Saturday, June 20, 2009

Houses & Big Changes Teaser, US Weekly's Former Editor Blasts The Magazine

Happy Fathers Day Everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day with your families! Since a few people wanted me to post this teaser for Monday.

Kate Gosselin Favorite Fodder For Tabloid Attacks

"I actually thinks it's atrocious that Kate is being portrayed as a monster," former Us Weekly editor Bonnie Fuller told "GMA." "Like all strong women, she's a target and we've seen it before. We saw it in the election campaign. We saw it with Hillary Clinton. We saw it with Sarah Palin. Strong, aggressive women who know what they want and don't mind being in the public eye are very much in for a public drubbing."

This article is from May and I wish I had found it sooner. Click HERE to watch GMA discuss how many experts to question whether the media has been fair not just to Gosselin, but to assertive women and mothers in general.


  1. I have never seen Kate look more sad, except in that premiere episode a month ago.

    Jon looks like an idiot with his two diamond earrings. Grow up Jon. Seek counsel at your Church, with your wife. I need to see that same man who said that prayer for his wife before her tummy tuck surgery. That was a real man. Not the buffoon that you have become. Kate needs to see and have that man back again.

  2. Hello if jon and kate deside to get a divorce are u still running the blog please do a bit of an ranadom question and thanks for the blogs u do :)

  3. I dont let me see the video becuase i live in england and is there any other way i can see it ?

  4. Kate looks like she is in pain. My heart breaks for her.

  5. I am so sad to see this happening. I live near the old E/town home and all the places they tour where local. I think Kate's brother and wife are just nasty because they didn't get paid. Also Jon seems to be getting a lot of toys lately for someone who doesn't want anything to do with the show or its money. I don't want to see the divorce but Kate will have to keep a job somewhere to support the kids considering Jon doesn't work but goes everywhere on someones money.

  6. This makes me so sad! I really want them to work things out. They have been apart of my Monday night life for a few years now and would like to continue seeing them together, preferably on the couch together. The only thing about watching their lives is that we want to know more about it when's none of our business. I wish them the best and hope that they are able to work things out so that everyone is happy :)

  7. Lexii~ I will try the day after to get the actual episodes up like I always do. And for the record, this blog will continue as long as there is a show and a family to blog about....:)

  8. Just seeing the teaser put me in tears,i'm so eager to see the episode tom., and Jon why did you ever get your ears pierced!?!

  9. UsWeekly is reporting that Jon held an impromptu press conference outside their home today, signed autographs, and answered most questions about tomorrow's announcement with "watch the show".

    Do you suppose Mady and Cara's friends are asking them what the big announcement is? The commercials here are on all the time, alternating between a regular commercial that's all about the crooked houses and the all-drama one about the big announcement. I'm telling you, my head is going to explode if they announce divorce.

    I still want to know how radaronline and other places had clips of the show's promo before it was even up on TLC's website.

    I'm starting to think this is all hype to boost ratings and distract people from focusing on the spanking/smoking etc. photos.

  10. It is not all just Jons fault folks. He can have ear rings, wear Ed Hardy, drive sports cars and its still not all his fault.

    Marriages have to be nurtured.

    At some point the both put the marriage on the back burner....and their relationship cooled. It takes 2 to make a marriage.

  11. There was a story on US Weekly's website about Jon signing autographs and talking to the press at his gate today in PA. When asked where Kate was, he said "I have no idea." Of course, if it's on US's website, one has no idea how true it is. But, again, not a good sign for the Gosselins. I'm getting sadder with each new report that's coming out and losing hope that Jon & Kate are willing to try and make their marriage work.

  12. I'm gonna guess that he got the earrings for the same reason he got his little sports car LOL.
    I think its ridiculous that he is apartment hunting in NY???
    I just dont get it that he KNOWS that would be made public that he is apartment hunting. Just seems so planned now.
    I hope she moves on without him if he continues like this.

  13. According to People, Jon talked to the media today and said he had "no idea where Kate is",,20286557,00.html

  14. Hmmm...Jon approaching the fans, fielding questions and handing out autographed pictures...kinda sounds like a commercial for tomorrow night's show...

