Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kate Gosselin Sued By Marriage Counselor She's "Shocked", Access Hollywood Interview

Kate Gosselin Sued For Not Paying Marriage Counselor:

Reality mom Kate Gosselin is being sued for allegedly not paying more than $10,000 in marriage counseling fees, and can exclusively  show you the complaint.The complaint was filed at Freeland District Court in Pennsylvania before Judge Gerald Feissner on March 28, 2011, by a company called Creative Energy Options, which is based in White Haven.

The filing is for a total of $10,476 and states: "Unpaid balance  due for services 2/4/09 to 3/23/09. Client requested Dr. Sylvia Lafair fly to Los Angeles California to perform marriage counseling then refused to pay for travel fees." Dr. Lafair confirmed to on Thursday that the suit had been filed, but she would not comment on any specifics regarding the counseling which took place with Kate.
Kate and Jon Gosselin’s marriage played out on the Jon and Kate Plus 8 reality show before the couple got divorced in Dec 2009 after ten year of marriage. Kate now has her own reality show Kate Plus 8. The company runs a variety of services including the Country Place Retreat and Conference Center in White Haven.

Friend: Kate Gosselin Shocked Jon's Life Coach Is Suing Her:

Reality star Kate Gosselin is mystified that she's getting sued by her ex's life coach, Dr. Sylvia Lafair, for allegedly not paying over $10,000 in marriage counseling fees to the Pennsylvania-based doc, with friends telling me the suit clashes with reality. "How many times did Jon make it crystal clear that the ex-couple never had marriage counseling," a friend of Kate's tells me. "In several interviews, he blamed Kate's refusal to seek counseling as one of the main factors that led up to their marriage falling apart. So how could Kate possibly owe this money?" Indeed, Jon told ABC back in 2009 that "I have a $22,000 therapy bill. I mean, I tried to have marriage counseling. I did it myself. She refused to go."

The complaint was filed on March 28, 2011, by Creative Energy Options, claiming a total of $10,476 was still owed for services rendered in 2009 between Feb. 4 and March 23. "Client requested Dr. Sylvia Lafair fly to Los Angeles California to perform marriage counseling then refused to pay for travel fees," the filing reads. "This doctor didn't provide marriage counseling, she was Jon's life coach. And we can all see how well that worked out," an insider tells me. "If anyone owes her money it's Jon. Although if I were him I would ask for my money back!"

Kate Gosselin Interviewed By Access Hollywood


  1. If this "therapist" is Gossploitating to try to gain attention to herself and her business, it may backfire since we can tell that this "counseling" or "coaching" that Jon has gotten hasn't helped, people would think twisce about using her services. I know I would.

  2. just another person trying to cash in on the Gosselin train....

    Jon CLEARLY said the only counseling Kate wanted to do was Dr. Phil. Repeatedly.

  3. Kate's alleged refusal to participate in marriage counseling has also been one of the more popular items on the Anti-Kate Obsessives' laundry list of her purported sins ever since Jon first made the claim.

  4. This is totally random but do you know where can I find the latest episode online? I live in Peru so I dnt get the episodes in time =(

  5. I have a good feeling Jon has been billed for this service and has not payed up like he has a track record of doing (sans Hailey) and now she is going after Kate. Once again Kate is paying for Jon's actions. Or lack there of in this case.

    That or this supposed book deal fell through and now she needs to find some way to cash in on the Gosselin train.

  6. Thanks for posting the 2 reads, Baby Mama. Did you notice the filing date? If March 28th was a can safely bet a certain pair of lovebirds were laughing. Lois Holbrook, of all people, should know how to spell COUNCELING. I'd not go to a docter or an arkiteck who did not know how to spell what they do for a living.

    Katherine Denise, I agree about that book deal. Lafair stated 'it was due to be out in March of 2011'! When Jon tried to stop Kate from allowing the kids to be filmed & lost 1st thought was they CAN'T publish a book that Sylvia said would 'have to include Kate' while he is still under mute from TLC???? If this was part of the marital debt...I'd think it would have dawned on Jon to submit it before final distribution?

