Thursday, June 25, 2009

Watch Houses & Big Changes, Leaving Jon & Kate Alone, Shrinks Want Divorce Counseling

Hello Gosselin fans! With the sudden tragic passing of Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson & Ed Mc McMahon, it sometimes makes you stop and think how quickly things could change in your own life. Maybe to take the time for a sec. to stop and appreciate all that you have, because it or you, could be gone in an instant.

I just wanted to repeat again, that the rumors Jon was writing all tell-all book are false. Jon issued a statement saying he is "dedicating his time to his kids.". So who knows.Today was a ridiculously warm day for the first time, and people seem to discussing is Kate in a bikini. I didn't realize we live in a world of all supermodels. I think she looks great. And again, is entitled to wear whatever she wants on her own property contrary to what anyone says.

Jon and Kate Gosselin

From The Ever since Jon and Kate Gosselin’s divorce announcement, people on the blogosphere seem to be taking joy in the demise of their family. It’s as if a breakup of a family is somehow making people feel better about theirs. However, that train of thought is very misguided.

Let’s not forget the eight kids who have to suffer because of the divorce. Many kids are traumatized by their parents’ divorce and the fact that it is broadcast throughout the media only makes it worse. Let’s hope that even though Jon and Kate are getting a divorce, they can put aside their differences for the sake of the kids.

From The National Ledger: Jon and Kate Gosselin may have filed their initial divorce papers in a Pennsylvania county to obtain a blanket on their contents. The divorcing stars of the reality show about parenting and marriage don't live in Montgomery County. But the county has an unusual rule that automatically puts divorce papers under seal.
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Jon and Kate Gosselin Divorce Papers Secrets - County Selection Key? (Image: Splash News)

Richard Hodgson, the county's president judge, said, "I think it was a feeling that those kinds of allegations shouldn't be available to the public just to trash somebody and put it all over the street."
So why oh why did the scum that is TMZ have to splash it across the internet?

Shrinks To Gosselins: Try Divorce Counseling (ABC News)

Psychologists suggested that the couple needed divorce counseling -- therapy not to save the train-wreck marriage, but to establish a better relationship going forward, as they continue to raise their eight children.

"There's a lot of sensationalism in these TV reality series and people throw out a lot of new techniques," said Jody Deluca, a clinical psychologist from Odessa, Fla. "But this couple really needs to renegotiate their relationship."

"Because of the children, they have to start from scratch with new rules to abide by, whether it's remarriage or divorce."

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  1. I think Jon should really think this through and see that counceling should at least be attempted since he's the one who didn't want to do it at all. They've been married ten years, and together as a couple for what...12?? I don't think it's the worst idea, that's just my own personal opinion.

  2. This has indeed been a very sad week. I am devestated by everything that has happened and remind you all to love the ones your with.

  3. i am just shocked at everything that has developed over the past few days. Kate looks GREAT in the SHOCKING blue bikini, and who cares, I mean really???? As for watching/not watching...I think that this family is getting a much needed break from the media scrutiny to be able to deal with this VERY personal family tragedy. My best to the Gosselins....ALL of them.

  4. I haven't been reading the comments on other sites or blogs but it seems to me that most of the people that are gloating over this divorce may not really be gloating. Some may, but not most. Maybe they just feel justified that all they've been saying all along is actually true and now it's out there for all to see. Yes, there are haters out there I'm sure. I've seen how mean people have been on this site to you Baby Mama and to other posters here, all just over a difference of opinion. Some have been vicious and enjoying it. Others I feel had good intentions.

    Many people have felt that the Gosselins would continue the show no matter what the effect was on their family. Jon and Kate were warned and advised and they kept saying We just ignore the negative comments. Not everyone was a "naysayer" or a "hater". I know I'm not. I wanted the family to just stay together and be happy together.

    I think many (not all) people had what was best for the family in mind when they were in an uproar about the family continuing the show. Sometimes outsiders looking in see so much more than those directly involved.

    Jon and Kate acted like they were above all the negativity. Their marriage crumbled apart and most of us saw it coming. Some people tried to make them wake up and realize it before it happened. I know I wanted to shake them a bit and talk some sense into them both. It wasn't an option. They wouldn't have listened anyway.

    Now people are warning them of the effects that the show can have on their children. They still don't want to listen. This could ruin their future relationship with their children. Why would they chance that? The show and the lifestyle they are living is just not worth taking that chance. They took the chance with their marriage and paid the price. Their children are paying the price now, too. And the thing that gets me about this is that I know they love their children.