  15. People on the news were talking about J&K (the kind of news that had just been reporting about IRAN), TV Guide channel had a Jon & Kate special, TLC has been airing that Monday preview about the big announcement...I hope it's not a divorce announcement, but they didn't do the interview together on the chair, that's not a good sign...

  16. tiredmama--I have wondered that too....about Mady and Cara's friends. I'm sure they watch the show. My 9 year old nephew watches. I wonder what and if they ask them anything.

    I think even if they stop filming the show the pap will still be hounding them for a looong time.

  17. hello there :) i just watched a special on some tv station about jon and kate and it said that on monday, they would be announcing a divorce

  18. I don't understand what is going on with this blog?!? Picking on Jon for every little thing, his earrings, his clothes, his jeans, his car?

    Other blogs pick on Kate for every little thing, now here it's Jon's turn I guess.

    It takes TWO to make a marriage work. My guess would be, Kate is VERY upset with herself for not trying harder to kind. Sometimes you don't know what you had, until it's gone. You can tell yourself they changed, and it's their fault. But it takes two.

  19. Something that I just decided that I want to say.......

    There is all this talk about Kate's "transformation" in regards to her look. Whenever people talk about that, they show a picture of her right after she gave birth to 6 babies versus 5 years later...

    But looking at pictures of Kate from Jon and Kate's wedding, she looks the same as she did there, with the exception of being a few years older!

    She's always worn her hair blonde, she's always been tan, thin, and beautiful. It's not like she went her entire life being an overweight brunette and "transformed" into a blonde bombshell...she was gorgeous even before the sextuplets were born...

  20. I agree that it takes two to make a marriage work... but I get the feeling that one is not even trying and the other one probably is.
    Why do guys buy expensive sports cars and start wearing new and young stylish clothes? why do they pierce there ears?
    I doubt he is doing it to impress kate. He has been seen with two different 23 yr olds. I swear its an early mid-life crisis.
    I feel bad for kate. Its like jon has turned off all emotion towards her. When he talks about things in the chair he does not show that he even cares about anything.
    I really hope that they can look past everything and make the marriage work.

  21. Is it me, or is every time Jon & Kate Separate Lives on E! is on its a different story? I guess they must be updating it each time its on....

  22. jlb016 said:
    But looking at pictures of Kate from Jon and Kate's wedding, she looks the same as she did there, with the exception of being a few years older!

    If you look at Jon from when they met - he had long hair and a leather jacket. He wasnt' the 'Preppy" boy we saw on the first few seasons of the show. Maybe he is going back to who HE WAS also. Not sure just an observation.

  23. hey tiredmama I'm with you there, I think I too might explode. ;-D and yes, lets all stay away from nit picking the two of them, they are human beings who are allowed to make mistakes as we all do! prayers for the family please!

  24. jlb016 - I agree. Any woman who just after having one baby five years from now would look drastically different, let alone six. That really irratates me when they do that. People are picking on Jon because he is dressing like a douchey college kid. Kate isn't dressing like a young slut. That's the difference. This all sounds very suspicous to me. He shuns the spotlight but has a meet and greet at his gate? At his home? The day before the "big announcement? Sounds very odd. Of course he had to say he has "no idea" where she is. The press will love that. Kate doesn't do that to him when he isn't around. I think it's unfair how people treat her and always will. Is she the nicest person in the world? No. But she is still a great mother. When she had to stay home and care for them no one came out to complain. But now everyone wants to pity Jon because it's his tunr? She was just home with them and she didn't speak to the press and say she had "no idea" where he was. He is being a real jerk about the whole thing. I can't see the videos because I don't live in the U.S. but I think it's true about double standards when it comes to strong men and women. Men are praised, woman are called b!tches.

  25. I'm starting to wonder if maybe Jon should be seeing a real doctor. He seems to be changing a lot, really quickly- that can be a sign of depression. Since nothing has really changed in their lives (save for the awful p-people) I wonder if he has some kind of chemical imbalance? I mean, Kate seems baffled by him and his behaviour, so maybe that's it?