  7. I do believe Kate responsed to a Tweet about the civil suit? 'You are correct. Never fun to have to clean up others messes, is it? Or pay their bills...'

  8. Thanks, HB. I was getting ready to post Kate's Tweet and saw that you'd already done it. :)

  9. Tashapork - I like your term "Gossploitating". ITA that is exactly what Sylvia is doing.

    It appears Kate might be cleaing up Jon's messes until the kids are 18.

  10. LindaO, I'm happy you too saw what I happened upon. I am a lurker on Twitter...& Kate has been amazing w. her Tweets! Have to say I became an admirer of Kate's only after seeing the vile hatred thrown her way from all directions w/o rhyme or reason. I'd have to admit that 'hearing' her responses on Twitter has upped my personal regard of her humor, candor etc. etc. I guess I can be officially dubbed 'a fan'. I can't imagine how she can keep up at the rate she has, but whoever is responsible for her trying Twitter...she's a natural communicator. I look forward to her 'live tweeting during next Monday's show'!

  11. I think TLC probably encouraged her to tweet, I remember Matt Roloff saying they had encouraged him, but he might tweet once a week. I think the appeal could be the adult conversation (once you delete and block past the hate) you can also tweet on your phone while you are waiting for your kids bus to get there, them to wash up, etc. I know I love Twitter and I never thought I would but I twit about more than just Gosselins.

  12. I read that crap from Lafair yesterday!

    HB...loved your spelling lessons! Some professionals they are, huh?

    Theses folks are typical Jon with a story, make an allegation, file a frivolous lawsuit...all to make Kate look bad!

    Silly hooked up with ain't Kate's fault that he is a penniless sleeze that won't pay his bills!

    I bet Kate has an immaculate credit history now. She's always been concerned about bill paying and managing the household finances. She's said that she is a rule follower and abides by way she would let a bill she incurred sit unpaid for almost two years now!!!

  13. I've lurked too...reading Kate's twitter account. She is indeed funny and candid.

    It's easy to want to befriend her. Makes it all that harder for me to understand the hater mentality against her. offense..but I don't like that pic of Jon and Kate anymore. It hurts to reflect on what was. I guess I am like Kate...I've so moved on from seeing the two of them together.

  14. HB - I took a screen shot of it, lol, just so I could word it as she did and not state it incorrectly.

    Several of the celebrity gossip blogs are now saying, well Kate should just pay it since she has more money now than Jon. I really chuckled over that. JMO but I hope she continues to fight it and force the "counselor" to state that it is Jon's bill.

    Why? Irresponsible people don't change. They continue through life expecting somebody to clean up messes and enable them.

    You can try to be cordial for your kids' sake, but there is NO reason for Kate to pay Jon's debts. I'd encourage Jon to do what the rest of the world does, get a second job, flipping burgers or whatever and see if he can't work out a repayment plan.

    I just bet that LaFair thought Kate would pay it to avoid having to go to court. She'd be better off convening a "council" group with Jon and tell him in the interest of "counseling" he needs to "man up" and be responsible.

    I'd kinda bet LaFair doesn't just take Jon's "word" for things any more.

    I wonder what Jon is Tweeting about this? (I really don't want to know.) Maybe LaFair can attach his earnings from his Quizno's Tweets.

  15. Kate will do what she thinks is best for the kids, if she decides its best to just pay or try to settle, that's what she'll do, or she might fight it. My problem is Jon's seeming to not have a problem with taking that kind of money away from ultimately his kids. He says he doesn't like them filming, but that's one more episode for them to film, not for their benefit, but for his,at least they are having a good time. it's a nice vacation they could have gone on, somebody's school tuition, some afterschool activities, some help for Kate so she can coordinate afterschool activities, you name it.

  16. tashapork...I'd like to add the COST of therapy for the children & the tutoring to your list of what Lafair's 2 yr. old debt - deferred to Kate - could have paid for.

