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InTouch Magazine and Hate Sites Go Too Far, Kate Spanking Her Kids

At first I was not going to discuss this on my site. Bohemian Moon runs a hate site that attacks Jon & Kate. Lately, even though her comments about me have been minimal and petty, those on the blog have been copying my posts, attacking them, and my family. I only e-mailed her once, about pictures on her site that were stolen from mine. I have NEVER let anyone attack her here but myself. But lately she and the media has gone too far regarding Jon & Kate and I will not tolerate it.

A few weeks back she saw on her own site that two of her readers were trying to find out who I was so they could contact me and harass me. They put specific information about where to locate my personal information on the internet. While Moon did try to play it off and discuss how she herself was attacked in that manner, she did not remove all posts attacking me, only the ones that were specific about my personal information. EVEN SHE KNEW a line was crossed. DISGUSTING. Today, she attacks me AGAIN. One of her readers wrote this. Note how it has the comment from my site on it.

on 17 Jun 2009 at 3:30 pm
  1. Heidi~BM is a real piece of work. She is disgusting. You would think that THIS would make her see the light but she still keeps defending her wet dream.

    Baby Mama said…
    I agree 100% that the haters as well as the media are out to get this family any way they can. Bringing out something as personal as spanking a child, is horrific and unfair. They should be ashamed.

    Yeah..the exposure of the spanking is horrific and unfair.

    Hey Babymama, do you beat your kids too? Did the Gosselin Garb Finder locate you a red spoon of your very own? You do know that, in a pinch, you can use an empty paper towel roll. Kate is fond of using those as well!

  2. Thank you (and you know who you are) for sending this to me. I am blown away that BM (yeah funny about the initials) could dare attack me in that respect. She, as a mother herself should be ashamed. What type of people are these? I have young children and your threats have gone too far. This is just vile talk from people that are out of control. Just because I do not comment on my family here so your trolls have more ammo, you are NOT entitled to attack me in this way. Period. I will be the bigger person and not attack back. But if I ever find out your allowing people to give out my personal info like that again, I WILL either file a motion seeking a subpoena, or get a court order to have your site shut down. Are you aware that "federal law prohibits" an ISP from disclosing the identity of a subscriber? COPY AND PASTE THAT.

In Touch Magazine Crosses An Even Bigger Line

Thank you for letting me rant. I told myself I wasn't going to do posts like this, but I am so tired of being attacked just because I run a fan site. I am deeply disgusted and upset that people are taking this spanking thing to a level it shouldn't be. How about the media that is living in front of their house looking for anything they could get their hands on to put this woman on a cross and vilify her? I will let you discuss it here.



  2. I'm a spanker too, and BabyMama, I will admit it to anyone and everyone. I think that Kate is being scrutinized over every action that she makes, including discipling HER children. Keep up the great work Mama!!!!

  3. my parents slapped me from time to time when i was younger and it did me no harm, poor kate bein in the public eye, everyone looses their temper from time to time and im sure kate didnt "hit" her as much as give her a slap

  4. I don't know. I think Kate should have the good sense to discipline her child away from the cameras.
    Like it or not, she's a celebrity and she needs to be careful of how she presents herself.
    In her front yard, she knows the paps can see her. I think she should have taken car of this issue inside the house, or in the garage away from the paparazzi.

  5. The whole spanking thing. Completely pathetic! It was one little whap to the rear and it wasn't "in public" as stated. She was on her property disciplining her kid! The whole issue is moot! Her child, her decision. I try hard not to spank my kid, but there has certainly been a few times that the situation has warranted it. Leave this poor woman alone. And anyone who says they have never gotten physical in some way with their child to get their attention is a liar. Let's all look at ourself and judge accordingly before we point the finger at someone else!

  6. I had seen that picture of the police at her house, and I thought she called the police because the media was out taking pics of her & the kids? Did someone call them because they saw her spank Leah?
    I dont and never will spank my kids. But I know alot of people do do that. I think its her business how she diciplines her kids.

  7. While I have made it clear in the past that I am not a huge fan of Kate, I must say that the media is stretching this out a bit far. If Kate feels the need to use spanking as a disciplining measure, that is her right as a parent. As long as it doesn't go too far. Which, according to these photos, doesn't seem to be the case.

    However, I do believe that some people may have an issue with Kate spanking her kids not because of the simple fact that she is hitting them, but because in past seasons Jon and Kate implied that they didn't believe in spanking. Now, I'm not one of those people who rewinds the show over and over again in order to witness every single detail, but I do (vaguely) remember Jon and Kate talking about time outs. And from that conversation (I think it was the viewer FAQ), they implied that they don't believe in spanking. (Anyone please let me know if I am correct on this--I'm not 100% sure). But this would illustrate the fact that Kate is a little experienced in the hypocrisy department. Like I said before, I personally do not see anything wrong with spanking. Just don't try to portray yourself a certain kind of way on the show. It's not respectable. I'm black, and in the African American community, spanking is the primary (and most of the time only) form of punishment. I remember my grandmother used to keep a switch off of the tree over the fridge, and everytime we acted up, she would "set us straight" with that switch. I was not abused, I was very loved, and I actually crack up every time I think about it. People are carrying this way too far in my opinion. I want to hear what every one else thinks. Sorry so long : )

  8. Spanking is NO BIG DEAL!!! It's not CHILD ABUSE, I was spanked when I was little. I know people who have kids and spank them when they are not doing as told. This headline 'CAUGHT HITTING HER DAUGHTER' is a flat out lie. She didn't HIT her, hitting involves your fist or an object, she spanked her like so many parents do.

    They even have it looking like the police were called to her house about this when really she called THEM about the P-People in front of her house.

    The media is OBSESSED with bringing down Kate Gosselin and her alone. Every week SHE is on the cover of some sleazy tabloid. Those magazines are so desparate for sales they print lie after lie and make things bigger than they are.

    Each week Kate is viciously attacked by Us Weekly, Star, In Touch, so on and so on. It's getting really low now, people are crossing the lines with their reports and this story just proves it.

  9. You have your opinion, thoughts, and feelings just like they do. There is no reason for them to get personal and try to find contact info to "harass" you. Absolutely insane. Keep doing what you are going...I love reading your blog!!

  10. I admire your ability to stand up to all the naysayers and carry on. Having a fan site or merely not hating Kate is no reason to be hated and treated as you have been.You have always shown yourself to be the better person than those who think it's funny to mock & scorn you. It's hard to imagine they are grown women and not playground bullies.

