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Review of This Weeks Episode, The Future Of Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate 2.0 Spills The Beans

Hello Gosselin fans! A few days ago someone had asked me why the Gosselins divorce had affected me so much. I didn't have an answer until now....I guess it's really because I don't know what divorce is. As I look back, I realized I do not have one single person in my life that has ever gotten divorced except my aunt. And even she re-married when I was a child. Even my friends parents are either still married or have passed away. In 7 years my own parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. So I guess I can say I am blessed to not know the agony of having people you love not be committed to each other anymore.

So I guess why this particular relationship crumbling is so hard to see. In this day and age of Reality TV we become invested in people we see on our screens. We think of them perhaps as a far away family. You get to like someone and feel their pain. I remember watching Will Smith on Oprah a few years back. She asked him how he keeps his marriage strong with wife Jada. His response I never forgot.. "You literally take the word divorce out of the equation. You think in terms of forever, and then it makes you fight through it to fix it and make it work. Cause forever is a long time"....Yeah, I LOVE me some Will......

Kate Major Fights Back and Sucks Out Minute 14: Just Jared

On Jon saying he’s been true to Hailey all along: “I think she’s a little naive in terms of what happened between me and Jon. feel sad that he hasn’t always been true to Hailey.”

On advice for Hailey: “You’ll learn you were better off without him. Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

On Jon breaking up with her over text message: “Jon told me he needed to go to Massachusetts to meet Hailey and break up with her. Right when he left on July 23, he shut his phone off — and also shut himself off. Once he finally called me, I didn’t know the new person. He sounded upset and said he needed to be single right now. Then he sent me a message saying, ‘Do not contact me again".

Fox News Online Review Of Battleships & Barber By Tom Conroy

Just like last week’s trip to the serpentarium, the battleship visit entailed a ferry-boat ride to the mainland, and like most episodes, it relied heavily on the little kids’ cuteness. The boys put on sailor hats upon arrival. They spent much of the time looking for bad guys, because there were guns on the ship. “When I grow up,” Joel told Kate, “I’m going to be a bad guy, and I’m not going to shoot you.” The boys also argued over what to call the artillery shells: Cannonballs? Bullets? Finally, one of them decided that “you can’t call them anything because nobody knows what they are.”

Kate told the camera that she always tries to build some kind of education into the family’s outings, but she also recommended battleship tours to parents who want to tire their children out. When she and the boys arrived at the battleship’s guns, which they were allowed to aim, the real world intruded. There was a line, said Kate, so “people who were there to see the battleship were suddenly there to see us.” Worse, some photographers were standing nearby taking pictures as the boys turned the gun cranks.

“We had a real good target,” said Kate. “I told them, ‘Aim at the paparazzi!’ ” The rest of the day—in which the boys got haircuts and ate ice cream—was so mundane that it would probably get edited out of most families’ video collection. Jon’s day with Mady and Cara wasn’t exactly a barn burner either. “It’s nice to have quality time again with my two 8-year-olds,” he said. At the game place, Cara was more adventurous, climbing a rock wall and walking a ropes course.

When it was time to ride go-karts, a production assistant had to get in one of the cars because the girls were too young to ride alone. It was the one time in the episode that another parent would have come in handy. Describing the go-karts, Jon told the camera, “I wish they were faster.” This was the one time that his voice or demeanor betrayed any enthusiasm at all. Contrast that with Kate, who’s always mugging for the camera and trying to be witty.

Jon’s TV highlights have always been his reactions to his overbearing spouse’s demands; his presence helped take her down a peg. If viewers won’t ever see the soon-to-be-ex-spouses interacting, the show will have lost much of its appeal. Right now, Kate seems to be the only real star of the show. Jon, Mady and Cara managed to enter and leave the games emporium without being bothered by the paparazzi. Evidently, no one wants a photo of Jon unless he’s with much older girls.

Jon & Kate Plus Aggravation...Posted Aug 19th 2009 2:00AM by TMZ StaffJon & Kate Plus Aggravation

We're told TLC is not happy with Jon Gosselin, but Jonnie boy may not care, because he has his sights set on a new show.