    I'm trying to suck it in b/c I am NOT as patient w. Jon as many of you seem to be. I may be one of a very few who NEVER thought Jon was a class act when I began watching J&K+8! The fact this father has been shacking-up w. a 24 yr. old, HS school grad & has over 70k Twitter followers fawning all over him...makes me ill! What makes me even angrier - it should be no skin off my back & yet ~ I'm here venting about it! UGH! So today is the 'pretty government' worker & the solar installer's ONE year anniversary. BIG WHOOP! I suppose if both Jon & Ellen have thrown away their's one POSITIVE for the 8... & their dad.

  17. When Jon initiates something against Kate on important dates such as her birthday, when she was on dancing with the stars, when she goes on book tours, etc, leads me to two thoughts.

    The first is that he is so self-absorbed that he has no idea which dates are important to Kate and the kids and only worries about making his voice known.

    The second is that he is so angry and vindictive that he intentionally initiates hurtful actions towards Kate on the dates that will hurt her the most.

    Either reason is immature and demonstrates that Jon has not changed an inch.

    In defence of the haters, they would say that Kate only wants the fame and Jon’s actions are a reminder that she has responsibilities and needs to be put in her place. I am finding it easier and easier to think like the haters. As Jack Nicholson said in As Good As It Gets “I take away any reason and accountability.” And I am left with their pernicious rhetoric.

  18. Good evening everyone! Boy I feel like the past 2 days I have missed out on quite alot! Obviously I haven't made any comments about this because the trolls are on baited breath for what my thoughts are on this situation. So I hope that they could all just pass out then waiting for my response lol.

    Of course they are continuing to wonder why I don't stalk Kate and comment to her every five minutes on Twitter. Again I will beg them to all hold their breath...

    BH & Fascinated~ I agree with you 100%. I feel that for the sake of the kids I have tried to stay out of bashing him on or off this site. I'm entitiled to say whatever I want, but frankly I have been respectful. I snark here and there and TRUST me if that was my husband I would be saying alot more than Kate does thats' for sure. I was very angry at him for taking the lazy route out of the marriage and claiming his lack of his prime 20's as an excuse for daying like 5 women in less than a year.

    This is, plain and simple, his way of trying not to pay money he owes. His thoouts just appear to be the "Kate has money so let her pay for it" kind of issue. It's hysterical that he's talking about his year anniversary. A year ago he was shaking up with anything with a pulse. Now hes thrilled he lasted with one girl for a whole year. Well good for him. He, IMO should have taken this dedication he's showing for honoring his months with Ellen, and put it to searching out other forms of keeping his family together and not divorcing his wife.

  19. woohoo! I finally got the episode up. Enjoy! And yes, please continue to post here. I just started this thread and was NOT about to close it ;)

  20. Thanks for additions, Baby Mama.
    After rain off and on all week, we have a bit of sunshine before the predicted rain starts up again. We're going to spend it outside. Have a great weekend, all.
    Enjoying Kate's Tweets. I did send one Tweet, she chose not to respond and that's absolutely fine (It was asking if the twins are still writing plays.) I'm enjoying just reading.

  21. Happy Saturday all! I see you got the episode up! Good for you BabyMama!

    You all have to check out Ziggy's site. Her daughter, Minnie Ziggy, did some posting. Too funny. Can tell she got her mom's genes for sure.

    A real tough trooper and of course, a Kate supporter!

    LindaO...same here, some sunshine now, but rain is coming. We have softball and soccer this afternoon so hope we can get it all in.

    Kate's twiiter is fun to read. She's a sweetheart. Every bit as engaging as we see her on that interview couch.

    I saw where she had some gentleman tweeters. (is that what we call it?)

    Well, as her followers grow, she will find it hard to address anyone individually. So many tweets coming in...her head will be spinning!

    Everyone have a great day!

  22. BabyMama, I fully agree with your comments about Jon. It's beyond sad what this man threw away. All that wasted energy running around with so many different girls...if only he had humbled himself and saw the obvious priorities in life...

    his kids and his wife!!!

    Now he revels in a one year relationship with a girl who proudly proclaims on her web site..that her 3 dogs are the love of her life!

    In her twitter bio she doesn't even mention Jon!

    He's stuck with the only working gal that would have him right now...the only gal that is willing to provide the extra hands when he has the kids that he desperately needs.