  11. Sorry that you all had to hear my rant. But its getting pretty scary out there. People want this woman to go down, just for vicious satisfaction. Sites are taking things too far, even to the point of harassing me, and I won't take it anymore.

    Below is the link to today's Kate sighting. They are posting pictures of her EVERY SINGLE day now. Which means, they are camped there 24/7. And yes, Kate WAS the person that called the police regarding photographers outside her home. I'm thinking people are confused and mixing up the days.

    I would also like to post Kate's response to the cover of this vile magazine...In response to the incident, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom tells released a statement through her reps to Life & Style: “Whether the paparazzi are there or not, I am a mother first. I love my children and when they misbehave, I discipline them as I deem appropriate for the situation.”

  12. If Kate didn't want the world to know she spanks the kids then she should have done it in private! She knew the Paps were outside, yet she pulls up her daughter's dress showing her underware and slaps her for all the world to see.

    There is nothing wrong with spanking, but everyone knows do NOT do it in public! It's embarassing for you and the kid. Esp when the world knows your name!

    But I suppose now we know why the kids run to the corner and sit in timeout without a fuss.

  13. I think the haters out there have even become worse and lower than the paparazzi. The paparazzi are at least "just" doing their jobs. They're vile and disgusting jobs that should be illegal, but it is BECAUSE of the haters that they are employed and are directed to make up these lies about the Gosselins.

    The fact that now the haters are going after BabyMamma personally is ridiculous! Why do they think they have the right to harass someone like this? It is illegal to threaten someone, even on the internet and beyond that, it's immoral! In the free world, people are allowed to have opinions and people are allowed to disagree, but people are NOT allowed to threaten or otherwise harass the other side.

    There is so much hate and intolerance in the world today. BabyMamma is just the latest victim. Somehow it has become culturally permissible to be mean, spiteful, hateful and rude. And somehow, it's just dismissed because we've adopted an attitude of "That's just me, you don't have to like it and I don't have to change." People don't even try to get along anymore, it's just "Me, me me!" It's disgusted and amplified by the anonymity of the internet.

    Thank you for your site BabyMamma, and thank you for not lowering yourself to the level of the haters.

  14. I admire Kate for not caring who saw this and yes she was in the privacy of her own home, she didnt hide in the garage or house but did what she had to to decipline her child, like she said "I am a mother first". Shes real and she is who she is and is not afraid to show it and thats what I love about Kate. And thats what these pathetic people dont like, shes not fake and hides just because shes in the piblic eye.

    Baby Mama: I wouldnt even respond to the haters, its just what they want. Now they are happy cause they got you upset and thats what they live for. Keep your head held high and move forward not even looking there way. I love your site and hope it stays positive.

  15. squattmunki24: There is nothing wrong with spanking, but everyone knows do NOT do it in public! It's embarassing for you and the kid. Esp when the world knows your name!

    Umm She was at her own home, NOT IN PUBLIC!!

  16. It must of been a slow news day for intouch, Wow caught discplining her daughter some story. I don't think Kate isn't the first mom to hit her children. People just want to make Kate look bad,it's sad. And btw go Baby Mama for standing up to the haters.

  17. It's disgusting to hear about the people out there. I wish I could do something for this family. Everyone needs to get a life and stop photographing these kids, and Kate. If they think the show is doing damage, what about the paps? They're doing more damage than anything else!!

  18. Way to go Amy. The haters are walking a very thin line with the verbal abuse posted towards Kate and Mama.... It will be only a short time before they step over it and find themselves in some trouble of their own. The effort they go to slander at any real or imagined incident is a real shocker. Do they not have jobs? Or is this their job and on who's payroll are they on?

    Re: spanking. I am glad to hear others join in and stating true confessions. I spanked both my kids. I am not proud of those times but I also don't see anything wrong with the occassional spanking. Spanking or Swats are not a form of abuse. If it were, all our parents and grandparents would be in prison today. If you ask my 32 and 21 yr old kids they would tell you that they hardly remember Mr. Spoon. Yet they can recite verbatum some of my more vocal consternations (also not proud of it).

    So it's out there. And I can be traced back very easily. Let the Haters go after me a while.....

    Sorry Mama that you are being threatened. I now understand why you wish to remain anonymous. Hang in there and pull the trigger when they cross the line again. Notice I say when and not if. We got your back. Just make sure you print all the threatening and abusive posts (with names/date/time stamps) prior to deleting them. Your ISP and attorney will need those to prosecute.....

  19. BabyMama:
    I'm sorry that there are people out there harassing you. I don't understand this infantile behavior on the internet. I don't exactly understand all the "wars" that seem to be going on between the blogs. Very bizarre. It's sad that there are internet bullies out there.

  20. My thoughts on this whole thing is that its getting crazy. I understand that there are many parents that do not believe in spanking but I feel that is sometimes needed. I grew up with parents that did not beat me but I knew if I got out of line a spanking was in order. I feel that sometimes it is just needed. As far as some people feeling that she should have done that in private. I feel she was in private at her house. I also know that if you do not discipline your children right when they do what they are doing wrong then it has less of an effect. She should not have to take the children inside to tell or show them they were doing something wrong. Its the media's fault on this one. The media should not be stalking this family. I understand they want the story but really are we as a country okay with destroying peoples lives for entertainment. I am not just talking about the Gosselins either. I mean every person those trashy magazines go after. It is getting a bit much.

  21. I know I'm probably in the minority, but I do not believe in spanking. I do not believe in striking or hitting a child. Whether it's with a hand or an object.

    I too was spanked as a child and even hit with a belt. I do not believe that I was abused as a child, it's just how things were done.

    However, I will never hit my daughters. My daughters are disciplined and well behaved. They know I parent them with love and understanding.

    I do not believe in hitting a child. For any reason. Even if it is "done with love". I believe that most people hit a child out of frustration. I think more parents have to learn patience and self-control.

    I know people who hit their children and they feel that it's the only way they can get through to them. If that was they case then they would only have to hit the child once for that lesson to be learned.

    Why is it okay for a grown-up to hit a child? Would you let any adult hit your child if it was done to discipline them? The babysitter? What about a teacher? The argument that it is YOUR child is just not a good argument. What is the difference? You can't feel "love" when you are hit.

