman, from her online info alone.

  46. I know it would infuriate me if I couldnt have involvement in who watches my kids. So this babysitter is some bartender from that bar he hangs out at. Give me a break!!
    For the safety of these kids he has to be careful who he employs to watch them.

  47. I can not believe that the issue of babysitters has not been ironed out in their divorce proceedings! That would be one of the very first things that I would want discussed especially since Kate still lives at the home and her personal belongings are there. I would not want just anyone watching my children nor around my "things!".

    Kate is hunted women and the pap just need to stop and frankly, I just need to stop reading what they post on the internet about her! I watched the video of the pap chasing after her at the hotel and it was horrific! I won't continue to give their sites hits and further support their madness.

    And the fact that Jon continues to give the pap interviews is disgusting! He so nonscalantly says that he doesn't agree with Kate's choices in babysitters but he WOULD agree if Kate agreed to his choices. WHAT?!!? That really sounds like a dad that is seriously interested and concerned about the well being of his children. Does he even care AT ALL about their welfare? No, he just wants what he wants and one thing he wants is to make Kate mad...well he accomplished that last night that is for sure!!

    I feel really bad for Kate. I can not imagine what it would feel like to be concerned about your children's welfare and not be able to protect them!

  48. I just watched Jons front yard interview w/ radaronline......
    He is the one who said he couldnt take being SO public & now he is out on his lawn going on & on about how she called teh police & how he cant understand why she would diapprove about his Bartender babysitter?????? Umm, hello. Some girl you met in a bar & you expect Kate to just say "sure, she can be our new babysitter" .
    Watch the interview, he is a complete ass.

  49. Did anyone see Jon's interview regarding their argument? I swear he said they have a full-time nanny and then additional babysitters, and he confirmed that the babysitter was the cause of their argument. I thought Kate said they would never have a nanny?? And why would you need extra babysitters if you have a fulltime nanny?

    I can't believe they wouldn't have already thought about this exact thing occurring - someone being around their kids that they do not approve of. I would have that in black and white from day one!!!

    Every time I think this situation can't possibly get worse, it does. Those kids do not deserve one minute of this. I wonder all the time how the kids cope in school w/ everyone knowing every detail of their parents' lives.

  50. It totally annoys me to see the kids referred to as the "litter". GRRRR.

  51. Wow! This is why I always said this business of rotating in and out of the house was not good. It's way too easy for boundaries to be crossed because actually there are no concrete boundaries. In fact, I have heard Kate say several times in the latest interviews that that is where she lives with the kids. She made it sound like Jon is the one who comes around when it is his days but that she doesn't have another permanent dwelling. I believe she brought this up in reference to the rumours that she was buying a condo in Maryland. She denied having any other condo or apartment in Maryland or elsewhere. When asked where she does go on Jon's days with the kids, she said she won't say because she doesn't want the p-people following her but that most of the time her off days are scheduled around when she will be travelling for appearances and stuff anyways. I assume the rest of the time she stays at a hotel or something.

    As for this latest incident involving police, I think this is really beneath them; especially if the kids witnessed any of it. How they must feel to see one parent call the police on another parent - and no one said it was Jon so it's not fair to assume it was him. Still, the fact that they let things get heated enough to call the police is ridiculous. Grow up people, is this is the example you want to set for your children?

    Having said that, I don't blame Kate for being furious about this nanny. Jon is really an idiot if he thinks bringing his bed buddy into the house under the guise of a babysitter is a rational thing to do. Why doesn't he save all that crap for when he is out of the house? Even in the InTouch article, when asked what the kids think of Hailey, he has said that Mady thinks she has awesome clothes and Cara has their mutual love of sportiness as a way to relate to her. He said that even if it takes time for them to get used to the idea of him with another person other than mommy, they definitely don't see her as the woman that stole him from their mom. To me that means they have had a certain amount of exposure to her even though he says he has not formally introduced her to them and won't until at least after the divorce is final. This whole situation just gets sadder by the minute and with this whole police thing, they have sunk to an all time low.

