Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ready For Kate Plus 8? Please No Garbage, Jon's Buzz About Nothing, Kate's Today Show Interview

TLC Readies For Kate Gosslin Media Blitz:
TLC is ready to unleash a lot of Kate Gosselin on its viewers, starting Sunday night. The cable network will air two debut episodes of “Kate Plus 8,” the revamped “Jon & Kate Plus 8” minus ex-husband Jon Gosselin. The shows will concentrate on birthday parties for the Gosselin sextuplets, and Kate Gosselin’s annual pilgrimage with her kids to a warm-weather resort.

This year, the Gosselins were in central and south Florida, where Kate Gosselin was seen in several bikinis with her kids. The family also visits Discovery Cove, swims with dolphins, and gets involved in an orange juice squeezing contest. The second hour focuses on Kate Gosselin and her life in the past year, including her ugly divorce, the paparazzi and her other activities. TLC is gambling on Kate Gosselin for two shows this summer. In addition to "Kate Plus 8," the network is producing a show about viewers inspired by Kate Gosselin's life.

Kate To Work As A Garbage Collector??

Kate Gosselin is getting down and dirty on her newest TLC show, Twist of Kate. "I look forward to being dropped into the lives of interesting and unique people and families," she writes on her blog. "I'll help where I can and learn a lot, too, I am quite sure. (Kate on the back of a trash truck, anyone ... amongst other beyond uncomfortable jobs?)" The reality mom, 35, laments that between taping that and Kate Plus 8, she forgot "what bored looks like." A new clip of Kate Plus 8 (the two-hour premiere airs Sunday on TLC; watch a sneak peek) shows Kate struggling to manage her kids without Jon on a family vacation to Discovery Cove in Orlando to celebrate the sextuplets' sixth birthday.

"So much was new and different about this situation," says Kate, who split from Jon last summer. (But while they were still wed, she took the kids on a getaway to Bald Head Island, N.C. while Jon stayed home to oversee a kitchen renovation at their $1.1 million Pennsylvania home.) Continues Kate, "It was nerve-wracking... I thought, 'Oh my gosh, they're totally going to have a melt down'.... I was thinking we were setting up for disaster." Still, she says her kids were excited to return to TV. "The kids were thrilled to be reunited with our beloved crew, and I am glad to have our 'family job' back," she writes. "It still makes me smile to be able to enjoy unique life experiences right alongside my eight favoritest people!"

Exclusive: Jon Gets A New Buzz Cut For Summer (yeah thats all I got for him..seriously lol) (INF Photo)
The reality TV dad showed off his short new summer 'do as he spent some time with his eight adorable kids at his bachelor pad in Reading, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Mama Kate had the kids on Memorial Day, and we'll be seeing a lot more of the Dancing With The Stars alum over the next few months. This Sunday night, TLC will air two debut episodes of Kate Plus 8, the revamped version of Jon & Kate Plus 8, which cuts him out. The shows will focus on birthday parties for the Gosselin sextuplets, and Kate’s annual trip with her kids to a resort in Florida.

The family also visits Discovery Cove, swims with dolphins, and gets involved in an orange juice squeezing contest. The second hour concentrates on Kate and her life in the past year, including her bitter divorce, her relationship with the paparazzi and her other activities. TLC is banking on Kate for two shows this summer. In addition to Kate Plus 8, the network is producing a 12-part series called Twist Of Kate, about viewers inspired by her life. Kate Plus 8 premieres Sunday at 9/8c on TLC; Twist Of Kate will premiere this summer.


  1. So excited!! Good for her! Cannot wait for them to be back on T.V.!!

  2. I think I will be the first to comment on my own page since I need to take a deep sniff of the apple crisp & creme brulee scent..ahhhhh (lol)

    1. How sad is it that I never have any sort of news on Jon unless it's him getting another hair cut? What does that man do all day every day?

    2. Yes, the captions on the video are french but it's all I was allowed to put on the site. (Merci pour moi permets d'utilise votre vidéo sur mon site.) :)

    3. I really hope that Kate is not going to give the haters more to snark about and become a garbage lady. I pray they were making that up for shock value and for people to watch!

  3. the scent of fresh paper. Thanks

  4. Hey Baby Mama, thanks for the new paper.

    In response to your question about what Jon does all day, I suspect it is hanging out with the kids, hanging out with friends, hanging out in his apartment, but all of that stuff is not news for the paps. He might even have a job, but the paps don't care to report it because then that would look like he is settling down... : )

  5. I should have added this to my last thought.

    I am glad that Jon has either decided on his own or through the help of TLC to stop doing crazy publicity stunts. Regardless if he thinks that he should be free to go to the media to talk badly about Kate, or show he is dating, or try to obtain funding through alternative means, the media portrays him as a deadbeat dad. Removing the opportunity for him to demonstrate poor behaviour through the media is really saving his own image.

  6. Well, I think Jon is settling down! Next month there is a court date, and he got a new women attorney. Hence, the new hair cut because that will be his new image in court. He's requesting more time with the kids. I always thought and said he should get it in writing. Good for him!

    I will watch the kids Sunday if I am home, but am not sure about Twist of Kate. Will have to watch it once at least to see if I like it or not.

  7. On Oprah tomorrow she is having Celebrities doing the jobs that they struggled in before they were famous. Kind of sounds like Kate doing other jobs. Who stole whose idea??

    Thanks BM for the TLC sneak peek!

    Kate makes it a point to say she's down one helper. No nanny, but she has probably a dozen crew members and Steve. She is not alone!

  8. I can appreciate your response #1CG regarding Kate is not truly alone; however, I know for myself, even when I have family around, I feel like I need to be watching my kids at all times. It reduces the stress a little to have others there, but really, I doesn't take it all away and sometimes it adds to it. All the people, plus kids, I become instense in covering everything. I wouldn't be able to just let the responsibility go, because a camera crew is watching.