    Years ago men hit their wives and it was seen as okay to keep them in line. Thankfully that mindset has changed. What's the difference really? To me it is much worse to hit a child because they are smaller and can't defend themself.

    Can you imagine being hit by someone twice your size? And please don't tell me a spanking doesn't really hurt. If it didn't hurt then what is the point?

    Hitting is about power. You have it and your child doesn't. I would die if I went over to discipline my child and I saw her cringe when I walked over.

  22. Since the blogs out there are going CRAZY that I haven't made a statement about this I will. I am saying that parents have a right to not to be attacked for how they discipline their children. I am not saying that I condone hitting. Spanking a child and abusing your child are two different things. I do not believe that this is an abuse issue. This is a very personal issue and I will not be baited into taking a stance just for the trolls to clam down.

  23. Schmeckygirl~ I respect your comments and your feeling about hitting and that's why I posted them. But everyone has a different feelings about this. I do not fully agree with what you say. I'm not saying that hitting a child is the best way but many families handle their parenting differently.

  24. A few years ago I purchased a book entitled "Dare to Discipline". It was from, I believe, Focus on the Family. It had a section on spanking and said that the only time a child should be spanked is for willful disobedience. Leah was asked and told to stop blowing the whistle...she didn't...willful disobedience=spanking.

  25. Kate NEVER said they ONLY use timouts. Whether it was a reaction and she didn't think about the paps or she simply didn't care isn't really an issue. I am a mom of 3 and use spankings, timeouts and taking away privilages based on the offense, setting and motives. I was spanked and I didn't need any therapy. I am in college as well and they are teaching that spanking is bad in the long run and psychologically damaging. I don't buy it b/c how many people can raise their hands and say they were spanked and turned out just fine? Most of us! Thank you to all the others who acknowledged the very clear distinction between spanking and abuse.

  26. Thank you, 3KMOM! I'm so sick of the holier-than-thou types stating that they've never spanked or would never deny their child water, so on and so forth. It's pathetic!! I question whether these people are even parents, because let's face it, you just don't get it until you get it!

    We're all human. There must be something these women don't do perfectly. My response -- look in the mirror! And really think, if someone was video taping my whole day, what parenting moment would I be least proud of? Let's not hold someone else accountable for something we ourselves can't even achieve!

  27. Baby Mama: I can't belive people feel the need to attack you. DO people have nothing better to do with their time? I guess not. I mean, why waste your time on something you hate? Is it really worth it? I mean, I'm guilty on spending time reading/watching the Gosselins, but at least I enjoy it! There are few things in life I hate so much that I would take precious time away from life to persue them.

    The media needs to give J&K a break, which unfortunately, unless sales plummet, it won't happen. I was also spanked as a child and I don't think anyone has a right to say how to raise a child that is not their own. I also agree there is a distinction between spanking and abuse.

    If J&K do split, the media should be the ones to blame. Maybe some of the rumors are true, but there's no doubt in my mind that all of this media attention cannot be healthy.

    Why kick the Gosselins when they are down? I really feel for them.

  28. On Entertainment Tonight they said Leah was blowing a whistle while Kate was on the phone and wouldn't stop. I think Kate had every right to spank her if she felt it was necessary. I agree that it was in her yard not in public so it seems okay to me. I DO NOT think it would be wise to spank kids in public (atleast go in the bathroom). I think the reason people have a problem with spanking is because you tell kids don't hit and don't be agressive and then turn around and hit them. I too was spanked when I was really young and it did not negatively affect me. I think the hypocracy and need to not show kids this and not do that to them is crazy. Today I got in trouble at work (I am a camp counselor) for showing kids Bride Wars. Now I forgot about the one curse word, but muted it when it came on. I mother called and complained not about the curse word but because someone showed their underware (I don't recall that) and unmarried people where in bed together. Give me a break people.

  29. I think people are confusing spanking and hitting. Kate did not HIT Leah.

    Also, reports are saying how Leah screamed and cried...I have never come across a child who was happily skipping away after getting a spanking.

  30. WOW!!! What a post, first off spanking is not a big deal, every parent is given the right to swat their childs behind if needed. It looks like she swatted her behind and that was it. She is on her personal property and NO ONE should be able to take photographs of her or her family on her property. Seriously how do you get rules and limitations made towards the paparazzi?
    Second off good for standing up for yourself babymama!! I was going to suggest legal action. Don't let them harrass you. I love your site. keep up the good work!! The line is always crossed when family is brought into it or personal information. Those people are SICK!!!
    It just goes to show how bad people always want to take down the good ones. like you said DISGUSTING!

  31. Jen Santos said...
    Thank you, 3KMOM! I'm so sick of the holier-than-thou types stating that they've never spanked or would never deny their child water, so on and so forth. It's pathetic!! I question whether these people are even parents, because let's face it, you just don't get it until you get it!

    I would just like to say that I am a parent of two little girls, ages 3 and 5. I do not spank and am just as entitled to an opinion on spanking, as those who spank are. My daughters are disciplined and are not spoiled brats just because they don't get hit.

    I take offense to calling it a holier-than-thou attitude. I never claimed to be a perfect parent. I just don't hit my children and don't believe in hitting a child, period.

    Thank you Baby Mama for posting my comment about such a controversial subject.

  32. I would like to add that I do NOT feel that parents who hit their children are abusive parents.

    I do think there is a difference between spanking a child and abusing a child. I know many loving parents that spank their children as a form of discipline. I just do not agree with it. I feel you can discipline a child without hitting.

  33. These people who attack Kate daily and watch her every move are...simply...pathetic!

    What she did was discipline her child. That's it! They acted like she hit Leah with a 2X4. Good Lord! I used to laugh at stuff like this, but it's getting so bad now...I'm disgusted.

    Again, I don't agree with Kate continuing the show, but she's not a monster and I think she's a good Mom.

    Sheesh. These haters are more obsessed with Kate then the fans. lol

  34. SchmeckyGirl I understand what you're saying *you don't need to spit the dictionary definition at me by the way* but most people I know when they hear that a parent has HIT a child, they associate it with beating, that the parent used their fist or an object to hit the child with. Kate used her open hand to spank Leah, she didn't use a closed fist and the way In Touch is making it look on their cover is that she HIT her and then to use that picture of the cop it makes it look as though the cops were called on Kate when that's not what happened.