    Bottom line is Kate should get her lawyer to do something about the nanny thing and in fact, I wouldn't be surprised now if she absolutely goes for full custody. If Jon is going to be making poor choices like this all the time, I can actually see a judge siding with Kate. Funny thing though, Jon says in the InTouch article that he is sick of everyone assuming he doesn't spend time with the kids. He said he is there just as much as Kate but that she makes it so she gets more air time on the show and so it looks like she is the one always with the kids. I don't know, after this, I would be surprised if they were able to do holidays and stuff together. It looks like there is just too much animosity and pent up anger at each other.

  52. Kate finally lets loose on Jon according to this CNN discussion of her latest chat with People magazine coming out soon. It references that Hailey has spent the night at the house even though Jon says he hasn't brought her to the house. I think Kate is finding it hard to keep her mouth shut about Jon's antics anymore. Honestly, I don't think I could have kept quiet as long as she has!!

  53. I would like to give Jon a good SMACK to the face! I know its bold to say that but he deserves it. First off they are not fully divorced if I was kate a would take him to court for buying hailey that UGLY ring for what $80,000. That is her money too. Jon should not be out spending money till they have the divorce finalized. Next thing he should not be letting ANY women spend the night at kate and the kids home. first off its disrespectful towards kate. and next its probably scaring the kids for life. (i really hope the kids dont take after jon) He should take his women to his apartment and do his dirty work not at kates home.
    Another thing jon has a home and its his apartment. kate has a home and its the house. If Kate feels like she needs to go home for some reason or if she left something at home and needs to get it Jon should have no say in it. Him locking her out is horrible. I can just imagine what happened.
    kate: Sorry jon but i forgot my laptop and have work to do. I will just hurry and grab it and then be gone.
    Jon: ARE YOU CHECKING UP ON ME? What you think i have a woman here or something. Leave kate its my time with the kids
    Jon locks her out.
    Kate yells because she did not get what she needed
    jon yells and calls names
    kate calls the cops gets what she went to get and goes to the hotel.
    That is what I think might have happened. and with how jon is acting i don't doubt it went that way. I bet Jon had a woman there and was stressed cause kate caught him at a bad time when he was with that chick in KATES house. it makes me so mad.
    I wish that people would not report on such things. Its fueling a fire that needs to be put out. and I too think that them putting the story out is crossing a line. I hope the kids are ok but like I said i think that this one was ALL JONS fault. Americas favorite father.... pssshhhh he wishes

  54. This is completely nuts! 1 year ago I would have NEVER guessed that any of this Hollywood drama could be related to the Gosselins. I can't get over how insane this is!! Jon wouldn't let Kate in the house?!?! Are you kidding me? I don't know the legal situation, but really, she obviously knew that it was Jon's turn with the kids, I don't understand why Jon couldn't have let her just run in, get whatever she needed, and then run out. He is such a jerk. My guess is that there was something or *someone* in there that Jon didn't want Kate to know about and that's why he wouldn't let her come in. That could be why the subject of Stephanie came up in their argument.
    I can not believe that the cops had to come!! You would think that two grown adults could have handled themselves appropriately, and not need the POLICE to take control of the situation. Then, to see loving, fully responsible Kate have to stay at a hotel.... while her kids are with their not so responsible dad in a beautiful home, just breaks my heart. You can see in the pictures that she was shaken, crying and everything. AND she had to call the police to protect her from the paps when she left. If she was driving 95 without her lights on just to escape them, that is not only dangerous and risky, it's just unbelievable. She should not have to risk her safety to get away from those morons who call themselves paparazzi. They should know when enough is enough. Urrggghhh!!! It makes me so mad! The bottom line is that this got out of control, Jon is a jerk, the paps are completely nuts, Kate is one strong woman, and those poor kids are exposed to a lot of unnecessary drama. :o(

    On a side note, I just found out that someone I know, knew a friend who went to college with Hailey Glassman and said that she is 100% crazy. (But that's nothing we don't already know!! Just some more proof!)