  26. The way I see it; Jon is showing his personal style. He feels free to wear what he wants. He isn't middle aged. He isn't argyle sweater vests and dockers; he's ripped jeans and t-shirts. It isn't like he has a desk job anymore, he can be casual.
    Kate has designer shoes, and sunglasses, and purses. She goes in for regular manicures, and tanning sessions. She has changed too. I've seen no photos of her tanned in a miniskirt, before the past year. I could care less; I'm just saying, she has taken a special interest in her appearance, and how she presents herself. She started wearing large earrings, just like Jon did. No big deal!

    Moving on to a different subject; I feel Kate has been very hard on Jon. She admitted it herself, in the season premiere, and said she regretted it. Their relationship appears to be damaged beyond repair, in my estimation. I haven't seen either of them speak of love or commitment to work it out.

    And sometimes; that is best.

    I don't mean to sound like I'm defending only Jon, but he seems under-represented here, and I like to look at both sides.

    And truthfully, I am shocked to be feeling sad for him. My OWN husband of 8 years had affairs behind my back, and I still have an impossible time trusting people.

    I am sad for Jon, though. Both of them, really. Kate is so bossy. He's been on national television for years, getting yelled at about this or that, being reprimanded for interrupting (when Kate does the SAME thing), and getting teased about his vocabulary and pronunciation. From a woman who used the word "dustilies". It probably feels GOOD to be able to just be YOURSELF, without fear of ridicule.

    My biggest pet peeve at the moment is when people say Jon isn't around to help Kate with the kids. She didn't help him during the book tour. And the most important thing; we don't KNOW their true situation. He may be forbidden from being around, when Kate has the kids. We just don't KNOW.

    Honestly the biggest "sign" to me was during the American Choppers show. Paul Sr. said something about letting Jon go ride his bike and Kate made a face and said "yeah, let him GO". It really spoke volumes to me. Just a brief flash of emotion, that showed her true feelings about Jon, totally spontaneous and off-the-cuff.

    Hopefully we'll know more tomorrow? Maybe/maybe not. One thing I DO know: TLC is laughing all the way to the bank! Can we all agree on that? :-)

  27. Min~ I do agree that the people at TLC will do what they can with this situation. Or rather make lemons out of the lemonade. On one side they will of course take advantage, on the other hand what are they going to do. They had already ordered like what, 40 episodes? If Jon & Kate continue with the show, this is TLC's biggest family show. Why would they stop when they can think of other ways to make the show work? For me, I hope that the angle would be seeking counseling and working on the relationship. It would be hard to see Kate trying to "go it alone" without Jon. I think it would be hard for the fans that had hope that they could make it work. It's been so hush hush, I wonder if it's the obvious that they indeed are separating. We will have to wait and see....

  28. I just want to say a couple of things here. First of all I have always been a big fan of their show. I have truly enjoyed watching the children grow up. Now lately all the drama has me a bit on the edge of me seat so to speak. In the end I feel sorry for the children. I think it is horrible that the children are stuck in the middle of this. Poor little Leah was caught on camera being spanked, how sad for her. Kate is a mom, she has to do what she has to do. Yes Kate had said in one of their past shows that her and Jon use the "Time-Out" method however as children get older sometimes the punishment changes. I am a mom of 4 girls and I only used spanking as a last resort but I did use it. Am I a bad mom absolutely not, I love my daughters with all my heart and would never abuse them in anyway. The only difference between us and Kate is that we don't have camera's on us while doing it and catching every angry facial expression. Do I have a smile on my face when I am spanking my children? My God I hope not, I should look angry because I am if my child did something to deserve a spanking. I do agree with someone that said if she was going to do it she should do it inside her home or at least out of the site of camera's. I guess that would be my only complaint. I can tell you all right now...Kate is not taking this all out on the children, I don't believe that for one second! I believe she loves those children very much. However I will say this...after all this drama I may have chosen to end the show, try to save my marriage and get my family out of the public eye for awhile. I don't care what anyone says, these children are not living a normal life. But hey I still love the show and I do hope they work things out. I guess we'll know something tomorrow!