  35. BabyMama,
    Thanks for the link to the delightful pix of Kate and children. Makes one wonder why those photos aren't on the covers of magazines.

    A mother of 8 with a husband who is completely detached takes a minute to get a child's attention. If there were any abuse going on, I am sure it could not be hidden all this time, with so many people in the house all the time...and so much camera time. Get a grip people.

    I don't understand the amount of time and emotion the "haters" put into a family that is not their own. It was a cute little TV program for four years. I thoroughly enjoy it. But maybe it's time to let go. I am too uncomfortable with the ugliness.

    I am so sorry to hear that you are getting personally attacked for being a fan. I wonder how unhappy people must be to take J&K+8 to such an hysterical level. Frankly, if I were you, I would not much as I enjoy knowing that others support the Gosselin family.

    Be well. Be happy.

  36. IMO there is nothing wrong with a spanking. In the 90's when the big issue of spanking your child came about, parents were scared to spank their own children. Therefore the children started ruling the roost. Now those children are adults, and if you watch any of the police shows, most of the offenders are 18 to 25. The same kids that grew up with no dicipline, because of all the hype of spanking. This is just a thought. But if people like the haters and the paps would mind their own business, maybe society would not be producing offenders.

    Baby Mama- I think you are a class A person. It just goes to show you that the haters are truely haters. The whole reason for their site was to supposibly protect the children. Now they are going after you because you are a fan. N othing but pure hate and jealousy. Keep up the good work. We all love you.

  37. HOLLIDAY~ Welcome. I have been around just as long as the next guy, and have no intentions of going anywhere. There are many places people can go to discuss this family. The big difference is here, I do NOT allow anyone but myself to attack anybody (lol). With hate sites, they take things too far, and its the anger & profanity that scares me the most. They take things to levels they shouldn't, being spiteful for the sake of making themselves feel better about their own sad lives. I won't go there on this site. They are a bit too obsessed with what I have to say...not sure why ;)

  38. Leah was fine if you look at the pictures from when the cop arrived (Kate called them to clarify again).

    Schmecky girl- I agree with you and think there are other ways to discipline children and think people need to respect others opinions and agree to disagree on this one before things get heated.

  39. I just saw a promo for Monday's One hour special. Kate says they have made some decisions. The screen says "Jon and Kate have an announcement". Any ideas or insight??

  40. A few months back in my playgroup, the moms were discussing how that weeks host mom smacked her 3 year son right in front of us. He was having a temper tantrum over snack after lunch, and while trying to remove him from the room she gave up.

    One mom there had a fit about it, calling it I think "embarrassing". One mom discussed how she was trying not to smack her children, instead trying the new "hot sauce on the tongue" method. Forcing your kids to eat hot sauce? My friend and I didn't agree with either comment.

    There's many things I disagree with, but every situation & parenting style is different. Kate is on her own property. Saying she needs to stay in the back of her house is unfair. The kids are very used to playing on the driveway, and making them go into the back of the house? Since when? I feel sad and disgusted that so many people are hunting for things to get on Kate. When did they finally realize they were going too far? When I called a few of them out for trying to get personal and private information on myself..the one that runs the fan site!

    As long as there is no physical abuse within the family, they can parent how they see fit.

  41. “Any child development expert will tell you that spanking is not a good form of discipline. The reason being is that you are your child’s role model. So, if you act out with physical force when you’re feeling frustrated, how can you expect your child to behave when they’re feeling frustrated?”

    From Surviving Motherhood - Dr. Ari Brown

  42. The negative attention Kate has been receiving is unbelievable. It is almost laughable that these poor, pathetic people have THAT much time on their hands to tune into the show every week without fail just to dissect it and stir up more psychotic criticism. If anything, we should pity these people who have have demonstrated that they have nothing going on in their life that deserves more attention than religiously watching a show that brings them such misery. I made the mistake of perusing Bohemian Moon's blog- guess I was just curious. If her site is a reflection of who she really is, she is crass, reckless, classless, and unrefined. She stated that she developed critical thinking in the 4th grade (she must be SO proud!)and that it is what allows her to make her own judgments about things. Well, critical thinking also entails that you make an informed decision based on solid data and credible information and sources. At least on this site, Baby Mama welcomes and allows healthy debate and respectful disagreement. Site like GWOP and Bohemian Moon are obviously not basing their stance on critical thinking as GWOP will not even allow any comment that even hints positive regard for Kate and Jon just so that the blind rage of its members can perpetuate their imbecilic environment. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of Kate, but to go to the extreme of hating her and wishing horrible things on is evident that something is truly wrong with Bohemian Moon and GWOP to feel something so intense for someone they don't even know (except for Jodi, who is a whole 'nother can of worms-a botulism infested can, might i add :)).

  43. cherier1~ I don't think anyone here would say that spanking is a good form of discipline. And this link is being splashed everywhere BECAUSE its right on TLC's website. But the fact of the matter is, it does sometimes happen. We as parents have to force ourselves to find other ways to handle the matter and not be attacked when it does happen. Which, no one would have seen had it not been for people sleeping in front of the house in order to get shots of this families personal business.

    AND SPEAKING OF..I finally saw the "Big Announcement" Promo! What do you think it is? And while I wouldn't be shocked they were separating, I hope and pray it's for counseling.

  44. Did you guys see the ad tonight that theres a special episode mon night where they announce a decision they've made??

  45. SchmeckyGirl, I agree with you , you can dicipline without hitting. We don't allow our kids to hit people, so its a mixed message to hit them.
    And there is no difference between spanking & hitting..
    I think it just makes people feel better to say its different. Whatever you call it , it is striking a child.
    BUT having said that, I think its a parents decision what to do.
    I understand that Kate will parent whether they are watching or not. But it doesnt help her situation at all, they are just waiting & watching for her to do something & they will slap this all over their magazine covers.
    I totally am all for timeouts. And I have seen millions of successful time outs on Jon & Kates show.

  46. I was shocked this was blown up by the hate sites. It was a swat on the bottom. I know many people who never spank their children and are great parents who raise respectful children. I know many people who spank their children and they are great parents who are raising respectful kids. It is not abuse to spank a child. Parents shouldn't have to hide in a bathroom or go inside to spank a child. If you do that than it seems like you really believe you are doing something wrong. Maybe spanking is not a form of punishment you should use. Children will learn quickly that they can get away with bad behavior in public if their parents do not enforce the rules in public the same as they would at home. Too many JK+8 Haters have too much time on their hands!!!