  55. Jon is just sick now they have him saying his side that she showed up and it wasn't her turn and he wouldn't let her in the gate..If the cops didn't make her leave and stated they needed to resolve it between them that leads me to believe that they do not have a signed agreement on the children and the house..He is just an asshole I can't wait till his kids are taken away!! Keeping my fingers crossed Kate does get nasty and take him for everything he is worth!! And I believe he should have to take a drug test for the courts and they should be random since he likes having love affairs with druggies!! I mean its obvious he is smoking green he is getting fat= munchies.. I mean anyone who has smoked knows whats going on he smokes ciggs in front of the kids b/c he is being photographed and would go to jail for smoking a joint or a blunt..I wonder what he does inside of the house..

  56. I'm just going to ramble here. There is so much going on and it's so sad. Is Jon having a relationship with this Stephanie? I think I missed something there. Not that I care but where does that put Hailey? I think Jon has a right to say what he is going to say but why speak to the paps at the fence of his property? About ANYTHING? Why give them the time of day? Is he enjoying the attention? Anyway, if I were in their situation I would definetly insist that my husband and I were in agreement before hiring any nanny/babysitter. I think that would be the right thing to do. I mean, didn't Jon pick S up at his favorite bar?

    I just read a small article in People Weekly, the one with Farah on the cover. It quoted Jon as saying he can't wait to get back to the city. When he is here(PA) he is like "ugh' but at his place in NY he is like "aah" and that people leave him alone there.

  57. I just saw on TMZ where they interviewed Jon and the more I see him the more he makes me want to scream. They asked him if he approved of Kate's babysitters and he said if she approves of mine. How childish is that? He said he was spending time with his kids but needed help watching them.... Maybe he was planning on going out as usual.....

  58. If at the least, Kate should get a judge to amend the custody agreement to restrict access to the residence by any and all outside persons, esp. caregivers; to be first approved and hired (along with background checks, etc.) by either Kate or both, but not just Jon. He has absolutely no judge of character. In fact, he himself is no man of character.

  59. I just saw on E!News a People Magazine rep explaining that Kate gets extremely angry at Jon having his female friends sleep over with him at the house, setting a poor example to the children. She has every right to be angry and I would hope to think that a decent fair judge would agree with her.

    He appeared to the paps this morning saying "she tried to 'cry up' for the cops". Sooo lame, Jon, you're not getting any more sympathy, neither. He also felt she didn't need to approve of his "babysitters" since he doesn't need to approve of hers. AAARRRGGHH!! Just makes me want to slap him upside the head!!

  60. A lot has happened today. Kate left the Days inn, checked into Homewood Suites (much nicer) got a mani and pedi, and went back to the house to talk to Jon.
    The picture on Radar does not look like it was a good visit.

  61. just read us weekly it was about jon. they said that he was interacting with the kids while taping for the show, and that he ignored them during breaks and had a nanny play with them. This is not the first time that i have heard this. On E about a month ago they showed photos of a nanny playing with the kids while jon was smoking and chatting on his phone. also texting. what a butt.
    Also I have only heard of him going home to spend time with the kids to film. Maybe Kate should go for full custody. They say she has spent a lot more time with the kids and I think she might be trying to compensate for lack of dad.
    baby mama read us weekly its very telling.

  62. I am sorry but I have to say it...Jon has turned into a real pig. How do you lock the mother of your children out.She better get a different agreement before this divorce becomes final.I just fell sick for her and the kids.
    And if I were haileys parents I would kick her butt

  63. ....the entire situation is very sad and unfortunate.

    The one thing that the courts should mandate is a permanent, unbiased nanny that can be a steady force on the homefront regardless of which parent has their "time" at home. If they switch nannies as each parent arrives or departs from the home, that just adds another element of stress for the children.

    I guess this is just another problem that arises with the way that they have decided to parent the kids.....with each taking turns. In some ways it makes sense but in other ways, it creates problems like this one.

    All I know is if I were in Kate's shoes and I wanted to get into my own house where my own children were, I would have done the exact same thing.

  64. I was just wondering if anyone knows which Kate is actually the real one of twitter because there are lots of people claiming to be her and I'm really not sure who is the real one?

  65. Hi everyone, I love this site. I just wanted to comment on the video interview Jon did with People. He said something about being okay with Kate's babysitters as long as she was okay with his. I thought this comment was so childish. It seems like they are really going to have a fight on their hands. I was hoping they were working together on the things directly affecting the kids, but I guess not. Hopefully they will be able to in the future. I feel so bad for Kate and the kids. It doesn't seem like Jon cares about anything but being angry and is just lashing out at Kate with everything he does.