  10. Caregiver - If Jon is "settling down" that would be wonderful! For him and his family.

    As a former single mom, I also feel that it is a sound idea to have visitation in writing. Not to be gruff, but it is rather much "put up or shut up" then.

    He has definitely been around more lately and whether it is by choice or by design, I think that is a good thing. By design, I'm referring to going back to court. By choice, I'm referring to ending the Utah relationship, going to Maryland, then going back to PA and finding a place to live, and coincidentally finding another love. Children need both of their parents involved in their lives regardless of whether the parents are "involved" with each other.

    Let's hope he can continue to "settle down" and stay put. Jon needs his family (mother and brothers) involved in his life. Maybe I should say he needs a CONSTANT adult in his life. He seems to be so easily swayed by whatever person he's with at the moment. That has been so sad. He's been like this piece of flotsam (or is it jetsoam) that just gets swept around by the water current of the moment.

  11. Being "not alone" and having helpers are two entirely different things IMO. The crew is not there all the time, Caregiver, despite what people want us to think. Even while filming, the crew has breaks and goes somewhere else to sleep, etc.

    Perhaps Steve would help, I don't know. His job is to bodyguard Kate and the family. IMO, I don't think she'd ask him. First and foremost, his job is to keep them safe and I think she depends on his focus to be on safety at all times. The crew does not help when they are filming. Certainly they never have in the past.

    They are getting older. In some ways that's easier with kids and in some ways harder. I don't get why people make such a big deal out of having a helper/nanny. Why should it matter to us? If she can afford it and had 8 nannies, what difference would it make? She is working and that's wonderful.

  12. HOLLI DAY - so nice to see you chime in! Glad you are enjoying Florida (we miss you but are happy for you!)

  13. It is remarkable to me that so many of the Kate detractors (those who do NOT want the kids filming) are also hoping that Kate fails at Twist of Kate. I don't get it. If Twist of Kate is a success, isn't that what they wanted her to do? I seem to remember hearing repeatedly things like "I don't care what kind of job she does but don't film those kids." I know I remember hearing that over and over.

    IMO, I'm going to enjoy seeing the summer specials with the kids. I want to see how much more grown up they are and I want to see them having fun. Swimming with dolphins is such a special experience!

    (I'm also looking forward to Twist of Kate. I want to see her trying new things.)

    We leave Sunday am for Florida so I'm hoping we're checked into hotel and settled down before show time. Dad's promising we can have popcorn and watch, lol.

  14. Is it just me or is Jon looking a little more healthy? Maybe it's just this picture, but it would be nice!

    Baby Mama, will you be posting the specials?

  15. I like Jon's new haircut. My 6-year-old just asked me "Is that Daddy?" lol! Must be the haircut and sunglasses because my husband looks nothing like Jon! I laughed and said No. Then she saw the pic of Kate and asked (facetiously) "Is that you with your 800 kids?"

  16. Kate's annual trip to a resort in Florida?

  17. Why does the fresh paper smell like garbage? Oh, must be from the back of the truck!

  18. Wildchild...
    It's not just you, I think Jon looks the healthiest I've seen him this year. Perhaps, he's feeling more grounded now that he's back in P.A.? Spending more time with the kid's appears to have been good for him.

  19. SG - I suspect they mean her annual trip with the kids, last year being the inaugural, and this year Florida.

    "The shows will concentrate on birthday parties for the Gosselin sextuplets, and Kate Gosselin’s annual pilgrimage with her kids to a warm-weather resort."

    Whereas, this one should have had a comma after kids -

    "and Kate’s annual trip with her kids to a resort in Florida."

    - to clarify the location versus the continuity of time.

  20. SG - do you have a problem with new threads? I like it when Baby Mama puts up a new thread! It gets difficult to read/load the posts when they go over 100.

  21. Linda,

    No not at all! I love new threads! Easier to view on my BlackBerry.

    Sorry! I was jokingly referring to "(Kate on the back of a trash truck, anyone ... amongst other beyond uncomfortable jobs?)"

    Guess I'm not that funny. lol.

  22. Kate Plus 8 preview on ROL

    Click above for direct link.

  23. Here are a few clips from the new show:


    Click above

  24. SchmeckyGirl - Well now it makes perfect sense and it is funny I guess. I couldn't figure out at first what the heck you were talking about. I didn't get the connection of fresh paper and garbage?

  25. SG - Thanks for the ROL link. I never go there unless somebody directs me (I'm trying not to give them the hits, lol.)

  26. SG - Thanks for the webisodes also. I can't wait until Sunday night. The blastoff is fantastic. I was laughing out loud. I don't think the tups had a clue about what it was. I remembered taking mine to watch and they kept saying, "Now what is this again?" They decided it was just a big jet contrail. Now they look at the videos of it and go "That was so cool that we were there." (Makes you wanna say, "Right, you were so impressed at the time, lol.")

  27. Hold down the fort folks. I'm waiting for girls to dry their hair and boys to change from the pool. Dressing to go to the baseball game where one daughter gets to sing. I just love summer. It's all hustle, bustle, rush, dash, here, there, have fun! :)

  28. Linda,

    The connection was "the smell". You all smelled cinnamon and creme brulee, I couldn't smell it over the garbage. It's not funny if I have to explain it. LMAO!!!!!

  29. I love summer too! I love the pool and I love the beach! I hate the sandy bathing suits and wet towels though.

    I'm so happy for you and your daughter Linda, that is really cool! I'm sure she'll do great! I hope you're recording it.

  30. Aww Kool So exited 4 kate :D Is it me or is the video not working ????? Thanks 4 the new page :)

  31. Another new Kate's Take is up!

  32. YAY!! I can't wait for all the shows! Loving the new page baby mama

  33. Hi Linda O. I'm happy BabyMama's site is doing so well, but it's getting the like mall. I can only be there for so long and then it's time for lunch! So many posts now and I'm sure it will increase with the new shows.