We're told Jon is in talks with a major production company -- Endemol -- to appear in a show called "Divorced Dads Club." We're told the show chronicles the lives of famous divorced fathers. We're told producers talked to Jon, but he's concerned about his TLC contract.

But Jon may still have a shot at the new show, because we're told TLC is not happy with his conduct lately on "Jon & Kate Plus 8." We're told they fired off a letter to him, claiming he was in violation of the morals clause of his contract, partly because he's been seen going in and out of bars and drinking.

We're told Kate is actually pulling up the slack Jon has created. She now has the kids more than 60% of the time and is increasingly involved -- even when she doesn't have physical custody -- because she's concerned for the children's welfare, emotionally and financially.

We're told all the money they made last season from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" went into a joint account. Jon and Kate each took a cut, but Jon spent his share. Kate put a big chunk of the money into a college fund for the kids, so not much was left over.

As for this season, sources say a judge gave Kate control of the family finances because she was deemed the more responsible party. Jon gets limited access to the account for basic stuff, and we're told he's not happy about it. Kate's people say Jon is making money on the side by selling pictures and stories of him and the kids to the tabloids.


  1. OMG! Kate Major is taking the gloves off! Think Jon will respond? Hailey? I can just hear Jon now... "This is a private matter and Hailey and I are dealing with it privately".

    What a mess. Did he really expect Kate Major to go away? Of course another "source" is saying Kate is lying and she and Jon were never intimate or stayed at a hotel, etc. Wonder if anyone at the hotel/motel remembers her. I'm surprised the paps missed those photo opportunities!

    I will NOT be watching the Divorced Dads Club! Sounds so pathetic. I really hope Jon is not serious about that. Ugh. I don't think there was much of a male following on Jon and Kate and only men would tune into something like that. Divorced men, if any.

    So there was a "moral clause" in their contract?!?!?!? That's very telling. So they were under contract to appear a certain way at all times for the sake of the show. Kind of odd. I think it's safe to say that Jon didn't live up to his end of the contract!

    I wonder if he has control over whether or not his children appear on the show. What if he won't give permission if he's kicked off the show.

  2. That last line really hit me. Jon is making money on the side by selling pictures and stories of him AND the KIDS to the tabloids. WOW he is even scumier than i thought. Those tabloids are probably affecting the kids. ALL of JONS actions are hurting his children and I hope that the judge who deals with the divorce gives all rights to kate. Jon has taken all of this to a whole new level. How could you do that to your kids? I'm sorry but if anyone still believes or like jon or his women then they need to take a second look. Honestly he stinks of stupidity and selfeshness.
    Now I know why kate was the way she was about money and coupons.

  3. Sorry if this has already been posted, but Kate's updated her blog at TLC:


  5. Okay, now the haters have gone way over the line. Someone was actually suggesting that the kids be evaluated for autism or adhd. These kids are perfectly normal. They talk, act, and interact wonderfully. they're inventing things just to post.

  6. Leslie, the other odd thing about Jon and the paparazzi is that in the first episode of this new season he was denigrating the tabloids for printing lies and now he is working with the paps and tabloids? What has happened to him?

    I have always believed (and could be 110% wrong) that Kate filed for divorce that week because his actions over the previous weekend involved spending too much money (that was the weekend he got the NY condo), and she needed to protect their financial interests.

    Baby Mama, thank you for your hard work on this blog, it can't be easy with all the other things you described going on.....
    And I related to your questioning about why this divorce in particular has bothered/affected me so much? It's nice to have you reflect on your feelings also.

  7. Schmeckygirl I had a good laugh at the "This is a private matter we'll deal w/ it privately" line. That was spot on. :)

  8. I know this is off topic but Nadya Suleman is running her mouth about Kate again!! She said Kate cheated by getting the tummy tuck?? We've all seen what Kate's stomach looked like after all her kids were born and then Laura Glassman saw it too and we all know what ended up happening (stomach-wise), hmmm did Nadya remember why Kate got the tummy-tuck?? It wasn't to lose the weight, it was to fix her stomach b/c it wasn't exactly close to normal-looking.