  66. Sneak peek of Hailey’s E! Interview (from Us):
    Hailey: Jon Gosselin Is My “First Love”
    Friday August 14, 2009

    Hailey Glassman calls beau Jon Gosselin her “first love” in her first interview since hooking up with the father of eight. Glassman also reveals she began dating Gosselin in May — one month before he and Kate announced their separation on Jon & Kate Plus 8 in June. Glassman says Jon and Kate were separated for “months” before then, and she had nothing to do with their split.

    “He was living in my house, the person I joked around with. He was sad and bored, I was home and bored,” says Glassman, the daughter of the surgeon who performed Kate’s free tummy tuck. (Kate also stayed at the Glassman residence after going under the knife.) “Jon and Kate have moved on with their lives — it’s only the viewers who haven’t moved on,” adds the 22-year-old, who debuted her relationship with Jon on a vacation to the South of France in July.

    Glassman swears she’s not dating Jon to get famous. “I’m not some famewhore. I’ve been in hiding for three months,” she says, adding that the attention she’s received since hooking up with Jon has “been horrible.”

    “Do I choose my life or do I choose Jon?” she says. “I stay in my house with my parents where I feel safe. Take my 15 minutes, you can have it back. Please take it back!” Glassman says she “wasn’t worried” about her beau going to the Hamptons with former tabloid reporter Kate Major last month.

    “I know what Jon tells me and I know him, but she’s cuckoo, cuckoo, you know?” she says. Last month, Gosselin told Us his “heart is always with Hailey.”

    Still, Us Weekly has reported he’s been acting like a single man, and even had an overnighter with 22-year-old single mother Stephanie Santoro, one of his babysitters. Kate and Jon got into such a heated argument over Santoro at their $1.1 million Pennsylvania home Thursday night, police ordered her to leave the property.

    “Kate tried to ‘cry it up’ with the cops and it didn’t work and they said, ‘You have to leave,’” Jon said today. “I guess she didn’t agree with my babysitting.”

    Glassman’s full interview with E!’s Giuliana Rancic — in which she’ll speak about her arrest for drug possession and bisexuality — airs Monday.

  67. Jon says he called a babysitter, to watch the children because he had to "get things done." WHAT DOES JON HAVE TO DO LATE AT NIGHT?? Kate, apparently, wasn't thrilled with the babysitter he hired, but Jon says he doesn't understand why – or why she came over without warning.

  68. I just saw on E!News a People Magazine rep explaining that Kate gets extremely angry at Jon having his female friends sleep over with him at the house, setting a poor example to the children. She has every right to be angry and I would hope to think that a decent fair judge would agree with her.

    He appeared to the paps this morning saying "she tried to 'cry up' for the cops". Sooo lame, Jon, you're not getting any more sympathy, neither. He also felt she didn't need to approve of his "babysitters" since he doesn't need to approve of hers. AAARRRGGHH!! Just makes me want to slap him upside the head!!

  69. Actually we don't "know" the custody arrangement. We only know what was told to reporters and on the show. (I think Jon explained it/not Kate). So assuming that they "rotate" I found it offensive when Jon came outside with Kate's hat and sunglasses on. Clearly he was going thru her stuff. He is a cad, at best.

    His at home behavior is deplorable. Girls in his house ... If I knew that was happening with my kids in the house and who knows what else, I would call the police too.

    I know that child protective services gets involved if there is any question about drug use - in or outside the house. Drugs cannot be in a parent's blood. Random testing would need to be appointed by the court, but I would suggest it. Jon has gone off the deep end quite publicly.

    Here's a question - Just how does someone become a "nanny" or "babysitter" for celebrities? Is there a hotline to call? I'll go and be a full-time caregiver. Those kids need someone on their side. (I guess being a fan of Kate would disqualify me)!

