Monday, July 12, 2010

Watch it Here: Kate Gosselin Summer To Do List: Chicken Coop & Paparazzi-Proofing

Hello Gosselin fans! I know it hasd been awhile since I have sent out a personal greeting. I am so happy to see I am reaching 520 followers! Welcome to all, and please come comment on the posts, we would love to hear your thoughts! Before the nastiness of haters and trolls trying to obtain personal info & posting it on their blogs, fans of Kate Gossenlin openly chatted on sites such as Cafe Mom, My Space and Facebook. We exchanged names & thoughts & became friends. Recently a hate site posted my husbands full name & someone elses e-mail address. For what reason exactly? Its devastating to see, and once again is a direct reflection of the blog owner and the type of people that run that show. And even though we still every so often get those type of people trying to slither on this site, know that just as quickly I will make sure they get deleted off.

I mention this because I actually have become friends with quite a few Kate fans through these avenues. One of them was Michelle Kemper Brownlow. Her site, My Semblance of Sanity, is one of the best reads out there. When you get a chance take a look! I decided to take her review of the show last night and post it here. It's a great look into the reason Kate Gosselin has the most fantastic, sweet intelligent fans out there! Ohh and trolls, if you need to call me personally, I would be more than to chat with you.. ;) xoxo BM

I am so excited to be bringing you KATE*VERSATION #2! : Michelle Kemper Brownlow

"We spent the last week camping...and if you remember I HATE CAMPING! So, it was so nice to plop down on the couch and check in with Kate while my husband got all our little campers to bed. Thanks Kate, nice hanging with ya!

Kate ended the first Kate + 8 by saying, "There's no manual, there's no right or wrong, you just have to feel your way though it and see what works." What a poignant way to lead into tonight's episode or Kate + 8. This was the CHICKEN episode and in my honest opinion, a really good example of a skill I do not come by naturally. A trick of the mom-trade that I would LOVE to say I have down to a science, but sadly I lack this virtue that I am SURE would make my life run smoother and prepare my children for life outside our house more effectively. So, I am declaring that this CHICKEN episode had a WORK ETHIC message, and a dang good one! If you know anything about the Amish, you know they never stop working and NOTHING is ever done half-a**ed! Kate and I can attest to that, we share Berks County, PA, Amish country!Two of my favorite Amish sayings are: "God has work for all his children, regardless of age or ability." "If you want life's best, see to it that life gets your best." As I watched this week's show, I couldn't help but admire Kate's work ethic. She is not a woman who would walk past a stray shoe in the middle of the floor to get to the laundry waiting in the other room. I would bet a good deal of money that she wouldn't pick up that shoe. Nope.

You thought I was going to say she would pick it up and put it away. No, I am pretty certain she would call in the troops and the one who left it behind would be carrying it to its home. I have to admit, as much as I want to be THAT mom, I would most likely trip over that shoe a couple times before I would NOT call the kids to get it, I would sigh, feel sorry for myself and trudge...shoe in the appropriate child's shoe bin. And what is that teaching MY children? Not a darn thing. I watched as the little mini barn (coop) raising was in progress and how the eight children pitched in and carried pieces of the structure off the truck. One of the boys started by simply grabbing the piece closest to the edge and like little army ants, the rest of the kids followed suit! BEAUTIFUL! Have you ever seen an Amish barn raising?

I think Kate's chicken coop was a mini lesson in working together to get the job done and doing it with a smile! They had fun. Yes, it was work. But when Collin was struggling with how to get the water jug, that weighed almost as much as he did, from the hose at the house to the coop in the pasture he uttered, "I love these chickens but this is really heavy." He then turned the jug on its side and started rolling it. This is when Farmer Daniel stepped in and showed one if HIS tricks of the trade. He had raided the toy bin and found a foam bat. He had the boys slide the bat through the handle and work together to carry what then weight HALF of their combined weight. While racing back to the house and having fun with the kids it was evident that Kate wanted this project done right, done well and done efficiently so it was only done ONCE! She even had the farmers move it six inches to the left so her view out of the kitchen window would be JUST as she wanted it. And why wouldn't you insist on YOUR things being the way YOU want them? Looking out the window and having the chicken coop that brings back such sweet memories sitting exactly where you want it would be a gift. Peering out every morning and being annoyed because you didn't speak up because you just wanted it DONE, would NOT start your day off the way it should. A seemingly little thing that could make or break your sleepy morning.

Here is a run down of the things I noticed that I would have just thrown my hands up and sighed: When the chicken coop was done, there were specific instructions given which included that a new discipline tactic would begin immediately. Anyone who disobeys is on chicken poop detail. Instructions and consequences delivered plain and simple. Done RIGHT, Done WELL, Done EFFICIENTLY and Done ONCE!Immediately after children were done eating lunch Kate retrieved the hose to hose down the picnic table and patio only to find the hose was not working. She then went, got another hose, hooked it up and finished the job. SIXTEEN little brown eyes absorbing the work ethic along the way. Done RIGHT, Done WELL, Done EFFICIENTLY and Done ONCE!

Then, my Mom Goddess Kate, speaks a language a wish I shared... "The Gosselin Household's Systems аnd Maintenance Manual: Everything a Single Mom Needs tο Know tο Rυn ουr Lіttlе Piece οf thе World.” She explained that she is not someone who just wants to "have it fixed;" she wants to know WHY it stopped working, what it NEEDS to be fixed and how to MAINTAIN it so it stays functional. Done RIGHT, Done WELL, Done EFFICIENTLY and Done ONCE! When she finished her day of manual writing, learning about the maintenance of her water softener, having privacy shrub plans approved, power-washing the house, she said, "I did what I set out to do and my goal was met."

Wouldn't it be nice to lay our heads on our pillows at night and KNOW we Did it RIGHT, Did it WELL, Did it EFFICIENTLY and we only had to Do it ONCE? (Well, if we are talking cleaning toilets and doing laundry we will have to do it more than once...) And wouldn't it be a gift to one day see our grown children with that same WORK ETHIC? Done RIGHT, Done WELL, Done EFFICIENTLY and Done ONCE! Well, now as I head to bed with a resolve to improve our work ethic gently but effectively, I will also be taking up first project? A pillow stitched with this,"I did what I set out to do and my goal was met." Keep it up Kate, you are inspiring great moms to be even better moms! AWESOME!"


  1. hello everyone! I am trying to get the full hour of the show on my site. I am having problems with getting the YouTube videos smaller on my site. Hope fully will have this fixed soon. Thanks Michelle for letting me use your thoughts!

  2. Love the new post and LOVED the new episode!! She still continuously seems to rock as a single mother and I am lovin it!! Also, the kids are getting big and cuter by the minute!!

  3. The kids were so adorable, working so hard. I loved this epi.

  4. I loved how much persistence and patience the kids showed in getting jobs done. Collin & Joel were so thrilled when Farmer Daniel showed them how to use the bat so they could carry the heavy water jug together & complete their mission (although I thought Collin's realization that it could be rolled was clever.)

    Baby Mama-I'm glad you're not letting the khaterz intimidate you.

  5. Shes got a new entry to her blog up!!!

  6. I really like this new episode. My husband must have been flipping through the channels in the other room b/c after the episode he popped his head in and said...when did Kate get a boob job? I told him she said it was a good bra. He said, damn! she needs to be a spokesperson for this bra. thought it was kinda funny since he doesn't follow all this stuff on the net. I love Kate but do believe she had something done. I don't care one way or the other.

  7. Thought it was great when Colin was asked if he needed help and he said, no, I can do it.

    What an eggscellent show. Ty Michelle.