    She also said that Kate is desparate for attention; BULLPOOP!! Nadya is the one who is desparate for attention b/c it's all been on Kate and her troubles w/Jon and so by even mentioning Kate's name in a sentence the attention has turned back on the OctoFreak.

    Kate hasn't even addressed the stuff Nadya's said since she went on her rant MONTHS after Kate did that interview and briefly talked about Nadya and her situation.

    Sorry I had to vent-

    TatiORose formally known as tatianachick

  9. #1caregiver~ Obviously we are not privy and do not know everything that goes on regarding this family. Nor are we entitled to know what their status is financially, whether the kids have accounts, and what the parents put in them. That is not our business. That also goes for what is happening through the courts regarding their divorce. We can only hope that they are aware that the mother of these children knows what is best for them, and saving for their future.

  10. allibrootob I think that when he was complaining about the paps he was lying and trying to cover up his tracks. I bet that he was feeding them stories back then. He is the one bringing them around and endangering his family, the sad thing about that is he doesn't care. He wanted Kate to be the one to file for divorce and to call off the marriage, so he started all of this.

    I know that celebrities will call the paps and tell them where they are going to be and what time.So that the paparazzi will get the shot that makes them look good or that is the most controversial. They stage the whole thing. Britany spears would do it a lot. That is when she started spiraling downhill.

    I really feel that if jon has been setting the tabloids up with stories on his family then he should not be able to be with the kids unless supervised. He truly has endagered his family with the paps chasing them.

  11. I am not sure I like the new shows. Not that they aren't done well. I just miss the aspect of a couple trying to make it with 8 kids. Now it's like watching people on vacation more than it ever was before, and I think obviously others feel the same on here. No one is talking about the shows, good or bad, and only commenting on the drama that is really none of our business. People seem to hate the paparazzi, but have no issues reading and looking at pictures posted on sites and in magazines. Yes. I am one those people. :)
    P.S. I can't believe any site or magazine would post anything negative about the children. That is extremely low, and most of them probably do not have kids.

  12. Here is an article about why Jon and Kate were headed for divorce from the beginning. It's a month old, but some may have not seen it.;_ylt=AhXP_QDh1_V7dHA66B54lLpXuBx.;_ylv=3

  13. Kate also needed the tummy surgery because her abdominal muscles had separated. You cannot fix that with exercise, only surgery.

  14. Aww BabyMama so sorry t hear of the funeral and your hubby getting so sick :(

    I'm disgusted by the fact 4 million people watched octomom she is NOTHING like Kate!! She is jealous of Kate b/c she is not smart and doesn't know how to do business like Kate..and no one is offering her a free tummy tuck she is just gross..and if you look at her face its pretty obvious she had work done..but anyways

    I thought the boys were cute talking about bad guys I have two little brothers who do the same thing its so funny their innocence and not really getting the difference. I am sickened that someone would suggest these kids have autism or anything of that nature..I have no idea where they get that from..

    Jon has been hiding b/c he knows that he is screwed now..I really hope the judge comes down hard on him!

  15. On one of the episodes Kate said their college is taken care of now. She is very committed to her kids. The only reason she wanted the new house was for them-so they would have room to play or be alone if they wanted. I, also, felt very sad about their divorce. I think their show was the closest thing to reality on television and everyone in the family was so cute and engaging you couldn't help but love them and hope for a "happily ever after". I couldn't believe it when divorce came up. I knew from the first that Jon had made up his mind and he wouldn't be changing it. I recently watched the wedding episodes and you can't tell me Jon was acting. He still loved Kate and was committed to his family. What happened to him??

  16. Quick question....
    Radaronline has a few pics of Kate and one of the twins heading in for pedis today....
    They identify the twin as Mady but isn't it Cara?
    Just wondering what you think and would love the rag to be wrong (yet again)....