  47. Hot sauce on the tongue? That's just cruel.

  48. I have one thing to say about all this Jon and Kate bashing going on out there. Are we not all adults? I mean come on people. Do you ladies have nothing better to do than put others down. I have been and continue to be a fan of this family and although there have been things I may nt agree with 100% that they have done no one out there is perfect and no one will ever agree with everything someone else does. Leave that family alone. I mean at this point it seems like even if they were not doing the show anymore they still would be under fire. It is just wrong and nasty that adults are acting like children. People ask why are we such fans of this family, I want to know why people are such dedicated fans of attacking this family?

  49. Hello All this is my first time posting on this site although I have been following it forever. I just had one thing I needed to get of my chest involving all these haters out there. Are we not all adults here. Because the behavior that is going on is rather child like. It is just stupid. Why wont people just leave this family alone? I have been a fan since the show started and although I have not agreed with everything they have done 100% we as humans will never like everything or agree with everything that others do. No one is perfect I know we all know that one right? So why are people attacking the fans now as well as this family and not only that but why do these haters get on us when they are fans of attacking them. They put more effort into this family trying to bring them down than fans do . Whos the crazy ones? Not the fans. They need to leave this family alone and although the right thing would be for J+K to stop the show for the sake of their family I would hate to see them go as I am sure some of you would. But you know who I think would be more sad is all those haters because then what will they do with their spare time. Sorry I had to get that off my chest cause I just hate that all these adults are acting like kids and are bring this fansite into their garbage.

  50. Ever since this all started with Jon and that woman... that's when I found all the press to really start coming out with negative things. It was never, never, never like this before that. And I personally don't believe in spanking, I think there are other ways but I'm not her kids so I don't know what the situation is and as we always saw, it was always time outs for the kids so I just figure it must have been something really bad lol... But anyway... I just really hate these gossip sites and channels and magazine... doesn't anyone realize that THOSE gossip things are making all these situations bigger problems than they should be? And I thought Britney Spears had it bad with this. I think Kate might have passed her now with magazines and the press watching everything you do. Kate could her anything and she would be immediately killed with all these stupid people and gossip things.

  51. I just saw the monday episodes preview and it makes me feel so conflicted. I want J&K to be together to be how they use to be. To love each other like they use to. But that preview gave me a bad feeling. I am hoping for the best and preparing for the worst =(
    ug Just be a family again.
    I have the feeling they wont stay together. Jon should have been there for her birthday, plus i heard they were not together on their anniversary (i don't know how true that is) but he should have been with her then too. I don't understand!

  52. Why are there paparazzi in Pennsylvania??????? Isn't she the only big celebrity there, other than sports figures? I can't believe people are camped out all times of day just to catch a glimpse of her and the kids.

  53. We have seen pictures and saw the recent show of how far away from the main road the house is. How is this public?!!! These paps are using high-powered telescopic lenses to get clear up close pictures.

  54. Baby Mama, I agree it's not "fair" that J&K's family will have to be in the back of their property to have privacy, but it is my opinion that THAT is the "reality" of their life now. If there's no legal way to make the tabloids and their cameras go away, then what choice is there if they don't want photos like we've seen lately in all the headlines? I would be DONE DONE DONE w/ all this garbage for the sake of my kids. I would do everything in my power to make sure my kids could play and just be themselves AT THEIR OWN HOME w/o having secret photos and videos broadcasted to the entire world. No, it's not fair, but that's not their children's fault. It's one thing to take the random shots of J&K, or their family out in public but I don't consider being outside of their house on their own property to be "public".

  55. I won't take sides, nor express my personal opinions on the benefits of spanking vs not spanking, or about what Kate did, but I do feel strongly about one issue regarding any type of discipline for children. And that is, that it should never be done in the heat of the moment or in anger. The same can be said about talking with a spouse during a disagreement or even a teacher, store clerk, etc.

    We are all humans, we all have the same basic emotions, but it's a matter of choice in how we choose to manage those emotions. It's JMO and maybe for discussion, that when we reply, act, react, etc, in anger it's much more likely we would say or do or handle the situation in a different manner than if we'd taken a step back along with a deep breath, cleared our emotions from the issue, and then dealt with the person or problem with a clearer head.

    I know I have made very poor decision when I've been fired-up and have many times regretted them. Had I taken a time-out and calmed down I would have handled the situation in a much different manner. This can be applied to child discipline or just about any interaction with another person where emotions are involved.

  56. Kate, PLEASE ignore all the scathing junk written about you. We, your fans, realize you are having problems, but PLEASE don't read the junk about you or even lower yourself to comment on it as it just FEEDS these snarly parasites. Ignore, Ignore, Ignore. The haters would be the first in line to crucify Jesus today.

  57. Baby Mama, Don't let them get to you. Don't let their rants and their attacks hurt you in anyway. You know the truth as do we, your followers, who believe in you. Kate wants to spank her kids, great. I spank all five of mine. Let me tell you. They are just fine.

  58. I've heard something like:

    "Rules and discipline without love lead to rebellion but love without rules and discipline lead to chaos."

    Jon & Kate have done a tremendous job loving their kids with loads of encouragement and refining them with discipline.

  59. I pray that the announcement is for counseling or something positive as well. I really don't think they'd announce anything negative on their show.

  60. My mom and dad spanked me and I turned out just fine. I don't resent them for it- kids need discipline. My parents never beat the sh*t out of me and I doubt Kate has done that to her kids either.

  61. I am very sad that the media has decided to camp out at the Gosselin home and try to sell anything they can. Whether or not you think spanking is ok, it is not for us to judge what is supposed to happen behind closed doors. I am sure that all of us would have something to "hide" if cameras were across the street from our houses.

    I support this website and love the show - the good, the bad and the ugly.

  62. Spanking is not wrong. The only people who have a problem with it are these modern day "experts" who try to use it as a method to sell books to insecure lost parents. Every single person I know was "spanked". Not one is resentful, bitter, angry, upset whatever you want to call it. If these people judging her were followed I'm sure we would find something more damaging than a spank to your child. And if you sit up here and judge he and say that you have NEVER hit your child or will NEVER hit your child then you are lying. I'm sure most of you here were hit by your parents. Children are obnoxious and need to be spanked sometimes. Not all the time for every little thing but sometimes it's needed. They are not abused these magazines are just using whatever is hot at the moment to sell their crap which happens to be this family. It's working obvviously because In Touch and Us Weekly who are known fabricated lying that have been put on blast for their fake stories sell about a million copies when J&K are on the cover. It's really sickening. People are acting like she full on punches them in the face or something - give it a rest.