  8. Loved the new episode. Such lovely, happy, well adjusted children. Jon and Kate plus eight always served as my weekly dose of children's laughter. So happy to have Kate and the kids back.

    SG commented on the fact that Kates screaming drives her nuts. It has the opposite effect on me. I come from a family of screamers and loud exclaimers. Its one of the first things I loved about her ha. Adele

  9. I too thought it was a great episode. The kids are adorable. Kate's laugh makes me laugh. I think she 's looking fab and she's thin enough now. Glad she took "our" suggestion about planting the trees. I'll be MIA for a while. Hold down the fort!

  10. Hi everybody,
    I'm back from vacation & have so much to catch up on. I'll read what I missed & watch the show & then "I'll be back"(she say's in her really bad Arnold voice);0

  11. Momsby~ So glad to see you. You know theres always drama in Gosselin land!

    Well thank you to everyone for there concern regarding the ongoing fight with "those that should not be named". I cannot get over why they are so obsessed with commenting about this site. Even other fan sites are now bieng attacked. Why? Snark over your jealousy all you want, but there is no reason to come to where your NOT WANTED. See that's what pisses me off. Stay in the hole and complain there.

    There always seems to be a fascination with Kate Gosselin fans and the need to somehow explain their madness and hate. I say, you need to get yourself a chicken coop and a life.

  12. Opps, I forgot to add that I finally got the whole hour on. So let me know if you have a problem watching it. So sorry it took so long!

    I also want to add that mothers complain all the time. Its called raising small children. If the idiot trolls are complaining about Kate complaining, then they are not raising young children. Am I wrong about this???

  13. Kate Gosselin’s Household Manual for the Single Mom: Kate Molly Levin on July 12, 2010

    "Despite poor sales of her last book, I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family, Kate Gosselin, the Pennsylvania mother-of-eight, announced on Sunday’s episode of “Kate Plus Eight” that she’s compiling a how-to guide for single moms.

    Although the “Gosselin Household Systems & Maintenance Manual: Everything a Single Mom Needs to Know to Run Our Little Piece of the World,” is nothing more than a binder of instructions at this point, she may have a hit on her hands if the success of her first two books is any gauge.

    Multiple Blessings and Eight Little Faces, both made it to the number five spot on The New York Times bestseller list.

    Books aside, it’s shaping up to be a busy summer for the Gosselin family. According to People Magazine’s TV Watch, she will enlist the help of her pint-sized crew to work on household chores. On Sunday’s episode of “Kate Plus Eight,” the family built a chicken coop. Future projects include power washing the house, planting trees and designing a system for keeping the paparazzi out."

  14. That's the second story I've seen that, totally without any foundation in the show, is claiming that Kate is doing a book for publication. I watched the show and all she was talking about was putting together a manual of house maintenance needs including a way of tracking what has been done, what needs to be done, when things needs to be done, and what she can do herself, particularly in emergencies, so she can keep track of things and not let things fall through the cracks. Yes, she mentioned a title which she talked about as she was slipping the title sheet into the front pocket of the three ring binder she was using. Who knows? If she published it as a template for others to use, it might be successful but there was no mention on the show of her doing this for anyone but herself.

  15. One of the parenting attributes that I have always admired about Kate is that she chooses to see the kids as capable and therefore she sets that expectation and they work up to it. I noticed that in the early July 4 episode where they went to the parade using the rings instead of a stroller which would have been easier. Some people see that as abrasive, but I see soo many advantages to it.
    I think if Kate wasn't complaining about the kids, people would call her a loony, instead she is a normal mom

  16. Finally watched the show.

    I really enjoyed watching Collin with the water jug. He really is such a sweet little boy.

    I did not enjoy watching him getting upset about the hose being in his way. That poor kid went all over trying to figure out how to get past the hose and seemed so frustrated that I found it upsetting to watch. I got upset watching his reasoning that if the other kids obviously lifted the hose to get out (which they didn't) that he would too. Just goes to show you that you can't leave reasoning up to 6-year-olds. Thankfully the camera man used good judgment and told him not to touch the hose. I just wish the camera man would have/could have told him to just drive over it instead of filming him getting frustrated and upset to the point of crying.

    I enjoyed watching Cara and Mady together as well as all the kids working together. They really are adorable.

    Kate really needs to watch what she says on camera. Her kids will watch it later. The henpecking and one-room apartment comments were uncalled for IMO.

  17. I don't think Kate will be publishing a home manual either. I think she said she did hers in "Kate speak" so that she will understand how to run her own house. Everyone has different appliances and systems, I can't see how her manual would help out anyone else.

  18. SchmeckyGirl~ I was thinking today after reading your comment, how embarassed I was recently. I was re-watching video from my cousin's daughters birthday party. I made some stupid comment that I didn't even remember I said. I can't imagine anyone saything they didn't have one of those moments. I do wonder if after all those years of having cameras around you really do forget they are there. I couldn't. Kate is Kate and her personality is what it is. I don't see her changing it anytime soon to appease the masses that tune in to snark anyway.

    But me..yeah sometimes you say things that you shouldn't with a camera in your face. But boy we got a good laugh out of it :)

  19. Personally, I think Kate's comments about the rooster getting hen pecked and the one bedroom apartment were nothing compared to what Jon has said in interviews. Didn't he say he hated her, or something? Kate hasn't said anything maliciously. Jon, on the other hand . . . If the kdis remember anything about the divorce it will be that daddy tried to replace mommy with multiple women as soon as he moved out. They will remember that Mommy was angry at Daddy but by then they will know why.

    I think Jon is a great dad, but not a good partner to Kate. She was always begging him to take the lead. He was just too laid back for her. And Kate is an awesome mom, but she's a go getter and she needs someone who is the same. I wish it could have all worked, for the kids sake; but so many kids are in the same boat, I don't think these 8 are dealing with anything new when it comes to divorced parents.

    As for Collin and hose, why do people assume that the crew would let them get hurt? And isn't it safe to assume that all kids get brushed off at one time or another? If I'm in the middle of something I don't always stop what I'm doing to answer questions, because 9 times out of 10 its to referee a fight. lol Collin will be fine. I doubt he is traumatized.

  20. I liked the episode, too. Fun to watch, especially because it lacks the "uncomfortability" that I used to encounter before between her and Jon. As I watched her, I'd like to think that "I would never say that with my kids present" but come on, it happens! I can definitely feel her frustration. Remember... the camera crew is there to film "reality", not help her out with the hose or even with the kids, though they probably do and don't film it. As for little Collin getting frustrated, isn't that would've happened if the others (camera crew) weren't there? There was no damage done to the child.

    Schmecky, I saw this before on the previous thread, but I still do not see how you can make a stand for the kids and against TLC, yet still watch the clips. But that's for you to sort out. We can always justify what we want to do. We all do it.

    Not that I like to talk about women's chest size, but who can possibly believe that Kate didn't get a job done? The way the bra fits with that gap always by her shirt straps or sleeves, I think that it's obvious. Seriously, how good can a bra be??

    And the "hen-pecked" comment - could've been taken the opposite way; her obviously the hen doing the pecking and Jon the bloody rooster, which she actually felt sorry for!

  21. Set in Cleft said...
    Schmecky, I saw this before on the previous thread, but I still do not see how you can make a stand for the kids and against TLC, yet still watch the clips. But that's for you to sort out. We can always justify what we want to do. We all do it.
    Advertisers only care if people watch their commercials. If no one is watching the tv show them they are not watching the commercials. They won't advertise during the commercials on tv if people aren't watching that show on tv.