  17. Terri~ As usual they got it wrong. It is actually Cara. Just like the get wrong so many other things. Its been a quiet Gosselin weekend. I wonder how long it will say that way? Perhaps until Monday's show (lol)

  18. What I want to know is, why in the world did they get a brand new kitchen? They haven't even been in that house for a year. I don't give a damn if it was free, what a waste. When they moved in, Kate got all new appliances, or most of them were new. Why, why, why?
    I have been watching the new episodes and it's just not the same. The show is losing viewers, because there is no drama, it's sad I know. But that's what people want. If the tabloids are true, that Jon & Kate don't hardly talk anymore, then cancel the show. The two of them need to be interviewed together, they have individual chairs, come on grow up.
    Why did Jon's interview with the E! network get cancelled, when Kate got to go on 2 morning shows? Both of them have done about the same magazine articles, let Jon speak his mind. How long does TLC think the show is going to last the way it's going right now. The show is about a FAMILY with multiples, not a mom w/ half, and dad w/ the other half. I miss seeing the dogs, I've only seen them in the mags, they behave better than Jon & Kate.
    I really wish people would lay off Jon, the man DOES love his kids and would go to the ends of the earth for them. So what if he is seeing another women or 2. Big deal. I didn't want to see Jon & Kate divorce, but it's happened. Jon's chosen to move on, maybe a little to fast. But do we really know the true timeline for the seperation? No we don't. I thought this was a fansite for the show, not a Jon bashing site.

  19. I just read the twins called Kate about the babysitter and Jon getting too touchy in front of them then Kate called the cops when Jon wouldn't let her in. If this is true, I'd be ssooooooo pissed.

  20. This isn't a Jon bashing site but it's impossible to ignore his behavior lately. IMO his own egocentric needs (sex with as many women as possible) and financially needing to sell articles to mags because he couldn't manage his money shows little, if any regard for his children. A real parent puts the children's needs first. You echo the values of those with whom you choose to assocate and we can't deny the changes in Jon since he's changed his circle of friends like Michael Lohan. It is so sad but Jon is in self-destruct mode. It's to late to save the Jon & Kate relationship but I think we're all praying that Jon will grasp some measure of maturity and responsibility before he does irreprible harm and damage to his relationship with his children. He ISN'T divorced yet, only separated. I was a huge Jon fan, but that was with the Jon who was a devotedly loving and responsible father, not the smoking, heavy drinking, thoughtless wonder who makes statements like "I'm only in Pennsylvania when I have to work. Being inNew York is where I can be my real self." So how will the children feel later when they realize he only came back to see them because it was work? So he couldn't even wait until the divorce was final and he was legally free to see other people? I think it s sad that instead of thinking with the brain above his shoulders, he's being ruled the "brain" below his waist! And if he is sleeping with his "employee", the barfly Stephanie, he may wake up one morning and find himself being sued for sexual harassement by his former employee.

  21. And they kept their new appliances and added more cabinetry, counter space, and the island. The kitchen was 10 years old and according to Jon "nice but just not laid out well or suited to a family of 10 people." Jon says he "heats up food" and perhaps he doesn't need so much counter space. Kate loves to cook and I'm sure the island and the counter space are a huge help in preparing meals. But, even Jon said they needed more counters.

  22. Wow Kristinas post is ALL over the place. It sounds like you are obviously a planted friend of Jons.... maybe 22 years old and possibly with initials of HG????

    There are just too many comments to counter on your post. But you do a good job of contradicting yourself. I hardly think it is necessary for me to begin.....

  23. I guess it was important to put other peoples views about Jon out there, so I'm not attacked for being a one-sided site like all the hate sites out there....

  24. Aside from lack of functionality, that kitchen was UGLY! It may have been put in 10 years ago, but it was picked in the 90s by someone who was stuck in the 70s! I would have ripped it out immediately too- it was heinous. "Regular" people do kitchen renovations all the time- Jon and Kate were just able to do more now because of the success of the show.

    Personally, I do not understand people who want the family to be stuck in time, with the couple scraping by, jam packed into that tiny, and also very ugly house. I don't see the merits in watching people struggle like that for years and years. That's just cruel voyeurism. And frankly, if the family wasn't being paid the way TLC has been paying them, these same people would be outraged that TLC is exploiting the family and not compensating them appropriately.