    Is it 100% possitive that some, if not all, of these kids will hate their parents for raising them in the public eye and without privacy? No. But it's a huge possibility. Maybe even a probability.

    It won't be good enough for Jon and Kate to look back and say "Hindsight is 20/20. If I knew then what I knew now I wouldn't have done it." You don't always have to learn from your mistakes. Sometimes you can learn from other people's mistakes.

    If it was just the two of them I wouldn't even care. They have every right to make whatever decisions they want to make and live with the consequences. Unfortunately their decisions affect their 8 innocent children too.

    I do hope that they are able to get along for the sake of their children.

  5. Baby Mama:

    Don't let the other blogs get to you. You can only control what is on your blog. I suggest you don't even read those other blogs. You shouldn't even care what they are saying about you on those other sites. In fact, you shouldn't even know what they are saying on those other sites because you shouldn't be reading them. You are only giving them power over you.

    If you have no intention of changing your outlook about Kate and the show, etc. what is the point? It's only there to upset you and if they know that you are reading any of it they will continue.

    It's not like you go into a grocery store and see your face plastered on every tabloid or on the news, etc. You can simply avoid it by not going to the other sites. YOU have the power here. I know it's hard but you need to stop worrying about what they will say about you or what you write on your blog.

    Yes, if someone makes you aware that they are giving out your private info, etc. that is a different story, but by mentioning their conversations on your blog or commenting on them you are letting them know you care what they say. You give them power over you. Since you can't change what they say or feel it will only make you feel powerless. YOU have the power to wipe them out of your existence.

  6. I agree that Jon should try counseling. He may feel that it's about giving in to Kate. But it's not.

    Counseling could make them BOTH realize what they are each doing wrong and tell them both what they can change to save their marriage and their family. If it doesn't work well then at least he tried.

    I think Jon has fallen out of love with Kate and just doesn't like the person she is so he feels why bother? But maybe counseling would change her attitude toward him while still allowing her to be a strong, determined individual.

    Kate definitely needs to be able to take the blame for her actions and stop blaming Jon. He needs to take the blame for his actions and stop blaming Kate. If neither one thinks they are wrong and feels it's only the other one that has to change then they can never save their marriage.

    Maybe one day they will look back and realize what they had and try to make it work. But only if they are willing to change. Hopefully it would be before it's too late where the children are concerned. This divorce is going to change who those children are. Kate said Collin and Aaden have already changed. So sad.

  7. You're definitely right - we should take stock of our own lives. But holy fake boobies, Kate! (I know this has been discussed - but they are quite glaringly obvious in that blue bikini)...

  8. I don't think those are fake. She always had a decent front. Just an underwire push up bikini top.

  9. I watched the episode yesterday which was Cara's 'day' rollerblading. This was filmed within the past 2 years. Jon was very sweet and playful toward Kate and they had alot of fun teasing each other. Kinda hard to watch actually. I know Kate ruled the roost and snapped at him alot but as they explained many times that was "them". That's how they were with each other (don't we all know couples like that!) IMO Jon had too many outsiders telling him to be a man and not take her crap.
    With people analyzing their every word, they would have to be very strong. TLC should have given the whole family counseling just to handle this fishbowl life. I have watched the show from the beginning (2 houses ago). I loved it cause they talked real to each other and life was not perfect.I wish Jon could have stood on his own 2 feet at the same time staying in the marriage.

  10. I am glad that they are getting a much deserved break. It is sad that it is because of a divorse. I really hope they can find themselves, and maybe with the passing of these 3 celebrities they will stop to think how important the relationship that they is. I hope Jon opens his eyes and tries to talk somethings through.

  11. Just another reason to not believe everything we read. So why oh why did the scum that is TMZ have to splash it across the internet?

    The Reading Eagle posted the info first, People magazine had someone at the courthouse when the papers were filed, and almost every online tabloid site posted the papers at the exact same time.

    Me? I don't believe anything I read until I've verified it through 2 other sources. In fact - the AP, the supposed most respected news outlet in the world issued the wrong release and issued a retraction a few hours later. What a complicated world we live in today with computers and the internet spoonfeeding us 'everything' whether we want to know or not.

  12. Today they showed the Fourth of July at Beth's house and the Tups 3rd birthday. Watching the shows now you wish their relationship was still like that. Now watching it, I know for so many people it's hard to watch. They looked like (meaning her relationship with Beth & Bob) they looked so relaxed and happy. I wish we could see more of that now. Seeing them in the old house seems to make such a difference.