    I also read that advertisers don't go by the numbers that include DVRing and TiVoing... Possibly because people Fast Forward through the commercials. If isomeone cane show me otherwise I will reconsider.

    Also, I have seen the kids hit and kick each other while the camera men just filmed. I was glad to are he stopped him from touching the hose. I dint say Collin was going to be permanently scarred by his frustration. I just think it was messed up that it could have been prevented but wasn't.

    So who did Kate ask to remove the pecked rooster? Oh and I did think Kate was referring to herself as the hen that pecked.

    Also... I think Kate lied. It's not just a good bra unless she got it surgically implanted. She wore a halter top without a bra and she was bigger than the past. She lost all that body fat but increased her boob fat? No way.

    Baby mama... Lol! What did you say on tape???? Lol. I just wish Kate would think before she spoke.

  22. sorry my comment was a big mishmash... I'm on my BlackBerry and tried to answer everything at once and it's hard to type and to edit... ;)

  23. SG - I would pay a lot for a camera to follow you for 1 day. Lighten up!!! You look for the tiniest, slightest thing to call a big mistake. IMO she was being funny!! And I laughed a lot!!! Have you not ever said something to the effect of "Calgon Take Me Away!!!"? If you have not, you are the first mom in history! Kate was dealing with a situation and she made a comment. Big Deal!! If you are ao unhappy don't watch.

  24. SG - IMO you missed the context of the henpecked statement. She was talking about no matter what she says or does, even AFTER the divorce, the trolls accuse her of continuing to henpeck Jon - even though he doesn't live there any more and is free to do what ever he darn well wants with almost zero responsibility. Don't watch if it upsets you. What Kate was doing was Rescuing the hen!!

  25. Linda,
    I accept your offer. So just how much is "a lot"? I just need 24 hours advance notice before the camera crew arrives. ;)

  26. Linda,
    That's not how I took her henpecking analogy at all. I still can't see it your way but then maybe I have to hear it again. So Kate was comparing herself to the rooster? If so, I think it was a terrible analogy and not very obvious. To me anyway... I thought Jon was the henpecked rooster and she was the hen.

    Anyone else habe thoughts on the analogy?

  27. Sorry Baby Mama. I'm still recovering and full of meds. No patience with people hunting for irrelevant dust bunnies and hunting for words. Um, again, once more before deletion - perhaps you can get hired by the.....oh never mind... You've gone overboard SG. IMO I wonder if you've spent too much time at the anti-Kate sites.

  28. SG, lol. How about??? Let's see... You get zero now ao I'll pay you 1,000'times rhe zero amount.

  29. Shoot gotta run. Be back tomorrow if I can find charger. Gnight all. Thank you all for your prayers. Much appreciated!!!

  30. Individual perception is a funny thing. I watched the episode again tonight and the Colin incident was a lesson in persistance and so freakin adorable.

    He was in the garage when the pressure washing gentleman told Kate that it was okay to drive over the hose.

    He could not understand how all the other children had ended up where he wanted to go without "bumping" the hose. He wanted to do the same but did not want to disobey. (possibly to not have to clean out the poop in the chicken coop).

    He tried every avenue with no answers forthcoming. He was quite tenacious and the only time he was visibly frustrated was when the person that could definatively answer the question about "bumping" the hose had to go potty.

    After that he calmly asked his mom about bumping the hose and she said yes that was okay.

    He looked so happy and proud when he was finally able to bump the hose and not disobey. I took away from it that he was happy that he accomplished his mission. I was proud of him and he certainly looked proud of himself as he bumped the hose.

    As to the rooster comment. It seemed to me it was just the thought of the poor rooster getting pecked by all the hens. It was about hens and roosters. She felt bad for the rooster because the rooster was getting henpecked. It happens with chickens and she felt bad for the rooster. I just didn't read any more into it than that.

  31. Linda,
    I find it odd that you are so willing to overlook any negative comments made my Kate yet you are all over mine.

    Kate can henpeck and insult her husband, say things that can be considered hurtful to and by her own children yet you are always willing to defend her and give her the benefit the doubt.

    I say something negative about Kate or the show out of concern for the children and you say I need to lighten up and I go overboard.

    I like you Linda and I don't want to stress you out any more than you already are... For some reason you are taking all this way too personally. I wouldn't want to be responsible for upsetting you while you are going through all these medical issues so I'm going to bow out for now.

    Please don't read amy other non-fan sites if they stress you out enough to lose patience etc. Enjoy...

    Baby Mama, I'll keep in touch! And I will continue to read my daily fix at your site! You rock!

  32. SG - I think these were short quips thar shouldn't have been made a big deal.
    I think the old e.g. Season 2, etc comments by skate were definitely offensive and wrong. I think Kate could have handled the repairman more tactfully. I think she could have handled going off rhe picnic area better. I do

  33. Sorry. Went to soon. I see Kate not as a saint but as a human being. She talks but doesn't get to pause to think of the "best" word.
    Sorry a lot of anesthesia today and I'm struggling for right words. My point was whether Jon or Kate, don't nitpick and call liars vi watch tobenjoy because I like it, not to hunt for errors.

  34. I quit reading ROL because I think they make Jon look like a constant liar. If they didn't hear the conversation, it's just a jumble. Jon doesn't appear brilliant bur I hardly can't see him making contradictory statements in the same paragraph. I'd like to see both parents get a break.

  35. Aww just like Manhattan for the roaches to come out at night.. Welcome back Irene!

    Wow how amazing to come and congratulate me on my millions of hits, over 500 followers and the best fan site on the web!!

    Welcome to all my new commenters! I see alot of you and forgot to sayhi! Please feel free to stay a while and invite your friends!

  36. Schmecky~ My kids now want to go to Dutch Wonderland. I wanted ot talk you about it and ask you again where you stayed. E-mail me if you liked it there. I forgot if you drove or not. I didn't really like the Continenal Inn that was attached to it. You kinda got what you paid for however I liked the indoor pool. My big one is not that happy and this is the last year I could probably get away with taking her. But I want the baby to expierence it. I need something fore the big Disney trip at the end of August...xoxox

    Linda~ Kisses for "sounding the alarm".. You always have my back. Love ya xoxox

    SetintheCleft~ SO great to see you again! I get sad when I don't see your lovely posts & smiling face.

    Adele~ I love your name. I wish I had seen it when I was naming my baby. I love you post. Hope to see you here more often!

  37. Linda, I did not know you'd had your surgery already...sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery.

    I have not watched the show yet... can't seem to catch a full uninterrupted hour. I'd complain about, how my kids are driving me nuts & exausting me..but I would not want to get a "bad momsby" reputation from the h-people;0 I'm sure there are a few of you who may relate..anyone?, anyone? BM, I'm pretty sure you do! I'm going to watch it in the a.m. on your site, I guess we must be the only house in NA without a PVR. Is anyone else having a hard time with the new time slot? I just can't seem to catch it on Sundays. Mondays just seemed so much easier to watch for me.

  38. We had a really hard time on this latest vacation keeping all the ages happy! It's tough to do accommodate a 12yo,4 yo and a 22 mnth old.They all have different needs & abilities.
    My oldest was pretty grim at times, but of course I was nothing but sweetness & light the entire vacation;0 However, the heat was what created the most problems, we had to cancel several activities because of it.