  63. SchmeckyGirl~ Yes, hot sauce on the tongue. She was so adamant about not spanking her kids. She said that they were at times so "out of control" that she went on line and tried to find other methods of discipline. (her 3 kids were similar in age). Now The point of me discussing it, is that sometimes parents don't realize they are causing more harm then good. They feel that they are doing what's best for their kids, but to us, that may not be the case. Which leads me back to parents, in their own minds, do what they feel best. I remember laughing when my friend said something like "I'd rather smack her in the behind". It was a joke, but you get the point.

    I may not be happy with others parenting choices, and I do what I feel is best for me and my family. So regarding Jon & Kate, all I can do is hope and pray that the make the right choice for their family. This big announcement thing is stressful to watch! (lol)

  64. Re: the announcement for Monday... maybe they're going on "hiatus" and only airing what they already have filmed so far. Maybe a break is what Jon & Kate need, and a chance to work on their marriage without cameras around. That's kind of the best I can hope for right now!

  65. I am sure the announcement will leak before Mondays show. :)

  66. I saw the preview for the big announcement. I wonder what it will be? I have a feeling maybe its either they are officially splitting up or that Jon wont be on the show anymore. It seems like the TLC crew has been following just Kate, so maybe thats what it is. Though I hope its that they are reconciling and seeking counseling. I will def. be praying for them.

  67. Does anyone know if a preview of next week's episode is online anywhere? And if so, where can I find it? I've been searching for it for a while, and can't seem to find it. I'm curious to see the body language, etc. when they say that there will be an announcement next week. Thanks!

  68. IMO the announcement can only go 3 ways.

    1) They end the show.
    2) They separate and maybe it just becomes Kate + 8.
    3) They get divorced.

    I think any option, they lose. Did anyone else notice that in the preview Jon and the kids are always far off in the distance?

  69. I heard the advertisement for the announcement this morning also. I suspect they will either announce that they are getting divorced/separating or counseling. I hope it is counseling. In regard to the spanking, for heavens sake we have seen years of Jon and Kate giving their kids timeout and not spanking them. Just because she one time gives them a spank on the rear end does not make her a child abuser. Frankly, I don't know how she keeps from breaking down with all this negative gossip about them. As for the other site, I read it a couple of times and was absolutely shocked by all the hate that those posters have. Don't let them get you down Baby Mama.

  70. When I saw the commercial saying the had an announcement I immediately thought of divorce..but I never thought of the possibility of it being counseling! I really hope they can work it out.

  71. I never had hot sauce on the tongue when I was little, I did have SOAP IN THE MOUTH though, YUCK!!

  72. Has anyone seen the preview for Monday's episode? I thought it was the Mother's Day one, but I just saw a commercial that said J&K have an announcement!! I'm really nervous that there saying they are getting divorced (not that I didn't think it was coming but I had high hopes that they would work it out).

    I just saw pic's of john today smoking something and he had his wedding ring on still so I don't know maybe they are just keeping them on till this airs. I think he is definitely going through a mid-life crisis and he's only 32 but I guess with all those kids he feels like he's trapped or something. I say get over and man up you've had these children now step up to the plate and stay there. You can't just choose to run away when you get bored or insecure cause your wife is the one with the career.

    I don't get it I watch old episodes and they looked like they had it down even with all the stress and bickering when I use to see them in that interview chair together they would laugh and she always laughed at his jokes. I think that's why I thought they would make it cause even with all that stress and all those kids and all that bickering at the end of the day they could still laugh together....

  73. s:

    I really liked your comment! And I hope you don’t mind that I will be quoting you as I write my comment.

    “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of Kate, but to go to the extreme of hating her and wishing horrible things on her...” … and anyone that “hints positive regard for Kate” or the show. They even have sites dedicated to insulting non-haters, with Baby Mama being their main subject. DISGUSTING.

    I have experienced first hand the attacks of some of these “crass, reckless, classless, and unrefined” individuals. I have been called: stupid, ignorant, uneducated, illiterate, psycho, narcissistic, a pedophile, BK – buzz-kill (yeah, they get a buzz from hating Kate), crazy loon, white trash, human tampon (whatever that means) and many other vulgarities. I stopped commenting on “their” site, but they would seek me out on others, including this one. So I stopped commenting altogether, however a week doesn’t go by that my name is not brought up… CRAZY. Most recently someone mentioned that my personal information was being sought out to be posted… UNBELIEVABLE (and criminal).

    Some of these individuals claim to be upstanding citizens… alleged successful business owners, teachers, school administrators, attorney wife... SCARY… Especially, the teacher and school administrator.

    Baby Mama:

    As we have discussed before, there is no sane explanation for the attacks on you (or me)… But as Terri said, make sure you print all the threatening and abusive comments. I have been doing so for a while now.

    Stay tough, you are doing a great job!!!

    I NEVER had to spank my daughter, however my son would only respond to spankings. And guess what… they turned out to be quite fabulous and adore their father and me. Oh, and my son was a biter as a toddler and as recommended by an expert, I bit him after he bit his sister and he never bit anyone again.

    LK and company:

    Since you are so obsessed with me, here you go... This is really me, no need to waste your precious blogging time analyzing other posts to figure out if it is me or not. Have fun!!!

  74. I am also hopeful that they announce they are going into counseling. However, to say that is the "big announcement" sounds off to me. Why would they say, our big announcement is we are going into counseling? I fear it will be an announcement that they are separating or divorcing even though we all know it looks like they've been separated for a while now. I know I don't have a right to be but I will be mad if that is what it is. I just honestly think that if no one cheated and esecially given their extrodinary circumstances they should stick it out and try EVERYTHING (including counseling) to make it work. If they have pushed this hard and persevered this long to make it in every other way, they should do so in the marriage as well. UGH I'm just frustrated!

  75. Please tell me the photo of Jon that's out there is doctored...please...

  76. Hasn't anyone ever taught you all to never discuss religion, politics and parenting? LOL. Seriously, we all feel pretty strongly about the above mentioned - it's almost pointless to discuss...IMO. Parenting is a personal choice, but again - when you choose to put your life out there for public have to take it all in...good, bad and ugly. Sure some of it gets pretty intense...I'm sure the Gosselins have developed a thick skin. If they take things personally...they should jump ship.