    I truly think it's just a relationship of convenience. Not sure how long "government worker" will stay with this...there's no future in it for her really.

  23. Good morning everyone! Well after a busy few weeks I'm blessed to be having a great day. Finally we get nice weather! Still busy with all that is going on with my life, but never to busy for you ladies and this site. Ive been here the longest, and those that dont like it will have to wait on "BAITED" bated breath. Poor Mary Beth, still not able to come to the party and STILL trying unsucessfully to climb the fence. That site has more sock puppets than the Manhattan Children's Museum..Moving on! lol

    Have to get on Twitter today before going out. People are still wondering why I'm not chatting to Kate every day. Hey, I have a fan site to keep up with! haha

    Ladies have a wonderful day! Hugs to you all! xoxo

  24. Babymama,

    I think Kate should just prepare herself to have Jon out her on special days of her life. Lets see, 8 kids birthdays, her birthday, the anniversary of the show, and when she stubbed her toe last. That way Kate is ready for Jon's silly actions to creep out from behind the fence. I'd rather take a few bads days a year that Jon wants to talk about then having to live with the gov. worker and her peeing dogs. :)

    Have a nice weekend ladies!!

  25. Finally watched the new episode, thanks baby mama!

    Enjoyed it and can't wait to see the next one. Looks quite interesting!!!


  26. Bubbles, you are right about Kate expecting Jon's crap on significant days, except some of it is so far out there that there's no way to prepare for it. I also think it would be so much nicer to be Kate and feel good about how your choices affect your kids because you made good ones, than have all kinds of regrets.
    The episode I am excited about is the Philly one, I love Philidelphia and the history there.

  27. Does anyone know if it is possible to see the New York episode somewhere? I never was able to see it because it was not uploaded anywhere and I would love to see it!

  28. Wow this episode of Australia's incredible, they really enjoyed themselves. The only part I was worried it was time for the fireworks, in which Alexis began to cry, but as Kate is always a worried mother with her children and she knew how to handle the situation.
    Can not wait to see the next episodes!.
    ~ Have a good Sunday and a good week!.

  29. YooHoo Jacque...Good to see you my girl! Hope all is well with you and Debora!

    Wasn't that a wonderful episode! Yep, Nurse Katie knew what to do and got her checked out..all was fine.

    It's truly amazing when you think about it...8 kids and I don't think we have ever heard of any one of them having a broken arm or anything!

    Kate has done an oustanding job of keeping them healthy and safe!

    Sure wish this asinine lawsuit news would go away! Of course, the media sites are making it look like Kate is the dead-beat non payer!

    Such a lie that is! We all know who has the history of non-payment of debts and it ain't strict bill payer Kate!

  30. Ewwwww, BabyMama...Do you realize you have an ad up on sidebar for Al and haystack dweller's book?

    Please, can we not delete that mess? Don't want it here at the fan site!

  31. Hope all are well. We had our Saturday late afternoon storm and lost power and Internet for almost 24 hours again. (it's sunny for now, lol.) Guess we need to get a generator.

    Kate is so funny and quick in her Tweets. Ok, TLC, about about a talk show with Kate, Sherri Shepperd, and a few others?

  32. Linda O - I think you are on to something. I would watch a talk show with Kate and Sherri for sure. Something with respectful dialogue and not a lot of interrupting each other just to create controversy. I wonder who the other two could be, ..... maybe Baby Mama???

  33. I think Niecy Nash would be great in a talk show with Kate and Sherrry and BabyMama, awesome and if you have 4 hosts, you can be flexible w/schedules and send people out on assignments. It needs to be a modern parenting/woman's show.
    Yesterday some of us on twitter were discussing roles for kate on the soap opera I watch, it needs ratings and she'd bring them

  34. Good evening everyone! First off..I removed the link that was trying to peddle Wormy Gal's recycle bin trash on my site. I wasn't even aware. We all see different thnigs when the ads come up. Wormy Gal making millions off of MY site! Will never happen! haha

    Also as you can see, I moved the Australia episode here. It was confusing people as to where they can read our comments.. And by the way, for all those reading, I encourage you to post as well!