    I hope you enjoy the sunshine state. I'm on the west coast and fear the worst with the oil spill. Hope I'm wrong. But the Magic Kingdom is always the best.

  34. Hey, I'm the "owner" of that video.
    I regularly visit your blog (i really like it by the way) and I was very suprised to see my video right here ! But it doesn't matter to me if you post it on your blog.
    However, I had to delete this video because I made a spelling mistake on the french translation.
    So now I have upload the brand new video.
    But if you want I can upload it without the french captions.

    .. by the time I was reading back my comment, the video have been uploaded so here is the link

    Sorry for my terrible english :)

  35. Hi everyone! Just wanted to extend a warm thank you to Babymama for sharing with you all my return to the Gosselin Garb blog, and her kindness over the years. It just so happened around the time of the messy divorce drama, I was having difficulties of my own (health wise) The little blue butterfly icon you see stands for Thyroid Disease Awareness, many of the unfortunate health issues I had to go through last year began with a undiagnosed thyroid condition.
    Also as many may relate too it hasn't been the smoothest economy and I was working harder than ever to keep my homegrown business thriving. Although I had to totally reprioritize I have always been a Gosselin Family fan, and very much enjoy blogging right alongside Babymama about this precious family that stole our hearts back in 2007.

    I am super excited for the new Kate + 8 series most especially because the FL. adventures they will be seen going on, are all too familiar to me since I am a local to many of the areas you'll see them visiting!
    A little announcement:
    As a big thank you to everyone that has been a faithful reader and enjoys all things Kate Style I will be posting as many finds as I can from the time I was away from the blog, leading up to the series premier. I conclude this posting "marathon" with the finds from the series premiere on Sunday evening.
    I also can't wait to connect with you all again in some great discussion about the episodes on this site every week :)
    I got asked about Twitter and facebook a couple of times, I hope to have my blog madeover in the next few days so there will be links to all that good stuff soon and a better easier to navigate layout for the readers of my blog.
    Still cleaning house over there :p !
    So anyway thank you again Babymama for running such an amazing fan blog, and thanks to all of you on this site that frequently visit Gosselin Garb please feel free to follow me on Google Friend if you'd like!
    With Love,
    The GosselinGarbFinder

  36. Linda - I was not making a big deal of her having helpers. I was stating that Kate made a point of stating that she was down 1 helper. So how many does she really have? Who cares?
    To me, for the first trip out like this for filming I would want the nannies to go to, but maybe she is trying to be brave since the kids are older. No big deal here.

    Linda, I think we are in agreement here and about Jon.
    SG - LMAO about the smell of garbage.! I got it right away, to the nose. You are too funny.

  37. Hello All,
    This is my first and probably only post here; I just want to clear something up for Linda Original.
    I'm one of the people who objects to Kate filming her children.
    I can't speak for everyone, but Kate having her own show without the children seems the perfect solution for her. She can pursue her career and the kids are left out of the spotlight.
    I wish her all the best on Twist of Kate as long as the kids aren't on. I just won't be watching.
    Thanks for letting me explain.

  38. StoryLady - thank you expressing your opinion here and how polite it is. You are not the only one here that shares that point of view. Take care and enjoy your summer.

    What about Jon? LOL!

  39. I am loving up her blog!! I check it every day and she always has something cute going on!! I am prepared for Sunday!!

  40. SchmeckyGirl - Thanks. A tv station has broadcast rights so no movie cameras allowed, even small handheld. However, they didn't take our iPhones so I did the movie that way. Not great, but at least it is a memory!
    Baby Mama - I'm emailing a little of the video to you. If you don't want to watch it, it won't hurt my feelings since I'll never know, lol. It's about a minute.

  41. Caregiver - I really wasn't pointing fingers at you, lol. That's why I started a separate post about it.
    StoryLady - I don't have a problem at all with your attitude and position. Particularly since you expressed yourself so politely.

    I know that Caregiver feels strongly about the children and filming, as does SchmeckyGirl, apparently Story Girl and others.

    I don't think you have to like Kate and watch her on TV. There are many people as actors, etc. that I do not care to watch.

    But I would not wish them harm.

    What I'm talking about are the ones who don't want the kids on tv, and neither do they want Kate on tv, and say horrible things about how they wish her physical harm. That's what I'm talking about that I just don't understand.

    The woman has to earn a living. If she can do it on Twist of Kate and make a lot more money than working 12 hour shifts as a nurse, then more power to her! IMO

  42. Story Lady - you were so nice and polite about stating your opinion, I hope you will come back and post again. :)

  43. GosselinGarbFinder - IMO Twitter might be a great addition for you. Given some of the disreputable people there though, you might want to have things so people have to request and be approved before they can comment; Facebook is having some security/privacy issues. I know Facebook is working on it, but I'd tread carefully with what you allow for public comment. JMO.

    I've enjoyed what you've done.

  44. Leslie~ Miss ys girl! Where have you been? Please do not be a stranger. I will try not to take it personally that you haven't posted! ;)

    zek512~ Merci pour moi permets de partage votre vidéo. S'il vous plaît venir et poster sur mon blog souvent. Mon français n'est pas si bon !

    Story Lady~ Thank you for commenting at my blog and for being respectful while your here. I welcome any of the same thoughts in the future from not only you, but any of the other polite ladies out there!

    Schmecky~ thank you for explaining your joke (lol) Please, it's too early on my page to have it already stinkin ;)

    Linda~ your my girl..I got nothin :)

  45. I am on vacation with my family and I don't think i will have time to Watch kate plus 8 until the 10th so you ladies enjoy the show for me!