  29. I have been a fan from the beginning and I cringe every time Kate belittles Jon in front of the camera and worse in front of the kids. She talks to him like one of the kids, and usually it just rolls off of him. Is that a good example to show the kids? No, I think not. But my sister is the same way with her husband, not that extreme, but she defintely wears the pants in her family. I can't imagine all the chaos that Jon and Kate have gone through, with 6 toddlers and the twins, plus a camera crew. So I get that Kate needs to have a little control throughout the maddness. They both have denied having an affair, so I do believe them, but at this point I would have to stand behind Jon. I whole heartedly(is that a word?) wish this family the best of luck, whatever their decision is.
    On a different note, have any of you seen the show on TLC "Table for 12"? When I first saw the previews, I thought "how dare you, we already have our family of multiples", but it's actually very cute. They have 2 sets of twins and the 6 with one being handicap.
    I very nervous and excited for the new episode later today. I wish they would say, "it's all been a rouse to get ratings, please forgive us", and then Jon and Kate kiss. Wishful thinking I know.

  30. Jon and Kate really need each other now, their
    love is responsible for these gorgeous kids.
    Fame and money won't bring peace. The whole family needs time away from the show, Jon has got it right about the fame and spot light on the family.
    It is their lives not a job. I agree these two
    need to go back to church and family, and get
    help. Not just for the kids, but for Jon and Kate's sake also.

    BTW does any know the song to the latest commercial (The big announcement)?

  31. Megan- After I wrote that post about Kate yesterday I immediately thought of what you just said about Jon! When I saw the preview and he said "Now I'm the person I know I am," I think he got tired of playing the preppy father figure and now he's definitely dressing more like he was when he was the "bad boy", so to speak, that Kate fell in love with. I just think it's crazy that women out there criticize Kate for the way she looks when we all know she looks fantastic and that many women out there would aspire to look like her. I would consider looking at her motivation to look better! Also, I was reading an article that stated that TLC paid for her tummy tuck....I really wish people would do their was very clear on the show that Dr. Glassman offered to do her work for free.

  32. I'm really hoping this clip is right, JUST so that can be WRONG about claiming its divorce! This clip says they will separate in the summer and go to counseling in the fall. Believe it? In a few more hours we will see!

  33. Wow baby mama! I hope that is true! Although, when I went through counseling, my pastor told me that while it can be good to live in separate dwellings, there is a higher incidence of divorce. BHI would be an interesting move and not too far from me!

  34. Jon did say in an article that he wants to go back to being himself. So this preppy sweater over the Polo shirt thing probably isn't him. He is a guy with tattoos, smokes, and likes leather jackets. Maybe that is what Kate liked about him, he was educated, but still was kind of a bad boy.

  35. Actually the one bedroom apartment in New York makes sense if they are separating and sharing care of the kids. They appear already to be handing off responsibility for the kids and in turn living at the house. Looks like they may keep the kids permanently in their home, in which case both Kate and Jon would need a place to live during their "off" periods.

    It's still a little hard to believe, I think I will be very nervous before the show tonight.

    My true belief is that Jon did in fact cheat on Kate, and she has lost total trust in him. Only something extremely serious could change things so dramatically from vow renewals last August to now.

    I hope that they can both find it in their hearts to try and work things out, they have been so blessed in so many different ways, they need to take a few steps back and gain some perspective.

  36. What is meant by 'educated'. I mean he graduated high school, just like I did, and I don't mean to be a jackass about it.

  37. I think we are all going to be shocked with the big announcement. It not going to be a divorce announcement. I think they will be going into counseling be it marriage or family even a little of both would not hurt. I think they need to be left alone so they can work on their marriage. If Jon was, apartment shopping in NY then maybe if was looking for a place him and Kate could run away too .

  38. I have always been a fan of the show as well, although I can't bear to watch the direction it's taken in this newest season. The show has lost its joy factor for me. I feel like Kate's negative behavior towards Jon was somewhat applauded by TLC because it made the show more interesting to watch, but I truly don't feel a marriage can last if the husband is left feeling like he can't do anything right. I don't fault Kate, I feel she was encouraged to behave the way she did and it went too far for Jon in the end. I think the family should cancel the show and contract with TLC to do one or two specials a year, allowing us to see the children grow. I really hope the family can make it through this difficult time. My best wishes for them. I'm anxious to see what unfolds tonight.