    The bottom line is, overall, I don't think the show has actually changed that much- it's just grown with the children as they change and as the family's financial situation has improved. However, Kate is still frugal- there's no way she would have done the kitchen had it not been free. As any person would do if they were offered something for free! Who turns down free stuff?? Certainly not me! Beyond that, people need to remember that the kids aren't home 24/7 anymore- their lives aren't actually that interesting anymore. Five days a week, they go to school, they come home, they do homework, they eat dinner, maybe play for a bit and go to bed. I'm sure weekends aren't fascinating enough to fill 40 episode's worth. The only way to keep the show going and hold people's interests is to show them on trips and whatnot. It only makes sense.

    Aside from that, I agree with everything Linda said 100%.

  25. Right On Amy!!!!
    Finally some sane comments about the natural transformation of a series involving a changing and growing up family....

    all kids grow up
    some parents get divorced
    outside activities become more frequent
    it's called Evolution of the Gosselin Family...

    and I find it more relevent today than ever before!!!!

    Of course it's been months since I cared about that used dried up site, but they pissed me off again. They fully copied & pasted my Kate Confrence Schedule on their site for a post, and put "thanks Ms. Peach." As if to say this is actually a real person that sent it to them. I am the only person on the web that has this info. And they STOLE it to get information for the Southern Womens Confrence to attack them. Even going so far as to put the presidents e-mail, fax & Phone number and urging people to call to take Kate Gosselin off the list. it didnt work.

    I personally called Mr. Zimmerman letting him know that his contact information was put on a lying hate site. I am also writing a letter to fax hopefully Monday. These idiots think they are making some sort of dent in the "Lets Destroy Kate" campaign..

  27. You know, if the haters would put that much passion into something like a battered women's shelter a real difference could be made.

  28. Is anyone else annoyed that Radar Online can't tell the difference between Mady and Cara?? They have been hounding this family for a long time. One would think that by now someone would be able to properly identify the girls by their correct name.

  29. "but it was picked in the 90s by someone who was stuck in the 70s!"

    lol funny Amy

  30. ...I agree with jl....time and energy spent on hatred is such a waste. I simply don't understand how any human can have so much hate for someone they don't even know. I can understand the hate for rapist, murderers, etc., but for a woman who is just being a mom, I don't get it!!!!!!!!!! I guess putting yourself out there on TV makes you vulnerable to all kinds of sicko's.

  31. While you may not have known one person in your entire family or group of friends to be divorced - except for your Aunt, who got remarried and thus must have erased all the 'bad memeories', I am sure that there are people all around you, in your church, your school your neighbourhood who have gone thru a divorce , as it has been widley reported that over 50% of the population in the US has. I find it difficult that you have not encountered one person who has divorced, it almost sounds like a fact that you are proud of? All it takes to understand those who have gone thru a divorce is a little thing called empathy. While I am happy for you and your family,I would be alittle less 'pleased' with yourself and little more open to those around you.

  32. It's called jealous heifers my friends :) Oh and sorry it had me post as my hubby's account last time not really sure why..but I got it all figured out now :P Its very irritating to me that they keep taking pics of the kids and then people saying oh they are unhappy b/c of so and so noo its b/c some weird guy they don't know with a camera is trying to take pictures of them and act like crazy goons to get any shot they can..I mean if you watched the video of Kate at the hotel you know what I mean these guys are crazy!! I would be scared to!! And that was Cara and not Mady in those photos but they don't care they just want the publicity off of them..and I wonder if Jon is paying them to stay away from him b/c they stopped posting pics of him hmm..seems kind of odd to me!! What do you guys really will think will happen when they go in front of the judge for custody? I am scared for the kids to be around Jon..mostly b/c of Hailey and other people he has been hanging around..Kids don't deserve to be around that and he needs to grow up and realize that he should of kept his sperm to himself if he wanted to be a party boy all the time..Sorry I started rambling again I just get so mad!!

  33. LibandMa - I hardly think Baby Mama is "pleased and proud" of herself for not having many in her family who have gone thru divorce. In fact, she said she is blessed. I think you're trying to hard to find something to be offended about.

    I'm happy for you Baby Mama that those in your family chose to stick together thru inevitable hard times, because both spouses have to CHOOSE for their marriage to work. I think there are times when abuse is involved that two people shouldn't remain in a marriage but so often I see people around me who give up for what seems like no good reason at all.

  34. Seems pretty clear that Jon needs to dump his anger:

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