    I am the FIRST person to say I do want to see the show come back. But I don't think anyone would want to see a separated couple trying to cope with getting a divorce. I am hoping that both Jon & Kate and TLC are taking the time to discuss how the show, in the format it is now, can continue to make US fans happy.

  13. At the end of season 2, in the episode called Hit the Road, Jon and Kate were playful in the interview part. Kate even kinda blushed when Jon said he loved looking at her butt. What happened to that couple? This show will not be the same. The whole dynamic will change. We liked watching the entire family, not just the kids, or just Jon and Kate. It is like the show called Joey. Joey was one of the most likable characters on Friends, but by himself in his own show, people weren't as interested.

  14. Yes and let's hope the rumors about them having Jon's 'girlfriend' on the show is not true. IMHO that would make it trash like Jerry Springer. It's hard to watch now seeing them be uninvolved with each other. Hostility would almost be easier.

  15. "TLC should have given the whole family counseling just to handle this fishbowl life. "

    Excellent suggestion, it has been hard on them in many ways.
    I wish the media would let it rest. Maybe the Michael Jackson story will take the spotlight off the Gosselins for a while.

  16. Nick Name:
    They are fake. An underwire doesn't give you cleavage underneath too, not even a good one. And they are much bigger than before. She always wanted a boob job. Don't you remember she actually asked the doctor that was giving her a tummy tuck if he could give her a boob job too?

    They are definitely fake, but I don't think they look bad or too big. They fit the proportion of her body.

  17. As always, Schmeckygirl, you said it just right! I really like how you express your opinions... you seem like you're in the middle, like most people probably are. I'm upset that Jon didn't want to go to counseling, but I also see the point that Kate was rough on him and maybe he thought it wouldn't work. They both need to stop blaming each other, like you said, and own up to their part in the failure of the marriage.

  18. Under Pennsylvania divorce law, the courts can, in certain cases, REQUIRE marital counseling. Since we (meaning the public) are not privy to the specifics in the Gosselin case, I can't really comment as to whether or not court-ordered counseling would apply.

    However, in ALL divorce cases where children and custody are involved, Pennsylvania divorce laws MANDATE counseling. This would counseling focused on how the divorce affects the children, not marital counseling.

    Regardless of the situation, I am in agreement with everyone, in that both Jon and Kate (as well as the kids) would greatly benefit from any type of counseling.

  19. A wonderful article, just posted about why so many can identify with the Gosselins.

    Very poignant and well thought out!

  20. We all love watching their show...but it's just not the same and never will be. They shouldn't continue for the sake of their "fans". Their "fans" shouldn't want this farce to continue. We should be more concerned about the family's welfare and sanity and less concerned about our entertainment. It's selfish to want them to continue. Let it end so they can get their lives back on track and try to live normally.

  21. Pictures online of Jon without his ring :-/ ... Does anyone have a link for the People Magazine article of Kate speaking about the divorce like there was last time when Jon spoke to People?

  22. Jon is not wearing his wedding ring now. Just jared has the pics. :(

  23. I wonder if Jon knows there are so many people that want they to stay together? I wonder if he reads this blog or others. I wonder if Kate has apologized to Jon for how she's treated him? I am praying that she humbly apologizes to him if she already hasn't about everything she has done that has hurt him and that he will have a forgiving heart. But the pics today of no wedding ring really discourage me. Hopefully things will turn around. It's just so hard to sit here and see this unfold like this. I have never followed a television show before and been so emotionally involved. It's probably true for a lot of viewers. They just captured our hearts. But I really don't want to watch them learn to parent seperately in the fall and all the drama that is likely to go w/ it. My heart isn't there, its in seeing two people overcome their obstacles. I know they can't live for what the fans want but its more than that. It's the playing out of a real problem in our society that says to give up on marriage w/ out doing EVERYTHING possible to save it. :( just sad!

  24. Rachel~ Even though that site does have the scans, I do not link hate sites here of any kind. Jon's ring is on the other side today..It does make me very sad.

  25. Baby Mama--thanks for letting me know! I'm sorry, and I know now that it isn't allowed for in the future.

    Yeah, I thought that he had switched the ring over to the other hand (since I hadn't seen him wearing any other rings previously on the right hand)--I guess I can find a tiny, itsy bitsy piece of hope in the fact that he's still wearing it at all? I know -- I'm pathetic lol --I just don't want to give up on them giving each other another chance!

