Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Be Careful Of Your Neighbors, Kate's New Book

Hello Gosselin fans! A few of you have asked about my recent Tweets. I have always voiced my absolute disgust at many of the Jon & Kate hate blogs. Through the years most have all come and gone, but there is one in particular that thinks they still have the right to hurt this family and practically stalk Kate Gosselin. They reveled in the joy of posting her new house almost months before it was made public. How did they find out such private information? How would YOU feel if you found out that your own NEIGHBORS were stalking and plotting against you?

This is something I wanted to write about for a long time, but it never got personal for me until now. GWOP was very careful in not naming sources or allowing said neighbors to brag about who they were. I remember seeing posts where one neighbor would be telling people they saw limo at the house, picking up the family, what Kate was wearing ect. I found that to be very disturbing. Remember when someone even went as far as starting a blog, saying they were one of the Tups feeders, going to great lengths to prove that Kate Gosselin was some horrible woman? Turned out to be a complete fake.

Some time ago one of Kate neighbors e-mailed me. Writing me a few long ranting emails basically explaining why she feels the kids are being exploited..or how the kids are outside only when being filmed.. Seriously, who cares? It was quite apparent that this woman was more pissed about her sidewalk being blocked than the welfare of any children. Over a year later, I come to find she took it upon herself to publicly comment about our correspondence. I was furious. I have dealt with them all, and proudly hold my head high when sites continue to talk about me. But whats disturbing about this, is that even YEARS later, Kate's
old neighbors still come and talk smack about her. PEOPLE ARE YOU THAT BITTER? Or are you all just hoping she would stop making the money you only WISH you made? Or are you really just afraid she will score some more FREEBIES??

Miss M. you pretty much outed yourself when you were bragging about talking to me on the web. Then you tried to post my response back to you and even GWOP removed it. Bottom line, it's over. Because she didn't invite you over or say hi even time you stalked her in the street. Not everyone has to be smiling and happy all the time because they are on TV. That doesn't make them a mean horrible person just because they don't kiss you or the medias asses. Its called life. Get one.....

Kate Gosselin to Release Personal New Book:

She already wrote two New York Times bestsellers and, soon, Kate Gosselin could have a third on her hands. The reality star is scheduled to release I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family on April 13 by Zondervan Publishers. The personal book will feature prayers, excerpts from her journal and eight individual letters addressed to each one of her children.

"Each day the thought crosses my mind that when they get older, my kids are going to look back and think about how they were raised," Gosselin says in a statement. "I know they will have a lot of questions about things that may not make sense because they were raised so unconventionally. I don’t want them to grow up and wonder; I want them to know without a shadow of a doubt how much I love them and how much every sacrifice made was worth it for them." In addition to the book, Gosselin is in production on a new television show for TLC. Her previous nonfiction works include Multiple Blessings and Eight Little Faces.


  1. Baby Mama,
    I commend you! You certainly are one strong women! I cant imagine the amount of scrutiny you and your blog receives on a daily basis. Thanks for staying strong and keeping this updated when life permits. Without your blogs and faithful bloggers I'd be lost in all things Gosselin related! Keep doing what your doing!!!

    I must admit, I'm giddy like a school girl over her latest book!I'm excited to read it.
    Good for her for finding another way to be able to provide for her kiddos! I just hope she comes to Colorado for a book tour stop!! I missed her last April when she came to LA and I was in town!

    I'm still dying to know when I can get that cook book of hers in my hot little hand!! When will it be released in the states??

  2. Oh I am so excited for this book!!! What a great idea, letters to her children. And I've never heard anything about this topic for her book, so kudos to the publishers for keeping it as a sweet surprise for us! And that cover picture is beautiful!

  3. Oh BabyMama,
    Are "they" really still out there damning this family? I don't understand what is wrong with people, why all the hate? Certainly there are people that I "dislike" but I would NEVER go to the lengths that some of this ladies/neighbors/haters go too!

    YEAH!! Another book!!! I can't wait to read it! I hope that Kate does talk about her faith and how it has helped her through this difficult time. When my husband and I heard the Gosselins talk 2 years ago (Wow, I can't believe it was that long ago!!), it was their faith that really spoke to us. However, with everything that Kate and Jon have gone through in the last year, it has saddened me to not hear more about their faith....especially Kate's.

    LOVE her new hair style!!! MUCH better, even though her hair looks GREAT on the cover of her new book!!


  4. I am looking forward to that book so much!! Keep up the good work BabyMama!!

  5. Hey guys. I can't believe how much I've missed, but I'm kind of glad I did.

    BabyMama, I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with all these crazies. As someone who's gone through & continues to go through something similar, I would encourage you to just ignore them...every single thing. If they email you, don't read it. If they post about you, don't read it, either. I know it's hard, but they are trying to do elicite some kind of reaction from you, and that's exactly what they're getting.