  35. Mia~ I couldn't find the whole episode anywhere, but I had a sneak peak on an old post below, as well as another short clip from Entertainment Tonight. If anyone does find it let me know so I can get it on my site! :)

  36. BM - if it's OK with you, I'd like to post some info here. I received info that a hater has spoofed my name ziggyflo on Twitter. Their actions has forced me to get a twitter account and therefore has gained Kate another follower.

    Anything anywhere under the name ziggyflo or ziggy which is anti Kate is never, ever the real me.
    my twitter is @realziggyflo

    Thank you BM for letting me post this here.

    I'll get those who have a twitter account on my follow list as soon as I can. Don't even know how to use the darn service yet!

  37. Oops, I forgot, I also went ahead and took my name ziggyflo under facebook.
    Thanks, again, BM.

  38. Good Afternoon everyone! Ziggy no problem..well it's only a problem if your not following me :)

    So who is excited for tonights episode? Has a week gone by already? Weeks are meshing in with me and Spring Break is soon. Having everyone home while Im trying to work is going to make me rip my hair out!

  39. Hi all. Have a brief period with both electricity and Internet but advised it will be "spotty" (on and off) through late Thursday or Friday as lines are repaired. While I'd love to chat, I'm frantically trying to catch up on laundry and work. Hugs to all & hope this storm junk ends soon.

    Sorry for problems Ziggy. It really "sucks" when the non fans try to use our names to post nasty junk! I just got email from Twitter that several trolls I thought I'd blocked were following again, and will be reblocked as soon as I can get it done. Why the heck anybody's want to follow somebody they intensely dislike is a mystery. But then, nobody ever accused them of being uber brains, lol.

    Hope I have power for tonight's episode. :)

  40. Hello ladies! Thanks Babymama for removing that awful ad for Al and corn-stalk dweller Polly! Don't want that stuff here!

    Looking ever so forward to tonight's episode. Whole family will be watching. Even my son seems really interested in seeing this one!

    We have some tumbling clouds and rough weather headed our way. Better not mess us up for tonight!

    BabyMama..I think you and Ziggy aggravate the haters so much. You always get a high marks from them! You are on their radar! LOL!

  41. BabyMama, I sometimes think you and Ziggy and sometimes the rest of us kind of create a hate buffer for Kate. Some of the haters spend soo much time hating us that they forget about Kate. On the rare and I mean rare occasions that I open up blogs I find the whole post not about Kate but about Babymama or one of us, I even find where some of what I say is dissected, I take strong issue to it when it involves children such as some of the threats some of you have gotten or when they are harrassing teenagers just because they like Kate. Big NO NO. It also saddens me that some get a hard time from their parents about liking Kate when there are soo many bad influences out there. I mean if as a parent all I had to worry about was my daughter being a Kate fan, I would be in heaven. She's a strong woman who owns up to her responsibilities a soo much more positive influence than a Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan right now.

  42. Can't wait for the show. The clips show they had so much fun.

    I am beginning to think the haters just want to hate, doesn't matter who it is. Such a sad and pathetic life they lead!

  43. I like your suggestion that Baby Mama, Ziggy, et al create a Kate Hater Buffer. That makes sense as to why I blog about Kate. I feel that in some small way, my words are supporting Kate in protecting herself and her kids.

    And... sadly there are parents who argue against their children's interests because it doesn't fit with the parent's idea of healthy, even if the parent's actions and behaviour are clearly unhealthy.

  44. Sorry, I meant to direct my comment to Tashapork.

    And... I am sooo excited for tonights episode.

  45. It's on, it's on.... had to laugh. Kate said she is all about facing her fears and then one of her daughters said, "Isn't she afraid of everything." LOL

  46. I think Terry Erwin (sp) and Kate are going to become great friends. So cool. Two strong women. And it appears that they hit it off immediately.

  47. I decided to put a new post up early! Time for fresh paper! Scent of the day is shrimp on a barbie in honor of this episode!

  48. Opps I forgot to add please continue to post on the new thread. When I get the episode up I will add it on that site. Thanks! :)