  26. What I still question is Kate saying Jon wanted the divorce yet she filed for it.
    I don't understand that. She said she never would have taken that step but did it because he told her to.
    I'm having trouble with that.

  27. My sentiments exactly Colleen.

    This family deserves privacy to deal with something as painful as a divorce - especially with 8 small children. The show has no entertainment value anymore. It is like staring into somoneon's private agony.

  28. SchmeckyGirl~ It was sad to hear that Kate herself said Jon pushed for it. I think she said her told her that he got a lawyer, and that she should get one as well. It appeared to me like he was forcing her to do it, so that he didn't have to do it himself. I guess it took the pressure off of him for looking like he was abandoning his family. To me, I think it was the cowards way out. She was just doing what he asked. Still sad either way.

  29. After watching tv tonight, all the news stories are on Michael Jackson. It is very sad, yes, but I am hoping (as a Gosselin fan) that this takes the spotlight off the family now that another big news story has happened. Is that wrong?
    Also, did we ever find out what Jon "did" over the weekend? My FH and I have been wondering this whole week... Thanks again BM for the site - you add class to the web!

  30. baby mama
    Rachel~ Even though that site does have the scans, I do not link hate sites here of any kind. Jon's ring is on the other side today..It does make me very sad.

    If you look at the past few months he wears a ring on both "ring" fingers. I dont' think he switched his wedding ring to the other hand. I did see the "magic" of photoshop. I don't want to link to the site so I won't b/c it's pretty rude and obnoxious. But anyways someone took the photo of Jon hans ring and "flipped" it - same photo different side and 'voila" he has the wedding ring on the left hand. I know that makes no sense you really need to see it. I will post this link in a different thread so you can see it ...any maybe figure out a way to just show the pics.

  31. It's very sad to see everything going on. Honestly, I dont enjoy watching this show anymore because it isnt the same. I was inspired by this family. I dont want to see them fall apart. Especially the kids. If Jon calls Kate "over-controlling" & just starting to rebel.. then he should of known her from the beginning of their relationship. To me, it looks like Jon doesnt want to work things out. I guess the reality show is tearing them apart. It's what reality tv does. Like with "The Newlyweds"(Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey), "Till Death Do Us Part"(Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro), "Meet The Barkers"(Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler), & "Hogan Knows Best"(Terry Hogan & Linda Hogan). They should stop the show & pay attention to their marriage & their kids. Especially them. I've seen kids with divorced parents grow up & go out of control. With the twins getting older & their gonna go through the same things.. then with the sextuplets.. I hope it doesnt turn out that way. But I dont want to see that happen. My prayers goes out to this family.

  32. Megan~ thanks so much for re-sending the comment. I couldn't and wouldn't have been able to post it as is and I'm sure you know why. I understand that people find their info from all different sources, but I will not put up links that are from any of those sites.

    I am aware that on other sites, people are taking it upon themselves to research and dig for the Gosselins personal information. Who signed the deed and mortgage to their home? Why does this matter? It's a complete invasion of privacy. And you KNOW they love to feel powerful by doing so. I don't know what the purpose may be, it doesn't change anything, other than question sanity. And the fans are supposed to be the crazy ones?

    I can't comment on Jodi & Kevin NOW being able to pay off all their mortgages. Good for them. Where did they get the money from? Anyone can speculate. How they were able to do so is THEIR business. What I find more disturbing is the time those people take to dig that stuff up just to brag about it.

  33. new comment on the offical jon and kate gosselin ten website!!

    During this very difficult time we will be working to focus solely on the needs of our family. This includes no longer commenting publicly or reacting to media stories and speculation. Our goal is to do the very best for our children and that will be done as privately as possible. We appreciate the understanding, support and well wishes from so many.

    Thank you


    stay strong j&k and family!!xx

  34. Thank you so much Grainne for letting me know they made a comment on their site. I'm confused as to why "Eight Little Faces" is still coming soon...etc. You would think if they made that comment they could have updated the site a little as well! Although, I'm sure everyone must be thrilled that they are no longer commenting...(lol)

  35. Where did you read Kevin and Jodi are paying off their mortgage? I hadn't heard that.

  36. I wish I looked 1/2 as good as Kate in a bikini and I have only had THREE kids - one of which WAS ADOPTED!! LOL!

    I agree that the media/trash mags look for someone strong and then they find a flaw and suck them dry!

    Kate is strong. And she will come out on TOP of all of this...with or without Jon!