  39. momsby~ I honestly was not going to go on another expensive trip before our big expensive trip. But the worst mistake I made was to book our trip the week before the kids go back to school. I don't know what I was thinking. Next time I will organize my summer better (lol). But yes, it is hard to make it fun for everyone. Where did you go again? PA seems to have all the best young kid places to go and its over 4 hours. My kids barely last 2 in the car. And the heat is super bad but the great thing about DW was the amount of trees and places to rest. Hershey is just to busy, loud and out in the open. I can thank Kate Gosselin for getting to go to DW.. ;)

    And yes, I hate it on Sunday. I'm too busy getting ready for the week and the kids are somehow still up. I loved having something good to watch on Mondays before DWTS starts. lol

  40. Linda-I hope you feel better soon, and your comments are great! Take care.

  41. Peggy~ your comments are great too! I will let Linda know since she is recovering right now and not able to sleep! Bad combo ;) Sending mounds of Best Wishes from everyone@!

  42. No, Kate WAS implying something with the henpecked thing because she said something about not doing well with roosters around here... not the exact quote but close. I just think that she could see herself as the hen and Jon as the rooster, perhaps or at least implying that that is how everyone else sees it.

  43. Thanks BM :) I am always checking in but don't always have something to say. I love that the show is back on. And I've got to say, I never used to watch reality TV and it's because of the J&K+8 that got me interested, then the Duggars (whom I love even if you don't :) and now I even watch the Roloffs, where I have gained a wonderful perspective about LPs that I never had before. So, there IS something positive about TLC's programming. But SCHMECKY, this is for you: I HATE AND WILL NEVER WATCH TODDLERS AND TIARAS!!!! Those ladies.. no, they are not ladies... those chicks are WHACKED!

  44. Do you know when is the next special of Kate Plus 8 gonna air??? It didnt say so on the Chicken episode

  45. Welcome Sage! It looks like they only have enough for once a month since I thought there were only 5 specials, so Im figuring the same time in August?...Does anyone know??

  46. I like this site better than sage's, BM. They are foulmouthed and mean over there. I guess that's what you get from ROL trash. Oh, well. It also bugs me that she copies your stuff. I don't blame you for being upset over that, one bit!
    Hey, wouldn't of it been funny if Kate wore that black bikini that she wore in Florida when the Amish Farmer Dan was at her house??? hahaha, omg...that would have made the epi!!!

  47. Regarding the ‘henpecked’ comment, I think she was referring to herself as the hen and Jon as the rooster. I took it as a little self-deprecating humor, and wasn’t bothered by it. If anything she was just being light-hearted, it certainly didn’t come across, (to me anyway), as making fun of Jon, more making fun of herself. She has often admitted that she should not have spoken to him the way she did.

    Regarding the watching of TLC programs for ratings thing, I still personally believe that since TLC has to give permission to post the episodes online, they must benefit from it somehow. Why would they post them for nothing in return?

    All in all, I really enjoyed the show! Thanks for posting it, Baby Mama!

  48. I just read that the state is investigating the kids' permits and if they are legit or not. Said something about how kids under 7 can't be on T.V. without another type of permit. Its over at OMG!

  49. Hi BMama!
    We went to Toronto(we live in Cottage Country, year round) So the City is a great adventure! We went to Center Island, spent two days at Ontario Place, loved their water park. We did not get to the Zoo or take the day trip to Niagra Falls as planned, due to the extreme time. Although, I did get some shopping in because of the itinerary changes:) The kids got alot more time in the hotel pool also! Our trip home was a nightmare due to traffic, going out of the city. Funny how city & rural family's take exact opposite vacations.

  50. Kimberly, your attempt to start something between SWE & IW did not work? If your really interested in causing friction between blogs, might I suggest you visit a hater site? They seem to be the only ones really interested in sensless blog wars;0 The pro-sites have a nicer group of women than you seem to be looking for!

  51. mombsy...what??? Babymama was the one that was upset when sage copied her "layout"...I was just agreeing with her! I love IW...please stop trying to stir up crap within the fansites!!!

  52. If you are a water person, Disney cruises have a lot for all ages to do,they are also a cool mix of family time and adult time because they have really great childrens activities I would live to see a special of Kate doing one with her kids. It can be pricy but they do have sales through SAMs Club and Costco.

  53. I can't believe there is so much dissection of the rooster comment. I interpreted the analogy as Jon being the rooster and Kate the hens and that it was not a slam at Jon but rather self depricating humor. The rooster was the "victim" - I don't see how that could be taken as a slam on Jon.

    I thought, if anything, people would get more bothered by the one bedroom apartment comment. That comment was a bit snarky though not terrible.

    I am curious if there are any other children under 7 in Pennsylvania on TV. Murt's vendetta against Kate Gosselin and TLC may effect a whole lot more people than just the Gosselins. They can't keep the Gosselin kids off TV but alone another young Pennsylvanian children on TV.

  54. Wildchild and PAR - my sentiments exactly...

  55. I don't even know if the AG HAS the authority to reverse or go into court to challenge an executive branch department's interpretation of its own regulations. As PAR, points out, that would be devastating to Pennsylvania's efforts to attract movie and TV shows to film in the state. Think of shows like "Full House" or, among the current shows, The Disney Channel's "Good Luck, Charlie" that couldn't be produced under that interpretation.

    Considering that the AG is running for governor this year, I doubt he'd waste his time on anything that he can't blame on the Democrats and/or look like a big-time crime fighter.

    As for the rooster remark, it should be noted that Kate the rooster that was being attacked by the hens rescued and found a safer place for him.

    I thought the one-bedroom remark was a little snarky, but understandable. I'm sure there are times when she tires of being the worker bee parent and fantasizes about what it would like to get to be the "fun" parent for a little bit, but, I'm equally sure that she wouldn't trade places with Jon if she could.

  56. Kimberly,

    As a regular poster on SWE, I find your attack on it to be inaccurate, defamatory, offensive, and inexcusable. If you want to drive people away from this site, that's the way to go about it. This site is fully capable of succeeding on its own merits without putting down other sites.

    As for your speculation about Kate, I also find it offensive that you think that Kate would be capabale of being so disrespectful and inconsiderate of the sensibilities and religious beliefs of a guest in her home who was doing her a favor.

  57. Disrepectful is right. I imagine Kate didn't think of how offensive that suit was to wear around young children at a family park in the daytime...either? What about the sensibilities and religious beliefs about all who were in attendance there on that day?

  58. Good afternoon everyone! Today I got an e-mail from someone asking me how I felt about Ellen giving interviews out to blogs. I didn't wish to discuss it here simply because I didn't agree with it. (Please keep in mind that I do not discuss any other Gosselin related sites here except the hate sites out of respect for those blogs)

    It's one thing to score a Jon or Kate Gosselin interview.(And don't think I wasnt chompin at the bit to interview Hailey, who would have been an amazing read.) And so far almost all of Jon's women have cased in at some point except perhaps Morgan & Deanna, though her brother pretty much took care of that..

    But now we have Ellen. She lives the closest to Jon and what seemed like in seconds was Jons new love/nanny. In 2 months he already had her name tattoo'd on his back. She was already making sure she was photographed with the kids. But I didn't have a problem with it until NOW. I do not feel that she should have taken to the blogs. I feel she does not have the right to put the childrens lives out there to discuss. She has now not only done an interview (why?) but now was commenting on blogs! She has since realized what a mistake that was and how horribly inappropriate it was. And has since asked said site to remove her comments.

    So now I was sent a blurb or part of a comments she has been writing to people. What do you think? Do you feel Ellen has the right to give interviews and post comments on sites relating to her boyfirend and his ex-wife? Should she be commenting on his children? Some of Ellen's comments:

    Its long, so lets just make this part 1 of 2...