  46. Thank you all for your kindness. I know you are a fan site, and I don't want to intrude where I'm not welcome.
    I had stopped by to see what all the fuss was about (you're very famous, you know ;)). I really appreciate your welcome and would enjoy real discussions about these perceived differences.
    I think many "Haters" feel TLC is manipulating Kate for their own gain, and in my opinion Kate is someone who was a regular mother, thrust into the spotlight and lied to and mishandled by TLC.
    I do believe she is confused and needs help to sort things out, because what mom wouldn't just be totally overwhelmed by this sudden fame and all that's gone with it?
    And she's expected to make these critical family decisions alone, because her former husband is~wait for it~A DOUCHEBAG, #1CAREGIVER!!
    Nobody, even Haters, can stick up for Jon anymore. The most we'll give him is the kids look happy to see him at the bus stop.I'm afraid it's because he lets them eat crap and do whatever they want.
    On the other hand, I think Kate is too strict with them. I think this probably stems from fear of something happening to one of them.
    My two cents.
    Thank you again for the welcome. If you want a "Hater's" point of view, just ask.
    I don't hate her, BTW. I worry about her and the kids, and I don't like to see any of them used.
    I would love for her to find her niche on TV and be happy. Honestly.

  47. Story Lady - Ha! Ha!, I knew that that one question would bring out your true colors! Sorry about that I couldn't resist it. Name calling is something you do well! No response required! LOL

  48. StoryLady - Hmm. I'm not a fan of Jon's at the moment. However, I wish him well, success, stability and happiness. IMO calling names isn't going to help. I don't think it helps the children to hear that either.

    I think the parents make the decision of reality tv or not. Just as parents make the decision in other area over sone crucial areas such as giving vaccinations or not, participating or nor in sports that to me seem dangerous, etc. Perhaps living or growing up in a home where parents express intolerance of other people: height, color, ethnic background, and angry vulgar vocabularies lead to extremes of behavior that some would say should not be allowed.

    I don't know any of the Gosselins personally but I feel it is a decision they should make. I feel far greater concern for children who grow up hungry, neglected, in the homes of substance abusers. IMO the gosselin children appear healthy, happy, and well taken care of in their home, feeling the love of their parents.

    If we (non-parents of those children) step in and say no to reality tv, do we step in and say no to parents who are profane to others, who are to fat, or not tall, or don't earn a certain income, or don't practice a certain religion, or who don't dress a certain way, or play dangerous sports?? Where would it stop??

  49. Storylady~ as you may or may not know, I have always welcomed both sides of the debate here even though this is a fan site. Other "hate sites" have never done the same. GWOP know me very well and only post my comments so that I could be attacked. They never let a fan of the show post there. But every time I try to be nice and let both sides post it becomes a war. No one is allowed to attack anyones views here simply because they can go elsewhere to spew their hate. But if you can express your thoughts respectfully I welcome your thoughts. That's why I'm very protective of Schmecky. I feel she and only a handful like her get my point of wanting only peaceful conversation on this site.

    So again welcome. Linda is telling me Kate was on GMA this morning. I got up late and missed it I guess. Will try to get the video up later if I can find it. Did anyone see it?

  50. If I said that I was really asleep, lol. It was the Today show.

  51. Sorry, it was a long night for a lot of reasons. May we all have a better day today.
    In the previous post, I should have typed "too" and not "to." I didn't catch it.

  52. ROL article claiming Jon sent Hailey text messages that prove he staged his apartment trashing:

    Jon Gosselin tried to blame his ex-girlfriend for burglarizing his apartment, but left an electronic trail that proves otherwise. has exclusively obtained text messages -- sent from Jon to his then girlfriend, Hailey Glassman -- which may prove he staged the now infamous break-in at his apartment in Manhattan back in December.

    New York police recently cleared Hailey of any wrongdoing and closed the case.

    But now has text messages that show when Jon blamed Hailey for stealing his TV in the break-in he had already told her to come and take it!

    That never-before-revealed evidence proves that Jon knew she didn’t steal the TV.

    The couple had been living together and was in the middle of a break-up. Days before he reported a break-in, Jon texted Hailey.

    On December 16, 2009, Jon texted, “Leave the key on the counter. Not kidding. I told u if u choose them our friendship is over. Your choice. That’s not manipulation, that’s your choice.”

    Jon then texts Hailey she needs to be “Out before Christmas. Take the furniture and t.v. That is a gift.”

    The TV is the crucial part as Jon later accused Hailey of stealing it in the break-in.

    On December 17, Jon texted Hailey, “That’s fine, I’m understanding. Do u know why u have to move out, let me explain. If I were to get evicted, they would seize the apartment and all.”

    He then writes, “I can’t text my plan.”

    It’s damning evidence considering Jon claimed the break-in happened over Christmas while he was in Pennsylvania spending the holiday with his family.

    According to the NYPD, Jon then claimed that his ex-girlfriend Hailey slashed furniture, stole his TV and left a note with her name pinned to a dresser with a knife. As first reported sources say New York police investigating the "ransacking" of Gosselin's apartment believed the event was a publicity stunt.

    Glassman was cleared as a person of interest in Gosselin’s break-in last week. In an exclusive statement to, Glassman’s attorney, Stephanie Ovadia said, “I think the text messages speak for themselves. We’re glad the NYPD has closed this file and that the truth has finally come out.”

  53. Aw, I'm protective of you too Baby Mama! I think you're more than fair to allow me to post here and I appreciate it.


  55. yuck. Just had to listen to a bunch of verbal garbage I a parking lot.

    Our own frames of reference affect so much of who and what we are. I feel blessed that I had parents who tried to explain things. They were certainly tolerant of me and others. I took everything apart, including the toaster, because I wanted to see how it worked. Those things usually never worked again afterwards. My parents didn't curse. They weren't prudes or priggish people Their position was that when you use profanity you demonstrate to all those in hearing world that: you aren't intelligent enough to think of other words to say, that we'd not had parents who cared enough to teach us differently, and that we just knew no better.

    Today I'm one who feels I don't care what your language is or how crude if I don't have to listen to it.