    Like you said, they are people who are jealous, feel like they have to put others down to build themselves up and have nothing better to do with their time. In addition, they are fanatics, and when you combine all of those things, there's no way to speak rationally with them. They don't care about what the truth is. They only care about what they "see" as their manipulation of the truth, and nothing else matters. You could be standing in broad daylight with them, and they'd argue with you that it's night, because Kate said it was day. It's an us against them mentality, and that never works.

    I really hope you feel better about this, because you deserve better. People like that shouldn't be allowed to have your time & energy wasted on them, while you could be doing something much more productive like.... oh, I don't know... wearing whitening trays in your teeth, staring at the ceiling, seeing if you can sing the whole ABC's after sucking the helium out of a balloon. You know... the important stuff. :)

    Believe me, I know it's not easy. I have been dealing with the same several people for going on 7 years now, and they personally attack me, and my family with lies, and it's caused more damage to my life than I care to admit, but just recently I realized that I'm the one who's in control. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with, but it's also the most fulfilling thing once I've conquerred it. Based on what I've seen here, I feel certain you have the ability to take control & do what you have to do. You're awesome, and I think I speak for almost everyone here when I say, "We support you 110%!!!!"

  6. Just saw an article on US weekly's sight from Ted Gibson, the stylist who is doing Kate's hair,
    he seemed like they were having fun together...

    here is the link

    What I found even more interesting/peculiar is at the bottom of the page where people can post comments some one was rambling about Aunt Jodi and said she was being investigated by the FBI and IRS...probably gossip coming from that magazine, but thought it was worth mentioning

  7. WOW, she looks great on the cover of the book! It's too bad Jon didn't come out on the other end of this divorce looking even 1/4 as good as she.....it's interesting how she stays steady and he runs all over the place acting like a teenager. But she's the one people scrutinize. Interesting, isn't it????

  8. I am LMAO... below is what I just saw on Radar Online...

    "Jon Gosselin was the REAL star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 – at least that’s what his lawyer Mark Heller told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

    Never afraid to make bold statements, Heller will definitely raise eyebrows with his new claims.

    “The show is based on female demographics,” he told RadarOnline.com. “You have housewives watching. They want to see what Jon Gosselin is going to do next. They don’t care about Kate that much.

    “She is not the ratings draw he is.”"


    This is one of the funniest things I have read in a while...

    I also saw on fox 411, I think, that Kate and Jon and TLC are in talks to work out an agreement to resume filming. As much as I would like to see the kids and how much they have grown, I don't think it is really in their best interest to bring all of the paparrazzi(sp?) attention back to them. Things have seemed to quiet down for them.

  9. So happy for Kate on her new book & TV show. She looks fabulous on the book cover and I'm also glad she's be touching on her faith again. Can't wait til I get to see her on her show and her book. Regardless of all her haysayers and critics, I'm sure both will be successful.

  10. Baby Mama,

    I sent you an email... just wanted you to know it really is from me!

    About Kate's new book...

    Love the cover. I guess if Kate wants to publish excerpts from her journal that's great, I'm just not so sure about publishing personal letters to her children. That's kind of "personal" and I don't understand why she would publish them.

    I didn't get the personal prayers part either, but apparently people really do publish their personal prayers and others actually enjoy reading them, or so I've been told.

  11. Jon was not the star of J&K+8. Neither was Kate. I think it was they family dynamic of Jon and Kate together with their children that made the show.

    I have no desire to watch a show just about Jon or just about Kate. At least I don't think I would. Maybe if they came up with a clever enough premise I would be intrigued enough to watch.

  12. Yea Malach You just plain ROCK!
    I had to explore and have saved your QOTD blog to favorites. Obviously I needed to hear what was shared.
    Baby Mama - keep on going on!

    PS I am so excited to hear about the new book.... and I am interested to read what verses are helpful to Kate.

  13. I wasn't able to find on Radar where Heller said Jon was the show. Personally I thought the kids were the show and that included their parents parenting them. I liked the Jon that was on the season 1-4 shows, but as Kate says, he isn't the same Jon any more. That is sad that Jon has such an inflated idea of himself. I did feel that one of them had to have something going on today with the wild and spooky dreams and nightmares I had last night from Jon staging his own death in a plane and me meeting Kate and her falling in love with my dog.

  14. I can't wait for the book! There have been many best selling books that were letters from parents to their children. I just googled Amazon and there are far too many to list here. I think this was important to Kate to do for her children, and clever on her part to actually get it published.