  59. Part 2 of 2

    So tell me if I am making a bigger deal out of this than I should be. Cause if I was Kate and I heard one of Jons girlfriends were on the internet talking about my kids..well lets just say that photo we were taking about with both Jon & Kate would have looked worse! lol from Ellen:

    "yes you are right. the jon from last year is different from the jon this year. when people get out of a marriage, they find themselves again and some people go through hell doing so. he has made major improvements. i also want to point out. i am NEVER on my phone with the kids unless its ringing and its my mom or its my family texting me . the ONLY pictures the websites put up are ones of us on our phones. how boring would it be to put up a pic of me and jon watching the kids? its boring, theres nothing to criticize (although people still would fine SOMETHING) therefore the website wont get enough hits on that article and it loses its value.. THATS why they put those pics up……
    i was so upset because the ONLY time during the whole 3 hours we were there was when a family member texted me and said that someone was tweeting about us being at the game….. this way i knew it was spreading, then we can be extra careful with the kids and getting them to the van quickly when we leave. im so upset and angry EVERYTIME pics are taken of us because they ALWAYS make it look like im on my phone. in the pics of me at the bus stop with jon, and im “looking at my phone” i actually took it out of my pocket for ONE SECOND to look at the time (thats why im jsut staring at the phone) and then put it away, bc the kids bus was late, they werent even there yet. but god forbid the websites put up the pics of the kids happy to see me or smiling at me or hugging me, GOD FORBID.

    and as for the last comment…about him respecting the mother of his kids.. if ONLY you guys knew …….. i look at it froma neutral point of view..until certain things came out.. remember this.. kids arent stupid, they see things, they get treated certain ways and THEY TALK…..
    and i do see how he treated his women before. ppl that make claims of being with him, they get PAID for it. yes there was hailey, but unfortunately it was a bad choice for him, she was not the kind of person he needed in his life and it caused a lot of drama, thats in the past, we all mess up, lets move on and stop dwelling on it… his last relationshpi with morgan was just fine………. just certain peopel arent meant for other people. please please please dont take sides anymore, im telling you stay neutral..eventually the truth comes out..when those kids are old enough to understand all this crap… you just wait….. the things they are going to say…….

    im sorry but im not going to be on here anymore. i vowed to myself never ever to read these comments bc ppls judgements arent real to me because people dont know jon unless they know him personally, same with kate. you guys dont know kate or jon on a personal level OR the kids…. im not for or against anyone, i just see things how they are. but i cant get on here and waste time defending myself and jon and kate and the kids and whoever, because at the end of the day, no one cares, they just want something to talk about i guess"

  60. opps and I meant "cashed in" in my first post! I am now famous in blogland for making mistakes with my nails ;)

  61. thanks for the episodes...i just looove this family they are amazing :)

  62. Par and others - Bear with me since I'm doing pain drugs from surgery - you may have to wade through this to have it make sense. As I understood it, Murts was proposing a law, and NOT a case of there IS a new law. This is a bit dumb to me. First, the law may not pass. Second, by the time it passes the kids will be older than the required age he proposed. So, IMO he wants the publicity but that's the main thing. Third, what's to prevent out of state filming to circumvent any law that was passed. So doesn't make sense. Is he that desperate in an election year?

  63. I too thank you for the episodes--we were away when the show aired.

    In my opinion, it would be best for Ellen to not give interviews and participate in blogs. If she keeps quiet, nothing she says can be misconstrued no matter how neutral she is.

  64. Linda--I hope you feel better soon and can get some rest.

  65. Corrina..ITA with your comments in regards to Ellen, I enjoyed the actual interview...but it seems like she got in over her head a little bit last night! I am thankfull for the reminder that these are real people who can be hurt by what I write about them, I'm going to keep trying to remember that. I was very happy to see her retract the questionable comments..although unfortunately once it's out there it's pretty hard to take back. I do feel badly for her that she was upset, I felt that she was treated fairly at IW...hopefully the experience will give her a little empathy & insight of what Kate(& Jon) deal with on a daily basis. If I was her I would not even read ANY of the blogs for awhile or ever, although I'm sure that would be hard to do. It's human nature to want to defend yourself & those you care about and to try and to try to convince other's to agree with your perspective.

  66. Speaking of other's perspectives...I don't see how a tank top & mid thigh shorts at a tourist spot can be deemed North America at least.

  67. Momsby~ I agree with you 100%. I am obviously on Kates side 100%. I don't try to look at the other side as much as I should. I think everyone in Blogland knows where I stand. I was not happy with this, and there are others that thinks that there is nothing wrong with it. It always depends on who you speak to. The same goes for people making comments of how others look. I also see nothing wrong with a tank and thigh shorts... ;)

    Kimberly~ thank you for defending me.. I am STILL pissed that my site is being completely ripped off. I am NOT the one that is trying to look like others! They are copying ME! And I will kick and scream like my toddler while I am doing this! haha

    FYI: Momsby & I have already had that discussion and I will go and put my big boy pants back on now ;)

  68. I forgot to say Corrina welcome back! Haven't seen you in a while! And welcome to everyone I havent already welcomed that would be offended if I did not welcome them...LOL!

  69. See mombsy...I told ya'. Another issue, I wasn't talking about her shorts and tank at all being offensive, if you scroll up I posted that her black TINY BIKINI in front of children...moms and dads in a Florida theme park during the day could be offensive.

  70. Kimberly-That is a perfectly respectable swimming costume and covers more than a lot I've seen. Apparently, Kate didn't get your memo that mothers are only allowed to wear one piece bathing suits with those little skirts.

    To compare her choice of bathing suits at a location where just about everyone is wearing a bathing suit (and I bet a lot of the women were wearing bikinis) and to jump to a snark about the idea of her wearing a suit like that in front of an Amish farmer who is at her house to install a chicken coop is just bizarre.

  71. Oh, lighten up Peggy! It was a joke! sheesh

  72. I guess we'd better hope that Kate keeps wearing the plain bikini...if she starts going topless in a string bikini bottom like they do in MANY countries on public beaches. It wouldn't bother me either, but of course that's JMO;0

  73. The Murt thing does seem strange to me also..if the kids can't be filmed until they are 7, who dropped the ball when they gave TLC the permits?

  74. I honestly do not feel that that whole situation with Murt will amount to anything. It's just a way to get his name in the papers and stir up stuff. They are saying that TLC won't be fined because it was already OK'ed if I remember. Its amazing though that outlets will make it seem like all hell is gonna break loose in order to get their sites to be read.

    So of COURSE the trolls in hater land are all putting Ellen on a pedistal. What she did was wrong wrong wrong and she knew it. There was much more that she commented on, and begged for her comments to be removed due to backlash? She SHOULD apologize to Kate for putting herself out there like this. Jon did this with Hailey (getting her interviews) and it backfired for them.

  75. ohh off the topic of Ellen Ross & back to Kate..

    Just watched a repeat of today's Extra. Donald Trump was being interview and he talked about how much he likes Kate Gosselin & how he has been wooing her for the show. He also said he has way too many people vying for the last spots.

    I think that that show would be a problem in that they are so isolated from the outside world there. I smell the haters going off about her not being every second for the kids. Because heaven forbid a mother works (without the kids no less)

  76. It would be great if she did do the show...hater's shmater's, she is able to spend a heck of alot more time with her kids, than most working moms. SHEESH
    I really do think that not going on a book tour this time hurt book sales, but her kids had a rough year & she choose to stay home. I hope she continues to do what she feels is best for her family & continues to ignore the critics;0

  77. Baby Mama - Pertaining to Ellens' interview with IW. I think it was a good one, and now she should remain quiet. Don't know where or what she said otherwise, and it seems like she is sorry she opened up about it. A person needs to have your tuff sp? persona to be able to with stand the backlash of anything Gosselin.