  56. Sadly, I suspect the police closed the case because they went back to Jon to say, if we continue to investigate this it will turn into insurance fraud, so then Jon retracted the report.

  57. UGH I feel sick to my stomach that this all happened to Hailey. She has written to me in the past trying to expalin her side and I wouldn't hear it. So much was going on that June and I guess I things were more complicated that I thought. I feel terrible Jon did that to her.

  58. Why aren't the police going after Jon if he filed a false report? Think of all the wasted police/public resources. If I was a NYC taxpayer, I would be furious.

    LOL, I wonder how GWOP is going to spin this to make Jon come out smelling like a rose again. I'm sure it will be made out to be Kate's fault somehow.

  59. Thanks for the ROL link, Schmecky. This is one more sad thing.

  60. I hear what you are saying Par. I think the police aren't going to waste their time with a petty insurance scham if Jon didn't actually receive any money. It was an attemtp and it would waste more money charging him and going to trial, for probably a slap on the wrists.

  61. Well it IS ROL. I'd wait for a reputable source to confirm it. It doesn't make sense to me that Jon would set Hailey up after he texted HER that he has a "plan". Why would he frame her knowing he texted her she can take the tv? Something isn't adding up.

    Maybe Jon didn't frame her. Maybe someone else did it and he thought Hailey did it.

    I wouldn't be shocked if Jon did frame her, I just don't think all the pieces are fitting together. Also, those "proof" text messages ROL had there, they don't look like "proof" of anything. What are they copied from? They look typed up.

  62. If Jon filed a claim with his insurance company it's not up to the police to follow up on it. The insurance company decides if they are going to go after Jon. It's two separate issues. The police can only go after Jon for filing a false police report.

  63. Par - It took 5 1/2 months for police to declare Hailey not a person of interest. It took same length of time for this to come out. Who knows, the DAs office may go after Jon. Police deal with crises first, as do DAs. Detectives have to investigate. Court orders have to be produced to get records from service providers, phone companies, etc. Then those wireless/or computer records have to be triangulated and verified/triangulated by cell towers to prove authenticity. Physical injury cases have priority, rightfully so. The wheels of justice do eventually get there, sometimes slowly, but they get there usually.

    Only on CSI and Forensic files do they solve it in 30 minutes, lol. It's amazing hw some people assume nothing will happen to them because it didn't happen the next day. IMO, sometimes police and DAs let people just dig themselves a deeper hole, making the police job a little easier (and easier to get the court orders and easier to get a conviction.)

    You'd think people would be smart enough not to keep doing things.

    As for the haters, PAR, they'll just say Kate planned it, or whatever convenient lie works. JMO.

  64. IMO, it isn't just a petty insurance scam. IF, and that's "if" 'cause I don't know, then Jon also defamed Hailey, accusing her of being a thief. In that case, if I were Hailey I'd be double angry. According to het hw not only took several hundred thousand he promised to pay back, his attorney kept money due Hailey for interviews she did, and to top it off, he & attorney claim she stole the tv and used a knife to do damage which crossed the line from angry words to a threatening act.

    You don't get to just do what ever the heck you want because you "feel" like it. You get held accountable for your actions.

    Not a mature action. But then, Jon's unfortunately never used his actions to portray himself as mature except when he had TLC in his corner.

    To some people, reputation is important. Maybe to Hailey it isn't. I don't know her so I have no idea. I think about Carol Burnett who continued to go after National Inquirer for something like 5 years for saying she was drunk in a restaurant and made inappropriate comments to Henry Kissinger. All because they were in the same restaurant and all of it untrue. It cost them a bundle. You can't just make up stuff that affects people's lives.

  65. We are in the Amtrak station in Philly having lunch and fixing to go to the hotel and I just had Dunkin Donuts coffee. I always wanted to try it because they don't have it in Denver. I was thinking of Kate with Paparazzi trying to buy her coffee.i hope you all enjoy your trip Linda. It's kind of a coincidence that you are visiting the state where they filmed and I am visiting the state where they live. (not the city though) I am excited about the show. All I can say for Jon is that I pray for him as he deals with the consequences of his choices this past year. Rock bottom is a tough place to be. Behavior reflects attitude. Jons attitude that he is a victim and the world owes him is reflected in his behavior while Kates attitude of making the best of her situation and trying ew things has a different out come

  66. That should have typed, "according to Hailey, Jon accused". Sorry, I seem to be incapable of typing "her" and "he'l

  67. Tashapork - I agree.

    Did you like the coffee? Are you having fun?

  68. ~Linda thx so much for the advise I have deeply considered the privacy issues on both of those sites and I still am on the fence about it until I know how much I can moderate :)
    Just a quickie update I posted the IDs on the Jimmy Kimmel Interview Dress and the Pople Cover Purple Cami Top, more are to come but those were the most requested I know they're kinda a out of date but some still are asking to this present day :)

    I didn't Kate on GMA!? What was she wearing! Hahaa
    ~ I read briefly about the text message thing sounds like a mess.

  69. The major reason I give some credance to the text messages is the police confirmed that Hailey has been cleared. They are consistent with what the police found. If they are truly from Jon, the one thing we know for sure is that Jon lied when he said publicly that Hailey stole the TV.

  70. Where did the police confirm it? Besides from what Hailey and ROL say...

  71. Ok it was The today show, I found it and am watching it now , I'll send you the info Babymama.

  72. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Where did the police confirm it? Besides from what Hailey and ROL say...

    It meets my credibility test. Two independent sources are identified - Stephanie Ovadia and a "source" class to the investigation.

    "The NYPD informed us today that Hailey is no longer a person of interest in the break-in. She feels that the truth has finally come out and the cloud that's been hanging over her head had finally lifted," her lawyer Stephanie Ovadia told The case has been closed a source close to the investgation confirmed to

    I see no reason for the Ms. Ovadia to announce to the world that Hailey has been cleared unless she has. It would be pretty stupid to make that announcement and have to retract it later.