  15. It's winter break time at our kids' school so we left the NC snow and are splitting the next 7 days between Utah and Colorado for the kids to ski, snowboard, and tube. We got off the plane and my daughter said "I wonder if we'll see Jon Gosselin?" My hubby said "I don't think he frequents the kinds of places we go, and we're not going to any bars." We all had a laugh.

    Will be reading but probably not posting much. Everybody stay warm!

  16. Wow, Baby Mama, I really agree with Malach. I know how frustrating it can be to have people talking all kinds of crap about you and something you believe in but at the end of the day, as hard as it is to not want to get a jab in at them, it's much more effective to just ignore them. Think of it this way; they sit at their computers typing all this garbage and the second they hit send, they are just foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs waiting for your response. They probably refresh their pages every two minutes in anticipation and when the rageful response from you comes, they sit cackling like witches over their black cauldrons!

    I know that was a bit dramatic but if you could picture that image in your head, you could just imagine the utter disappointment when minute after minute they refresh their pages to find... NOTHING! That should be all the satisfaction in the world you need, jusk knowing they are killing themselves for not getting to you. You really are much better than them and do not need to associate with anyone on that level. My dad used to say to me, 'always let someone come up to your level, don't ever give them the satisfaction of sinking to theirs'.

    Ok, on to the Gosselins. I think it's dumb that Heller would say Jon was the main draw of the show. I agree with Schmecky when she said that it was the whole family dynamic that made the show interesting. I do think if it was a show about one parent with the 8 kids it wouldn't have had the success their show did. I think the way Jon and Kate squabbled all the time made for good tv mixed in with all the antics of the kids. Therefore, if it were just Jon by himself, that element would not be there and I think it would just be ho hum. That is JMO!

    I have mixed feelings about the possiblity of the show coming back. I miss them terribly and really hate the Monday night time slot without them but at the same time, it has had to be good for the kids to be out of the public eye for a while. I know they must miss the crew and cameras that they knew all their lives, not to mention the adventures and trips but at least they are not tabloid fodder either. I do have faith though that since the divorce is over, if they do come back to tv, people won't be so interested anymore because there is nothing scandalous to see or hear anymore. Hopefully, that would mean the paps won't be constantly tailing them anymore. Having said all that, I would LOVE to see the kids on a regular basis and that is selfish me talking! :)

  17. Oh my goodness Kate looks absolutely amazing on the cover of that book! I actually gasped a little just seeing how beautiful she looks! I'm so excited to read this book! I think that it will be really interesting and touching. I'm so proud of how far Kate has come.... she is so successful and still going strong!

    IMO, Kate's hair looks much better in both of the pictures that are at the top of this page. There was one picture of her hair on Radar that I think I cringed at... but this is looking SO much better. Everyone has their bad hair days! ;o)

    Good for you Baby Mama! I honestly do not understand those people. What is their problem!? They are a waste of your time... just put it out of your mind.

  18. I totally agree about the ex-neighbors. I can't believe they are keeping this up. Hasn't it been a year + that Kate and the kids have moved out of the neighborhood? I also always got the sense that at least part of this was due to Kate's perceived lack of friendliness to her neighbors. To which I say, boo-hoo. As if she really had time in the first place. Even if she did, not everyone feels the need to be chummy-chummy with their neighbors. If *you* want to be, great for you. Sounds like Kate had good intuition to stay away from some of these "friendly" neighbors.

    As for the book, I am glad to see projects keep rolling in for Kate. She looks beautiful on the cover.

  19. OMG! Did you all see Hailey Glassman on the cover of this magazine??? You gotta copy & paste this link after this article!!

    Hailey Glassman Jokes About Jon Gosselin's "Tiny" Manhood
    Thursday – February 11, 2010 – 4:40pm

    "ThisTo put it mildly, Hailey Glassman isn't afraid to kiss and tell -- and destroy! -- when it comes to her famous ex-boyfriend Jon Gosselin.

    In a shocking new interview with Steppin Out magazine, Glassman, 23, goes into graphic, alleged detail about having sex with the 32 year-old father of eight. "He was so small I didn't think he would cheat on me," Glassman claims. "He's hung like a nine-year-old boy," she snipes. "I'm serious. This is true," she adds, even claiming he measures up to "3 inches."

    The angry ex-girlfriend surmises that "anybody who sleeps with him will notice. It's very noticeable. It's so tiny, tiny, tiny." Glassman, featured scantily-clad on Steppin Out's cover, adds that she "would laugh about it with my mom."