  70. Ya know I was checking out that website.. oh, I can't and don't want to remember the name.. They did go to far following Kate to the hotel....come on ... she was very brave for not parking at the front door the wrong way and jumping out.. I would have. Did anyone notice that Jon bought a small little sports car and now the beamer made for only half his family and Kate bought the bigger Toyota to atleast get most of the babies in... k, let me vent here... then Jon walks out to the gate to talk to the paps.. just to tell them basically he had another one of his "girls" inside... like that makes it alright for him to keep Kate out.. I bet she will change that gate thing real quick and she should.. Go Kate

  71. I logged onto AIM today, and was horrified by an article. Unfortuntly my internet froze, and I lost the link... But the article was about a man who made a sign that said "It's Not Jon, It's not Kate. The losers are the +8"
    How horrific is that? The man and other people who didn't like the show, were at the house giving their stories to the paps. I can't imagine what Kate said when she saw that. What about Mady and Cara?
    This situation is getting out of hand. I wish Jon would just keep his mouth shut. When Kate speaks out, it's genuine and the truth. I wish the best for Kate and the kids.

  72. I cannot wait until their divorce is final. Hopefully, Kate has a lawyer that will guarantee her rights. She is the only responsible parent in this situation. I can't imagine being locked out of my house by a man that once loved me and is the father of my kids. I think my head would explode. Kate didn't ask for this from Jon (he apparently fell out of love with her) so she should not be penalized for it. She should never have to leave her home. If Jon wants to see the kids, let him stay in the barn with the other rats.

  73. This is getting too crazy. Remember Princess Diana? Leave them alone!

  74. Baby Mama - A suggestion or two and questions:

    Is there a way for us to ban together to try to stop the paps? e.g., If those of us who follow your blog stop clicking on Radar, TMZ, etc and only come to this site for info, it would decress the hits to the other sites and possibly send a message. I certainly love seeing photos and keeping up with the news about the +8 but it is really out of control. I would love to find a way to get those people to back off without having to get the show cancelled.

    I don't want to stop watching the program. I just want Kate to be able to live her life and have safety for all....

    What can we do?? Anything?

  75. It's bad enough when people attack Kate, but for that man to write that the 'losers' are the +8???? That is stepping over the line. They are just kids, they didn't create this situation. What a cold, heartless ass.

    As for why Kate was angry with Jon, I think that if Jon's gotta have his "girls" spend the night with him then he needs to do that at his NY apartment, not in the house where his childen live.

  76. This whole sitaion with Jon not allowing Kate to see her kids, it was the final straw for me. I seriously was considering changing my site to "Kate Plus 8"...(lol)

    HOLLI DAY~ I think TLC has also had enough.. I don't have time to create a whole post but check this out...

    EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Now Has Bad Marriage With TLC
    Posted on Aug 15, 2009 @ 01:23PM
    Kate Gosselin is not the only one who’s had enough of Jon Gosselin.

    TLC is also extremely unhappy with their Ed Hardy-loving star, sources tell exclusively.

    One result of that unhappiness is that the network has made a command decision to blur any brand logos that Jon wears on the show.

    The network blurred the shirt logos last week and high-level executives have now decided to make it a policy, has learned.

    It’s more controversy for Jon, who just the other night dealt with police showing up at his house after he refused to let Kate inside and she dialed 911. broke that story Thursday night and reported exclusively that Kate was upset Jon was allowing Stephanie Santoro to babysit — a woman he hired and recently spent the night with.

    “TLC feels like they are being used by Jon,” said a source close to the situation. “They want to send him a message loud and clear.”

    Jon is actively shopping for endorsement deals and has met with Ed Hardy several times, as has his 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman.

    Wearing the company’s shirts on Jon & Kate Plus 8 seemed like a great way to gain free publicity but TLC has now made it a blurry failure.

    “The relationship between Jon and the network has become very strained,” the source told

    And, of course, in every divorce people take sides. Jon feels like TLC is taking Kate’s side.

    The network allowed Kate to do a teary and angry interview with the Today show recently but then canceled Jon’s E! interview, as reported exclusively.

    And while they will never admit it publicly, there has been talk by some executive at TLC about following Kate’s lead and divorcing Jon.