  77. I'm so nervous and can't wait to watch Monday. I am a regular reader of, and sure enough, he posted the clip of the announcement commercial. I was reading some of the comments, and it is quite amusing to see that several readers are so sure Kate's going to announce shes pregnant!

    LOL! Because Jon and Kate are together oh so much that they could actually have had time for that.

    I'm sad but the most likely situation would be marriage counseling, but if that's the case, the whole "life changing" thing Kate talked about is a bit overdrammatic. However, I doubt something as huge as a divorce would be announced on the show. It just doesn't seem likely. I would also think a 'separation' announcement would be too outdated at this point. To me they've already done that and it's nothing new.

    That pretty much just leaves an announcement of them on a hiatus. Makes sense, but seeing as the season literally just started a few weeks ago, I don't see that happening. I can't see Kate willingly stopping the show.

    I'm so nervous! I know time will tell but I can't wait!!!

  78. BM, thanks for posting my post and for your considerate reply. I apprecite it.

  79. I feel that their big announcement is that they are moving...possibly to that area we saw when they went to the beach...that very secluded area. That would be a life-changing decision for all because the kids would go to a different school, etc. It would be a good time before the little ones start kindergarten. Kate mentioned that she hopes their decision could give them peace. A secluded place should. Just a feeling.

  80. About the new promo for next week's episode: I really hope all this isn't for ratings. I heard that the rating went down and not to hear this promo? Sounds fishy to me. Anyone else? I'll be disapointed in Jon and Kate if this is just for ratings or even if they are having real trouble, but using it for ratings anyway.

  81. As for the Monday epidode announcement, I have a feeling that they are cancelling the show. Obvious mixed feelings about that prospect.

  82. I've been lurking on this site for awhile now, and I wanted to post my thoughts on this. First, thank you, Baby Mama, for an excellent site. I hope you do press charges against anyone who is releasing personal information and therefore, putting you and your family at risk.

    Second: I come from a home where my Mom was a very nasty person when I was a kid. When I hear these people calling Kate a bad mother, I want to single them out and explain what a bad mom REALLY is. I would have loved to have Kate Gosselin as a mother. She truly cares about her children and embraces her role as a mother. She has dedicated her life to raising these children. Many moms would be out of there by now. Kate isn't. Kate's children are lucky to have her in their life.

    Now, I was raised by my Dad (once Mom was gone), who did spank me. He hated to do it, and I could imagine Kate did too. I grew up just fine, thanks to his support, and am a successful, polite 24 year old with no issues from it. Spanking was actually encouraged in my child development classes in college as a "last resort tool" to punishing, as long as it was a light swat on the butt used very rarely and when the child had been warned. Kate seemed to have warned her daughter and so I think she was right to make that judgment call as a parent. It was a little smack on the butt- not anything child services would raise an eyebrow at.

    In short, that was my little rant. Keep on going, both Baby Mama and Kate, and thank you for listening. I hope Monday brings good news that the family will work it out- even if it means I will lose my favorite show for awhile.

  83. funinthesungirl said:
    And if you sit up here and judge he and say that you have NEVER hit your child or will NEVER hit your child then you are lying. I'm sure most of you here were hit by your parents. Children are obnoxious and need to be spanked sometimes.
    Please refrain from calling me a liar. Maybe you have an issue with the fact that I can discipline my children without hitting. I don't know. I don't know why you feel that I am lying.

    You, and/or others on here, claim you spank your child in a reasonable manner. I take your word on that. You calling me a liar is like me calling you a child beater or child abuser.

    I don't think we should be insulting other commentors and calling them liars.

    And not ALL children are obnoxious. Mine aren't. In fact I get compliments quite often even by strangers on how well behaved they are when we go out to restaurants to eat or if they have to sit still for a long time. Yes, they have their moments when they are cranky or mischevious but that's not being obnoxious.

    And yes, I did get hit as a child and I understand that that's the way things were back then and I already said I don't think I was "abused". But I do think it was wrong.

    I vividly remember looking at my mother when I was about 8-years-old wondering why she seemed to get satisfaction out of hitting her own daughter. I can picture myself standing in my bedroom in front of my dresser. I also remember vowing that I would never cry again when she hit me and I never did. In fact I remember from that moment on refusing to cry in front of my mother again because I thought that's what she wanted when she hit me. Is that normal? Is that a feeling of being lovingly disciplined? I knew WHY she hit me. I knew it was to discipline me. I didn't think discipling me was wrong. But I couldn't help how it made me feel. I never wanted my daughters to feel that way. That is why I do not hit my girls. I think it is demeaning to them and could possibly kill their spirit just a little each time. Or it could make them defiant and/or guarded. I just don't know... but I won't take the chance. That is my personal choice as a parent.

    I never bashed Kate for hitting Leah. I didn't call her a monster for spanking. I know many loving parents that spank and I said so. I merely stated that I do not believe children should be hit/spanked.

    I can't believe that I am having to sit here and defend the fact that I do NOT hit my children, yet everyone here is irate that Kate has to defend the fact that she does. How is that right?

  84. Wouldn't it be great if Jon & Kate could compromise? Maybe they could stop the show in its current form (Jon gets partially what he wants), and maybe just have hour or two hour long updates once a year (Kate gets partially what she wants). In the meantime, they can work on their marriage without the glare of the cameras.

  85. What I was really surprised about was that people were saying Jon was doing drugs. He doesn't, but he did go back to smoking. These are a few of the many things that people make up and spread. I found this that describes the way Jon smoked in the past:
    FROM A SOURCE (lol)
    "Whenever I saw him smoking the hookah with some other people it was only tobacco that they used no other harder drugs. Jon was very popular and easy going at this time and smoking was probably as much a ‘social habitat’ for him more than anything else. Although I wouldn’t say he was a ‘heavy smoker’ he definitely enjoyed a cigarette from time to time.”

  86. WOW - not spanking can produce "offenders" - wow, is about all I can muster. I guess we can rest assured that the Gosselin children will all grow up to be productive law abiding members of our society thanks to their parents spanking....ludicrous!

