Monday, July 6, 2009

"The Gosselin Drought", Will Jon & Kate Win An Emmy?, Try On Kate's Hair

Hello Gosselin fans! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend. Many of you have written me sad that you don't have Jon & Kate to watch tonight. Me too. I feel guilty watching Cake Boss but I really like the show. Hey, any show that they put on for a marathon only after a few weeks and I watch all of them? That's gotta be a decent show. I have to admit, I also have a bit of a "Housewives withdrawal" too. When I get home from an incredibly long day and the kids are asleep, its great to come to me DVR and relax a bit with these shows....

Jon & Kates Independence Day Date:

Jon and Kate Gosselin may have announced their independence from each other and the media recently, but that didn't stop the reality-TV duo from having Fourth of July fireworks fun with their eight tykes.

The Gosselin brood brought out their sparklers Saturday evening—with one of the sextuplets donning a holiday-appropriate American flag shirt and shorts to celebrate. As the kids played, Jon spent an hour lighting fireworks in front of the ex-couple's home.

Jon was even spotted laughing with Kate at one point. An eyewitness tells E! News, "It's the first time I've seen Jon genuinely smile in a long time."

However, fans shouldn't get to excited for a reconciliation just yet. Says the source, the holiday's events were "obviously for the kids."

Jon & Kate Together for The 4th Of July:

Although divorce papers have been filed, Jon and Kate Gosselin have made good on their pledge to focus on their children, reuniting for a July 4 picnic with their eight kids.

At their home in Wernersville, Pa., the family played volleyball and picked blueberries for a cake that Kate was baking, while Jon was seen lighting up a sparkler. The event had been planned, as the stars of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 agreed weeks ago to set aside their differences for the holiday.

"Jon pointed to the July 4 holiday and said, 'What are we going to do about that?'" Kate told PEOPLE in a recent cover story. "I absolutely cannot imagine not spending every single holiday with my kids. I don't care what it takes. I will be there."

Will Jon & Kate Plus Eight Win An Emmy This Year?

Kathy Griffin
has been romping victoriously over the Emmy category for best reality program the past two years, but may be tangling with a monster now when facing off against "Jon & Kate Plus 8." The hit TLC reality series has never been nominated, but Emmy contenders are chosen by a popular ballot, which boosts its odds now given the show's high profile. News that Jon and Kate Gosselin are busting up may hurt its odds, but the vast majority of ballots are already in accountants' hands considering voting ends this Friday.

Past repeat nominees in this category include "Antiques Roadshow" and "Extreme Makeover," so they'll likely be back again. Last year, "Intervention" and "Dirty Jobs" were nommed; "Dog Whisperer" and "Penn & Teller: Bull ... " made the lineup two years ago.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Kathy Griffin 741639258 news-3

Below, we handicap the list of all contenders in the category. See the official Emmy ballot here.

You Too Can Have A Moment With Kate Gosselins Hair!

See what you look like with Kate's hair

Ever wonder what you would look like with Kate Gosselin's hairstyle? Of course you do! As Kate says, "Everybody wants my hairstyle." Well, now you can find out if it would be right for you. has added Kate's famous backwards mullet to their Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover -- simply upload a photo of yourself, click a button, and you can see what you would look like with Kate's hair. You can even email it or print it out to bring to your hairstylist if you want to take your Kate obsession all the way.

If having three different haircuts on the same head isn't your style, you can also see what you would look like with other celebrity hair like Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, and even Michelle Obama.

Try out the Kate Gosselin makeover here.


  1. It doesnt feel like my normal Monday nite..I am looking forward to tomorrow tho..The Little Couple & when the heck i Little People Big World coming back...I am soo missing that!

  2. when were the smithsonian episodes filmed?

  3. BabyMama- I'm new here- glad to see a positive site about this fam. Thanks.

    Do you get the sense that fans really want J&K to reconcile? I just don't feel that way. Maybe because I'm a child of divorce. Of course, it's sad, but it's not the end of the world. And they honestly seem better without each other, or as much as we can judge that from the highly-edited version of their lives we get to see.

    BTW, I love Cake Boss. Buddy is adorable!

  4. Can someone please direct me to a scanned copy of the "It Feels Like I Failed" Kate article that was in People last week. I still can't find it anywher & I really want to read it!
    I tried to buy it but the store just had the Michael Jackson double issue.

  5. Kate and the kids will be on "Ace of Cakes" on the Food Network in 2 weeks.

    I hope the family had a wonderful forth of July!

  6. Melissa~ Thanks so much for the heads up! I'm looking forward to it!

    3KMOM~ The release date for that movie was May 14th. So I'm assuming it was around that time and through May that these episodes were shot. Rumor has it the interview segments are being re-shot to appear more "current".

    CBB~ I wont link any hate sites here, esp. from that crazy troll, but the scans are out there if you look. Since I know you don't want to catch any cooties or anything ;) I will try in the next day or so scan my own magazine so you can read it here.

  7. I found the scan online, but it is so blurry that I cannot read it, even when I copy and paste into Word and enlarge.

  8. OMG! I tried my face with Kate's hair and I love it! I'm off to the salon!

    Okay, not really... but how funny that you can do that online! lol.

  9. smulkearns - try right clicking on the image (each page individually) and saving the picture on to your computer (save picture as). That worked for me. I was able to read the article by working with the "zoom" feature upon opening the saved picture. Good luck!

  10. Ok, I can now safely say I am one of those people that just cannot pull off the Kate Gosselin hair syle lol

  11. I can't pull of Kate's hair style either jlb1016!!!

  12. That hairstyle thing is so cute! :) I put Kate's hair on my baby brother and it was so funny!

    Thanks for blogging :) I love your blog and visit it every day.

  13. CBB-the people article is on facebook, under the Jon and Kate Plus 8 fan page. If you go to the message board, there is a person who scans in all the magazine articles every week. Just scroll through and find the correct week

  14. I hope that Jon and Kate Plus 8 doesn't win an Emmy. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan.... but to me it just wouldn't be the same. (Even though so much is changing the show with Jon and Kate's divorce.) This show is supposed to be about a "normal" family living their life day by day, and to me an Emmy would offset the whole thing. :-(
    Also, this week just doesn't feel right without my dose of J&K+8
    I can't believe that I miss watching them so much!!

  15. Baby Mama- I'd would really appreciate it if you could post the "I Feel Like I Failed" People article. I can't seem to find it anywhere! What Jennifer suggested didn't work for me, and I would really like to read it without buying the whole magazine. Thanks.

  16. I am really glad I found your site. Most of the time when I search for "Kate Gosselin"...all I get are negative things. Its nice to find a positive site about this show.

    Thanks again.

  17. ohhhhh. I miss J&K+8. I hope Kate & the kids are doing ok....

  18. OMG! that Bohemian Moon lady is nuts! WOW!!! I don't care if you are fan of J&K or not. I loved the show up until awhile ago but these people are OUT OF CONTROL!!!!

  19. People wanted them to be out of the spotlight not because they want what's best for them, but because they hate them for all they have and hope the show ends. I personally hope that they have taken these few days, to reflect on their family and heal out of the spotlight.