  77. I really fear for Kate and obviously Jon doesn't care what happens to her :( Honestly even if all of us stopped going to Radar they won't stop or any of the other many people much money to be had on showing peoples pain and problems! She's stronger then I am seriously I don't think I could take him being like that I'd lose it!

  78. gonecountry3121 said...
    I logged onto AIM today, and was horrified by an article. Unfortuntly my internet froze, and I lost the link... But the article was about a man who made a sign that said "It's Not Jon, It's not Kate. The losers are the +8"
    How horrific is that? The man and other people who didn't like the show, were at the house giving their stories to the paps. I can't imagine what Kate said when she saw that. What about Mady and Cara?


    I think he meant that the kids are "losing out" because of the actions of their parents. Not that the kids are "losers". Anyway, that is my take on it. And I don't agree with him at all.

  79. I think that someone has posted this before, but I wonder if Jon is trying anything to get out of his contract so he can go do his own thing.

    I think the events of the other night were so sad. Since she had to check into a motel, it was obvious she was intending to sleep at her own house. She might've know that Jon had to "do something" and she was going to take care of her kids. To be denied that is unconscionable. Jon should not have hired a "babysitter" (ha) when the CHILDREN'S OWN MOTHER can be there. And for him to go to the fence and even talk with the paps...I have no words.

  80. man oh man oh man. I hope Kate is way ahead of me on this one....

    I hope Kate is seeking "Primary custody" of the children in this divorce and not "joint custody".
    If she has primary custody she will be free to continue the show without Jons consent and TLC will be free to sign with Kate alone (+8).

    If TLC is indeed as sick of Jons damaging image as most fans/viewers are, they will be free to end his contract but continue the show exclusively with the more positive Kate inspiring us moms for years to come.

    Kate just needs to be assigned primary custody to have more power to stop his damaging influence on his kids. And even more important he will have little power over her and his vindictive behavior will be minimized.

    Lord I hope TLC moniters this blog....

  81. I think Jon has put the last nail in his own coffin with that little stunt, and hiring some floozy to watch his kids? dumb dumb. Does he really think that was a good example to set for his kids, to call the cops on their own mother? I'm sure that's gonna do a little damage, hope he's ready to start taking them to therapy. well, Kate, I just hope that you can get full custody so you won't have to worry about Jon's stupidity anymore.

  82. I agree with Terri's note above - Jon could definitely do irreparable damage to his children at this point. I hope the courts question his recent judgments and see that if he cannot make good decisions on behalf of himself, he should not have the charge of 8 young children. This situation is just spiraling further downward on a daily basis.

    I also don`t understand how Jon`s babysitter could be responsible for their 8 kids while she is hauling her own baby around. If I were Kate, I would also be extremely upset about a sitter not giving the Gosselin kids her undivided attention. If this is truly her `job`, she should be leaving her own child at home.

    I also read Kate`s interview in People today. It really is brutal to think she can`t stop crying, however it is totally understandable.

    And I do hope TLC divorces Jon as well. As I`ve said before, he will be left hi and dri and broke in no time at all. I would much rather watch Kate parent the kids positively on TV rather than knowing it`s all an act with Jon.

  83. There has to be serious evidence that Jon is a bad father for them not to give joint custody. I don't know if being a horny frat boy constitutes that. She may have a case if he sleeping around with the nanny while he and she are supposed to watching the kids. She would have to prove he's a bad father not just a bad person.

    I too think it should be Kate plus 8. No one cares about Jon.

  84. Until Jon has the discipline and desire to protect his children from his lifestyle, for now, when he is in Penn. he should leave the house in the late evening and return in the morning. Kate can spend the nights. The children should not be further subjected to more emotional harm.
    I hope Kate has an effective support network and friends she can call night or day.

  85. I just bought and read the latest "People" magazine today and I feel like they are pretty reliable. Good for Kate-she finally spoke her mind about Jon. She said that if she ever questioned her decision to divorce, his recent activity has made it clear that was the right decision. She also said that Jon is saying he is now being the real Jon. You could have fooled me-I used to think he was great as I am sure most of you did. He must have been a great actor to have covered up this disgusting person for so many years. Kate deserves everything good and I hope it is in her future. She should go ahead with her cookbook and anything else she wants to pursue. I am sure she will be visible for many years to come.