  73. Hi all~ feels like forever since I posted, between finishing up the school year for the oldest and the youngest getting an ear infection followed up with Strep..."calgon take me away".

    Thanks Baby Mama for posting the today show interview...Cant wait wait for Sunday night!

  74. Jessica~ so happy to have you back! Miss chatting with you, I know how crazy it is this time of year!

    I finally got to watch the Today Show interview. There were hardly no ums, minimal Jon bashing (lol) and overall a very happy Kate back at what she loves best..just being Kate. And being paid to just be yourself is the gift that keeps on giving. Seeing the kids reactions to the crew arriving and hearing Kate say she intentionally made it a surprise makes me even more excited for Sunday! Busy birthday day for me and I feel putting the kids to bed and watching someone elses kids on TV is the icing on my cake! ;)

    Which made me wonder..She did Dancing With The Stars to make money for her family without the kids being on TV. Yet everyone attacked her for doing so. What was the double standard? Were you just being mean, making fun of her when you know you couldn't do better? Yeah she stunk, but all of us would too I'm sure, and we weren't paid 200 grand and had fun doing it. Now sadly most haters resorted to ragging on the rediculous outfits she was made to wear, taking all seriousness out of their child exploitation cause.

    Now the kids are back on TV, SUPER EXCITED and happy as clams. Ohh and they are being paid. So what is the fight now? Is poor mental Irene the only one in her gardening clothes on a street corner going to protest? Interested to really see how the ratings will be for this weekend!

  75. Baby Mama - We all know the ratings are going to go through the roof. You know everyone here will watch or record, even the haters but they won't admit it. Even Jon will watch but deny it.

  76. You know, the last straw for me as far as the "Haters" are concerned is this new 'scandal' about Kate having five pink phones!
    Okay, we're concerned about the kids, so let's go for her tan, hair, manicure, style of dress, etc.
    Enough is enough. Kate is trying. She's come a long way. She's not perfect and she has made a lot of choices I wouldn't make, but I am not alone with eight children to raise. I don't know anything about her life except what I see in the media.
    I'm concerned about Mady and Cara on the new show; they're getting to that age where girls are always so touchy and embarrassed about everything. The hormones are going to be kicking in.
    If they choose not to participate, I hope they have the right to say no.
    I didn't see Dancing With the Stars, but the haters were incredibly cruel about her and things she couldn't help. Things actually kind of started to change for me then, when I realized I would never be brave enough in a million years to do what she did. She earned my respect for just showing up.
    I wish the family all good things, as I have since Surviving Twins and Sextuplets.

  77. Any idea if Kate will be on the View any time soon?


  78. Tig~ The way Whoopie was reaming on her that time, I wonder if she would go back. I think Kate did a great job hosting. I was surprised the couple of times they made a snarky comment at her expense. If anyone hears anything let me know.

  79. StoryLady said "If they choose not to participate, I hope they have the right to say no."
    The twins have said NO in the past and they weren't made to film. Source: Jon Gosselin, on air at J&K+8, just before his split with TLC. They had talked about having the kids do a project with Jon. The twins didn't want to and wanted to swim. Jon said "They don't want to today," and they all went to the pool. TLC filmed the kids playing in the pool.
    The only time on camera I've heard them sound like they really didn't want to do it was a fishing day with Jon. The tups were whining about it being hot and not wanting to walk in the field to get to a stream (there was a bunch of dog poo in field) They didn't catch anything and they weren't happy. However, the next day they went to a pond and seemed to really enjoy it.

    I also remembered one more. At the old house, crew was filming Cara doing her homework. She made faces and said go away, and put her hand up. They quit filming. I believe that same episode Mady said "Don't come in the playroom." I don't know what they were doing but they stopped.

    Year before last, the boys did not want to do swim lessons when they were on the Outer Banks of NC. They encouraged them to get in the water. When they didn't want to and seemed really scared, Jon and Kate did not have them do it. The twins were upset because the little girls got to have their swim lesson first; the next day the twins had their lesson first.

    Last year when Kate took the kids to NC to Bald Head Island and Wilmington, the twins didn't want to do an afternoon's activities riding over on the Ferry. The twins stayed at the house with the helper and the boys. Kate took tups on the Ferry. Different episode but same trip; the boys got a bit frightened below decks on the USS North Carolina. That visit got shortened (It came to a pretty abrupt ending and was "fleshed" out with the paparazzi following them on the Ferry.

    Not to make a big deal out of it, but in any family when you plan an outing there are going to be kids who don't want to do whatever the planned activity is. We expect ours to at least try. If they really don't like it, they don't do it. If I didn't do that, we'd have some who never did anything but play video games; that doesn't work in our house. Sometimes I think the naysayers make a huge deal out of one child or another making a face or some such. Kids change from one 5 minute period to another. Who's to know the reason. You can see the same child happy later.

  80. Baby Mama and TiggerFan - Gee I sure hope she never goes back to The View. Whoopi is negative about so many people why anybody would want to be there is beyond me. Joy changes according to which way the wind is blowing (i.e. is she trying to get them on her show, if so she's more cordial.) I don't think Whoopi even particularly likes Barbara.

  81. Wow StoryLady, get your vent on... :)

    I agree with a lot of what you said. I too have concerns about some of the choices Kate makes or the way she parents; however, she does appear to be trying to keep redefining herself in the best interest of her kids. I also agree with Baby Mama and some of the other bloggers here, that I love watching the kids on the show.

    I think that everyone can continued to be concerned about the welfare of the children as they negotiate their way through life on television and still enjoy watching them. A mother does not have to be home 24/7 with the kids to raise them well, nor do they have to be secluded from being on television to grow up "properly".

    I think we can be concerned for the kids without attacking Kate for getting some alone time to care for herself. I think she encourages other mothers out there to continue to take care of themselves, even if they don't have all the time in the world.