    And, I agree with the poster who said Kate's appearance should be a motivator for us rather than criticized. Those that say she looks like a tramp are out of their minds. I think she looks great and I don't feel like she dresses in a slutty manner at all. She's always been fond of shorts and short skirts - even in the earliest episodes. I know I work out a lot harder now after seeing her in her bikini, so thanks for the motivation, Kate!

  39. About Jon... I like the song by 4Him and book entitled "The Measure of a Man". It's what's in one's heart that counts, not accomplishments or how one looks.

    Jon & Kate's marriage crisis came about because of several factors that became so complicated and spiraled out of control that they just can't seem to figure out how to swim out of the problems by themselves.

    It's easy to get so caught up in parenthood (esp. with multiples of young children the same age) that you struggle to maintain your individual identity. In the whirlwind and daily struggles of being parents of young children I know how easy it is to feel afraid of missing the independance and individualism you once had. (Hence, Jon's early mid-life crisis). All the focus and attention on parenting can very easily detract from nurturing the marriage which also takes constant care from each other from the beginning.

    That's where I believe J&K and (many couples) made their initial mistake. As important as children should be, instead, it became their priority instead of each other and their marriage first. Husbands and wives need to constantly affirm and encourage each other as well as the children. A strong, loving, committed marriage then provides the basis of security for the children.

    I don't believe their relationship is irreparable, but it may take several months, even years to repair the damage through good counseling, patience and again, greater commitment to the relationship. Even if they decide on counseling instead of divorce right away, I agree, any kind of separation would do more harm than help them or their children.

  40. I'm really wondering now how they will incorporate the rest of the episodes that have already been shot. There are at least 3 that were on the lineup that have recently been re-shuffled.

    And as far as canceling the show, I don't think it will happen. TLC has been quoted many times as saying they bought 40 episodes and will be moving forward. By the way the trip to NC was shot, a lot will go forward without Jon, or them with the kids separate. Either way, to me, it won't be as good.

  41. In response to min: Read somewhere that he had a degree. If he doesn't, my mistake.

  42. I think the announcement is giong to be that Jon got a job and will be working/living in NYC for a few days out of the week. It explains the apt hunt, meeting with media lawyers, why he won't be on the show as oftern etc. They can also spin it as a "trial seperation"

    I highly doubt they will announce divorce or show their counseling sessions (which should be private). Showing their counseling would be the end of the show for them.

    I am not really a fan of the show anymore as it has lost it's intial appeal but I would hope J&K would have more respect for themselves than to bring a camera into therapy sessions.

    The job thing just makes sense to me. It gives Jon his pride back. Just my 2 cents

  43. Saw the latest video of Jon talking to reporters outside his home yesterday. Not looking good!

    Unlike all the other reports out there which you can't really corroborate, these words came straight from Jon's mouth and to hear him say he had no idea where Kate was (especially the way he shrugged it off) well, come on what husband wouldn't at least know where his wife is unless he really didn't care to know. That is a big clue that this is not all for ratings and that they really aren't communicating anymore with each other. Also the fact that this now makes several special occasions that they have not even been in the same place at the same time even for appearances sake doesn't bode well.

    At least he dispelled one rumour, and that is that he is living above the garage. He did say he lives in the house with the kids so hopefully that means other "exclusive inside information" is also not true. Somebody did mention before that if they were announcing a divorce, he was awful cavalier about it by smiling and saying they'd have to watch the show and that isn't really the attitude one would have on such a somber topic so maybe there is some hope there too that it isn't that. UGH! There is just so much conflicting information that one minute you are feeling more hopeful,then the next minute all of the hope is dashed.

    I did see the youtube video Baby Mama was referring to a few posts ago where a source says the announcement is revealed and that it is a separation for the summer with counselling and a plan to reconvene in the fall and see where things stand. This scenario could really fit all the mixed signals for the following reasons:

    1.) It would still explain why Kate sounded so sad on the sneak peek of tonight's episode. A separation is still devastating and definitely nothing to be happy about.

    2.) It would also explain the comments she made about them learning a lot as they moved forward. If they were just divorcing, then I guess there would be nothing new to learn as they would no longer have anything to do with each other save for parenting the children.