  86. I agree with the posts above. I have for a while now been wanting to stop the paps. Can't we sign a petition? To give limits the paps? I don't like hearing that someone had to drive miles without there lights on to try to be safe and ditch the paps. Would a petition even help?

    I also want kate to get primary custody. I think that Jons actions are definately taking a toll on the kids. I bet that there is A LOT of things that jon is doing that we don't know about.

  87. I wish I had the time and energy to start a blog "Save the Gosselin's" - and not just the kids, but the entire family! Name calling and finger pointing do not do a thing to support this family. I'm disappointed in Jon, and Kate has been hard on everyone she loves at some point, we've all seen it, but they are both just people, like you and I, doing the best that they can. Even when it doesn't appear that way.

    I believe in the law of attraction, what we give attention to will get bigger and bigger. In order to save this family, we need to stop paying attention to the unwanted things happening to them. I think most of us love this family like they're family to us, or we wouldn't be here. That makes it hard for us to turn away. We also feel protective, so we want to know what the haters are up to and try to counteract them and defend the Gosselin's. We're also disappointed and concerned that their marriage coming to an end, so we want to know how they are coping with it. All of this "need to know" creates the attention that the paparazzi are feeding on right now.

    My plan from here on out is to simply watch on Monday nights, avoid the haters(let them talk to themselves!) and the gossip rags, and keep praying for/affirming the unfoldment of the highest good for each and every Gosselin.

  88. Jon says that Kate called the police, but on US they report that neighbors said they called police because of the noise. So, despite Jon trying to blame it on Kate, I think it probably was the neighbors.

    There is no way in Hades I would put up with one of Jon's barfly flavors-of-the-week being a babysitter for my kids. On-air Kate said that she thoroughly researched the fulltime nanny who didn't wish to have any publicity (this was in the episode where the dog swallowed the plastic horse.) Gosh, remember before that how long she interviewed people for just part-time help?! I can imagine Kate's frustration at having another sleazoid chicky stay with the children. Jon just doesn't think of possible bad outcomes and that's the problem with how he is conducting himself now. Call it overcautious, but I don't use any babysitter that I haven't got background checks on. With multiples, it is physically and emotionally draining to keep up with them and I want to be sure I know as much as possible about people staying with my children. We even have a "code" sentence of "Remember those pretty butterflies" that they can call us and use and we know that it means "come home right now 'cause something is wrong." There are all kinds of weirdo people in the world and you can't be too cautious. With the fame status of the Gosselins, I'd be even more afraid of attracting weirdos.

    The full-time nanny was hired back in December (remember) because Jon said he had to have help when Kate was traveling. Remember the episode where Kate said they made the move because Jon was unhappy where they were living, they got the dogs because Jon wanted them and said he'd clean up but now the kids can't play in the back yard because of the poop, and that she'd love to discuss issues with Jon but he just didn't want to talk to her.

    I once again went to the TLC viewer relations website to express that I hope that they can remove Jon from the show for some sort of technical violation in his contract (perhaps a morals clause?) I also included BabyMama's website addy and asked that they have somebody monitor this site so they can see how many people are disgusted with Jon.

    Another thought regarding the preview of Hailey's interview where she says they started dating in May contradicting Jon's version that they didn't date until Kate filed for divorce.) Jon first met Hailey when they stayed at the Glassman's after Kate's surgery. (I know she wanted the surgery but I also remember Jon's on-air comment that it was "kinda disgusting like another butt in the front" and Kate's response that Jon called it her "front butt." Okay. Counting back, Jon would have first met Hailey when she was about 17 (still jailbait.) My guess is that it was her first celebrity meeting and she became enamored of him then. Or, it set the stage for the future.

    Thank goodness that the confrontation between Jon and Kate took place at the front gate and not in front of the kids. When you think about how far it is from the gate to the house it makes you realize how powerful those cameras of the p-people are. In one of the radar online clips of the kids, Stephanie, and Jon, you can hear the very light whispering of the p-people talking to themselves on “that’s it...that’s the shot.”