  78. FENCE SITTER - I thought about changing my title, but then decided it would be too little too late. I have been on the fence swaying back and forth for a long time now. Now, I feel its about time I got off. Since I am not a Kate fan, its time for me to make a move and not watch the show. I did watch the first one, but felt bad for doing so. Did not watch it on the 11th, because I didn't want TLC to get my hit for ratings. Is it true that the ratings were down by 1M?

    SG - I thought anything posted on You Tube got ratings for TLC, and the owner of the Blog got fractions of a cent for each hit. So where did you watch it on line? I have not hit it here at this site either, sorry BM. It's like an addiction, so out of site, out of mind. I will just be a gawker for now. I also erased all my recordings of the show off my TV.

    The Murt Law will probably not affect the G8 kids, but it will be applied to all Reality Shows, and that's a good thing in my OP.

    Have a great Summer everyone, and I am going to enjoy it too. Not a fence sitter any more!

  79. Dear Linda,
    I missed wishing you well before you left, but do wish you a speedy recovery and good health.
    If you are still in the hospital, get off you computer and rest, lol, just kidding. I know texting and typing takes your mind off other stuff. Be well, and if I need any research done, you know I will find you.

  80. #1caregiver~ In the words of Michael Jackson..."It doesn't matter if your Black or White" lol..What matters is that you are my friend. You have posted here for a long time. I hope that it doesnt mean you wont post here again. Schmecky would be happy to have someone here on her train of thought. A partner perhaps. Just because your not a Kate fan or your ass hurts from sitting on the fence too long, that doesnt mean you can't post or chat with us right? :)

    And please do not change your name.. I have called you this for so long I think we would all just get confused. You still are a #1caregiver to me! And you never know, peoples thought process on this matter will and does change often. Great people on a blog don't! :)

  81. Caregiver - Thanks so much. I've sone well. Amazing to me to have rods, screws, and fusions and only be in the hospital a day and a half. Just resting at the hotel for a few days before starting drive home. Computer has never been out of the case, but obviously the iPhone has been active. But, it takes my mind off the pain. I refuse narcotics so I have to stay busy. Caregiver, actually I thought you were off the fence a long time ago, so please keep posting here and don't get drawn over to the dark side of the hate sites. I can't picture you there at all! You have to keep us posted on how thar grandbaby is doing! Take care, and God bless.

  82. Hey folks - I forgot to say that I couldn't believe Kate didn't freak when she came outside after preparing lunch and the kids were on the roof! Boy I would have been shrieking in terror, certain they would fall and break a limb and die. And see, nothing bad happened. I'm definitely overprotective. Lol, we even had ours wear bicycle helmets when going down 4 foot slides so they didn't go off and smash a brain. I try all kinds of probably dumb things but so protective of kids. Hubby and kids went whitewater rafting after my caregiver friend and I left for FL - and again, nothing bad happened!

  83. I actually can’t stand Trump or his show so that is one I couldn’t watch, even to see Kate. Part of me doesn’t want to see her go on that show, but I feel the same when she is on the view too because of my opinions of most of the hosts. I do, however, believe it is her right to choose what she does, and I am sure she will make every effort to be there for her children.

  84. wildchild..I've never watched the Apprentice either, I'm not a Trump fan. I'd watch for Kate though, & just hope that Trump won't be on a whole lot. Maybe when's he's on I'd take a bathroom break or fold the laundry;0

  85. Linda,
    That is amazing the hospital stay was so short! I hope your able to rest somewhat before the trip home..take it easy. I'm with you on the white water rafting, I'd be a nervous wreck, my husband took my 4yo on the log ride last week...I was not thrilled!

  86. LOL @ "...hope that Trump won't be on a whole lot. Maybe when's he's on I'd take a bathroom break or fold the laundry", Momsby!

  87. Linda - Calling other places the dark side makes it sound like a Star Wars Episode!!! OOOOOH!!Scary? Read some, but never posted anyplace but here.

    BM - Now you got me roflmao! I will be MIA for awhile. CU Here's how busy I was this morning: 7AM watering grass in back, picked weeds in front.washed awnings, yuckie spider webs, squirted down the whole front and side of house, can't afford a power spayer like Kate had so only the hose, it worked. put sprinkler on front,tripped over dam hose. Thought about Colin. Last Sunday, trimmed 1 bush and said F'it, it's too hot. I don't need a book to keep track of what needs to be done. Just have to get going each day. That attitude is from years of being a single parent.

  88. Hello my friends! Lol at #1Caregivers Star War comment. There used to be a group of kookies at GWOP two years ago the literally used to stalk the Gosselin home like a covert operation. They would talk in some type of code that reminded me of Han Solo in the cantina trying to beg Boba Fett to give him some more time to get the dirt on the Death Star..

    Ie: they were pissed that this was happening on their street & they took to the blogs to complain about it. Which unfortunately made light bulbs go off in peoples heads that they could start blogs oretenting to be kates baby helper just to lie and say nasty stuff about her..remember Penn Mommy?

    Ie: Star Wars is a great representation of the Gosselin blogging world. All fantasy , but leave it up to the crazies to take it too far..actually this anaolgy sucks and I'm really in need of Lindas meds :)

  89. She updated her blog again today!

  90. Hi everyone, just checking in then off for more relaxation. Thanks BM for posting the show, I could not access it on TLC.

    Although Kate's screeching drives me crazy, I LOVE her work ethic. I felt energized to organize my house with a manual. What a fabulous idea.

    I empathized with her so much when Colin was trying to get a hold of her and she didn't know what was going on but merely asked him to leave her alone. I know I must have done that with my kids 100 times. It really impressed upon me to slow down and give time to my kids. It would have taken two seconds to problem solve with him. However, you also have to set limits and make sure the kids know that when you are busy, they can't come running with every problem. Such a precarious balance. I apologize for the spelling mistakes, I don't have access to spell check.

    Last, the hen peck comment... I believe she said it was ironic and then said that they seem to have a problem with roosters. I thought it was tongue in cheek about her and the other hens feeling frustrated with the roosters and not being able to live with them under the same roof. I didn't like how she turned to the camera crew and asked them to remove it. That was not appropriate. I wonder if they did or if they ignored her.

    Have a great summer everyone and I can't wait for the next episode. Have we received a date?

  91. So much to reply to...

    Baby Mama, thanks for the email. I will get back to you, I promise.

    Linda, I hope you are feeling better and up and about very soon!

    Regarding the rooster comment, yes I understood Kate was being self deprecating in humor; I just didn't find it in good taste to poke fun at something like that considering the whole nasty, public divorce and especially how it affected the children. If she and Jon were still together and making jokes like that together on the sofa then I could see the humor. JMO.

    I would love to see Kate on The Apprentice. I don't know Trump's personality outside of his show enough to like or dislike him. However, he seems to be a strong-willed, outspoken, successful business person. I thought those were admirable qualities to many of the posters here. Why don't people like him?

    #1 caregiver, I hate to see you go! But I also understand if you decide too. I laughed at your Colin/hose comment.

    Regarding Ellen's interview and blog comments... Wow. I thought she did well in the actual interview. I don't think she should have done the interview but she has every right to and I don't fault her for it.