    3.)It could also explain the apartment in NYC if that is also a reality. Someone had mentioned that if it was Jon's potential bachelor pad, it was too small to accomodate the kids and secondly, why NYC? Wouldn't he want to have his own place closer to the kids? My guess on this subject is that perhaps it is a place either of them could use as I believe Kate had been doing a lot of traveling to NY too in the past. Perhaps it is a place for either of them to use when not at home with the kids.

    All of the above of course is just my own reasoning. While I agree that the best alternative would have been for them to walk away from the show a long time ago and work on their marriage, it does seem now that there is a lot of bad blood between them. A couple of months ago, they would at least be in the same place and co-exist but lately, when one is home the other is not and they don't even pretend to be civil anymore.

    Whatever it is, I hope by God's grace, there can be a happy ending and that they can all come out of it better and closer true to Kate's words.

  44. Oh, and one more thing. Does anyone know about the whole twitter thing? I know people have asked before and sorry for bringing it up too but I had previously seen that Jon has a twitter account and the last major activity on it was right after the sextuplets' birthday. He had supposedly posted a bunch of pics of the kids from the party and there were a handful of comments about him hating the paparazzi and the last entry was that he was overwhelmed and would be taking a break from twitter. Someone also mentioned on it something that Kate had tweeted and he replied by saying that Kate didn't have a twitter account. It seemed like it could be real since there was no Kate bashing (incidentally the account that was supposedly Kate's did say bad stuff about Jon and was suspended shortly after) and was pretty neutral in the types of comments. Also, while it was encouraging to see that post on the Gosseling Family twitter page about there not being a divorce in the future, I don't think that account is real for several reasons.

    1.) It just sounds too perky wishing everyone a happy father's day and asking what people were doing when they weren't even together as a family that day.

    2.)I doubt they would make such a strong statement about not divorcing especially when the big special announcement episode is still upcoming(talk about spoiler) and Jon wouldn't comment on it when asked directly.

    3.) Assuming the Jon Gosselin twitter account is real, he says that there are only two twitter accounts that are real and they are both linked to each other. If you try one it directs you to click on the link to the other one and they are both in Jon's name and he doesn't mention a family twitter site.

    If anyone has any other information please feel free to correct me as I am not sure the one I am following is even really real. It just seems that if it was a fake account, then someone would set it up to make comments and play around not back off from it because they felt overwhelmed.

    Ok, this has gone on too long once again. Sorry, once I get going I just seem to end up with so much to say! Have a great day everyone!

  45. Jon reveals that Kate has been gone for four days.

    After shopping for groceries at the local supermarket, Jon talks as he's loading his van.

    On the eve of the warring couple's "big announcement" on Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon says, "I have no idea" when asked when Kate is coming home.

    And he doesn't seem too broken up about it either!

    Jon also says he has no idea where Kate is and who she's been with the past four days.

  46. Something just does not add up for me. Why is Jon outside his home signing autographs when before he had been complaining about the paps? Then when asked questions about the show he says "you will have to watch the show". Why? I know that actors have are contractually obligated to keep things hush hush about movies and tv shows..but this is reality. And his personal life . I think the divorce announcement is too obivious. Maybe seperation? But I highly doubt divorce. Does anyone know if they have to be legally seperated in the state of PA in order to proceed with a divorce case? In MD you have to be for 12 months.

  47. I posted Denise's Radar Online link because it's Jon AGAIN..Saying he has NO idea where Kate is AGAIN. Sorry, but I'm not buying it.

    Keep in mind that he has been PR trained, so he knows how to handle the media. Coming out of his house to sign autographs? Talking to Radar? Why? I don't get it, he gets away with A LOT when Kate's not around doesn't he....

  48. I'm sure Jon knows where Kate is staying and her plans. But at that exact moment he's asked he probably doesn't know exactly where she's at and so he is telling the truth...however deceptive his statement is.