  82. Ahh Linda O - I had to laugh when you said "I don't think Whoopi even particularly likes Barbara. "

    I used to like Whoopi and over the past year, I too noticed that she is really negative and falls back to her "I am kid" voice. Really annoying.

    She is quickly losing credibility in my eyes, to the point where I used to have trouble listening to Elizabeth, but now she seems to be the only stable one. : )

    I don't mind Sherry.

  83. My pet peeve is when the "h" people just blatantly make up stuff to get people upset. It is beyond me that people just follow along and repeat it like the game of gossip.

    A big thing right now apparently is that one of the head "h" people said something about nobody knowing if the crew were sex offenders. Well duh! When Kate spent 4 weeks interviewing the first helper, to think she wouldn't have background checks done is completely ridiculous.

    However, in this situation, why the heck doesn't the big Head Hater check it herself! The crew's names are public record. There's a whole 13 of them including the office assistant but not counting the two current dogs. You take the list of names and you check it against the sex offender list.

    In North Carolina, Attorney General Roy Cooper takes this very seriously. ANYBODY can check (your neighborhood, OR by name.) This is the NC Dept. of Justice website:

    In addition, at the same website, you can also check the National Registry, coordinated by US Dept of Justice (a division of the FBI). This is called the the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website. (Includes all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, the District of Columbia, and participating native American tribes.

    None of the crew is a sex offender, but I'd expect you to look it up and check it yourself, folks. (I'm sure she also already knew that but it didn't fit with her agenda.)

  84. Good Morning,
    I just finished watching the Today show interview again, and can see that Kate is so much more relaxed and calm. She is back in control of all situations again and loving it. I did like the interview.
    Linda, I am sure you noticed that she stated the crew will help her after the cameras are off. Also, that they are family and even babysit for the kids.
    In the sneak peaks I noticed the nanny was there for blast off and that both bodyguards were along for the trip in the boat. Plus. the the other women helper that she sometimes uses, was sitting in the back of the boat.

    After the show airs on Sunday, we will have a better view of the whole scene. I do have to say boy what a Birthday Party for the tups. TLC will be bringing in the dough from this one.

  85. About Jon..............?????
    I have always believed that your past will come back and bite you in the butt. I hope he's prepared for it !

  86. Caregiver- Yes, I did indeed hear Kate say that the crew sometimes helped her. In less than 30 minutes I was getting email from the "H" people with their "how does Kate know they aren't sex offenders." In two hours, the email shifted to a more decidedly ugly vein, and citing some of the first people leading me to believe the head "H" person was busy going place to place with her posts.

    I'm delighted that Kate has the crew back. I'm glad that some helpers were able to make at least part of the trip including her friend Jaimie. It's great they got to go to Discovery Cove, on an Everglades boat trip and who know what else. What fun! How great that we get to share a bit of it. For goodness sake, those who don't like it, don't watch.

    I am sorry they got Florida's love bugs. Yuck. Those are disgusting critters. You can scarcely drive an hour without having to go through a carwash to get the windshield so you can see through it. I hate few things, but the lovebugs I do Hate. It's only a few weeks in spring and fall but oh so yucky. It's so yucky that turning in vouchers for those carwash trips is a legit business deduction.

  87. Hey Baby Mama - I have been searching for an appropriate name for the "H" people. I don't really think flies works. I don't think cockroaches works. Slime doesn't do justice to them. Ah ha. I'm going to call them lovebugs. All run together into one word. Given the problems with my keyboard on the iPhone, it will ofen come out livebugs but that will work too!!!

  88. Good morning everyone! Busy weekend for me. I promise to put a new post up right before the show tomorrow though. Will also do a poll on what you thought. Any other fun suggestions would be appreciated!

    Linda~ Lovebugs? Don't really want to use the word "love". But I have an idea. Everyone can pass along a new word for "hating trolls." The best 3 or 4 we will put on a poll next week. So lets get everyone we know to help us with some new names! lol

  89. Baby Mama - I think that's a great idea. I understand your reluctance to use the word love. Lovebugs are also called March flies, are known for being so full of acid that they actually etch the paint off cars if not washed away immediately. Some scientists think they help in eating thatch but others disagree. Because they are so filled with acid that eating them makes most predators ill. They have a short life; the only good thing about them IMO.

    You have some creative people here. I can't wait to hear the suggestions. Lol, I hope it doesn't contain an "lo" combination of letters or an "it" or an "on" since the iPhone likes to over ride those.

    Does anybody know how to keep the auto correct turned off? Tashapork told me how to turn it off, but for some reason, if I turn off the power or plug into computer to update via iTunes, it gets turned back on. I guess a trip back to the store is in order.

  90. The haters appear to be invidious, so I am suggesting making up a word and calling them vidoes.

    Vidoes is a misspelling of videos. A description I found of video on the internet was "the visible part of a television transmission; "they could still receive the sound but the picture was gone." This description and the misspelling, I think paints a great picture of the haters. But I am a bit of geek, so it isn't that catchy and I am the only one that probably finds it funny.

    I really like lovebugs.

  91. I am so mom took all 3 of my kids for the day and night...WOOOHOOO!!!! And to top it if my hubby is at work. It is so wonderfully quiet in my house right now!

    Baby Mama ~ Wanted to wish you an early Happy Birthday, in case I don't get a chance to post tomorrow, hope you have a wonderful day!

  92. I would call them lordybee stings or I like when linda called them h people. Khaters is another term but I think they use it or we could call them heeple or fleeple (fly people or hate people or just use a big fat - sign since they are just negative and not worth any more tome than that.

  93. I'm so excited I've missed seeing the kids, I'm so excited for Kate I think that she is such a great mom. YAY for Kate Plus 8

  94. Whew. Trying to do 3 parties today and running like crazy. Just finished a cookout for kids I’ve been tutoring this year; dropping son off at a sleepover; party tonight for a friend’s son who’s turning 21 (he’s Down Syndrome and has the greatest attitude – must be at his stock clerk job no matter what and gets upset with days off.)