    As for the comments she made after the interview, I'm not sure why she felt she could "blog" about things with a bunch of Kate supporters and not end up feeling attacked there. I think she worded her feelings poorly and nothing she said to clarify was going to be okay. She wasn't specific about anything and didn't disclose anything the children may have said, aside from the fact that she said that children talk. Yes, her words may have appeared to be negative towards Kate but she said it wasn't meant the way it came across. Not many there would accept that from what I read. I'm surprised she stayed there trying to clarify things as long as she did. I'm also not surprised she asked for it all to be deleted because nothing good was going to come out of leaving it there.

    I think the IW mods were very gracious to her though considering the way their commenters reacted. I'm not sure why she decided to comment through her phone where it's hard to type and review and edit first. Very poor choice. I hope she learned a lesson and says No Comment from now on.

  92. OT (Disney World related)

    Baby Mama,
    What month are you going? They have the Fall specials out now. They have Free Dining but quite a few black-out dates for it.

    So get this... We are staying at Pop Century. (16 nights) I wanted to try something else this time but my girls really wanted to stay at the Lady (from Lady and the Tramp) section of the resort this time. Works for me... Pop is a lot cheaper anyway. At Disney I don't care about the hotels that much because they are all nice and we only sleep there and are out of the room all day (although we plan to spend a few days at the pool).

    So, after I booked it with the regular priced Dining Plan they came out with the Fall special for free dining but only during 6 days of my visit.

    I called and they told me they were booked solid for the special already! Even though I already had the room, etc. So I was pissed and planned to call and speak to a manager the next day (I just wanted to do research and have all the info I may have needed on hand.)

    That SAME night my sister sent me an email she got from Disney with a free dining plan offer. It had a special PIN and was not transferrable. (She got it because last year I had ordered the Vacation Planning DVD under her email also because I heard if you do they may send you special rates and I wanted to increase my chances.)

    I was going to call and speak to a manager and complain, etc but I decided to try booking it online first myself and I got it! I just had to have the documents mailed to her but it's all under my name, etc. AND it was for my entire stay with no black-out dates so I saved $1,400.00!!!! Woohoo!

    I'm thrilled. I love saving money on something I planned to pay for anyway. ;)

  93. To whoever it was that gave the tip about cleaning suede with a nail emery board, THANK YOU!!!! I did it to some Uggs and it worked great! Nothing else I tried worked. I'd rather put the money I would have spent trying to have them cleaned professionally toward a new pair of Uggs. Thank you so much! You rock!

  94. I find Trump to be arrogant, insulting, condescending, frivolous, power hungry, greedy, and not of the highest moral standing. But that’s just my opinion.

  95. #1 caregiver,
    From my research I still don't see how watching youtube can help the ratings. I think TLC can possibly see the volume of hits online and assume that those tuning in there will check out their show on tv. However, if they DON'T tune in on tv there is no way the ratings will increase. (From my understanding.)

    I've also read that yes, you don't have to be a Nielsen member for your tv viewing to count. They can now include viewers that watch it digitally so yes, anyone viewing on tv counts.

    I also read that the companies that advertise don't want the numbers that include TiVo or DVR viewing. They didn't say why, but I wonder if it's because most people Fast Forward through the commercials when they watch it at a later time. I know I do. However, I still don't DVR it just in case.

    There are no commercials on the online videos so the advertisers can't care about those viewings.

    I know they can tell the different households that watch the show on tv but how can they tell online? You could have the same person watching the show online 20 different times. Would that count as 20 different views? I'm not clear on that.

    I'm sorry, I really just don't understand how online viewing can affect ratings if those same people do NOT view the actual tv show. I understand they can assume that any interest in Kate online or on various media shows may translate to viewership of their show, but if it doesn't then the ratings won't be what they expected.

    I know some here don't agree with me. I know some think I'm just trying to justify watching the show any way I can aside from on tv. I'd appreciate if someone could explain to me how watching it online is viewed as the same as watching it on tv.

    Also, I've since stopped watching reruns on tv also, since I think maybe they can contribute towards the advertisers choices to advertise during new episodes, just in case.

    If people aren't tuning into the new episodes on tv the ratings will reflect that and the advertisers will consider the low ratings. JMO.

  96. Wildchild, you're right--that's it in a nutshell!!

  97. When watching The Apprentice I have found Trump to be arrogant, insulting and condescending also. Not sure about the other qualities because I haven't seen that personal side of him. But I have found Kate to be the same too. I guess we all judge people that we don't actually "know" from what we see of them on tv and in the media.

  98. I am not at all surprised. I never thought Tony and Kate would be "friends" after the show was over. I think anything he said during the filming was so that they didn't lose. JMO.

    Guess Tony Dovolani won't be popping by Kate Gosselin's place in Wernersville, Penn. over the the summer.

    The Dancing with the Stars pro famously clashed with the reality mom on the reality competition's tenth season -- and now, almost three months after the low-scoring Gosselin was booted off the show, they've totally drifted apart.

    PHOTOS: Tony and Kate's rocky dancing days revisited

    "I'll be honest," Dovolanii, 36, told at Wednesday's ESPY Awards red carpet in L.A.. "I actually haven't stayed in touch with her, she hasn't stayed in touch with me."

    During one heated DWTS rehearsal, Dovolani brought Gosselin, 35, to tears and told her "I quit," although he later publicly apologized. (Insiders told Us in March that he couldn't "wait to get rid of her," and loudly complained to producers about how "impossible" Gosselin was to work with.)

    VIDEO: Kate's most memorable dance moves

    "I needed a break," Dovolani added Wednesday. "I got a break with my family, and she's not someone I worry about. I am more concerned with my own family," the father of two added.

    PHOTOS: Kate's meanest faces

    Dovolani gushed that his summer has "been incredible! I've been playing in a lot of golf tournaments and teaching dance...I've been recuperating from the season."

    He had one celeb on his wish-list for DWTS' eleventh season: "Anna Kournikova!"

  99. Hi Schmecky,
    I think people wonder why, if you are so against the show, you still watch it at all. Either you approve or you don’t. Simple as that. I know there are shows I don’t approve of, so I don’t watch them and I also don’t seek them out online, whether they improve ratings and ad revenue or not. You don’t have to justify anything to me, but that appears to be the main reason people are sometimes confused about you. And I don’t know the facts, but really, it seems only logical that TLC would be benefitting from allowing the shows to be online. I really don’t think a company would just willy nilly post their show for nothing in return, meaning, no monetary, (either immediate or potential), benefit. But again, this is all conjecture on my part.

  100. Hey wildchild,

    I don't approve of the children being filmed for a number of reasons, but their loss of privacy being the main one. I feel the others could all be fixed (such as pay, hours filmed etc) but they still have private, embarrassing, even hurtful moments filmed for all their friends and future aquaintances to see.

    I guess my reasonings are that other kids will make fun of them or use it against them. The Gosselin kids will see things their parents have said and done and be upset or humiliated by them (whether others see it or not).

    There may be things that they will be just plain embarrassed for their future friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, co-workers, employers, employees, etc to see. People they meet and know in the future will be privy to things they might not have wanted to share with them.

    I know I personally would never make fun of or hold anything they've said or done against them and I think it's actually not a bad show if only people like us here (mothers and grandmothers, etc) saw those things, but that's not the case.

    I also think their main problem is that their own parents allowed it all to happen for money. I think that will be the most upsetting to them (IF they are upset, maybe they won't be). My watching or not watching it online won't change that one unfortunately.

    The basic reason I "like" the show is I actually enjoy watching the kids. I think they are cute and funny and smart and I've enjoyed watching them grow up like I have enjoyed watching my nieces and nephews grow up.