  37. I agree, Kate is strong, it will get her thru this rough patch. However, I would love to see her and Jon come out on the other side stronger, more focused on each ohter and the family, with a strong sense of how to fight the media frenzy surrounding them. It'd be good to see them like they used to be. I think TLC capitalized on her brash personality for ratings. Now it has backfired. I don't for one minute believe she was like 'that' all the time.

    I also think Jon is a laid back person. It was the dynamics of their relationship. While Kare was doing book signings I think 'AUNT JODI' spoke into his ear often about how 'wrong' it is to stay at home while Kate travelled. Much like Satan does if you let him.

    They need to fight for their marriage and their family.......not let ANYTHING come between them. That is a respectful thing to do, exactly how my DH is, he'll not let anybody trash me or our kids, I'm the same way! We don't talk bad about each other at all. It just isn't respectful, and others aren't allowed to do it either.

  38. Not that I am happy to see so many celebrities pass away, but I am glad that the media has someone else to focus on. I feel it is necessary for the Gosselins to have their privacy to regroup during this time. They do not need people worring about Kate's clothes and hat and whether or not Jon is wearing his ring.

  39. IMO Jon had too many outsiders telling him to be a man and not take her crap.
    With people analyzing their every word, they would have to be very strong. TLC should have given the whole family counseling just to handle this fishbowl life. I have watched the show from the beginning (2 houses ago). I loved it cause they talked real to each other and life was not perfect.I wish Jon could have stood on his own 2 feet at the same time staying in the marriage.

    June 25, 2009 7:27 PM

    I agree with you joebrend. That is probably why Jon is refusing counseling. And, I think he just ran into and is hanging out with the wrong crowd. Combine the two (people telling him not to take her crap and hanging out with the wrong crowd) and you have an unwilling spouse.

    Sad, really.

    I am glad that they are on hiatus. I do wish that they seriously consider doing what is best for the kids. If that means no show, then so be's what's best for the kids. Also, it would not be a bad idea if they did yearly specials instead of a weekly series. The children need to live out of that fishbowl and now with the separation/divorce, it is going to be difficult perhaps for a few of them. Or, maybe it won't. But, if it is, it should not be captured on film. TLC should keep the kids in mind and not film these very private moments.

    Melissa said...
    Not that I am happy to see so many celebrities pass away, but I am glad that the media has someone else to focus on. I feel it is necessary for the Gosselins to have their privacy to regroup during this time. They do not need people worring about Kate's clothes and hat and whether or not Jon is wearing his ring.

    I agree with you Melissa. The family indeed needs to have their privacy to regroup. The papparrazzi needs to find another fixation.

  40. I too agree that the media needs to move on, step off for a moment. I want nothing more than for Jon and Kate to make it out of this place, rediscover why they are a family, and to gain back that love for one another. It's just the right thing for them.

    I don't think Jon found a 'voice', but I do think he heard one........or more telling him how he should be, how Kate was overpowering him, etc. etc. Truth is, their marriage worked the way it was, others didn't think it was good, but it seemed to work for them.

    God is looking down, if he is a driving force in their lives, then they'll make it. A God based marriage is a treasure.

    I for one am praying for them, but I am not going to contribute to TLC by watching this show anymore. I am done with it. If it was failing at the end of last season, the 5th season contract should not have been signed.

    It is time the producers of these shows realized America has values, we won't feed into the sensationalism of watching a family crumble, it isn't right.

  41. Cindy said...
    I for one am praying for them, but I am not going to contribute to TLC by watching this show anymore. I am done with it. If it was failing at the end of last season, the 5th season contract should not have been signed.

    I very strongly agree. It's too bad, that the family did not make that decision for themselves, and that so many in their audience are calling on TLC to do it for them. I do think that their not able to see what's really happening, looking through the filter of fame and fortune.

    And I'm sorry to say, that statement applies more to Kate than Jon, although he is certainly not without blame. He is enjoying the fruits of his children's labors just as much as Kate is.

    Someone needs to step in and mediate, and provide an objective voice in deciding exactly what is in the best interest of the kids, as well as the family as a whole.

  42. Why don't TLC ask Dr. Phil for help to gather info on Jon and Kate and provide a recommendation to help their marriage?
    Kate said that she felt bad about failing marriage. She said she wanted to talk to Jon to figure out what he wanted. Does she imply she will make changes to save their marriage? I think Jon is not listening to Kate but he may listen to expert on what to do. I believe he still loves Kate and want to stay with her and kids. It is too much to lose that.