    These are slang terms suggested by the high school kids I tutor:
    abacoral: backbone of a snail
    alponiums: the odors that come up after opening a can of dog or cat food.
    berko: Crazy, off the planet
    sotong: Malay word for squid (I didn’t check this)
    bum monkey: Extremely annoying person.
    cArp: (Must have capital A) substitute for crap.
    charp: the one green mutant chip in every packet of chips
    chent: a complete dimwit
    chode: a loser who doesn’t know it
    dimbo: a mix of dumbo and bimbo
    ding: short for ding-a-ling
    gach: someone who is rude
    gritball or g-ball: someone who is ignorant
    groobilees: germs, bacteria, and nasty stuff.
    h8ter: hater or folks who don’t like the K+8s (I think they made this up)
    leptic: someone who has no brains and doesn’t know it
    spanner: idiot
    spelunks: lunkheads who are are legends only in their own minds

    My kids still vote for lovebugs. To them, it’s a term that sounds nice for something that is a huge annoyance. (Because I say you can’t call somebody a name that sounds ugly.)

    Somehow still gotta finish packing and get car loaded. We leave in am and son keeps saying “Don’t forget to pick me up before you take off!” I don’t think we’re likely to forget, lol.

  95. I love the clothes both the twins and the tups wear. My kids still wear mostly matching clothes, definitely by their choice since they've reached an age where getting them to wear something they don't want to wear would be a major battle. Sometimes they decide to wear different outfits and when they come out of their rooms, they are wearing the same outfits - that gets funny!

  96. I must say.....lovebugs works for me. Here's why:
    for the love part:
    1. our site is not about hate, and what's the opposite of hate but love.
    2. love is a positive term
    3. we hope that one day the haters wake up and realize their hate will get them no where.

    for the bug part:
    1 reason only, their hate bugs us.


  97. As a FL local, I know lovebugs and their isn't anything lovely about 'em it's actually really disturbing when they're all mating about your windshield.

    ~I remember when all that stuff started up I just called them 'the others' at the time Lost was sorting all that others stuff out. But I guess it doesn't apply anymore since most of the Others and Oceanic peeps became united in the end...LOL

    But anyway for me personally you probably won't see me typing a thing about it. I understand how it no doubt can't be totally avoided here, I just choose to not participate.
    I'm with tigger fan. As far as I am concerned the more people realize what life is really about the better.

  98. Happy Birthday Baby Mama!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  99. Happy birthday Babymama,imagine Kate Plus Eight on your birthday. I hope Hubby does something special for you.

  100. Aww guys thank you! Tonight was a super fun night out with my girls. Haven't been to both a bar and a club in ages. I hated it and we wound up not staying till midnight. I think I felt too old or something. And I'm not. And I hate hanging out in the dark like that.. WTH? I used to love clubs and now it took me forever to find something appropriate that didn't scream 1994. Don't get me wrong a have a few hot pieces, but I just felt funny in them.

    Again I'm rambling. I may be drunk, not sure. I had two drinks..again WTH? What happened to me that I only want a Spritzer? hmm age..getting older has hit me like a sledge hammer. Not fun. Family birthday lunch tomorrow at The Garden City Hotel. Tradition. And I'm looking to that more than I ever could pretending to be 22 like I did tonight! Kisses and thanks to all my readers..I really need some fresh paper that smells like warm brownies or something. Be patient and you will have it on Sunday afternoon. xoxoxox

  101. What a brave woman with eight beautiful children. I cant wait for them to be back on tv. I feel it is like watching my grandchildren and cant wait each week to see them. I have missed them terribly.

  102. Happy Birthday Baby Mama...hope you had a super great day!

  103. LOL Baby Mama! Yeah, marriage and kids changes the whole club vibe. I'd rather get dressed up all sexy and go out with my husband and our friends. At clubs with the girls you feel like "been there, done that". But it was funny reading your comment about it.

    Enjoy your birthday!

  104. Happy Birthday Baby Mama. What a wonderful day.

  105. How do some of the H-people find all this time to try & raise the Gosselin children via the internet?


    This might give some insight as to how little The Gosselins made on their book sales.

    Baby Mama it came from a RHONY forum :)

  107. I love the 3g network. People at home thought I was being extravagent to get my phone and I agree it's a splurge for me, but it has come in soo handy it even helps me navigate public transportation and the time I had to leave it back in the room for juice I was lost. Out here seems like most people have one or droid or blackberry. I am soo thankful. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday and that Linda gets to florida without glitches. I Also hope we get back to hotel in time for Kate + 8. What time does it come east coast hotel tv has no guide

  108. Happy Birthday :)

    Just a little video of the gosselin kids i found it funny but uncarefull Jon was in care while this happend!

  109. Happy Be-lated birthday! Very cute story HAHA hanging out in the dark that made me crack up! and your not alone on the other stuff I am sure. For me it's not that I don't want to have fun to the fullest... it's that it seems whenever those opportunities come up I don't want to end up looking smashed in my circa 1998 (guilty) ridiculousness showing up to the hospital or somewhere because it is always my luck that something dramatic HAS to happen whenever I'm not not doing my usual wife/mom thing! Is anyone with me on that?...It never fails, so I am always hesitant to just let loose and have a great time I always have to much on my mind as it is and if it's not that then like I said, some craziness ensues and I have to be there!

    But I am really happy you had a girls night out and special family time today that's awesome.

  110. Happy Birthday, BM!

    Dee, that was great info in your link.

  111. Hello to everyone and to my new commenters! Welcome. I had such a great day with my family. It's always nice to step back and see all that you have to be thankful for! How cool that I get to come home and watch the premiere of my favorite show! It's fate!!

    In honor of this day I have actual warm brownies chillin on the stove. I hope you can sniff them from there.. Time for some fresh paper! xoxox