  87. Is the "Big Announcement" even real? If you look at it very carefully the word Family is spelled wrong. They have it spelled, "Familly".
    As much as I would hate the show to end, I honestly think it would be the right decision. I don't want to watch the family fall apart right before my eyes. I also heard that they are losing ratings, about a million viewers in the last few episodes.
    If Kate is only doing this to provide for her kids, maybe she should quit beautifying herself. Just a thought.
    As to the In Touch article, a picture says a thousands words. Yes its your right, and it's your own home, but hello, your every move is being watched, bad timing on Kate's part.
    This whole thing is getting completely out of hand.

  88. Baby Mama said...
    What I was really surprised about was that people were saying Jon was doing drugs. He doesn't, but he did go back to smoking.

    But there is a pic of him smoking something rolled in paper. How do you or anyone else know he doesn't for a fact? His past smoking habits don't necessarily come into play in this instance. He could have taken up smoking pot recently.

    Of course it is possible that he is smoking a rolled up cigarette, but who in this day and age rolls tobacco? And if he did roll tobacco that is pretty stupid on his part to smoke unfiltered cigarettes or to even take up smoking again after ten years.

    Okay, so if he smokes pot... Does it mean he's a bad person or father? No. But it shows poor judgment. He knows the paps are out there. And were the children in his care? If he's on his property the children may have been there too and being high with your children present is not very smart.

    This may come up during a custody battle. He can argue it was a rolled cigarette, but still. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And I like Jon! Ugh.

  89. I sure hope that some of this money is going into a trust for the children. It seems like Jon is on a real spending spree. Diamond earrings, new BMW, looking at an apt at Trump towers....gee do you think he is having an early mid life crisis!!!! I am so disappointed in him. If I hear him say "my children are everything to me" one more time I'll scream. He sure doesn't seem to be living that way.

  90. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has e-mailed me regarding Miss Moon. She is what people refer to as an internet bully. She has allowed those that post on her site to viciously attack me. And for someone that claims that people were putting her personal information out there, I can't believe that she would not allow those on her site to joke about doing the same. And then go to another hate site where they have threatened me and claim they have my husbands personal info (they don't).

    I draw the line when someone questions whether you beat your child. Its disgusting and shows the type of people that create sites like that. I'm a tough cookie, but when you read some of the things that people write not only about Jon & Kate but myself, you see they type of truly sick individuals they are.

    Miss Merry Moon needs to be aware that I do not take threats lightly. I did contact Blogger about the other site she and others have posted on. These are grown women cursing and attacking a people on TV. How it got this bad and gone this far I don't know, but I'm a tough cookie and will take it to whatever level it needs to, to let people know I won't stand for it. Again, thank you for all the posts of concern, and thank you all for having my back! xoxoxox

  91. First and foremost i would like to say that i feel horrible for this family. I think its a joke that people get off on snooping into other people's lives. Famous or not there is no reason for this nonsense. Think of what this is doing to there children when they go to school. It's not right and i dont agree with it at all. I smank my son when he does something wrong. Sometimes time out doesnt work. Yesterday i saw this for the first time while standing in line at walmart. I couldnt believe what i was seeing. I smacked my sons butt in wal-mart yesterday because he was being impossible. Who cares if i do it but if Kate does it its a big no no and how could you. I am sorry but people that destroy other peoples lives are patheitc, greedy, money hungry, scumbags. I would love to see there reaction if the tables were turned on them.

  92. I have been reading a few Jon & Kate related blogs as background for some online articles I'm writing. I am not a fan of the show and I can understand why people are concerned about certain issues, but these blogs are very disturbing. I guess it gets heated b/c people relate the show to their own life and parenting concerns. Anyway, take care and I hope everyone can find enough to discuss about the actual facts/show instead of each other.

  93. I am just heartsick over what's happening to this family. I have always loved this show and have tried to be open-minded whenever I've heard anything negative about either Jon or Kate. Although I don't like spanking I have done so and readily admit to it and think that is a private decision to be made in each family. So I don't think Kate is a monster for doing it if she felt it was necessary. However, I just saw the clip from the Access Hollywood and I am having trouble with rationalizing this one. How can a mother deny her child a drink of water and then drink water in front of her? Babymama, I know you are able to find out alot about these things. Has Kate said anything about why she behaved this way? Maybe the clip wasn't complete and it wasn't as bad as it looked. Anyway, it just really bothered me and I was hoping someone had a good explanation.

  94. I agree that the way a parent disciplines their children is their business. I think the media blows everything out of proportion to have a story. It's not like she's a violent woman who beats her children for no reason like alot of parents because if she was, social workers would have been all over her along time ago. I know everyone has their own opinions when it comes to how Jon and Kate handle issues in the public eye but I think like any marriage, they're doing it the best way they can. I agree with Kate when she said " Jon and I are different people now. The divorce rate for parents of multiples is three times higher than parents without. And at one time we believed we would beat that statistic." If they feel like they are growing apart, and they've done everything they could to save the marriage, and it's still not working, than yes, maybe they should seperate. It would be better than staying in the marriage unhappy and fighting. Of course it's harder for a family to go through what they are going through in the public eye, but whatever they choose to do is up to them. I have no doubt in my mind, just from watching the show, that they are both great parents, and even if they do decide to divorce I almost positive they will still love the kids the same and live every day for them. Once the children get older I think they will know that their mother and father did the best they could as a married couple, and it was just better to go their seperate ways. I think everyone who watches the show who comes from families with divorced parents, or has been divorced themselves can relate to what they are going through. Anyone who is attacking the family should really put a sock in it!

  95. Why is it wrong to show Kate spanking one of her kids, but it's perfectly acceptable to show them potty training or engaged in other private moments? That makes absolutely no sense.

  96. Now a days you are told NOT to spank your child, NOT to decipline your child....and yet they yell at the parents when the children do wrong, saying they fail as parents they this they that! How can we properly decipline our children when we are crusified when we spank our children?!
    I spank my child! there is nothing wrong with some firm decipline!
    People are throwing things out of the park here, there is a BIG difference between a spanking and beating your child!
    How much you wanna bet most of these people pitching a fit do not have children or their children are spoiled rotten and the kids people cannot stand....

  97. Hi,
    I am an avid fan of the show, and have a lot to say, but not right now - except when I heard the announcement of the divorce, I had tears rolling down my face. Oh, and I happen to like Kate very much. No, she's not perfect - makes a lot of mistakes, as do we all. I just found this blog, and I will be back.