Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013 From The Gosselin Family Fan Site, What Can We Wish For Kate?

Hello Gosselin fans! No I have no abandoned being the #1 fan site and supporting Kate Gosselin. No I'm not going to let hate sites stay around if I'm not here as well. The end of 2012 was a rough time for so many of us. Hurricane Sandy devastated my state. And Sandy Hook Elementary and those affected by that tragedy devastated my heart. 5 Years of crazy trolls attacking a woman out of plain hatred and jealousy probably took a toll on me more that Kate herself. She was the smart one by ignoring it and living her life. I took some time to do the same, to step back and detox a bit and take the time to enjoy the Holidays with my family and vacation, so that I can step away from all the negativity and remember how truly blessed I am. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and did the same.

Funny thing was I miss the site that I have now dedicated 5 years to. I'm damn proud of the fact that I'm still here, never wavering, always continuing to support strong women and be there for those stat after all this time are still here as well. 2013 promises to bring anew and I'm the first that wants to get out there and show the world how amazing i truly am. Lets all keep this mindset when we think others are trying to take us down, and know that we only have ourselves to blame if we don't continue to fight the fight and be the best that we can be. I wish nothing but strength for Kate so that she can get back out into the spotlight and show those trolls they may have to crank out their blogs for another 5 years cause she ain't going nowhere and neither am I. So as Kathy Griffin says.. go suck it. lol xo BM

Kate Gosselin trots out dog after his whereabouts questioned: Examiner.com

Within in the last 10 days, Kate Gosselin has posted two pictures of the Gosselin family's pet German Shepherd for Twitter followers, squelching rumors that the dog was given away (or died) after rumors arose about the pet's suspicious absence. The most recent picture of the family dog, Shoka, was posted on Wednesday, a day after Christmas. The photo of the previously elusive German Shepherd came a day late, after wishing everybody a Merry Christmas in a thought bubble. Kate acknowledged the untimeliness in a tweet she shared:
"A little late, but a wish for you from our furry family member."
Questions about the dog's whereabouts were initially raised by tell-all author Robert Hoffman, whose vitriolic book about Kate titled "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World" accused Kate of animal and child abuse. The book was successfully blocked by Kate Gosselin and TLC's lawyers in early October citing copyright infringements. The author claims he obtained Kate's old hard drives from her trash can, retrieving a journal in which Kate speaks of acting out on her many parenting frustrations, allegedly providing Hoffman ample material for the book. Hoffman has been extremely vocal in calling these diary entries evidence of alleged child abuse. Hoffman also claims that Kate has treated their dog Shoka irresponsibly and exhibited behaviors of alleged animal cruelty. 
While Kate has not responded directly to the allegations, her new rash of Shoka photos on img.ly which she has recently shared via Twitter, could be her way of saying that her dog(s) are still around. It is not clear if the Gosselin family kept both of their German Shephards as Shoka is the only one who has been referred to by name in the recent postings. The first picture posted after a long dog picture hiatus was at the end of October, shortly after Hoffman's book came out in digital form.
A picture of the Gosselin's dog was posted on Dec. 17 as well, with a caption that read, "Aw my furry one just came in for the night...photo by Mady; cute pose thanks to Cara (I was told to tweet this)."
The pictures may not be enough to completely squash the allegations of animal abuse however. The Dec. 17 picture prompted several comments questioning the caption, suggesting that the dog was left outside all day in rain and cold weather.

Kate Gosselin Rocked the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Marathon: GossipCenter.com

She’s always been a fitness addict, and over the weekend Kate Gosselin competed in the Zappos Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Marathon. The former “Jon and Kate Plus 8” starlet looked to be in fine form as she reported to the Sin City Strip ready for the massive event. In a recent interview, Kate confessed that while many folks have to go into hyperdrive to prepare for a marathon, she’s pretty much ready whenever.
"I'm a runner by hobby and by nature of stress relief and staying fit. I think I got to the point where a lot of runners end up: You plan another race so you have something to focus on and that's what I do -- I focus. There's also a lot of great music along the way and it's always very exciting. I just keep running and keep planning."
She continued, "I've been running wherever I can. There's no set plan. At my best, I'm doing 10 miles every other day. I can't say I'm doing that right now, but I just try to fit it in when I can. The more you run, the faster you get, and that's more efficient because you're running more in less time. That's probably a lot of what my life is about -- fitting in as much as I can in the shortest amount of time."
Happy 2013 Kate Gosselin..We wish you all the biggest success for the New Year! A Few of Her Tweets:
Kateplusmy8Happy 2013 everyone! We are having so much fun here and hoping for the best year ever! In my world, 2013 is 'the year of the teenagers'! 😳
11 hours ago from Twitterrific
Kateplusmy8Kateplusmy8Hi! I've been MIA! I'm away w my kids over vacation visiting family and friends! Having an amazing time! We r all so happy to be here!!!


  1. Happy New Year to all!

    Wishing the very best for Kate and her children in 2013 and that her dreams become reality!

  2. Happy New Year!! Thanks BabyMama for hanging in there and never wavering from what you believe. We miss you and hope to keep hearing from you. Hugs xo!!

  3. I miss you all so much! I keep hearing crap even 5 years later that they are still talking about me! I'm so honored that I'm still relevant and that hate sites still quiver over me! I made so many New Years Resolutions. But one is to really stick to things that make me happen and what I believe in which is this site. Dont give up on me and I will never do the same! How is everyone? I hope everyone is starting the New Year off right! Keep me posted on what everyone has been up to!

  4. 2013 is going great for me. Meeting/making new friends and spending more time with my quilting! I am busier than I was when I worked 60-hr weeks before retirement! Wouldn't change a thing... 2013 is looking to be an awesome year for me! Hope everyone else has experienced a great start to their new year as well!

  5. 2013 has already included a birthday on the 1st and the 5th with two coming up on the 29th. We're hoping the Packers make it to the Super Bowl ( my apologies to non-Packer fans). :) Company is arriving here in the " frozen tundra" this morning from CA. We have a 3.5 month old puppy who keeps us busy and laughing. I have quilts to finish and plan for this to be the year of finished works already in process. I hope we hear more from all our friends here too.
    Wishing everyone all the very best!

  6. Kate, don't let the Kate haters get under your skin. Pray, stay strong and continue doing what you need to do to to support yourself and the children. Continue to take the high road and let your lawyers deal with the liars and those who are trying to disrupt the lives of your children. Any right thinking person knows that based on allegations carelessly thrown out into the www, you and the children have been questioned and investigated and because no actions have been taken against you and the children, the allegations are baseless as well as from crazy land. All the best for you and the kids in 2013 and in subsequent years..

  7. Happy New Year Kate. Maybe trip to Disney World will be in the cards for you and the kids this year.

  8. I hope everyone here can escape the flu, yes its easier said than done, but would be nice. I am excited about Kate's new blogging Job, now if only she could have a filming job.

  9. Hello everyone! I have missed you all so much! The site had gotten quiet, so I took some time for myself and for my kids. I hope the New Year has found you happy and healthy. Happy Valentines Day! New fresh Kate Gosselin News. I hope you will come and comment there and let me know how you all have been doing!

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