  49. Wow, just watched the latest clip. Holy hostile! I have to agree with dancnmommy and jl though; something just isn't right. I get that he is trained on how to deal with questions like this but from what I gather, the general response is either "no comment" or just to ignore them altogether... unless the point IS to give these tabloid people the answers they want to hear! Who knows, maybe this is Jon and Kate's way of getting back at the p people for the hell they put them through the last several months. Kind of like you wanna believe the worst, here, go and have a field day.

    Seriously though, when I spoke earlier of him not knowing where Kate was on Father's Day, I figured she had just made herself scarce for the day but since he now says it's been 4 days she's not there it really makes me doubt him not knowing her whereabouts. I mean at least for the sake of the children and in case of emergency (God Forbid) you'd think they would know where to reach one another. I know he could always call her cell phone if need be but still.

    At least when asked if he was happy she wasn't home he said no even if his reason was because that left him a man down. Hmmmm, come to think of it, if he so dreads being a man down, then maybe that is another clue against them getting divorced. If that was their fate anyway, he wouldn't think anything of doing things alone since he wouldn't expect Kate to be there with him once divorced! One can hope!

  50. Does anyone know what Jon responded when the girl asked him if today was a good day and if he'd be happy once the annoucement was over? I replayed it several times but could never make out what he was saying.

    Thanks :)

  51. crap....I just saw on aol that they HAVE filed for divorce.....

  52. Yup pretty much over, it seems when it came to
    the show, Jon wanted it done, Kate still wants to
    go on. Of course the kids will have the final say.
    Most likely The older girls will be the ones to leave the show next. They will feel the spot light more than Jon did. Most likely Jon will just stay in the background for the kid's sake.

    The thing is, Kate's family was the first to go.
    Her brother and sister in Law. Wonder if Jon's family will step up to help.

  53. I am a first time poster here and only happened on this site after a few co-workers were having a pro-Gosselin vs anti-Gosselin discussion and mentioned the popular sites for each side. Curiosity got the best of me and I took a peek at both. After reading many many posts, pro and against, I left with the following feelings.
    I am not a Gosseling fan or hater. In fact, back when the two one hour specials aired I found them somewhat enlightening, a little informative and mildly entertaining. The kids were adorable, some of Jon's quirkiness reminded me of my husband and Kate's insistance on organic products and need for order in the home reminded me of myself. I never got hooked on the show once the series aired, simply because I do not take pleasure in watching the day to day business of others...kind of creeps me out actually. Thus, I like many others who chose to tune in to other programs, was suprised to see all the recent media hype that surrounds this family. I had heard about the controversy surrounding Monday's show and decided to take a look to see what all the hoopla was about.
    All I have to say is, so sad! As the mother of four children (three of which are significantly disabled and two of which were adopted and had neglectful infancies), I understand what it is like to live in chaotic, less than ideal circumstances. Although a working mom, my husband works crazy hours and I am often on my own, so in that respect I could identify with Kate. What I don't understand is why so many are obsessed with this particular family. I don't mean that in an offensive way at all, but rather out of curiosity. Why do so many on the GWOP site spend hours each day gossiping about whether Kate spray tans or had a boob job? Why do so many on this site feel it necessary to continue watching as this family falls apart? It seems to me that if everyone, pro and anti, just stopped watching the show, stopped driving by the house and just left them alone, they could heal. I feel for those poor children, who will watch in re-runs as teenagers how their parents told the world what they dislike most about each other. As a mother, I would be completely creeped out if I saw the sheer numbers of pictures of myself, my husband and my children that are featured on the web, as there are about the Gosselins. I would be even more disturbed by the number of pro and anti Gosselin sites there are out there...ick! I pray for this family...boy do they need it! And I pray that each and every person who has tuned in to either tear Jon and Kate apart or stare in awe and praise them each Monday night, will just let the show die and allow them to become a family again. Please, all of you ask yourself one question...why do you watch the show? Are these ten human beings that are clearly in turmoil that entertaining? Those on the GWOP site talk about them as though Kate was the nasty girl who sat next to them in math class...they hypothesize about her motives and create realities out of rumors. Those on this site act as though they know the family personally and defend the choices of those who they will never even share a cup of coffee with. Are all of our lives that boring and empty that we have to live to either idolize or criticize those who throw themselves up on our television screen? So sad for them...even sadder for the rest of us...