    How very terrifying for Kate to be chased down the interstate with paparazzi following and hounding her. They are there for the “money shot” and this is their job (as odious as it might seem.) Princess Diana died as a result of being hounded by them. I’m sure they wouldn’t risk deliberately hurting Kate, but I’m also sure that they wouldn’t hesitate for a second to take photos of her if she got injured as a result of paparazzi pushing or shoving, or accidently bumping her car, etc.

  89. I hope TLC divorces Jon too !
    And his girlfriend Hailey is on Etv tommorow night telling her side. Are ya kidding me????????
    She is calling Jon her "first love" .........Umm get a clue, he is a 30 something guy with 8 kids !!!!!
    Its just beyond ridiculous. If I was separated & had to call the cops to be heard , That would be the end of that.
    Kate need to get the babysitter thing straightened out. They are such a high profile family that Jon is really putting the kids in a dangerous situation to just let anyone babysit.
    And I agree w/ another person who said how is this Stephanie girl watching his kids while she has her own kid w/ her.

  90. I was looking at the TLC website and there are no new episodes for the rest of the month. Reruns already??

  91. I just watched the video on Radar with Kate returning home after that argument she and Jon had where the cops were called.

    It breaks my heart watching the kids. They're happy mommy's home but then they see daddy get in his precious BMW and drive away with them yelling "BYE DADDY"

  92. If TLC decides to "divorce" Jon, too, good for them!! The sooner the better!

    Remember when Jon lamented the fact that he couldn't be "just Jon" instead "I have to be Jon & Kate +8"? Since he's seems more interested in the money and doing his own thing than being filmed with the kids, I propose that TLC just pay him off and release him from their contract. It would make everyone happy.

  93. I think the thing that has upset me the most is that he has to have this new nanny around even though Kates not happy about it. The man that bragged that he took care of his kids when his wife was away all of the sudden needs this nanny around so he can do stuff. What does he need to do that requires her to sneak out of his apt at 7am with him?

    And most importantly, if you need said nanny, why that same day would he not let his wife enter her own home? Was he trying to hide something? Why then was he fighting so hard to NOT let her in.. was he afraid Kate would find out that she was sleeping there? I just dont feel we have the whole story about it. And I feel its just beyond disgusting that he would have to make his wife call the police. I personally would have flipped worse than Kate did.

  94. Kellie~ I forgot to add on my post that next week is an episode called "tea party". Then I don't have anything available for 2 weeks. I can't seem to update my episodes list on my laptop. But when I get home I will update the show list as soon as I have more..

  95. Baby Mama said:
    And most importantly, if you need said nanny, why that same day would he not let his wife enter her own home? Was he trying to hide something? Why then was he fighting so hard to NOT let her in.. was he afraid Kate would find out that she was sleeping there? I just dont feel we have the whole story about it. And I feel its just beyond disgusting that he would have to make his wife call the police. I personally would have flipped worse than Kate did.
    Personally, I feel it is about being in control. Jon may feel that Kate is still trying to be in control of everything even when she is not there... even when they are no longer together... even when it is Jon's turn with the children. Whether Kate is right or not is another story. Jon probably feels this is his turn with the children. He makes the decisions when he is with them just like Kate makes the decisions when she is with them. It's probably Jon taking a stand against Kate controlling him and his decisions yet again.

    Personally I do not feel Jon should be sleeping with the babysitter in or out of the house. However, he denies it (of course). As for the babysitter, I'm not sure that going to a bar makes you a bad mother or a babysitter. I'm sure a lot of babysitters do that on their own time.

    As for her having her daughter there while watching his children... yes that seems a bit odd. However, we don't know the story behind it.

    Maybe she was badly in need of a job to support her daughter but she can't afford a babysitter at the same time. How many people working as a babysitter can afford their own babysitter? Maybe her family can't help her out. Jon being a nice guy offered her a job and said Sure bring your daughter along. Jon's youngest children are 5-years-old. They don't need constant care. They just need to be fed and looked after so they don't get hurt or in trouble.

    My point is that we don't know anything about the babysitter other than the fact that she is willing to pose nude. Maybe not the best scenario but maybe she is a single mother willing to do almost anything legal to support her child especially in this economy. Maybe Jon offered her a job so she doesn't have to do that. We really don't know.