    I know I won't judge them for anything they've said or done. I also think it gives me more compassion for them and their situation.

    However, all that being the case the only reason I STILL watch the show is I don't think my viewing it online will KEEP them filming. If I did think my viewing it online was keeping them filming I would NOT watch it at all.

    Like I said, I think TLC allows it to be viewed online because they think it will bring people to view the new episodes on tv. I can't fathom how they make money by people watching it online. If anyone knows please let me know!

    I'm still researching it.

  101. SG, I think this gives the best answer out there.

    Quote: On the other hand, YES! We do track who watches shows online, and we track the revenue that comes in from those viewers. Depending on a variety of factors, that revenue might go directly to us, directly to the show's producer, or be divvied up in any number of ways, with distributors like Hulu taking a cut too. Each deal is slightly different because no absolute standards have emerged (again, I'll add "yet" here). All of those viewers and the revenue that comes from them DO count toward the success of a show.

  102. First of all, my last post sounded like I was smoking crack.. So I'm sorry about that.

    Schmecky, OMG that was so great! I can't get over how booked Disney is for the next 4 months. Its insane. I guess you chalk it up to people finally feeling comfortable about loosening the purse string I guess after being scared from the recession. It's good for the economy to vacation now I guess. The PIN's are sent out randomly and are VERY hard to get. Also if you go there alot they don't send squat. My mother and I both have the Disney Visa. I use it for everything. She never used it and she got a PIN for triple points for 3 months! I was so pissed because it took me almost 3 years to save 800 points/dollars. But now she is coming to FL with us to help us out with the yay babysitter, so I guess it worked out.. I want points too!

    Free Dining is doing so well they extended it this year. We are staying at the Carribean beach resort ONLY BECAUSE they told us we wouldnt qualify for the regular dining.. HOW CHEAP! They used to give it to value people! Now its only moderate & up..FYI..A new value Resort is opening up in 2012 called "The Art of Animation" attached to Pop Century. Its looking to be amazing.. 4 quads "Little Mermaid" "Finding Nemo", 'Lion King" & Cars. Something to look forward to!

  103. PAR~ thank you for the great interesting article. I never thought to not watch a show based on thinking that would make a difference. I know ost people that say on the internet they wont watch for Kate do anyway. We have now seen that the internet and these hate sites that fire these women up actually helped Kate better than any fan site could. And if it wasn't for GWOP, then I wouldnt have blogged for 2 years and accomplished all I had. Before this I didn't even think I needed a computer! Now I live on one and hopefully following my dreams past here to find the career I really want. Its happening right now! So much to be excited about..All because of Kate Gosselin.. Not bad huh? :)


  104. SG - that's a good question. I think Par's answer was about beat I've seen. Whenbi did print buying, "sweeps week" in Nov. etc set the advertising rates hour by hour for each network. That's why they were so important. It didn't matter whether or not you liked the show, just that you watched. Now, I don't know. For me, if I don't like the show for whatever reason, I just don't watch it - firstcrun, web, etc.

  105. SG - your perception of Trump is pretty much like mine so I don't watch regardless of who's also on. The View - I can put up with Whoopi and will watch her to see Kate (but I could never tolerate Whoopi in reruns of the View). I like Whoopi as an actress, but I guess I don't like the real Whoopi. You've said you don't care for Kate because she reminds you of your mother - and you're entitled to your opinion. Kate's needs, for example with the manual, mirror so many of mine I find her entertaining, if I put "to"do" maintenance on a list, I didn't forget - like changing oil in car etc.

  106. Geez!! Sorry for so many doggone typos. Guess I need more pain meds or to go to bed. Again, sorry.

  107. Wow, Tony's doing some talking!

    Kate Gosselin's Former Dancing Partner Won't Watch Her New Show
    Today 2:00 PM PDT by Cristina Gibson

    They may have shared screen time on Dancing With the Stars, but Tony Dovolani said he's not watching former partner Kate Gosselin on TV anymore.

    When asked if he's been tuning in for her TLC show Kate Plus Eight, he said he's been too busy to watch. "I missed it," he told me yesterday at Armani Exchange's Chill Truck bash. "I'm too busy working and traveling."

    And he won't be TiVo'ing it either, because he told me he already reached his limit with the mom of eight...

    "I had a lot of Kate this last season...I could use a break!" he said. (Sounds like he's pretty happy to be done dealing with her.)

    In related reality affairs, Tony also said the Jake and Vienna split was no surprise to him.

    "In public, I think they were great," he said of the twosome. "In public, they only showed that they were in love with each other. But you could tell it was fake." did he know it was a showmance?

    "You can tell because you can look at a person and tell if they're in love or they're not in love. Me being married for ten years, I knew it wasn't going to last."

    You and most of the Bachelor viewers, right?

    Read more:

  108. PAR,
    Thank you for that link! I think it explained a lot and answered a lot. Hopefully my interpretation is right.

    From your quote, I don't watch anything online that has ads or commercials in it. I think Hulu has ads during the footage so there would be ad revenue involved. The sites I go to don't have ads so there is no ad revenue involved.

    My interpretation came from this also:

    The "no" answer is easy to explain. TV ratings specifically measure the audience watching shows on TV, while a different kind of ratings system (actually several kinds of systems) measures audiences who watch online. Even though they share a lot of the same content and are integrally linked, online streaming and TV are fundamentally separate businesses that are usually distributed, funded and monetized in different ways.

    Although we can and sometimes do compile an aggregate number of all people who watch a show regardless of what platform it runs on, that's not an especially useful number on a day-to-day business level. For instance, if an advertiser buys an ad in the BOING SHOW on TV, they don't care how many people watched the show on iPhones because they didn't pay to have their ad run on iPhones. Sometimes advertisers will buy on air, online and mobile simultaneously, but it's not the standard (yet).

  109. Here is the rest of the article:

    The most accurate answer is probably the "sort of" one. Because the streaming markets for Web and mobile are relatively new, the revenue from them is small. So while revenue from them counts, it's not an especially big number right now and we still make the overwhelming majority of money from TV viewing. We'd rather have a million TV viewers than a million streaming viewers because we make more money from the TV viewers, which means they contribute more to the health and success of a show.

    Like most answers in the TV industry this one is murky, at times contradictory and will probably change tomorrow. But as things stand today it's a pretty decent overview of how your viewing habits contribute to the health of a show. TV is still by far and away king, but the landscape is evolving and that can -- and probably will -- change in the next few years.

  110. LOL Baby Mama, your Star Wars analogy was hysterical. It didn't make much sense to me because I'm not a Star Wars buff but your other comments cracked me up.

  111. Baby Mama,
    Are you sure? I think they scammed you! You can get the Quick Dining free with a Value Resort and just upgrade it to the regular Dining Plan for I think $10 per adult a day and I think $2 per child per day. For ten days that would just be an increase of $240 as opposed to how much it must have cost you to upgrade to a moderate hotel. You might want to check on that if you want to stay at the Pop or another value resort.

  112. Par - thank you for that link. I was trying to remember where I read that and that's it. SG, they do make money off on line hits. I will review that again, so I don't quote the wrong stuff.
    Also, all the blogging keeps the show afloat too, so if anyone really believes that kids shouldn't be filmed then they shouldn't watch, blog, or contribute to the gushing frenzy.
    Good night!

  113. Hello everyone! I hope you will take these great comments over to the new thread. Tonights fresh paper is in honor of Linda..Clean & fresh..but somehow smells slightly a hospital room? I kid I kid, she knows I love her. Clean like fresh linens for a good nights sleep....

    Please continue over on the new fresh sheets!