    But Gosselin didn't think it was very funny at all. "He said, 'You know how subconscious [sic] I am of down there,'" Glassman recalls. She admits she wasn't very sensitive about the topic. "I would tell him to his face, 'I don't think you would cheat on me because you're so small.' I would tell him that all the time."

    "Having sex with Jon was bittersweet," she snipes. Glassman and Gosselin parted ways -- not so amicably -- last December. The unemployed former reality dad is now dating Morgan Christie, 25. The new couple were spotted getting really affectionate at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. "Tons of PDA, holding hands, kissing," an eyewitness said at the time. "Anyone who saw him remarked how inappropriate it was."


  20. Hailey is trying to cash in on her 15 seconds of "fame" now. Really, it's pathetic. What happened to her saying she never wanted to be in the media, she just wants to be left alone and out of the spotlight?

    I am glad her and Jon weren't more serious, ie never got married. Can you imagine what she would do if she were the 8's stepmom?

  21. OMG Baby Mama! That cover pic! What was she thinking??? And the article, even worse. Why even go there?

    I guess it's safe to assume that Hailey does not want to move on from the Jon Gosselin drama and get her quiet life back. Looking at the pic of her I guess she really was the one that dressed Jon up in his Ed Hardy clothes. She's got on quite the ensemble.

  22. I feel really bad for Dr and Mrs Glassman, they helped Kate with her tummy problem and now they have this embarrassment from their daughter who never would have met Jon if it wasn't for their generosity. I also really feel bad for the kids and their future googling. They could really be hurt by this. This is lower than I ever thought even Us would go. I hope she gets some help quick and I hope any future guys she goes out with can see what she is like. In this instance I feel bad for Jon. It is one thing criticiing him for his actions, he deserves that, this is different and really sad. I just hope he learns from it to start being careful of who he hangs with.

  23. OMG... the class act that is Hailey Glassman. She proved we were right along with this magazine spread. I am sure we have not heard the last of her. The trolls sure rear their ugly heads when news of Kate surfaces. They can't stand that she is looking more healthy and beautiful than ever...AND that she will have a successful book. All this while raising 8 beautiful kids!

  24. OK so I just read the stuff Hailey said in her article and saw her picture. All I can say is She has reached a new low. She is incredibly immature, not very surprising that she would say it just very immature. As far as her cover picture I am really confused about the outfit. It is one thing to show off your body, but who put that together...GAG!

    Maybe this will be Jon's wake up call and get him to straighten out his priorities. One can only hope.

  25. Wow, that article with Haylie on the cover! Yes, so much for her wanting to be out of the spotlight and just left alone.Pffft! She doesn't look good at all. I am never one to pick on someone else's looks but the outfit definitely leaves a lot to be desired. Let's just say it is not the least bit flattering.

    As for her ripping Jon to shreds like that talking about his manhood, I think that is very tacky and low. You just don't step over certain boundaries like that. It also struck me that she would cry about how badly he treated her during their relationship but she has made reference several times to things she has supposedly said to his face, this about his small stature being the latest. She says she said it to him all the time. It doesn't sound like she was such a nice girlfriend either. Ugh!

    On a positive note, I agree with everyone that said Kate looks beautiful on the cover of her book. She really does. I think it would have been better if she had her old hair on the cover because it is such a personal book from her to the kids that I think the kids would better remember her with short hair. I think it would have been more sentimental but then I'm a sap. lol

  26. As I said before...I am glad you are sticking up for yourself! It's pretty bad when even GWOP won't post stuff.

    I read that article with Hailey...wish people would realize that the internet is FOREVER. His kids will be reading this and so will HER future kids. Yuck.

    I am curious to read the book. Not big on religious stuff, but I like her!

  27. Holey Moley! This is seriously Hailey's all time low. Jon has screwed up consistantly, but this is just flat out mean. I feel a little sorry for him. Like others said, maybe this will be a reality check for him, and he'll come around. (Then again, maybe not.)

  28. The immature person in me finds the timing of Hailey's story amusing given Heller's comments implying that Jon was a sex symbol to housewives everywhere. Both statements are equally ridiculous.

    Kate's ex-neighbours are clearly insane. It's amazing people like that can otherwise function in society and hold down jobs and whatnot.

    I think Kate looks beautiful on the cover of the book. I hope it does well for her. I think people can learn a lot from what she has to say about parenting.

  29. I don't care for Valentines Day myself, but I get happy thoughts thinking of how Kate celebrates with the kids. I hope even if Jon isn't there, that he sends the kids something. Kids love that. I feel for all of you in that horrible weather. That is the kind of weather we usually get here in Colorado. I bet Kate is miserable. I hope Jon takes Cara to the slopes in Pennsylvania to ski.